• The use of mint
  • Treatment mint: folk recipes
  • Who should not use peppermint?

Today, at the first sign of colds we usually start popping pills - antipyretic, analgesic, sedative. Unfortunately, most of them not only helps to heal, but also cause irreparable damage to health. Kidney, stomach, heart - these organs are affected first. But that does not mean you have to be patient and wait until the condition worsens. Prevent and eliminate many diseases can be using the normal mint.

On the magical properties of this plant is legendary. Our mothers and grandmothers, this herb has been used in folk medicine and in cooking, and even in some magical rites. It was believed that lovage mint and help attract the attention of men. If the newborn bathe in a decoction of herbs, then the girl will never have problems with the suitors.

 Mint useful properties

The use of mint

Mint has received a very wide application in various industries.

  • In medicine

Mint is used in folk medicine as a powerful antiseptic and analgesic. Concentrated broth is recommended to rinse your mouth, sore throat, or if your teeth ache. This herb relieves pain, stomach cramps. It helps to get rid of the cough, which appeared because of a cold or flu. When anemia when there is no possibility to buy expensive drugs, doctors advised to eat the leaves raw.

Mint longifolia also found its application in neuroscience. People suffering from hysteria, nervous disorders, aggression, prescribe specific therapeutic baths. Suffice it once a week to warm up in warm some water with aromatic herbs, to forget about all the problems at work and at home.

  • In cooking

This herb helps you add sweetish bitterness and piquancy to any, even the most simple dishes. Try it the next time put a leaf of this plant in the soup, soup or salad, and you will notice how the taste will change dramatically. Mint is also added to meat dishes and rich products. Those familiar with oriental cuisine, knows how much this is appreciated spice.

  • In perfumery

The Greeks mint was considered a powerful aphrodisiac, so it was used everywhere. From it wove wreaths, she washed the room, bathed in it. Today, this herb has been applied in the perfume industry. Aromatic oils, for example, can be used to treat headaches and to eliminate odor.

 Mint Properties

Treatment mint: folk recipes

Menthol, mentofuran, pinene, esters - it is only a small list of what is useful mint. But in order not to harm their health, you need to be able to use this plant for treatment. So, for example, concentrated tincture can cause heart problems. But too weak tea is useless for colds. Therefore, preparing a particular medication, always follow the recipe and do not experiment with ingredients.

  • Belly

You have the disorder, gastritis, or decreased appetite? Mint in seconds rid of all the problems. So brew 2 tsp peppermint (dry sold in pharmacies) 200 ml. of boiling water. Leave to infuse for half an hour at least, then strain through cheesecloth, folded in two or three layers. Take a decoction of 60 ml on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening (about fifteen minutes before breakfast and dinner).

  • Inflammatory processes

Bronchitis, rhinitis, sore throat drink herbal tea with honey and lemon. Peppermint (1 tablespoon), brewed with boiling water. Tincture is used as a conventional welding. Preferably, after administration not to go out, do not swim, do not drink cold water. Lie under the covers and try to sleep. For by this means was the use, it should be good sweat. After half an hour sweep up wet bedding and clothing.

It is also permissible to use of essential oils in which the present mint, when inhaled. For instance, if you're cold and can not get rid of a strong cough, add a few drops of water. If you carry out the procedure at home, take extra care not to get burned by steam.

  • Hypertension

To prevent and avoid the recurrence of hypertension is also used mint, useful properties that help lower blood pressure. Brew in a glass vessel 3 tablespoons of the herb, three spoons of chamomile and a half tablespoons of valerian leaves. Store the mixture in a cool, dry and dark place, away from children and pets. Take 50 ml is recommended. a day for one month.

  • Climax

During this period in women usually occurs hormonal boom. Frequent mood swings, tantrums, dissatisfaction with life. Mint will remove all unpleasant symptoms, improve health and give cheerfulness. Pour a couple of teaspoons of herbs with hot water (0, 5-1 l.), Boil on low heat for about ten minutes. Eat like a normal tea.

  • Diabetes

Dandelion root (1 tsp) and mint (3 tsp) - an explosive mix that will help you improve the performance of the pancreas. Pour 200 ml of grass. filtered water and simmer mixture minutes 7. Leave to infuse in a ceramic vessel, then strain through cheesecloth. As in previous cases, the broth to drink 50 ml. on an empty stomach. Acceptable application and on a full stomach, but in this case the efficiency is reduced by several tens of times.

  • Fungus

If you have a nail fungus is formed, start making herbal lotions. Mint third to a blender or milled in a meat grinder, poured boiling water. Swollen mush wrapped in a cloth or gauze, and then applied to the problem areas. Five minutes later, wash treated skin with plenty of water and dry with a paper towel. Repeat twice a day until the problem is solved.

