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  • The percentage of water in the body
  • Average amount of water
  • Why do we need water?
  • The main misconceptions about water

Very many sources claim that the human body is about 80% water. However, recent scientific studies show many that the figure, to put it mildly, a little improved. Although this does not negate a truism, which states that water is essential to man much more than even food.

Want to know how much water a person really, what is its role in the life of the organism, can change the percentage of water content and other interesting facts? Then this article is for you, because in this matter, we will understand, and today.

The percentage of water in the body

One can not answer the question of how much water is contained in the person, as the figure is very unstable and depends on very many factors. For example, the water content depends on:

  • Age man

The amount of water in the body depends on the age, and thus varies throughout life. The younger he is, the more his body of water. For example, the monthly human embryo at 98% water. The figure shocking, is not it? This is the percentage of newborn crumbs equal to 80% from the five-year kid - 78%, and at sixty - only 43%.

  • Internal organs

In addition, we must not forget that the water content is very different in different organs of the body. For example, in the bones of water not greater 34%, but in the brain - to 90. However, this ratio changes and becomes unstable as they mature human.

  • Human health

Many diseases entail dehydration, sometimes very strong. Especially it is typical for those diseases which cause an increase in body temperature. Incidentally, this is why doctors strongly recommend that sick people to drink plenty of water because dehydration exacerbates the disease and slow recovery.

Speaking of which, these days, even in healthy people is very often a slight dehydration. That is why today no surprise chronic fatigue syndrome, excessive sleepiness, distraction, forgetfulness.

In addition, doctors say that even a slight but constant dehydration increases the chances of developing colon cancer by about 27%, bladder cancer - by 19%, and breast cancer - by as much as 47%. Statistics are not just depressing, and even terrifying. After all, for the development of these terrible diseases only 3% deviation in the smaller side of the normal level of water in the body.

 water in the human body

Average amount of water

So what is the normal amount of water in the body? Doctors believe that this figure ranges from 65%. But this is true only for people who have a normal body weight. Such a mass of doctors is calculated by a simple formula: 100 minus the height of a man centimeters, plus or minus five kilograms. For example, if a man's height of 165 centimeters, his normal weight varies between 60-70 kg.

Some people believe that a person with overweight no danger of dehydration, but in fact it is not so. Lipids (adipose tissue) are substantially free of water, so the more the body fat tissue, the less water therein. In severe cases, the water content can be lowered to 50%.

Why do we need water?

Why do need water in the human body? Why the reduction of its quantity so critical? Clear answer to this question can not be, because the water in the human body carries a lot of functions.

  • The structure of cells

Each cell consists of a body of water, and accordingly, the normal water level ensures reproduction of healthy cells, without "breakdown". And it is very, very important, as the cells of our body are updated daily. And how much water you drink depends on the health of your body's cells.

  • The normal concentration of substances in the body

Our body contains a huge amount of a variety of substances it needs for normal life: vitamins, minerals, hormones. But in order for these substances to perform its function, the concentration should be adequate. This - Another role assigned to the nature of the water in the human body.

  • Detoxification of the body

The human body every second is a huge number of metabolic processes. Their side effects derived from the organism, mainly through the kidneys. But in order to bring them, there must be sufficient water in which the waste and all dissolved. That is why dehydration is fraught with chronic poisoning of the body - intoxication.

As you can see, if you want to maintain your health, you can not avoid dehydration. The average adult should drink about two liters of water, including hidden - vegetables, fruits, soups. But note - if you suffer from hypertension or any disease of the kidneys and bladder, check to begin with your doctor. Only a doctor knows the peculiarities of your disease, will be able to assess the situation and figure out how much water you can drink in a day, to do no harm to health.

 how much water in the body

The main misconceptions about water

So, we made sure that the water is vital, learned how to be normal water in the body and how much fluid you need to drink a day to an adult. But there are so many different misconceptions related to the water! How not to make a mistake? We talk about the main ones:

  • Water contributes to the appearance of edema

People who are prone to the formation of edema, try to reduce the amount of fluid intake to a possible minimum. But in reality it is not so - a decrease in the fluid often provokes the appearance of an even more severe edema. So discuss your drinking regime with your doctor - he certainly advise drinking at least a liter of fluid per day.

