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  • Baking with apples and peaches on the basis of yeast
  • The recipe for fruit cake with short pastry
  • Dietary cake recipe with fruit filling
  • Cooking Tricks cooking pies and toppings
  • Availability and useful properties of fruit pies

The cakes have long been considered a festive dish, bake them for all kinds of celebrations, whether it's a modest family night or festival a wide scale. Any world cuisine boasts a huge number of recipes for pies with various fillings, but a separate line in the annals of culinary recipes allocated fruit pies.

Open and closed with sand, biscuit or yeast base, monocomponent or with mixed toppings - all of them, without exception, extremely tasty. In addition, pies stuffed with fruit - a storehouse of vitamins and other nutrients. Different types of dough and filling transform each of them into a masterpiece of culinary art, but a special place among them a fantastic variety takes the cake with apples and peaches.
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Baking with apples and peaches on the basis of yeast

Yeast dough - capricious substance, so it requires special attention. You can save the future of the dough lightly heated brew and adding a little yeast. This will test faster rise and baking turn lush and tender.

To apple pie and peach pieces of dough get incredible air, you need the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon packet yeast, 80 ml of water, 120 ml of milk (fat content to not less than 1, 5%), 100 ml of yogurt, egg - 2 pcs., sunflower oil, odorless - 2 tbsp, 100 g of sugar, wheat flour of high grade 2 fresh green apples, 2 fresh peaches, sesame seeds for decoration.

First, prepare the dough. At any convenient container diluted yeast powder with preheated water. This mixture should be stirred carefully, and only then put in a warm place. After 10 minutes, pour the brew should be warmed milk, yogurt, drive an egg, add the vegetable oil and mix well again. Then, in several stages alternately filled flour and sugar. The flour is used until, until the mixture reaches the desired consistency is soft and supple. The resulting dough must be covered with a towel and put in a warm place for 30 minutes, during which it is expected to grow at a rate of about one and a half times.

While Opara fit, preparing the filling: wash the peaches and apples peeled and seeds and cut into slices wide 0, 5 cm. The finished dough is rolled out on the layers, thickness 0, 7-1 cm. To make pie dough festive type layer on both sides cut into small strips, then laid out in the center of the fruit and in the form of strips intertwined braids. Cake is necessary to smear with beaten egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown.

 fruit cake recipe
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The recipe for fruit cake with short pastry

Shortbread dough quickly warms and begins to stick to the hands and the surface on which is cut, which creates inconveniences in the preparation of baked products thereof. In addition, the long lay shortbread dough loses its crispness, baking of it gets hard and compacted. Therefore, any owner must remember that this type of test requires a very fast processing, and intended use.

Sand cake with apples and slices of peach - light pastries, allowing easy and quick to cook a delicious dessert for each day for the whole family. For the test you need to take 200 grams of butter, 2 cups flour, 1 tablespoon cream, white sugar, 0, 5 tsp soda, half a cup of water, 1/4 of lemon juice, 1 second pinch ground cardamom seeds, nutmeg and ground cinnamon 1/3 tsp and spicy blend of Indian spices - garam masala. For the filling need 2 apples, 1 peach, 50 g of powdered sugar and 8 units. chopped almonds.

Flour to sift through a fine sieve, add the softened and cut into pieces of butter and rub all hands, simulating the movement of sand sifting between the fingers so that the dough has turned flakes. Then add the sour cream, water, lemon juice, spices and sugar and knead again. To check if the dough has reached the right consistency, it is enough to roll a piece of the mass into a ball. It should not stick to hands. If it continues to stick, add a little more water. Prepare the masses should be left in the fridge for half an hour.

