chamomile tea benefits


  • Preparation of chamomile tea
  • Chamomile tea and nervous system
  • Chamomile tea and digestive system
  • Chamomile tea. Other features

Chamomile tea, many associated with the coziness, warm blanket and a rocking chair. A rocking chair and a blanket we leave for the cold winter evenings, but chamomile tea should always be at hand. And there are several good reasons. Firstly, chamomile tea is the most favorable effect on the nervous system of the body. Secondly, it has the entire mass of other useful properties - in particular, anti-inflammatory. And third - it's just very pleasant to the taste.

Want to learn about chamomile tea more? Especially for you we gathered the most detailed information, anyway regarding this miracle -rasteniya as chamomile. Just once I would like to draw your attention to a very important point - everything said below is true only in respect of chamomile tea, prepared independently.

Preparation of chamomile tea

In order to cook real, tasty and healthy chamomile tea, you will need dry pharmacy daisy. Too many people in summer brew fresh blossoms, but to do so not worth it - at least a little dry the chamomile blossoms in the shade, two or three days.

For the preparation of tea you need a glass teapot, chamomile and hot water - but in any case, not boiling. The makers put three heaping tablespoons chamomile, pour hot water and cover. Be sure to wrap a thick towel tea - chamomile should insist for at least two hours.

After this infusion of chamomile can be used as a regular brew. However, instead of sugar is better to use natural honey, which is also very, very good for your body. But roofing felt, of course, if you have not previously had an allergic reaction to honey. In addition, the use of honey should refrain children and pregnant women - too great a risk of developing allergies.

 nice chamomile tea benefits

Chamomile tea and nervous system

A long time ago people noticed the positive effect of chamomile on human nervous system. Whatever kind of were not the problem, the systematic use of chamomile tea very quickly give a noticeable effect. With great success chamomile tea is used in the following cases:

  • Insomnia

Constant tension, which is subject to most modern people, very often entail sleep disorders. Here it would seem - a man came home after a busy day and slept soundly. But there it was - turns in bed until morning. Most people in these situations grab the sleeping pills, and in fact in most cases enough to drink a cup of chamomile tea at night - sleep well and the baby is provided to you.

Speaking of babies - chamomile tea before bedtime can make even very small children. Just one bottle of chamomile tea and parents expect a quiet night. Although, of course, before giving chamomile tea crumbs, be sure to consult your pediatrician.

  • Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome - pathology, which affects 90% of all adults. You feel broken in the morning? You have everything goes wrong and nothing is no strength and desire? Rather, the trouble also affected you. So, to quickly take himself in hand and go to the kitchen to make chamomile tea. Cup of tea in the morning will charge you with energy for the whole day, and a cup of the evening - give a deep restful sleep that will fully recuperate. Just two or three weeks a camomile therapy will forget about chronic fatigue for at least six months.

  • Nervous tension

Do you feel that your nerves are constantly on edge? Do not rush to grab for sedation, which is not very well affect the health - better brew chamomile tea. Just one cup of this tea a day will turn you into an embodiment of endurance and patience. Remember, as in the poem of children's classics? "I've got nerves of steel and no nerves at all! "Doctors explain this action in the presence of her daisies sedative substances such as apigenin.

Chamomile tea and digestive system

Almost every second adult suffers from a disease of the digestive system - someone gastritis, someone flatulence, someone - dysbiosis. And all these people chamomile tea can be very useful - use is obvious.

  • Flatulence

Excessive flatulence able to poison the very existence of every person, so leave flatulence ignored not worth it. But before you buy expensive and not always effective medications, try to drink chamomile tea regularly - often benefits from it much more.

  • Gastritis and peptic ulcer

Thanks to the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile tea can be very useful in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease as the stomach and duodenum. If the disease is in the acute stage, it is necessary to drink a cup of tea every three to four hours. And without exacerbation for prevention, only one cup of tea at night.

 delicious chamomile tea benefits

Chamomile tea. Other features

Use chamomile almost invaluable. In addition to all the above cases, a daisy can be very useful in the following situations:

  • Colds

Colds? Drink a cup of chamomile tea - it will remove the headache, nasal congestion, reduce body temperature. The main treatment is, of course, Daisy will not notice, but will be a good help.