  • Water during the meal

For more than one generation of people strongly believes that it is necessary to wash down the food. Doctors also gastroenterologists in one voice say, that this should in any case it is impossible! Once in the stomach, the water dissolves in the gastric juices. So, the concentration of hydrochloric acid required for normal digestive process, is reduced. And then to gastritis, and even for a stomach ulcer at hand.

  • Water instead of food

Very often you can hear a very interesting piece of advice: to blunt the feeling of hunger, drink a glass of water. Very often resorted to this the fair sex, leading the fight against excess weight. However, this can not be done - if you drink more than three liters of fluid a day, sooner or later will begin a health problem. Moreover, an excessive content of water in the body can cause acute alcohol intoxication.

  • Do not drink at night

Very often you can hear a warning about the water before going to bed - say, all the same swelling. But in fact, a glass of clean drinking water at room temperature will sleep soundly in the morning will provide a beautiful complexion. And swelling will be much less. And no wonder - in the event that the body constantly loses water at every opportunity, he hides it in reserve. And if the water in abundance, what sense to store it?

And finally I would like to remind - tea, coffee, soft drinks and other liquid, of course, it is also water. But if you want to bring your body to a liquid benefit, try to drink just pure non-carbonated drinking water. Coffee and tea, for example, contain such substances that provoke an excessive excretion, thus provoke the development of dehydration, carbon dioxide contained in the soda - just not the most favorable effect on the body, not to mention the huge amount of sugar. So that just right to recall a fairy tale: always and everywhere the eternal glory of the water.

 How much water in a person? It is interesting to know

 harm vegetarianism


  • What is a vegetarian and what it eats
  • Strict vegetarian: to be or not to be - that is the question
  • "Wrong" vegetarians: fish, eggs, milk
  • Physical exercise, work and vegetarianism
  • How to become a vegetarian
  • When dangerous to give up meat

More recently, the inhabitants of our country without exception began to abandon meat, preferring vegetables and fruits. And if the first is perceived with humor, as yet another whim young and aged, over time, doctors and nutritionists have begun to sound the alarm. It is in this product (pork, beef) contain substances and trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

Harmful if vegetarianism - a moot point. In most cases, it all depends on age, lifestyle, moral beliefs and preferences of the person. As strange as it may sound, Homo Sapiens (Homo sapiens) - omnivorous. Someone hard to transcend themselves and eat chicken grown and slaughtered on the farm, while others can not live without serving steak for breakfast.

The area where the person lives, also plays an important role. If, say, the people of Africa to eat breakfast fat pork ham, then for dinner it will be bad. His heart can not take such a load. At the north pole of the same people eating some imported fruits and vegetables, also will not be able to exist normally and to be kept cold. The same applies to physical exertion Vegetarianism and sport, in most cases, are not compatible. Without organic amino acids or a heavyweight athlete drastically give up meat, it can not perform even the simplest exercises.

What is a vegetarian and what it eats

In this vegetarian diet completely absent ingredients of animal origin (even milk, eggs). Fish, poultry, meat - all this strict taboo. Opinions differ only about a single product - honey. Is it or not - depends on the chosen direction. In addition, fans of all living things are not the clothes made of our smaller brethren, cosmetics, which they tested. And even some medications with gelatin and glycerin are also banned.

As for the reasons why people decided to give up such food, then there may be several. Since the ethical, religious, environmental beliefs, ending a banal lack of money. In some cases, vegetarianism is a necessary measure, when, due to health problems prohibit the patient to eat meat.