Chilled dough to put on a greased and floured baking sheet and stretch your hands directly on it to a thickness of no more than 1 cm. If we ignore this parameter, the cake is bad propechetsya. On top of the layer of dough to put sliced ​​fruit and almonds and bake for 45 minutes at 180 degrees. The finished product at the end of this time, immediately get out of the oven and sprinkle with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

 ingredients for fruit cake
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Dietary cake recipe with fruit filling

Delicious baked goods like many people, regardless of gender and age. Sweet want at any time of the year. But the problem is that these goodies and then deposited in the most unexpected parts of the body that are not happy. Nevertheless eat tasty and healthy, indulging in desserts, you can. Suffice it to adopt a couple of recipes low-calorie diet fruit pies.

Apple Peach manna - ideal for those on a diet. The recipe involves the use of the following ingredients: 4 large apples, peaches 4, 450 g of any drinking low-fat yogurt, 4 tbsp. l. oatmeal, 4 tbsp semolina, 1 egg, baking soda or hydrated. You can add flavor to vanilla and cinnamon.

The process of preparing the pie is very simple. In a bowl, mix the yogurt, egg and baking powder, add to semolina and oatmeal and leave to swell. Apple peel, peaches, wash, cut two small slices of fruit. Shape size of 21 cm grease, put it in a fruit filling and pour the batter. If using cinnamon, then sprinkle it first fruits. Bake this cake must at 160-170 degrees for 40 minutes. Baking get a very lush, acquires delicate apple flavor with a hint of peach.

Dietary cake with peaches and slices of apples - a great assistant that allows you to indulge in a sweet and at the same time keep the figure in shape. The secret of this baking is quite simple: natural products, small and moderate calorie servings.

Most recipes for fruit pies can be adapted for a healthy diet, you just give up the calorie and yeast dough, do not use butter, margarine and replace conventional buckwheat flour or oatmeal.

 Different fruit cake recipes

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Cooking Tricks cooking pies and toppings

Fresh fruit during baking isolated juice and soaked them cakes cake, saturating it too strong fruity taste. If you are using a single-component filling, nothing terrible will happen, but when the cake in the presence of 2 or more components of the fruit, the principle "hear" notes every taste alone. In addition, excessive moisture prevents the cake properly propechsya inside. Therefore, before the filling into the pie stack, too juicy berries and fruits should first wash, dry paper towel and roll in flour, and fruit puree or berry filling should be added to the starch. As a result, moisture is absorbed, the pies are not damp, and the different flavors will not drown each other.

In the preparation of the cake to be sent to the oven is often the problem arises pan coating or baking butter as cold as they are difficult in this process. Someone separately melt butter, someone easier form of heat on the stove, but it is not the best way affects the quality of baking, provoking a partial sticking and scorching. To obtain a perfect-baked cakes, baking form or must reverse side pour hot water, and then apply a uniform layer of oil on the front side. Such a method also saves used products.

During preparation of the dough is sometimes not necessarily strictly follow the recipe. For example, if the culinary rules prescribe only use butter or margarine, and you do not have the required components do not have to drop everything and run to the store, if not to abandon the preparation of homemade desserts. Both of these products are interchangeable because they contain equal amounts of protein and fat. They are equally well absorbed by the body and have almost the same nutritional value.

Some housewives are fixated on the use of citric acid, but it is necessary to its presence in the test, do not think. It has no odor and is not a flavor, but has a sour taste, palatability Shielding brewed product. Therefore, it can be easily replaced by other additives with similar properties. Knowing these simple secrets will allow each day to enjoy the wonderful sweet culinary products.

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Availability and useful properties of fruit pies

For a long time, pastries filled with fruit were engaged only in the high season, most of these vegetables, but today the situation has changed dramatically: thrifty housewives collect in your own garden or buy in retail chains various fruits and berries, freeze them whole or frayed form and left for storage in the freezer chamber. Therefore, fruit pies, even in the cold season is not uncommon now.

Apple-peach pie - not only tasty baked with delicate texture and excellent flavor, it is also a source of vitamins and minerals, especially in winter, when everything is not enough sun and heat, and the protective functions of the body must be maintained. This kind of dessert is suitable for adults and children, well nourishes and creates a cheerful atmosphere in the family.

 Pastry stuffed with apples and peaches