causes of hyperhidrosis


  • Problems with the central nervous system
  • Problems with hormonal
  • Infectious diseases
  • Physiological feature of the body
  • A method for controlling excessive sweating

Sweating - an integral part of the normal functioning of the human body. And the results, we can observe firsthand - wet socks, stains on clothing in the armpits and other "charms". But in most cases, sweating does not cause particular concern - health and deodorants allow sweat to keep under strict control.

But in some cases, sweating so profuse that poisons a normal life. And leave the phenomenon ignored you just do not get. And risky because sweating is often one of the first signs of some diseases. But it is clear even to a child, the sooner treatment starts, the less troubles'll do the illness. Therefore, immediately look for the causes of hyperhidrosis.

Problems with the central nervous system

One of the most common causes - problems with the central nervous system. Almost always, the problem may be right, but only if the disease is diagnosed in time and immediately started treatment.

  • Vasoneurosis

Dystonia - a violation of a very peculiar. Despite the fact that this pathology is diagnosed more often than the rest of diseases, information about it is not so much - a common characteristic. Dystonia has the following symptoms: frequent headaches, tendency to low blood pressure, constantly pale skin, fatigue, and often hypersomnia. And, of course, the notorious sweating. In this case, doctors prescribe a course of treatment aimed at improving the condition of the vessels and the general tone of the body. Doctors noticed that the tendency for such sweating is often inherited.

  • Hyperemotivity

Do not avoid the excessive sweating, and if the person is inherent in excessive emotional excitability. The slightest emotional shock entails the release of adrenaline and as a result, excessive sweating. And the reason for this may be a mere trifle - the scene of the film insulting word, but just a sharp loud sound in the end. In this situation, the measures of doctors will be sent to the normalization of the nervous system.

 cause of hyperhidrosis

Problems with hormonal

If problems with the central nervous system are excluded, it is necessary to consult a doctor-endocrinologist. It is very likely that the cause of excessive sweating is a disruption of normal hormonal levels. And this is - a very, very serious pathology that requires immediate medical attention.

  • Hyperthyroidism

This term is referred to as a disease characterized by excessive activity of the thyroid gland. In this case, in addition to excessive sweating people notice the following symptoms: general weakness, increased appetite, weight reduction, low body temperature. As the disease progresses the thyroid gland starts to increase significantly.

  • Pheochromocytoma and hypoglycemia

In case it is developing adrenal gland tumor, in the body constantly produced excessive amounts of epinephrine. Incidentally, the same thing happens when blood glucose - lowering blood sugar levels. It is not difficult to guess that sweating in this case is very strong.

  • Age features

Hormones can be changed without any abnormalities - such as during puberty. Approximately 70% of all teens have noted excess sweating, which eventually took place without any intervention. Roughly the same thing happens during menopause - hormonal changes radically women that can lead to excessive sweating. In this case, one should not expect that the situation will normalize itself - in some cases without medical treatment is simply not enough.

Infectious diseases

In some cases, the cause of excessive sweating can become infectious diseases. In this case, the problem arises sharply but excessive sweating there are plenty of other symptoms. A sick person should seek medical advice as soon as possible, because some infectious diseases can be a serious threat not only for health but for life.

  • Colds

ARI, acute respiratory infections, influenza, the common cold - all these diseases in most cases entail an increase in body temperature. And where hyperthermia - and there is heavy sweating. And more often sweating begins when body temperature starts to drop. In this case, the only way to get rid of sweating - recovery.

  • Exotic diseases

If you often go abroad, especially in tropical countries, suddenly had a strong sweating should guard you - so begins many exotic infections. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor, even if you regularly do all conceivable vaccination. But in fairness it should be noted that this happens rarely.

  • Tuberculosis

But tuberculosis, unfortunately, is much more common. And spit him in the court of the 21st century for a long time ... and spit on vaccinations ... Doctors every day all over the world were recorded and more new cases of tuberculosis. And mostly already quite advanced. That, however, is not surprising, since tuberculosis is quite long runs virtually asymptomatic. And it is the only sign of excessive sweating, especially at night. Therefore, the cause of hyperhidrosis is also deleted in the first place.

Physiological feature of the body

Despite the fact that sweating accompanied by many diseases, do not panic. Of course, to see a doctor just need to - at least for your own peace of mind. But most likely the doctor will tell you that your sweating - it's just a characteristic of the body.

This may be sweating as the armpits and other body parts - legs, hands, head, back and chest. Sweating may occur from time to time, and can be maintained on a regular basis. It goes without saying that the high ambient temperature aggravates the situation. That, however, is quite understandable, because sweating is nothing but as a way to cool the body.

 causes severe sweating

A method for controlling excessive sweating

If sweating is caused by a particular disease - all very simple: it is necessary to get rid of it and you stop sweating. But even if the excessive sweating - it's part of your physiology, you should not just tolerate it. In most cases, sweating can be kept under control, following a few simple rules:

  • Personal care

If your skin is constantly wet, you will have to take a shower a little more often - at least twice a day. And both times, use shower gel to remove all the skin bacteria that thrive in the secretions of the sweat glands. And in order to prevent over-drying the skin, buy a moisturizer for the body.