  • Migraine, a constant headache

In this case, mint (1 tsp) filled with 70% alcohol (20 tsp) and infused for about a week. Take every morning for fifteen drops in a glass of mineral or filtered water. A few days passed in the severity of head and pain in his temples.

  • Acne

Peppermint, chamomile, oak bark, yarrow, mother and stepmother are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, pour boiling water and infuse day. It is recommended to use the obtained tincture as a conventional facial toner. After you wash away makeup and will wash, wipe with a cotton swab problem areas.

Who should not use peppermint?

Spearmint is contraindicated for children under three years, pregnant ladies and people who are allergic to it. It is not recommended to use it to girls with low blood pressure, as well as to persons who are planning to spend the next half or two hours behind the wheel of a car. This herb causes drowsiness.

In any case, the pre-advised to consult a doctor to avoid adverse reactions. In no case do not buy the products in transit or on the market. Such materials can be collected in an environmentally polluted areas or trails. It may contain toxins and hazardous substances.

 Mint for all ills: herbs are treated properly

 Acne on the back


  • Causes of Acne on the back
  • General rules to facilitate the treatment of acne
  • What is not recommended?
  • Traditional methods of treatment of acne

Acne and acne on the back there are no less than the face. But they think of them, as a rule, with the arrival of the heat - because wearing sundresses and swimsuits all want. What to do if a rash on his back? So, they are necessary as quickly as possible to get rid of. And start to struggle with acne in advance, not when the sun begins to bake, because treatment takes a long time - from several weeks to several months.

And remember - a visit to a dermatologist is a must, at least at the beginning of treatment. Firstly, in some cases, acne on the back can arise because of a disease of the internal organs. And in this case, get rid of them is simply impossible as long as the disease itself is not cured. And secondly, your doctor can help you choose a plan of care just for your skin, as well as the optimal course of treatment.

However, the surgeon, but also depends on you very much - proper care of the skin of the back, observance of optimal diet, conducting medical procedures. And by the way, do not forget the recipes of traditional medicine - often they are very, very effective - no worse than the finished cosmetic medical preparations. The main thing - to choose the funds in which there is no part of the components that can trigger your allergic reaction.

 Acne on the back

Causes of Acne on the back

So, before you start the treatment of acne and acne, you need to figure out the cause of this misfortune. As already mentioned, it can make sure only the dermatologist, but the general information you will not interfere, because who better than you know your body? It is often sufficient to analyze its state, to reconsider habits and the reason becomes clear.

  • Digestive problems

The appearance of acne can be triggered by almost any disease of the digestive tract. But this is especially true for bowel problems - pimples in such cases are almost constant companions.

  • Problems with hormonal

Any hormonal changes can result in the appearance of acne on the back. Do not know about it firsthand adolescents, pregnant women and nursing mothers - in this period there is a strong imbalance in hormonal levels. And accordingly, acne and pimples occur frequently. Well, of course, we must not forget about the diseases of the endocrine system, which also inevitably entail a failure of a hormonal background of the organism.

  • Malnutrition

Many people who suffer from acne, not just on his back, but on his face, not even aware that blame their eating habits. Fatty and fried foods, smoked, salted, spicy seasonings, sweets, chocolate, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, coffee - all increase the risk of rash at times.

  • Improperly selected clothing

The cause of acne can become even a trivial at first sight thing as clothing made from synthetic fabrics, especially selected out of season. Firstly, the body is heated in such clothes too much, and, consequently, more sweat. Secondly, the air is not passed synthetic fabrics that also healthy skin does not contribute.

  • Allergic reaction

In some cases, a rash on the back may be caused by an allergic reaction banal. True, the precipitation in this case are specific - they resemble traces of nettle. In addition, allergic rashes mostly strong enough itch. And the back is not a cost - spots appear on the back and abdomen, and the hands of a person.

  • Bacterial infection

The most frustrating cause of acne on the back - a bacterial infection. In this case, inflamed pimples, nagnivayut, hurt. and in severe cases, even the temperature can be raised. In this case, no action on their own to take in any case impossible - you must immediately consult a doctor.

 acne on his back treatment

General rules to facilitate the treatment of acne

If you seriously intend to eliminate acne on the back, you can not do without complying with a number of rules. Of course, you can ignore them, but do not then wonder why acne and do not think to disappear. These requirements are fairly simple, so much effort is required.

  • Early treatment

The first and most important requirement - the start of acne treatment as soon as they appeared. The sooner you do, the easier it will be treated, and the less time it takes. So I do not think that two or three pimple do not deserve attention, if you do not want then protracted fighting with an army of acne.

  • Adjustment of supply

It is very difficult to successfully treat acne on your back, if your diet contains forbidden foods. We have already a list of banned products - again carefully reread it. But instead add its menu milk products, cereals, vegetables and fruits. By the way, this diet is the most favorable way to affect not only the condition of your skin, but also in the figure, which also can not please the ladies.

