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  • Treatment of warts using garlic
  • Treatment of warts with the help of celandine
  • Treatment with onions
  • Other ways to treat warts

Warts - a benign, localized most frequently on the skin of the hands and feet. They look like a wart outgrowth. The cause of warts - the body's infection by human papilloma virus. Unfortunately, too many people know about this problem, like warts, not hearsay, but from their own experience.

Basically, to get rid of warts is not so difficult. The easiest way to do this with the help of a dermatologist. Firstly, he will appoint antiviral therapy, and secondly, will choose the best method to remove existing warts. But to the doctor are by no means all - many people prefer to deal with warts improvised means.

The main thing is not only to remove the wart, but do not hurt yourself. We have written some very effective ways to quickly eliminate warts and do not harm the skin. The only danger that can lie in wait for you - an allergic reaction to some substance, which is part of a recipe.

Therefore, if in doubt, before starting treatment, it is necessary to conduct the test. Take a little ready-made mixture for the removal of warts, lubricate the skin of the wrist and leave for about 15 minutes. If you do not feel a burning and itching, and the skin does not appear any redness and / or rashes, allergies can not be afraid.

Treatment of warts using garlic

Garlic - the best of folk remedies to remove warts. The only drawback of garlic - it is possible to damage the healthy skin around the wart. But this trouble can be very easy to get around - you'll need a very ordinary adhesive tape. Cut a hole in it that size, climbed to the wart and stick. That's it - the skin around education is protected, so that you can begin to fight warts.

  • Garlic with apple cider vinegar

To make this miracle drug cook a few cloves of garlic and a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Garlic mash carefully marking in a glass or plastic container and then fill it with apple cider vinegar so that the entire slurry was covered with liquid. Let sit for two hours, then strain it with the help of gauze - an iron sieve use is not recommended.

Warts protect the plaster, apply a thick layer of therapeutic mixture and top cover with small pieces of plastic film, can secure with all of the same plaster. The average duration of such a procedure - 20 minutes. Prepare to be that you can feel a slight burning sensation and / or tingling. But too much discomfort should not be - if you feel it immediately rinse garlic mixture. Look for another recipe - for this you have too delicate and sensitive skin.

  • Garlic Flatbread

If the wart is large enough and there is not the last, you can help the so-called garlic tortilla. For its preparation you need to have the following ingredients: half a head of garlic, two tablespoons of flour - it is best to use rye, boiled water. Cloves garlic, clean, rub on a fine grater or mince, mix with flour. Add a little water and knead very stiff dough from which shape some small cakes.

Warts soak in warm water for about 10 minutes, and then attach a garlic cake and secure it with adhesive plaster or bandage - as you prefer. The cake must stay on the wart is not less than 6-8 hours. Therefore, it's best to fix it overnight. In the morning, rinse the skin with lukewarm water and apply baby cream without any additives.

The duration of such treatment using garlic lozenges large enough - at least one month. The first results you will notice about 10 days - warts smorschatsya and significantly reduced in size. After three weeks, the warts will disappear, but the treatment is not interrupted.

  • Garlic juice

If the wart is just beginning to form, you can try a simple way to treat - garlic juice. Just cut the peeled clove of garlic in half and carefully rub the juice into speaking warts. The same procedure should be repeated at least three times a day, and even better - 5-6 times. Treatment continued until the bitter end - until the warts are completely gone.

  • Garlic extract

If your warts do not just spoil the overall picture, but also occasionally get inflamed, they need special treatment. To prepare means finely chop 15 peeled garlic cloves, put them in an enamel pan and pour half a glass of water. Bring to a boil and reduce the heat as much as possible.

Cook until the garlic until almost all the water does not boil away - should stay just a little bit at the bottom of the saucepan. Then add three tablespoons of honey - ideally lime. Constantly stir the honey - until then, until it is completely melted. Then turn off the heat, pour obtain funds in a glass bowl, cover with a lid and store only on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

 how to remove a wart yourself

Treatment of warts with the help of celandine

Celandine has long been used to treat various skin diseases, including warts. We offer you a few basic recipes that are sure to help you send the warts into oblivion. Please note - for the treatment of warts can be used only fresh grass, as the dried loses much of its medicinal properties.

  • Juice of celandine

The easiest way to treat warts - the juice of celandine. Treatment consists of the following: a sprig tear celandine - will perform at the end of the stem juice. Here juice and rub it all their warts. Repeat at least three times a day. Just keep in mind the fact that the juice of celandine is strongly stains the skin. Therefore, if you have warts on the open areas of the body, and you regularly go out, pick another method of treatment.

The first changes you'll notice about 10 days, but do not stop treatment - go to the finish. But remember - the juice of celandine should not fall on healthy skin. Yes, and continue treatment for longer than two months does not make sense - since much of this time the warts disappear, then you need to look for other methods of treatment.