  • Pain during menstruation

Painful menstruation - a problem familiar to many women. The course is a lot of different pain medication. But in most cases, all of this chemistry is quite possible to replace a cup of chamomile tea. It relieves spasms, reduces bleeding. And the mood of the most positive influences.

As you can see, chamomile tea is so useful that it certainly deserves a place of honor in your kitchen.

 Chamomile tea - use invaluable!

 plantar warts treatment


  • Features of treatment of warts
  • Folk remedies for the treatment of plantar warts
  • Anesthetics

Those people who are faced with plantar warts, want only one thing - to get rid of them as quickly as possible. That is quite explainable - warts caused by walking severe pain. And with the growth of warts pain when walking is becoming more and more powerful, the mobility of a person with a very limited time.

Unfortunately, people pay attention to the problem at the time when the wart reaches a considerable size. And to help in this situation, most likely, will a doctor. But if you notice a wart in a timely manner, as long as it has not become too big, you can try to get rid of it using the recipes of traditional medicine. And in most cases these attempts are successful, and plantar warts disappear fairly quickly.

But remember that without a visit to a doctor you do not succeed anyway. Very often, the appearance of plantar warts suggests starting diabetes. And that it should be deleted in the first place. Firstly, the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it is treated. Secondly, in diabetes self unacceptable.

Features of treatment of warts

Before the treatment of plantar warts by folk remedies, to remember the basic rules that will make it very safe treatment. So:

  • Skin Protection

All of the following tools must be applied exclusively to the very plantar warts and strictly ensure that it does not hit the skin around the tumors. It is desirable to protect the skin and this can be done in two ways. The first method - a protective patch. Take an ordinary spool adhesive tape, cut a hole in it and stick the corresponding diameter on the wart - it turns out, and the skin around - under the plaster, is protected.

If you mess around with a plaster you are too lazy, you can try another method of protection - put on a skin warts of any fat cream or, better still an ordinary jelly. Liberally lubricate their skin around the wart and leave it for the duration of the procedure. Although, of course, this method is not as reliable as a band-aid.

  • Dry skin

Remember that the most important condition to get rid of plantar warts - dry. Change your socks as often as possible - five or six times a day, especially if you are in the shoe. Ideally, you must constantly be applied to the wart children talc, which perfectly absorbs sweat and thus prevent wetting of skin. Of course, it often can be difficult, but otherwise by treating plantar warts nothing will.

 plantar wart treatment

Folk remedies for the treatment of plantar warts

Recipes for the treatment of plantar warts quite a lot, so we talk only about the most effective ones. If you strictly follow the instructions, none of these funds will not harm your health.

  • Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid promotes active and consequent death of tissue exfoliation plantar warts. For the treatment, you will need an adhesive plaster, gauze cloth, plastic film and salicylic alcohol - all of this can be purchased at the pharmacy. Cut cheesecloth into small pieces, soak them in salicylic acid and apply to the wart. Top polyethylene cover and secure it with the warts. This wrap is desirable to leave overnight or for at least five hours. Repeat this process every night, until until the wart disappears. In the worst case, this will take about one month.

  • Apple vinegar

If the wart is not too large, you can treat it with apple cider vinegar. Drench a cotton ball in vinegar and apply it to the wart, press firmly, and secure with a bandage or adhesive plaster. The compress should be located on the wart for 30 minutes - no more and no less.

Then, remove the wrap and place a foot wart into a hot tub. Moreover, it is best to use not just the hot water and camomile tea. To prepare the infusion, pour dry pharmacy chamomile boiled water, at the rate of five tablespoons per liter of water. Always a bit cool brew, not to burn his feet. The duration of the bath - 20 minutes. Then gently rub the wart with a pumice stone and wash with plenty of water.