  • Drinking regime

Proper nutrition - a very important component of the treatment of acne. But no less important is the drinking regime - ideally you should drink at least a liter and a half and then the liquid. It is best to give preference to pure non-carbonated drinking water or unsweetened compote. By the way, do not forget about the broth hips - this drink is extremely useful for the whole organism.

  • Hygiene Regulations

We will not be repeated and once again say that cleanliness - the guarantee of health. But to do without the proper skin care will not succeed. At least twice a day, take a shower, and always with soap and water. In the evening, before going to bed, be sure to treat acne and pimples on the back of a weak solution of potassium permanganate - it is perfectly disinfects and dries the acne eruptions. But do not overdo the solution should be a pale pink color.

Yes, and you must cook it properly - Dissolve a few crystals of potassium permanganate in a cup with water, and then pour into a deep container, using a gauze cloth. So you eliminate skin contact of undissolved crystals, as this can cause burns. In the resulting solution, soak a cotton ball and wipe the entire surface of the problem area. The result of this procedure, you will notice very soon - in just one week for acne will be much less.

What is not recommended?

So, we figured out the recommendations. It remains to remember what you can not do that if you have any pimples on your back. If you ignore the ban, can at times make the situation worse.

  • Do not take any medications

The biggest mistake you can avoid - is to start taking any whatsoever medication on their own without a doctor's prescription. Even if it is the perfect tool helped your girlfriend, friend or work colleague - absolutely not the fact that it will help you. It is a risk that such a drug therapy for acne you do not deliver, but the problems with the liver, kidneys and other internal organs can earn a very high probability.

  • Do not abuse sunlight

Argued that sunbathing fast enough to help get rid of any skin rash. Moreover - especially women often begin to visit a solarium. As a result, the improvements have not been observed. Moreover - acne on the back can also become inflamed. Of course, to completely eliminate the sun is not necessary, but should not be abused - no more than 15 minutes a day. A solarium on the time of treatment is better avoided. Or, at least, be sure to consult with your doctor.

  • Do not hurt your skin

The skin rash is very sensitive areas, so it is very easy to injure. A skin injury will inevitably lead to the development of inflammation, which greatly complicate treatment. Therefore, strive to avoid it - in the shower, do not use hard sponge, choose clothes from the soft tissue, cut free.

  • Avoid cosmetic means

Shower gels, foams, creams for the body - from the use of these funds is best to abandon the treatment. Take a shower with the usual children's soap, without any vents. Explained the ban is simple - the skin is very sensitive, so the irritation can occur even when using conventional means.

 acne on his back treatment

Traditional methods of treatment of acne

Your doctor is required to select your appropriate course of treatment. But also about the people's means of treatment should not be forgotten, since they, too, are very effective. However, consult with your doctor still stands.

  • Bath salt

Evening showers can be replaced with a salt bath. For its preparation you need 50 grams of normal iodine and large kilogram of salt, although, if desired, you can use the already purchased and sea salt - just dissolve the salt and iodine in warm water. The duration of this bath should be not less than 15 minutes. By the way, ideally after a bath do not rinse the skin with clean water and do not wipe - let the salt remains on the skin for another 10 minutes. Well then, you can take a shower.

  • Blue clay

Purchase at the pharmacy dry blue clay - it is also very successful dries pimples on your back and helps eliminate them. To prepare the therapeutic mask you need a small non-metallic container, five or six tablespoons of blue clay and any mineral water. Add water to the clay and thoroughly mix so that you get a mixture, the consistency of sour cream.

Mask of clay put on the problem areas of the skin as possible with a thick layer, leave for as long as it is completely dry. Then rinse it with warm water, pat the skin, brush baby cream. If you do this mask every day, in a week the pimples will dry out and eventually disappear.

  • Honey Aloe

In the event that inflamed pimples started, come to the aid of aloe and honey. The main condition is that the plant has been more than three years. Five aloe leaves, place in the freezer for 5 days, then thaw and mince. In water bath melt every five tablespoons of honey, add the chopped aloe and, stirring constantly, bring to a boil.

Once the mixture boils, turn it off, let it cool slightly and transfer to a glass jar with a lid. The finished drug should only be stored in the refrigerator and no more than two weeks. Every evening, before hygiene, lubricate the mixture of aloe and honey all reddening. The mixture must be applied to a thick layer, cover with muslin cloth and leave for 15 minutes. By the way, on their own to do this is not very convenient, so it is best to ask for help households. Repeat this process every night, as long as the inflammation is not fully pass. Pay attention to the fact that honey - the product is very allergic. Therefore, carefully watch the reaction of the organism.

Getting rid of acne is quite real, but only on the condition that you will comply with all recommendations and strictly follow the doctor's instructions. But in this case, do not look for quick results - the main thing, do not despair and do not stop treatment. And you certainly will.

 Acne on the back. How to deal with them?

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