how to get rid of boils


  • Treatment boils using needles
  • Other ways to treat boils

Furuncle - a phenomenon quite unpleasant, and, alas, familiar to almost every person who at least once in his life faced him. And many people are trying to cure the boil yourself, instead of going to the doctor. No time, no options left heel itches - no excuses just will not hear. Obviously, the blame dislike for doctors.

But the boil - this is not an eel, which can squeeze in five minutes to remember about him. Furuncle - this abscess with purulent contents, a strong inflammatory process. In severe cases, the person has a general weakness, headache and fever, sometimes to a very significant figure. And for the full treatment in most cases without antibiotics can not do, unfortunately.

Perhaps it is no secret that any pharmacological agents, and especially antibiotics should be prescribed by a doctor. After all, only a doctor can adequately assess the course of the disease, the general condition of the body, take into account the contraindications and possible side effects. If you try to do it yourself, it is very likely to develop complications.

Moreover, complications can lead not only to wrong treatment, but his absence. But complications can be very different, until a blood infection. So is it worth risking your health and sometimes the life of the banal boil? After all, the doctor will help get rid of it as soon as possible and with the least losses.

Oh and if you're determined to resort to traditional medicine, or at least use it as an improvised means, but in any case not as an alternative to traditional medicine. Otherwise, the responsibility for health rests solely on you.

 how to get rid of boils

Treatment boils using needles

The smell of pine forest like all people without exception. But not everyone knows that the needles has many medicinal properties, because it is composed of essential oils, tannins and vitamins. Even an ordinary bath with needles is able to give you vitality, to mobilize domestic resources of the organism.

  • Conifer compresses

If a boil just starting to mature, you can try to do simple compression with needles. To prepare best to use fresh pine needles, plucked from the tree. Needles chop, put three tablespoons in a thermos and pour half a cup of boiling water. Thermos, of course, cover and leave to infuse for a day. If you prepare for the future infusion, pour it into a glass or plastic container and store in the refrigerator only.

Please note - compress can be done only with the infusion of cool, because high temperature is able to greatly worsen the situation. Dampen a small coniferous infusion gauze, folded in several layers, apply to boils, and the top cover with plastic wrap. The compress should remain furuncle at least five hours, so it's best to fix it with adhesive tape. Yes, and compress preferable thing to do at night.

  • Softwood ointment

If the boil is already quite large, but still hurts much better to use softwood ointment. For its preparation you will need three tablespoons of chopped pine needles, and two tablespoons of honey. Honey melt in a water bath and bring to a boil, then sprinkle in the needles. Boil honey, stirring constantly, for 20 minutes. Immediately, until honey is not cool, to shift the ointment in a glass jar with a wide neck and close the lid.

Treatment is carried out as follows: on the boil, apply a thick layer of ointment on top, cover it with gauze cloth and leave for 15 minutes, then be sure to rinse with water. Do a similar procedure at least once a day, about the fifth day of an ointment pull pus.

 from boils

Other ways to treat boils

And finally, we offer you some of the effective ways on how to get rid of boils.

  • Medical dough

Another good remedy for boils - specially prepared dough. For him, you will need one egg yolk, one teaspoon butter, wheat flour and pure boiled cold water. Knead the dough is the most common, but how can steeper.

From the test, create a cake of suitable size - it should cover the whole boil, apply to the affected area and secure the bandage or using, or using adhesive tape. The remaining dough in the refrigerator, because you have to change the bandage twice or three times a day. After about three days, the abscess should burst. Thereafter, the wound to be treated, and then applying the dough is no longer possible.

  • Laundry soap

Get in the store most common Soviet soap, grate it on a small grater and pour the enamel in the small container. Pour a glass of water, bring to a boil and reduce heat. Cook until the soap until almost all the water does not boil away - the result at the bottom of the pan must remain viscous mass.

When the soap broth has cooled, apply it to the boil and cover with gauze cloth first, and then plastic wrap, secure with plaster. To change a bandage is necessary every four hours. The abscess will burst after about two days - after that you can not do soap compresses.

And remember - no matter what method of treatment you choose, carefully monitor the boil. If, within two or three days of no improvement, do not continue to play with fire - immediately go to the doctor.

 How to get rid of boils and do not hurt yourself?

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 Warts Treatment


  • Treatment of warts celandine
  • Treatment of warts with garlic
  • Treatment of warts using vinegar & gt;
  • Treatment of warts rowan berries
  • Consult your doctor

Warts. Who of us in childhood did not frighten their parents? In comparison with the notorious pimples warts were nothing at all. And that's interesting - in my childhood warts almost never happens. But in adulthood, alas, faced with such a nuisance as warts - is even possible.