The situation is worse if the person refuses a food, succumbing to fashion trends. Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Kate Winsley - their perfect figures and cheerfulness can only envy. Some beauties who want to be like heroes and international stars, follow diets and regulations of famous personages. But do not forget that the health of these women watched experienced professionals who react to any changes in the body of their clients.

 Vegetarianism and Sports

Strict vegetarian: to be or not to be - that is the question

Should I give up meat - a purely personal matter. In vegetarianism has its pluses and minuses. So think carefully about the pre-decision. And if you do decide on a similar experiment, pre-consult with a specialist. And be sure to pass the full examination of the body to eliminate some of the risks and identify possible hidden diseases.

It is best to go for fruits and vegetables gradually, so as not to cause a malfunction of the digestive system. Try to use fresh rather than frozen products. As for the children, in their diet still be present meat (beef, pork or poultry), fish, milk.

Cons strict vegetarianism

Nature conceived so that no meat a person can not function normally. A number of amino acids contained in a conventional piece of steak or barbecue, can not be obtained from plant products. Excluded from the diet this ingredient and reseeding of vegetables, herbs and fruits, girls run the risk of money problems with joints and bones.

By the way, meat eaters are more calm nature, they practically never happens tantrums and breakdowns. Plus vegetarians, thanks to the great content of vitamin B and D in the dishes are rarely faced with diseases of the central nervous system. And that's not to mention the phosphorus, zinc, iodine and iron. In principle, many useful items can also be found in apples, carrots, tomatoes. But most of them are practically not absorbed in human body.

Thus, damage to vegetarianism is undeniable. Vitamin deficiency - a little about what to expect of people who refused to animal food. Low hemoglobin in the blood, hair loss, acne, digestive problems, impaired metabolism and other troubles occur, certainly not immediately. The first time you will feel the opposite burst of energy. Apathy, anger, etc. symptom occur six months to a year.

Pros strict vegetarianism

  • The absence of cholesterol

So, the most important advantage vegetarian - they are not afraid of cholesterol, the excess of which is extremely dangerous for your health. He suffers from a thyroid gland, liver, heart. The fair sex, who can not live without steaks and roasted hams, are familiar with atherosclerosis, obesity. From such a food in which a lot of fat and calories, but there is practically no useful elements it is usually worse. However, according to nutritionists, if women cut bacon and baked dishes would be no added oils, spices and mayonnaise to harm from the products it was an order of magnitude smaller.

  • No harmful additives

Seriously discussing vegetarianism can be harmful only if you eat natural meat grown on the farm. Various chemicals and antibiotics, growth hormones, tranquilizers, waste and additive - such findings even semifinished not uncommon. Adds bait for the animals ate less, grew faster and were more relaxed.

Heat treatment in this case - does not yield. No matter how long you have not grilled chops, stew is not extinguished, and no matter how many times does not drain in the cooking broth, chemistry still enters the body. Also do not forget that at the time of killing (slaughter) in the animal's body produces two quite harmful substances - cortisol and adrenaline. The resulting carnivore receives not only amino acids and hormones, affecting the appearance of excess weight.

  • A large number of fiber

Eating some vegetables, fruits and cereals, vegetarians are stocking up quite a large number of fiber. Because of this beauty does not suffer from obesity, because the food eaten is absorbed in a few minutes. Heavy meat dishes, eaten at night, and sometimes begin to rot in the stomach. As a result, carnivore bad night sleep and in the morning suffering with pain and heaviness in the intestine.

 harmful if vegetarianism

"Wrong" vegetarians: fish, eggs, milk

Non-strict vegetarians who consume dairy products in the diet, eggs and fish meat, thanks to a balanced diet compensate for the lack of many elements. Calcium can be obtained from curd, phosphorus - of hake fillets, carp, flounder, etc. Such an exception to the rule because such products can be obtained without harming the animal.