This procedure must be repeated every night - every time the wart will become less and less. The average treatment takes no more than two or three weeks, with a particularly large warts - about a month. Please note - if the vinegar compress will be in contact with the healthy skin around the wart may be damaged. So be sure to protect it.

  • Vitamin C

Buy at the pharmacy of vitamin C tablets, carefully interpret them to a powder and generously sprinkle the wart, cover with cheesecloth and secure with plaster, leave it on all night and in the morning rinse with water. Repeat this procedure every day, and after two or three weeks the wart disappears.

  • Lime

About this vehicle reviews try it for yourself people mixed. Someone says that the means are very, very effective, while others complain that the wart has not disappeared, but still very healthy skin suffers. If you do decide to try it, remember to be careful - closely monitor the state of the skin around the wart. If it turns red, stop treatment.

To prepare the tools you need not own a lemon and lemon peel. Clean din lemon peel, place in the preheated oven and leave for about 20 minutes - during which time she must dry up. Then, very carefully peel grind - you should have a powder. By the way, it is possible to prepare for the future, but it is important to see to it that the zest Store in a dry place and do not dampen.

Immediately prior to use, add the lemon apple cider vinegar powder and stir - you should have a uniform dough. This mass, apply a thick layer on the wart, cover with plastic wrap and leave on for 20 minutes. Then carefully rasparte wart, then rub with pumice. When the skin is dry, apply it any moisturizer for the feet, and be sure to wear thin cotton socks. Do this procedure in the evening, a day, for two weeks. If the wart began to decline, it makes no sense to continue to treat her that way - only to lose time in vain.

 Plantar warts treatment


As we have said, sooner or later, plantar warts begin to deliver a lot of inconvenience and pain. It goes without saying that as getting rid of warts, these sensations fade. However, it makes no sense to suffer so much time - there are some very effective popular recipes, which greatly ease your life. Please note - no matter what procedure you choose, do it in the morning - that the pain does not annoy you during the day.

  • Banana skin

Cut the banana peel of suitable size, attach it to the wart and bandage tightly. The ideal is that the skin on the wart was no less than an hour, but in a pinch at least 15 minutes. In most cases, this measure is sufficient to pain is gone for at least two to three hours.

  • Aloe with analginum

The pharmacy buy analgin injection - in ampoules. Also analginum you need a few leaves of aloe - and the plant should be at least three years. Aloe peel, chop carefully - you need about half a teaspoon. Add the aloe ampule dipyrone, mix thoroughly and apply to the wart. Be sure to put on top of plastic wrap, then - gauze and leave for about 30 minutes.

The pain begins to recede within 15-20 minutes. Actions of the funds will be enough for a few hours, but it can be extended - just rub this mixture into the wart. To do this, you need only a few minutes so that the mixture can be and to work with them to take. Although, of course, women who wear tights, is not very convenient. Therefore, at the time of treatment is best to prefer pants with socks.

  • Toothpaste

Many people know that toothpaste can help with pimples or herpes. But pasta is not as effective and plantar warts - in the morning, apply a small amount to the wart paste, leave on for 7-10 minutes and then rinse with water. The main condition - the paste to be mint, otherwise no effect you see. Try to keep the pasta from getting on the healthy tissue around the wart - otherwise there is a risk of skin irritation.

  • The cure for the common cold

Drops from the common cold and can be used not for its intended purpose - they are well relieve the pain. The only "but" - a means should be based solely on menthol. The application is very simple - abundantly lubricate the wart and wait until the agent is absorbed. Actions menthol enough for about three hours. If you need more long-lasting effect, can proceed as follows.

You will need a cotton swab, plastic sheeting, gauze cloth, adhesive tape and, in fact, do a drop-based menthol. From small cut gauze gauze and plastic plenochku suitable size. Gauze generously spray with menthol drops, apply to the wart, place on top of gauze and plastic wrap, secure with plaster. All analgesic effect during the day is provided to you.

 Plantar warts treatment and pain relief

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