And what is most offensive - in most cases these warts occur on the most prominent places. What to do? The answer is obvious - to try to get rid of the hated warts in any way. But it is important to remember that this is the way to any in the first place should be safe. After all warts - it is nothing like a benign tumor. So there is a risk that it might degenerate into malignant.

That is why, having decided to say goodbye to the warts, you just need to seek medical help from a dermatologist. The doctor will evaluate warts and choose for you the appropriate treatment. A complement to this treatment can become a folk medicine, which knows many effective ways to deal with warts.

Treatment of warts celandine

Celandine in the list of tools to help in the fight against warts, occupies a leading position. We offer you several recipes on the basis of celandine - choose the one that you like best.

  • Fresh juice of celandine

If the warts appear in the summer and yet it is not too big, just enough to lubricate their stems celandine freshly picked so that the wart has been abundantly covered with juice. Do not forget that about an hour after that warts wet undesirable. A similar procedure is sufficient to repeat the three - four times a day, for two weeks. In most cases this is enough time to ensure that the warts were gone. If it does not, try the following means.

  • Alcoholic infusion of celandine

If the warts are large enough, it is worth trying the alcohol infusion of celandine. To do this, cut fresh grass celandine - you need three tablespoons. Put the herb in a glass bowl, pour half a glass of vodka, tightly cover the pan and place in refrigerator to infuse for at least two weeks. And do not forget to constantly shake the container.

Then be sure to strain the infusion using a tea strainer or regular gauze, add three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and stir thoroughly. All the medicine is ready. Using a cotton swab, lubricate the wart at least five times in bitches - only 5 days they will begin to shrink in size. A full course of treatment - at least 10 days but no more than 20. Another important point - try to avoid contact with skin infusion of celandine, to avoid damage.

  • Celandine with honey

For people who have dry and sensitive skin, the most appropriate option would be a honey infusion of celandine. To make it grind two tablespoons of celandine herbs, pour half a glass of hot water and leave in a warm place for three days. Then strain the infusion, add a tablespoon of honey and all over low heat bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Keep infusion is necessary in a glass container in a cool, dark place.

Treatment is carried out as follows. Cut small gauze napkins, soak them in the infusion of celandine and apply to the wart. Top cover with a napkin with plastic wrap and secure with adhesive tape. This compress should remain on the wart is not less than 6 hours, so it's best to do it at night. Means quite effective, but for a complete getting rid of warts you will need a lot of time - on average, the process takes about one month.

 treatment of warts

Treatment of warts with garlic

In second place after celandine in their effectiveness in dealing with warts is normal garlic, which is sure to have in every kitchen. Garlic is not only a very nice feature - it is very easy to damage the healthy tissue, so when you use it you need to exercise extreme caution - only one badly performing procedures can "reward" you have sores on the skin around the wart.

  • Garlic paste

This tool certainly appreciate the busy people who do not have time to prepare complicated recipes. Clean one small clove of garlic and chop it carefully - you should get a paste. Then you need a band-aid - cut a hole in it the size of the wart and stick so that its surface remains very hero of the occasion, and all the skin around the plaster was well protected.

Place the garlic on the wart resulting mush, put gauze and secure with adhesive tape. This compress should remain on the wart is not less than 30 minutes - this time, you will experience a slight burning sensation: this means that the vehicle operates. But if uncomfortable feelings are too strong, immediately rinse garlic - most likely, you have too sensitive skin. So, it is best to try the garlic and honey.

  • Garlic and honey

Too sensitive skin should not use garlic in its pure form - add honey, which will soften its effect. Preparing means as follows: Chop one clove of garlic, melt half a teaspoon of any of honey, mix the two components - until smooth.

Prepare a patch - cut a hole in it and stick in a way that was outside the wart and surrounding skin is protected. Top cover garlic mush with gauze and leave for 15 mine. Then rinse with plenty of water and immediately brush with moisturizing cream - the best in the usual childish. Repeat such a procedure twice a day for two weeks. If by this time the warts do not disappear, do a week break and repeat the entire course of treatment.

  • Garlic Aloe

If the warts tend to inflame - this happens quite often - is to try to get rid of them with the help of funds from the aloe and honey. To cook it you need two cloves of garlic, one tablespoon of flour and one teaspoon of gruel from the leaves of aloe. Of all the above components knead dough, adding more if necessary, a little flour or water.

The resulting shape the dough, giving it the shape of cakes, attach to the wart using plaster, leave no less than 8 hours, then rinse with cool water. A similar procedure should be done for five consecutive days, then take two days break. To fully get rid of warts, you will need two or three of such treatment. But do not get carried away - more than four courses of conduct is not necessary.

Treatment of warts using vinegar

Apple cider vinegar - quite safe means that in most cases is very successful in helping to get rid of warts. The main thing - is to use apple cider vinegar, and not any other.

