pain in gastritis


  • What is gastritis and why it appears?
  • Treatment of gastritis
  • Traditional recipes from pain

Gastritis can rightly be called a real scourge of our time - doctors say that suffers from this scourge every third person on the planet. Someone remembers gastritis rarely, only loaded the stomach too heavy food, and someone has a hard time almost every day.

Yet in most cases, gastritis, the time is not too worried about his "master", so people, unfortunately, do not pay proper attention to the disease. Why unfortunately, you ask? Because sooner or later, gastritis still declare itself. And declare so loudly that be certain - you will not find it a little, because the pain of gastritis usually very, very intense.

What is gastritis and why it appears?

Before turning to the question of pain, I would like to refresh your memory a bit, telling about what is gastritis and even where such attack is taken. All of the gastric cavity is lined with a mucous membrane on which the glands that produce gastric juice. And it is this gastric mucosa assumes all blow - fried foods, meats, chips and all the other amenities of the modern food industry. And not only food, but also pharmacological - many drugs are very, very aggressive.

For the time being persistent stomach resists aggressive impact on him. But sooner or later, the mucosa becomes inflamed - that this process and the doctors called gastritis. And the varieties of gastritis there are so many - superficial, diffuse erosive. But the nature of occurrence at all one - inflammation of the mucous membrane.

Not long ago, gastritis affects mainly adults aged 25 years and older. But recently disease. alas. rapidly getting younger. And doctors are not surprised, once again diagnosing gastritis even preschoolers. That, however. and no wonder, since the principles of proper nutrition of modern society has long been strangers - at best, semi-finished products.

 severe pain in gastritis

Treatment of gastritis

As mentioned above, all my life gastritis ignore unlikely you will - the pain would not allow. Although, of course, there hospitality very patient individuals who manage to endure the pain, but their - units. Therefore, gastritis should be treated - you do not want to experience pain on a regular basis? And the pain - is not only a consequence of ignoring gastritis. If treatment is not started on time, very high chance of developing stomach ulcers. but that's another story, and very sad.

Do not try to treat gastritis alone, as you can only hurt your body. Yes, and it is very important to make sure that you are dealing precisely with gastritis, but not with anything worse. Therefore, as soon as you suspect a problem with the stomach, immediately go to the doctor-gastroenterologist. The doctor will examine you, will clarify the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The only thing you can do - is to strictly follow all recommendations of your doctor. And, of course, strictly adjust your diet by excluding from it all greasy, fried foods, foods with preservatives and dyes, alcohol, carbonated drinks. All meals should have a soft consistency - at least for the treatment of gastritis.

 unpleasant pain for gastritis

Traditional recipes from pain

Since the pain of gastritis strong enough to tolerate them very difficult. Yes, and it does not need to, because there are so many ways to get rid of the pain. The doctor, of course, will prescribe painkillers, but do not forget about the natural means. In folk medicine, there is a lot of money, which will save you from the pain in the stomach quickly.

I would like to draw your attention - virtually all funds are based on the medicinal properties of plants. Therefore, people have a tendency to develop allergic reactions from them should be abandoned. Or choose the means which include only those herbs, for which you do not have allergies accurately.

  • Med milk

Honey with milk is excellent not only helps with colds, but also for pain in the stomach. Heat half a glass of warm milk, dissolve in it one teaspoon of honey and drink in small sips. Milk perfectly removes even the strong attack - pain will go away in 10-15 minutes. And if you drink milk with honey every morning, the attacks and will not be repeated, because you are acting ahead of the curve. But remember - the honey often cause allergies!

  • Milk with chamomile

If you are allergic to honey, replace it with a daisy. By the way, the milk with chamomile not only relieves pain but also helps in the healing process. To prepare the means put in a cup of half a teaspoon of chamomile, pour boiling water and leave for 20 minutes to infuse. Do not forget then strain the infusion! If you have begun the painful attack - you need a cup of chamomile milk. For prevention is enough for half - most importantly, to drink milk on an empty stomach.

  • Thyme

Put in a thermos two tablespoons of thyme, pour two cups of boiling water and leave for a day. Then strain the broth and pour in any glass container. The sick person should drink a few sips infusion every two hours. Taste the infusion is not very pleasant, but you can not add sugar - it is very irritating to the stomach. In an extreme case, add a little honey.

  • Aloe

Aloe comes to the aid in cases where the pain is almost unbearable. Be prepared - the taste of aloe is very specific and can put up with it, not every person. The treatment itself is very simple - take a leaf aloe, wash it, clean from the skin and just eat. You will feel relieved just five - ten minutes. But all too often resort to this method, doctors do not recommend.

  • Banana infusion

Bananas - not only a very useful piece of fruit, but also a great pain reliever. If you or your loved ones gastritis, nice to have a refrigerator in the following way - it will remove the sharp pain in minutes. So, you need to peppermint, banana, soda pinch and a little boiling water. Mint carefully grind - you should get one teaspoon. Pour a tablespoon of mint boiled water and leave for 15 minutes. At that time, half a banana, clean, chop using a fork, mix with mint and add a third of a teaspoon - the mixture will be enough for one sitting.

How to cook the mixture for future use - consider themselves, depending on the frequency of pain attacks. But note that the mixture can not be stored for more than two weeks. And only in the fridge, if you do not want, in addition to gastritis and get even food poisoning. And another important point - this tool can not be applied to pregnant women.

  • Novocaine

This tool is not quite popular, but extremely effective. Although, of course, abuse it in any case not worth it. Yes, and your doctor is a good idea to consult a start. And only if the doctor gave the go-ahead, you can try. Purchase at the pharmacy Novocain in ampoules - it is designed for injections. When you feel pain, mix one teaspoon of novocaine with a teaspoon of sour cream or yogurt and accept. After about 15 minutes the pain begins to recede. But remember - you can not use this tool more than once a day, as the drug itself acts on the mucous membrane is not the most favorable.