  • Lingerie

Pay close attention underwear underwear - it should be changed as required, as soon as it became wet. Otherwise, discomfort and bad you are guaranteed. If you sweat a lot legs, change your socks regularly. Not the last role played by the material from which the clothing is made. When excessive sweating is highly recommended to abandon synthetics. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics - cotton, flax and wool.

  • Deodorants

Do not forget about the existence of deodorants - they will help alleviate the problem. But note that deodorants and antiperspirants - it's not the same thing. Deodorant simply mask the smell of sweat and antiperspirant - inhibits its release. So - do not abuse antiperspirants, rather than once a day. But deodorants - as you like.

In any case, remember that excessive sweating can not be ignored - it can and must be fought. Do not let the sweat run your life.

 We are looking for the causes of hyperhidrosis

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 Warts on the feet


  • Treatment with garlic
  • Treatment of warts using apple cider vinegar
  • Treatment of warts with the help of celandine
  • Analgesics

Warts - a phenomenon in itself unpleasant. But most of all affected people who had become owners of the warts on the feet. Plantar warts - as they are called - for the time being do not cause much inconvenience, and very often people do not pay any attention to them.

And it is in vain, because the warts tend to quickly grow in size. and the growth of warts person begins to feel pain. First, they will be minor, and appear regularly, from time to time. But every day the pain will be stronger - even walking would be a real test for man.

Therefore, if you notice the appearance of the plantar wart, take action immediately, not wait, when the situation will be launched. Of course, wise to go to a dermatologist, who will remove the wart itself and prescribe you the appropriate antiviral treatment. Without it, the wart will return quickly, because they are developing due to the presence in the body of human papilloma virus.

Treatment with garlic

Garlic - one of the most powerful tools in the fight against any warts, including plantar. There are several effective prescriptions, which we will now and tell. But just remember that garlic can damage the healthy skin around the wart, so it must be protected. You can just before each procedure lubricate the skin around the wart with a thick layer of any fat cream or sunflower oil.

And you can take advantage of a more reliable way - plaster. Take a small piece of adhesive tape, cut a hole in it such a size that it climbed wart stick to the skin. Everything is ready - you can apply the cooked product to the wart, without fear that it gets on the skin.

  • Garlic paste

The simplest means of cooking that will not take you much time - garlic paste. Clean three cloves of garlic, chop them very carefully and apply to the wart. Top cover with plastic wrap pulp and secure with a bandage, leave for about an hour. If you feel a strong burning sensation, rinse immediately garlic, and next time, add to the onion gruel a small amount of any vegetable oil.

After you wash away the garlic, gently remove the protective adhesive tape - if you leave it for a few days, can develop allergies. If you really do not want to mess around with a protective plaster every day, buy a special hypoallergenic adhesive tape. After removing the garlic, always flush with cool water wart and the skin around her lubricate any moisturizer. Repeat this process every day and in a week you will find that the wart has become much smaller. But after about three weeks, it will completely disappear.

  • Garlic Flatbread

In some cases, the discomfort is strong enough, even if a garlic gruel you add the onions. It goes without saying that in this case it is best to search for other means acting softer - for example, garlic cake. Of course, the time to fully get rid of warts, you will need a little more - an average of one and a half months.

To prepare the cake, prepare five cloves of garlic, flour and water. Garlic clean, chop, mix with flour and knead the dough enough. Get volume will be enough for a few days, so put it in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator. Otschipnite a small piece of it and form a cake. Apply to corn cake, put a little gauze and secure - it is possible with the help of a bandage or plaster, but you can just wear tight socks.

Garlic Flatbread should remain on the wart for at least 6 hours, so it is best to put it on the night. Once you remove the cake, wipe it with apple cider vinegar and leave it until it is completely dry. The first results you can observe within one and a half to two weeks.

 wart on foot

Treatment of warts using apple cider vinegar

If your warts are very stubborn, you can resort to the help of apple cider vinegar. It helps to get rid of even chronic warts, but often too aggressively - on the site of the wart may go sores and then scars. However, this happens only if you overdo it with either concentration or keep the funds will be longer than the recommended time.

  • Compresses with apple cider vinegar

Again, the first thing we will tell you about a tool for lazy people - and it preparation is not required. Just cut a few small gauze and pour in any non-metal container a little apple cider vinegar. Dampen a few napkins in vinegar, apply to the wart, be sure to put on top of plastic wrap and then put on the sock.

Leave acetic compress about 10 minutes, then wash the wart with plenty of warm water. Once the skin is dry on the wart, be sure to lubricate it a usual children's cream or boiled vegetable oil. Every day, this procedure should not be done - just three or four times a week.