  • Alcoholic infusion of celandine

Let's start with the most potent tools - with alcohol brew. This tool will help to get rid of the most annoying warts that are not in any consent to leave you. You will need to cover Glassware, half a glass of vodka and 50 grams of celandine. Celandine cut as fennel soup, vsypte in a bowl and pour the vodka. Then add another half cup of cold boiled water, cover and leave in the refrigerator for a week. Two to three times a day is required to shake the container.

When the infusion is ready, strain it using a plastic strainer or gauze. This solution must be lubricated warts three times during the day. And before going to bed to make a compress - soak in the infusion of a small gauze, apply on the wart and leave for 15 minutes. If poultice dries before, moisten a new tissue. The sensations are not pleasant - a burning sensation you feel during the time a compress.

After about a week the wart will literally dry up - they smorschatsya and reduced in size. Once a week they have a cavity fall off. And finally, the third week of treatment will help you build on the success and prevent new growth of warts. If your warts suddenly turned super-resistant, treatment can be repeated again. But be sure to do at least one week break.

  • Celandine and apple cider vinegar

It means being prepared immediately before use. Finely chop celandine - you need three to five tablespoons, depending on the number and size of warts. Cut grass put in any capacity (not iron), fill it with apple cider vinegar - you'll need a third cup and leave for 30 minutes.

At this time, prepare a gauze, plastic film and adhesive tape. Stick adhesive tape so as to protect the skin around the wart, put celandine and close the gauze. Cover with plastic wrap and secure with a bandage or adhesive plaster. Leave compress for about 40 minutes, then rinse with cool water and lubricate any vegetable oil or baby cream.

Treatment with onions

Onions has almost the same effect as garlic. But, unlike the garlic, onion acts much softer. Therefore, people with very sensitive skin should take note of recipes based on onions.

  • Onion and apple cider vinegar

Clean one small head of onions, soak it for three hours in apple cider vinegar. Before going to bed, cut the onion into smaller pieces. Every evening, apply on the wart, a piece of onion, fixed with a bandage and leave no less than 3 hours. This tool can damage healthy tissue, so be sure to protect them with adhesive tape with the slot.

In most cases, a complete getting rid of warts, you will need no more than two weeks. If that was not enough time, you can spend one more treatment, but before that make at least 10 days break.

  • Paste of onions

If the above means causes severe discomfort, you can try the "lite" version of the treatment. Peel half of the onions, grate on fine grater and place the resulting pulp into a glass jar with a lid. In the fridge you can store it for a long time - up to two weeks.

In the evening, before going to bed, steam the wart for 20 minutes, then apply a protective patch and apply a thick layer of onion gruel. Cover with a gauze cloth and plastic sheeting. Be sure to secure the construction of plaster, as the exposure time - not less than 5 hours. Then rinse with plenty of water warts and apply an intensive moisturizer.

After about 15 days the warts have become smaller, and approximately 25 days and completely disappear. If it does not, it is not necessary to repeat another course of treatment - most likely, it will be useless. Well, if you really want to try, do not forget to do a week's break. And then again attempt to exterminate the villain - a wart.

 how to remove a wart right

Other ways to treat warts

Do not leave unattended and some other treatments for warts, as many of them can be a real panacea.

  • Magnesia powder

In any pharmacy you can buy magnesium powder. Once a day, preferably before going to bed, sprinkle powder magnesia warts - making sure that it remains on the skin for at least 15 minutes. But that's not all - twice a day, morning and evening, take a small amount of magnesium inside - just the tip of the knife.

Magnesium - is not garlic and drug. So, before you start treatment magnesia, be sure to check with your doctor. Perhaps you have such diseases in which magnesium is strictly contraindicated. Yes, and the treatment itself should not be too long - no more than 10 consecutive days.

  • Treatment with chalk

Buy stationery department in normal school white chalk, rub it on a small grater - you should have a powder. In the evening, after showering, apply a thick layer of powder on warts, chalk put small pieces of wool fabric and secure them with adhesive tape. Leave the bandage on overnight and in the morning just rinse with water.

If you do it right, the wart will evolve within three days. But treatment does not go on - it should last at least three weeks, even if the warts have disappeared. This is necessary in order to replace them do not have any new ones. After all, just remove the wart is not enough - you need to prevent its recurrence.

  • Compresses infusion of wormwood

Put in a thermos three tablespoons of sage - can be used as fresh grass and dry - pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. Then strain the infusion and pour it for storage in a glass bottle, cut into small gauze napkins.

After the evening bath, you can start treatment - soak in the infusion gauze, apply it to the wart for 40 minutes. Every 15 minutes, moisten a new tissue - it needs to be constantly moist and completely cover the wart. If you want a more rapid effect, periodically lubricate the wart solution for the day. The first changes you'll notice a week, and the entire course of treatment takes about 25 days.

If none of these remedies will not help remove the wart, do not hurry to get upset. Go to a dermatologist, who will relieve you of the problem in just a few days.

 How to remove a wart yourself?