All of the above methods relieve pain in the stomach well enough. But remember that all this - only a temporary measure, and in any case it is impossible to make it an alternative to the normal full treatment. The first step is to treat the cause (gastritis), rather than trying to eliminate it only a consequence (pain).

 Pain in gastritis - what to do?

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 subcutaneous pimples


  • Why are there subcutaneous acne?
  • Treatment of acne subcutaneous
  • Assistants for the treatment of acne subcutaneous

Subcutaneous acne - a rare muck. They are very much spoil the appearance of the skin, causing pain and get rid of them is difficult. But maybe, if you observe a number of recommendations and engage in treatment regularly, not sporadically. But let's understand in the whole order.

There are spots in the ducts of the sebaceous glands - their development is very slow. The most common subcutaneous spots are located on the back, face, and in particular on the chin. First, there is a red seal, which gradually increases in size and becomes white. Inside the white pimple develops an ulcer, which is very painful when pressed.

Why are there subcutaneous acne?

As you know, do not smoke without fire - If you have acne, it is first necessary to establish the cause. The best way for this to apply to the dermatologist, who will conduct the necessary examinations and accurately diagnose. But in general terms, a hypodermic causes acne are as follows:

  • Hormonal changes

The most common cause of any skin rash, including subcutaneous acne - hormonal background of the organism. And the causes of hormonal levels, in turn, is also very much - and puberty, and pregnancy and lactation, and menopause, and, of course, any disease of the endocrine system.

  • Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene

Despite the fact that modern man with soap and water is no problem, not all people remember to follow basic rules of hygiene. Dirty body, stale clothes, sooner or later will lead to the appearance of subcutaneous acne.

  • Bacterial infection

In some cases, the cause of the hypodermic spots - the presence in the human pathogenic organisms. In this case, the subcutaneous pimples still inflamed, making it difficult for the disease. Yes, and treatment should be more complex, it takes a long time.

 subcutaneous acne treatment

Treatment of acne subcutaneous

Getting rid of acne subcutaneous very similar to the treatment of any other skin rashes - comprehensive care, compliance with certain rules and appropriate therapy. And note that the drugs should be prescribed only dermatologist. Self in this case could lead to a wide variety of health problems.

Immediately remember a simple truth - never, under any circumstances and under any pretext do not try to squeeze subcutaneous pimples. Firstly, it is unlikely that you will succeed. Second, if you do this and succeed, you greatly damage the soft tissue. And this is fraught with the development of inflammatory processes and even scarring.

  • Hygienically

Be sure to twice a day, take a shower, and ideally - both times with antibacterial soap. Daily change underwear, which, incidentally, must be made exclusively from natural fabrics that are breathable. And it's not just underwear, but also all clothing in general.

  • Adjustment of diet

I would like you or not, but the diet is necessary to reconsider mandatory. Eliminate from your menu of all artificial preservatives and dyes, fatty foods, fried foods, baked goods, candy, cocoa and cocoa-containing foods, carbonated and alcoholic drinks as well as coffee. To replace these products come porridge, cereals, dairy products, lean meats and fish.

  • Cosmetical tools

Girls should pay special attention to their makeup. Firstly, it should be of appropriate quality. And secondly, it is advisable to abandon the foundation and powder - they are very much clog the pores of the face. It is easy to guess that it is fraught with the development of new subcutaneous acne.

 subcutaneous acne causes

Assistants for the treatment of acne subcutaneous

The main treatment you should appoint a dermatologist. Depending on the severity of these may be external, pills, and sometimes injection. But do not write off the traditional medicines that are available and are very effective.

  • Iodine

Iodine - is perhaps the most effective remedy in the event that subcutaneous inflamed pimples start. Every evening processes each spot cotton swab soaked in plenty of iodine. Moreover, this procedure can be done even if the spots on exposed skin - per night brown hue disappears.

  • Vishnevsky ointment

If the skin has inflamed pimples overnight is to make compresses with ointment Vishnevsky. For this you need very ointment, gauze cloth, plastic film and adhesive tape. On a small gauze, apply a thick layer of ointment, apply to inflamed pimples, top cover with plastic wrap and secure with adhesive tape, leave the wrap on all night long. Ointment pull boil in about two days.

  • Lemon juice

Very good tool, which not only eliminates existing subcutaneous pimples, but also prevents new ones. Prepared lemon lotion is very simple - rub on a small grater one medium-sized lemon peel, Put it in a glass bottle and pour half a glass of vodka, cover and place in the refrigerator for a week. Then be sure to strain it and add half a glass of cold, clean water. Get the lotion should be cleaned problem areas at least once a day. And do not forget to use a moisturizing cream - lemon very dry skin.

  • Aloe vera

And, of course, it would be wrong to ignore the aloe - it perfectly removes inflammation and has a strong antibacterial effect. However, the plant should be at least three years - younger acts are not as effective. In water bath melt three tablespoons of honey. While honey is heated, mince well-washed aloe leaves, then add to the pulp and honey, stirring constantly, bring to a boil.

After the vehicle has cooled down, to shift it into a glass jar and store in the fridge - it retains its healing properties within one month. Once a day, apply honey with aloe on problem areas, covering the top with gauze cloth. The duration of this treatment - 20 minutes. Then rinse with cool water and allow to dry naturally without wiping. Suffice it to three treatments per week to just one month the skin condition improved significantly.

And remember - the subcutaneous treatment of acne - not a quick process. In the first few weeks, you may find that business off the ground and did not think to shift because of improvements in appearance may not be. And most importantly - do not stop the treatment!

 Subcutaneous acne. How to eliminate them?

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