how to grow the Kombucha


  • Mushroom cultivation of black tea
  • Mushroom cultivation of rose hips
  • Care Kombucha
  • Benefits of Kombucha

In Soviet times, Kombucha was almost every kitchen - currently live on a window sill in a glass jar, but grief did not know. But then replaced Kombucha came Cola, Fanta and other benefits of civilization. Gradually, all the favorite drink of tea fungus began to forget.

But recently, interest in tea is back. That, however, is not surprising, because Kombucha has a number of very useful properties and, in the end, just a pleasant taste. But the thing - before, when the Kombucha was very popular, had no trouble to find it. And today - this is quite a difficult task.

But it is not easy only if you do not know how to grow the Kombucha at home from scratch. Yes, it is possible and nothing difficult in growing Kombucha not. All you need to do, there is virtually every kitchen. Proper care - that's all you need to have everything worked out. And, of course, certain knowledge that you can get now.

Mushroom cultivation of black tea

If you need Kombucha only just for a tasty drink, have a tonic effect, can grow Kombucha only black tea. You will need a three-liter jar, gauze cloth, teapot, hot water, sugar and tea leaves large leaf black tea. And the tea leaves should be the usual, without any additives - the cheaper the better.

The first thing to do - is to carefully wash the three-liter jar, which will be the place of residence of your fungus. This is - a mandatory requirement, because Kombucha loves cleanliness. But otherwise he will die, and not having time to grow. And another very important point: in any case, do not use dishwashing detergents banks - rather ordinary baking soda.

In teapot, place five tablespoons of black tea and pour half a liter of boiling water, leave until welding has cooled down completely. Then add the tea leaves 7 tablespoons of sugar, stir well and strain using a gauze cloth. Pour the sweet strong tea leaves in a three-liter jar, cover it with gauze on top of a cloth and put in a warm place about one and a half months.

Somewhere in a week and a half will be a strong smell of vinegar - this is perfectly normal, have a little patience. After 5-6 days the smell is almost gone, but on the surface of the liquid forms a thin plenochka - this is the Kombucha. Every day it will be thicker and thicker - the growth of the fungus does not end his life.

 Kombucha how to grow

Mushroom cultivation of rose hips

If your task Kombucha - not only the removal of thirst, but also care about your health, it is best to give preference to the cultivation of rose hips. Such Kombucha - a real find in the cold season, the season of colds and flu, as well as the spring, when activated by a vitamin deficiency. The principle of growing the same as that of the simple welding, but there are nuances, which we now discuss.

To start you need to prepare the infusion of rose hips. This can be used both fresh and dried fruits, which are sold in any drugstore. Put in a thermos four tablespoons of rosehip pods, pour half a liter of boiling water and cover the pan, leave for five days.

After the infusion of rose hips is ready, you can proceed directly to the cultivation of mushrooms. Wash three-liter jar, pour to the infusion of rose hips tea leaves and cooked in advance - at the rate of a tablespoon-leaf black tea per cup of boiling water. Add 5 tablespoons of sugar and mix thoroughly, leave for a day.

After strain using gauze cloth, rinse the jar and then hop infusion in the bank. Cover the jar with a gauze cloth, pre-folded in several layers and put in a warm dark place. The process will develop in the normal way - about two weeks will be a strong smell of vinegar, which will soon disappear. And the fungus forms a half or two months.

Care Kombucha

Growing Kombucha at home from scratch - that's half the battle. The second half is no less important - the right care for the fungus. Otherwise, you risk not tasty drink and something resembling vinegar. And even worse - cultivated with such care Kombucha just die.

Incidentally, there is an excellent indicator of the health tea fungus - it should always be on the surface of the water. If your mushroom sank to the bottom, or top-up after welding refuses to emerge again - a very high probability that he fell ill. If Kombucha sick, you make a mistake in leaving. So, it should be treated, in all cases, without exception, the treatment of one - cleanliness and proper maintenance.

  • The volume of fluid

As you may remember, was originally a bank is a small amount of fluid - about 0, 5 liters. But when the fungus has grown, the liquid should be so much more - about three liters. It goes without saying that kombucha you are not the subject of the scenery and you'll drink it. So, do not forget to regularly add a liquid.

You can use the already sleeping tea leaves - fill it with boiling water, cool and add the sugar, then pour into the jar. Sugar should not be too much - no more than two tablespoons per liter of liquid. If necessary it is better to add sugar in a cup of beverage.