However, there is one rather interesting question concerning the ethicality partial vegetarianism. In this case, hard to find an explanation why fishing (sometimes very rare) example, and slaughter pigs - no. After all, scientists long ago proved that the sea and ocean inhabitants are also feeling the pain.

Physical exercise, work and vegetarianism

No meat is very difficult to force your body to do hard labor. However, that vegetarianism and sport are perfectly combined with each other, proved to the world such great athletes like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, Venus Williams, Thomas Hellrigel and others. Of course, these people do not eat the same porridge, they have a pretty varied menu.

How to become a vegetarian

So you've decided to give up meat, following the example of his girlfriend or favorite actor? Very exclude from your diet this useful product is not worth it. For one moment to change on fruit and vegetables, need a real endurance. Otherwise, after a week of such a diet, you can hang on. It is much easier to learn and to adopt a new way of life, if you follow the basic rules of the eight novice vegetarian.

  1. To make informed decisions

    Becoming a vegetarian to please a loved one, as stupid as a joke and cut hair. You have to understand that from now on your life will change dramatically. You will have to abandon old habits - hikes for meat kebabs, meat salads, etc.

  2. Prepare special recipes

    In fact, you can easily replace the chicken cutlets oat did not notice much of a difference at the same time on the palate. No need to reinvent the wheel. The simpler and more interesting recipes, the delicious dishes. It is unlikely that you will at first eat wheat germ or cooked broccoli.

  3. Experiment

    At least once a week, try to cook something new. And do not worry if you do not like a dish. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. Because you used to like meat, but after a year or two you will not even look at him can not. During this time you will find many new and interesting things that would not even regret his choice.

    By the way, if you, for example, like salads, try to replace meat with other ingredients. Soy, fish (if you're not vegan), mushrooms - all this is not only delicious, but also useful. You can cook vegetable kebabs (peppers, eggplant, tomatoes).

  4. Eliminate meat slowly

    First, give up pork, followed by beef, poultry, lamb. For everything Take two or three months, not more. It is best to paint for himself the menu for this period. The main thing in this case - is to stick to the established rules. Well, if you are able to enter into the diet of fish.

  5. Avoid junk food

    Sometimes vegetarianism is more dangerous than myasoedstvo. Roast in a large quantity of sunflower oil to be much more harmful than potatoes boiled bacon. Try to immediately adhere to proper nutrition, cook only healthy food. Get a steamer. Such dishes are stored in all the taste and useful elements, it does not contain fat.

  6. Buy vegetables, semi-finished products

    Women often can not afford to become a vegetarian, as the cooking they simply did not have enough time. In this case, fine help vegetable sets in batches. Content can be boiled, fried, baked in a microwave oven. Thus at all about all spent less than fifteen minutes.

    The only disadvantage of semi-finished products - the high cost. But in this case there is a perfect solution to the problem - a refrigerator. In the summer, when the peas, carrots, onions, cherries, apricots and other vegetation is worth a penny, freeze products. You can also prepare conservation: compotes, salads and stews.

  7. Go to vegetarian restaurants

    It should be understood that the rejection of meat - this is not the end of the world. You can also visit the restaurants, cafes, go to barbecues. Well, if your city has places for vegetarians. But, in a pinch, you can always ask the waiter what is contained in a particular dish.

  8. Come constant medical examination

    Giving up meat - a serious stress to the human body. It is very difficult to predict how your body will behave in a particular case. Therefore, to eliminate the risk of serious disease, it is recommended at least twice a year to visit their primary care physician.

When dangerous to give up meat

If you are in a position or plan to in the near future to have a baby, wait. The biggest damage to vegetarianism - is the lack of vitamins and minerals. Any expert will tell you that glucose, fructose and other elements must be present in your diet. Unfortunately, bananas, tangerines, apples, grapes and other goodies are in our time is not cheap, even in the summer, many of them not everyone can afford. So if you can not afford the alternatives, it is not necessary to experiment with health.

 Harm vegetarianism: why you should not give up meat

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