  • Apple cider vinegar with chalk

In the event that two or three weeks the warts disappear, it is necessary to try other means. To make it, you need white school chalk, honey and apple cider vinegar. Chalk rub on a very fine grater so that you obtain a powder. Take half a teaspoon of powdered chalk, half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and add a little honey, mix well - you should get a mass resembling cream.

This mass, apply a thick layer on the plantar wart, put a piece of gauze or a cotton swab, secure with adhesive tape and leave for two hours. Then rinse with water and lubricate the wart her baby cream. Repeat this procedure every day for one week, and then make a three-day break. After about a month of your warts absolutely nothing left.

  • Onions and vinegar

Slice the onion half, put it in a bowl and fill it with apple cider vinegar, so that was all covered with onions. Leave the onion for three hours, then pour the vinegar and onion izomnite fork. Store onion puree can week, only in a closed vessel and only in a refrigerator.

The treatment itself is as follows. Before going to bed make a hot foot bath and steam the legs at least 20 minutes, adding hot water if necessary. Then dry the feet, apply a thick layer of onion wart mass. Cover with plastic wrap and secure it with a bandage, wear socks.

Ideally compresses should be on the wart at least 6 hours. But if you feel uncomfortable, you can remove it before. Chances are, your skin is very sensitive, so this method of treatment should be abandoned. If treatment is proceeding normally, make this procedure every other day, up to until the wart disappears.

Treatment of warts with the help of celandine

Celandine - excellent agent which is effective in all skin diseases, including those with plantar wart. And this plant can be used in the summer, fresh, and in winter - dried plant, which is sold in many pharmacies. Take care to celandine did not get a healthy skin as well as keep it away from children.

  • Juice of celandine

In the summer, the treatment celandine do not require you to no effort. Just tear off a sprig of celandine and lubricate the wart liberally speaking juice. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day, just a week you will notice a significant change from the warts. The duration of a complete course of treatment varies depending on the size of the warts - from several weeks to several months.

  • Compress with celandine

In winter, when the hand only dry celandine, you can try to get rid of plantar warts using compress. Carefully grind one tablespoon of herbs Celandine, fill it with two tablespoons of boiling water and leave for an hour. Then strain the grass, but did not press it, apply to the wart, be sure to put on top of plastic wrap and leave on all night and in the morning rinse with water. Repeat this procedure is necessary every day, up to the moment until the wart disappears. As a rule, you need a lot of time - at least two months.

 unpleasant warts on feet


A person suffering from plantar warts, experiencing very strong pain when walking. And in the first week of treatment of warts, this pain becomes stronger. I hate it very difficult, so it makes sense to try out a few very effective recipe of traditional medicine, which at least temporarily remove the pain.

  • Aloe and toothpaste

At first glance, this tool may seem rather strange, but in practice it has proved to be very good - the fact that the pain has receded, says nearly 90% of all people to try it for yourself. To prepare the tools you need to mint toothpaste and a leaf of aloe. Aloe peel, chop and thoroughly mix with toothpaste - the consistency should be quite thick.

Apply the resulting product to corn, leave until the paste dries while, then rinse with plenty of cool water. The pain begins to recede in 7-10 minutes, and the analgesic effect will last for a long time - not less than five hours. The tool is completely safe for health, so you can use it as often as you need it.

  • The drops in the nose with menthol

This tool is no less surprising than the toothpaste. But in fairness it should be noted that it acts just as good. This is explained by the action of menthol. In an extreme case, if the drops with menthol is not found, you can buy with eucalyptus. But in fact, and in another case the substrate must be strictly oil.

A small piece of cotton richly saturate droplets attach to the wart and press firmly, secure with adhesive tape and leave for 30 minutes. Pain will begin to retreat after 10 minutes, but ahead of time, do not remove the bandage. Otherwise the maximum of action suffice hour.

  • Novocaine

If the pain is so severe that the previous methods did not help you, you can try almost sure version - novocaine injection, which can be bought over the counter without a prescription. But despite the fact that you can buy without a prescription, used novocaine without the approval of the physician still not worth it - the medicine after all.

If the doctor gave the go-ahead, you can safely try. Take a small piece of cotton soaked his novocaine, apply to the wart and cover the top with plastic wrap. This wrap will relieve you from pain for at least three hours. But you can not leave it for 15 minutes, and for a day - then the analgesic effect will last for the whole day. Note - wool layer should be thin, or walking you will experience discomfort.

Despite the fact that most of the self-treatment of plantar warts is quite successful, sometimes without the help of a doctor can not do. Experience is not necessary - to date, doctors know a large number of painless way to remove plantar warts. By the way, a visit to the doctor is required even if you do get rid of the warts yourself. Remember, we talked about the fact that the cause of warts is human papillomavirus? So, if you do not get rid of it, to replace so hard deduced warts comes another. You do not want your life has been a continuous struggle with warts?

 Warts on the feet. There is an exit!

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