  • Compresses with apple cider vinegar

Prepare apple cider vinegar in a ratio of 1 to 3, soak it in a small gauze napkins and attach to the warts. Top necessarily cover with plastic wrap to vinegar solution does not evaporate. Secure the wrap with the help of adhesive tape and leave for about an hour. It is best to repeat this procedure twice a day - morning and evening. After about 7 days, the warts will begin to shrink in size, but the treatment does not in any way stop - it should last at least one month.

  • Apple cider vinegar with onions

Peel half of the small onions and place it in a preheated 200 degree oven for 20 minutes. Then cool the onions, mash with a fork at a uniform sauce. Place the onion mush in a glass bowl and pour apple cider vinegar so that the bow was fully closed. Leave to infuse in the refrigerator for three days, stirring occasionally.

Treatment is carried out as follows: a wart liberally lubricate the resulting mass, close the top gauze cloth and leave for 20 minutes. During this period, you will feel a slight tingling - it's not a cause for concern, a strong discomfort should be expected. At the end of time, rinse the skin with plenty of cool water and be sure to apply any moisturizer.

If you have free time, such a procedure can be carried out twice a day - in this case, the wart will disappear in about two to three weeks. But if it's too much trouble for you - it does not matter enough once a day. However, in this case, treatment of warts will take about six weeks. It means quite safe, so worried about it not worth it.

  • Wiping vinegar

In that case, if your warts are not very large, very high probability that you will get rid of them without any special tricks, using just one apple cider vinegar. It becomes very simple - soak in apple cider vinegar and a cotton swab liberally lubricate every wart in one or two minutes, repeat the process again. And most importantly - do not soak your hands for at least one hour, or even better - to the next procedure.

By the way, you must repeat these wipes often as possible, but at least five times a day. The treatment takes a long time - at least one, or even two months. But just in case you did not notice that the skin in the treatment field has become dry and start to flake. If this happens, make a three-day break. And do not forget during treatment regularly use a moisturizer - it is quite able to prevent similar trouble.

 correct treatment of warts

Treatment of warts rowan berries

Did you know that the mountain ash - is not only beautiful and beloved birds berry, but also a great drug, including warts? And very convenient that with the same success can be used as fresh fruits and dried, which are sold in any drugstore. Just fill them with boiling water and leave for two hours.

  • Pulp from the fruits of mountain ash

No wonder folk wisdom says that all brilliant - just. This statement is true regarding the treatment and rowan. You can simply chop the fruits of mountain ash, and the resulting slurry is cast on the warts. The main thing - to cover gruel with plastic wrap and leave for about one hour. No discomfort at the same time should not be!

Then rinse with water and lubricate the wart vodka. Repeat this process once or twice a day. Significant changes you'll see at the end of the first week, and the warts disappear completely after about one month.

  • Alcohol tincture of mountain ash

If your warts are very stubborn to leave their homes and stubbornly refuse, is to resort to a heavy artillery. Fork remember berries - about five tablespoons, put them in any glass container and pour a glass of vodka. Capacity Cover and insist in a dark cool place for 10 days.

Directly used for the treatment of compresses to receive infusion of mountain ash. Moisten it a small piece of cotton pad or gauze cloth, apply to the wart, cover with plastic wrap, if you want to fix the plaster and leave for one hour. Do this procedure every night until the complete disappearance of warts. Typically, this process takes two to three weeks.

  • Rowan with iodine

This tool can be used for any warts, but they are especially good in the sole. But let us get to the point - or rather, a means to cook. The pharmacy stock up on iodine - you need at least three tablespoons. Crush berries of mountain ash, so that you get two tablespoons of rowan puree. Put it in a glass dish and pour iodine, mix thoroughly. And do not forget - you must push all day, but only in the refrigerator.

Further, the treatment regimen is the same - the resulting mass apply on the wart, cover it with plastic wrap and secure with plaster. It is desirable to pre-plaster to protect healthy skin! Such a compress on the wart should be no more than 15 minutes, as over exposure to iodine can lead to burns. Repeat such a procedure twice a day - in the morning and evening, for 12-14 days. Chances are you permanently forget about warts. And if you are very lucky, if not forever.

Consult your doctor

Despite the fact that in the beginning of the article we have already talked about the need to see a doctor, most likely, hardly anyone took this advice seriously. Therefore, I would like to once again draw your attention - the visit to the doctor is necessary. If only because in most cases warts caused by the presence in the human papillomavirus, which must be treated first. Of course, if you do not want your whole life has been a continuous battle with warts.

Furthermore, in some cases, unfortunately, independently rid of warts and fails. It is not difficult to guess that in this case, without the intervention of the doctor just simply do not succeed. And humanity is very fortunate that doctors know very many safe and effective ways to get rid of warts, and very, very quickly. And the time treatment takes a little warts.

 Warts: treatment of folk remedies

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