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Why modern women prefer to bake a cake with apples in multivarka, although at their disposal an oven, gas or electric?

The oven heats the apartment, and multivarka - just what is in it. Looking into it, do not need the heat affected the delicate skin of the face, contact with it is completely safe.

Multivarka small, compact, easy to wash and move from place to place.

And most importantly, multivarka - a modern, comfortable and cool!

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Multivarka and pastries

By the way, not all Multivarki suitable to them in the oven. Must be present a function "Baking." Pots with four modes of little functional mode "frying" or "frying" is not a substitute cakes. In these pans can be heated or patties fry potatoes, not more.

Before you think about baking cakes with multivarka require a closer look:

  • Check whether it is possible to remove the valve. If it is not removed, then get high-quality baked goods will be difficult, because the moisture from the dough will be a long time to evaporate.
  • Learn about time that the exhibition mode of "baking", and the possibility of repeating it without turning off the pan. For example, in multivarka "Panasonic" mode once again difficult: to disable the pan for five minutes. But as the pie is not affected, since this wonderful multivarka holds heat.
  • Consider how best to isolate the future bottom of the bowl of cake pans. The surface of the cup is very delicate, and if the cake will burn, as it happens, wash the bowl is required with minimal losses. In the case of sugar Prigaro it is practically impossible.

Very good buy for baking smooth silicone mat. Its easy to clean, it does not spoil the coating Multivarki, does not smell when heated, and you can use it reusable. If the rug is not enough to put on the bottom of the bowl parchment.

Yeast dough bake in multivarka fails. For products with yeast get quality, you want to put them in a hot oven. But unleavened cakes comes out great, moderately dried. The probability of burning in multivarka reduced to zero.

Recipes are given for the pan capacity of 5 liters.

 Sponge cake with apples
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Sponge cake with apples

The list starts biscuit recipes apple pie.

If the hostess managed to lose the measuring cup from the Multivarki enough to comply with the proportions and the dough out.

Recipes are given for Multivarki 5 liters.

On 1 cake will need:

  • 4 eggs;
  • 2 jiggers of sugar or 1 regular;
  • the same amount of flour;
  • tablespoon baking powder;
  • 2 medium apples;
  • one-third teaspoon of cinnamon;
  • salt on the tip of a knife;
  • any oil to lubricate the bottoms and sides.

Cooking time - half an hour.

Eggs are divided into whites and yolks.

Proteins begin whisking with salt to better raised. When much foam will begin to gradually add sugar.

If using a mixer, then put its maximum speed is not required: a mixture of eggs and sugar must climb a hill at high speed it is "interrupted" and begins to flow again.

To achieve the desired consistency, whisking mixer only 10 minutes.

Then, in the whipped whites with sugar is administered by one yolk, still whisking, since consistency should not be changed, and then the baking powder, flour and cinnamon.

The mixer to be postponed: the dough quite thick, so it is better to knead with a spoon.

After a homogeneous structure is achieved, the resulting dough is put in the refrigerator for a short while and begin to deal with apples. If you start with apples, they may darken. Apples are cleaned, cut into slices.

Many believe that the pie with apples from biscuit dough more suited green sour apples, but in this recipe variety is not so important. The main thing that they were not very juicy.

While preparing the apples begin to engage multivarka. Mat or parchment laid on the bottom of the pan, brush it with oil and then, holding mode "Baking" include the device. Before you pour the batter into the pan, it must be at least a little heat.

While multivarka heated, the dough is mixed with apples.

All shift in the bowl of the pan. This operation was carried out very carefully to biscuit dough is settled. Then, put in the "baking" is already required for cooking time wares, 1, 5:00, and include closed.

Check how the cake rises, it is possible not earlier than 50 minutes, otherwise the dough shall fade.

Determined willingness of the pie as usual, pierce it with a match or toothpick. If the "tester" and dry out easily, the cake is ready.

Once the product is enough propeklos, multivarku disconnected and removed the bowl, letting it cool. Then turn over and spread culinary masterpiece on a plate.

The finished product can sprinkle with powdered sugar. But it depends on the taste of consumers.

 ingredients for apple pie in multivarka
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Apple pie recipe mannogo

This cake mix and do not need. It is manufactured using a dry blend.

For 1 serving is required:

  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 100 g butter;
  • 2 beakers flour;
  • 2 cups semolina same;
  • 2 cups sugar;
  • tablespoon baking powder;
  • teaspoon cinnamon.

All except apples and oil mixed in the dry state in a deep pan.

Apples are rubbed on a coarse grater.

In cold pan on the bottom, to which had previously laid the parchment or a silicone mat, greased, pour a little dry mix the dough and a layer of apples. The layers alternate, how much is enough. The last layer of dough covered with dry chopped butter.

Expose the regime "baking" at maximum. Maybe the time will come in the baking of the pie just to add. It all depends on the power Multivarki and juicy apples.

Once the cake is ready, it is left in the bowl Multivarki until cool.

For dessert table well supplied with ice cream.

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The easiest apple pie

The easiest apple pie, which can be cooked multivarka - is Charlotte. Her recipe is no different from a similar recipe of the cake, which is baked in the oven.

Necessary ingredients:

  • 4 eggs;
  • 3 apples;
  • 1, 5 cups of yogurt or kefir, the latter should not be sour;
  • 1, 5 cups of sugar - 3-dimensional;
  • 3 cups flour - 6 dimensional;
  • salt on the tip of a knife;
  • butter or margarine for baking special, 100 g;
  • tablespoon baking powder.

Apples are better peel, remove the core and cut into medium slices. If you do not want to clean, you can do without it.

Beat the eggs with the sugar, without separation of yolks and whites. Then, the mixture was gradually added to the melted butter or margarine, yogurt or yogurt, cinnamon, baking powder, flour.

Butter should be melted in a natural way. There was no heating or water bath, so that the oil is not stratified. The dough is allowed to fall to room temperature.

Prior to pour into the vessel with the ingredients of flour and baking powder, they are premixed in dry form. If the leavening agent added before the flour, the finished product will get a bitter taste.

You can add cinnamon to the dough and vanilla, cake out only tastier.

It is important to knead the dough until uniform. It should have the consistency of thick cream.

In prepared casserole bowl in the usual way, which already lies at the bottom of a greased parchment or a silicone mat, poured out of the test. In her neatly spread apple slices. Then pour all the remaining dough and put regime "baking" at 1, 5 hours.

The finished product is taken out of the cup after it has cooled.

Do not be afraid that in the baking multivarka may not be possible. The product, in contrast, leaves a delicate, tasty and not undercooked.

In order to bake a cake with apples, better design than multivarka not yet invented!

 Various recipes for apple pie Multivarki