Too many people do not strain the tea leaves - just add it. For the fungus is no harm in it, then you just will not be very easy to drink the beverage. However, no harm will occur only if all the sugar is completely dissolved - the grains of sugar in any case not be in contact with the surface of the fungus.

  • Bath day

Once every two or three weeks, be sure to arrange Kombucha bath day. Mushroom himself very carefully remove the jars, put on a broad plate, being careful not to deform. The liquid in which the fungus was carefully strain using gauze cloth and pour into a clean three-liter jar.

Plate with mushroom put in a sink and gently rinse with warm (not hot) water and leave to air for a few minutes. Then, as gently Transfer Kombucha in a jar and cover with gauze cloth. All "dressing down" Kombucha this is over. It seems to be quite a simple procedure, which is very easy to do, and because of it your kombucha will be healthy.

Otherwise, the fungus starts to hurt - first, he gains a brown shade, and then did begin to delaminate. Save this fungus is very difficult, and in most cases it is easier to grow a new one. A drink from this Kombucha drink is not recommended, because it not only loses its favor, but more than that - it becomes a health hazard. Remember that infusion of tea fungus should always be extremely transparent.

  • Storage Kombucha

Another necessary condition for health tea fungus - its proper storage. Firstly, the temperature - high enough, it must be grown only in tea fungus. Then the optimal temperature should not exceed 18 degrees. The second - light. For the normal life Kombucha light is a must, and daylight should be at least 8 hours. However, direct sunlight should be avoided, so do not repeat very common mistake - do not place the jar on the windowsill Kombucha.

 how to make Kombucha

Benefits of Kombucha

We can not at least briefly to mention the beneficial properties of tea fungus - it is no wonder, in the end, you messing with it?

  • The metabolism and the immune system

The first thing worth mentioning is the about vitamins. The drink of tea fungus is much more useful substances than in the expensive vitamin-mineral complexes. Vitamins, minerals, coal, and other lactic acid, minerals, enzymes - this is not a complete list. It is not surprising that the Kombucha drink from a very positive effect on the immune system and normalizes metabolism.

  • Digestive tract

You are suffering from gastritis, colitis, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, goiter? Just one cup of tea fungus beverage, drunk on an empty stomach is able to improve the situation just a week. But its regular use contributes to a complete cure. By the way, very good drink eliminates even the most severe heartburn.

As you can see, in the cultivation and care of Kombucha is no big deal. Therefore, if you set out to grow the most wonderful mushroom - go for it, because the benefit is obvious!

 How to grow your own Kombucha?

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 how to get warts


  • Funds from warts on the basis of garlic
  • Means for treatment of warts on the basis of celandine
  • Means for treatment of warts on the basis of a dandelion

Modern medicine allows you to get rid of warts in just a few minutes. However, not all people are eager to go to the doctor - many of them are trying to find out how to get the warts yourself. It really is possible - in the bank of traditional medicine, there are many recipes for removing warts.

All of these recipes can be used without fear of harm to your body. Of course, only if you do not break the recipe preparation of an agent. And the abuse treatment is not necessary, as there is a risk of damage to the skin. One last very important thing, which we must not forget - is the probability of an allergic reaction to any of the selected funds.

 removing warts

Funds from warts on the basis of garlic

Garlic - perhaps the most effective means to eliminate warts. The main disadvantage of garlic is that it often damages healthy skin around the wart. So whichever of the following recipes you choose, be sure to protect your skin. It is simple - cut a hole in the respective band-aid size wart and stick it in a way that the entire tumor has appeared over the plaster. All the skin is protected and you can start treatment.

  • Garlic and honey

This recipe is ideal for those people who have very sensitive skin and / or warts have a tendency to inflammation. Clean few cloves of garlic, pass them through chesnokodavku and mix with a little honey. The resulting mixture was put on the wart, cover the top with plastic wrap and leave on for 15 minutes. No discomfort at the same time should not be, because the honey softens the effect of garlic.

This garlic mush need to impose on the wart every night as long as you do not see that they have started to shrink in size and shrivel. When this happens, the procedure is sufficient to carry out in a day. About a month later the warts should fall off.

  • Juice of garlic

In that case, if you do not have time to mess with the preparation of people's money, and I want to get rid of warts, you can use garlic juice. Peel garlic cloves, cut into several pieces and very good rub the warts. Get ready for what may be minor discomfort - should not worry. But the skin around the wart still does not forget to protect by means of adhesive plaster.

Depending on the size of the warts, wipe them with garlic must be three or four times a day. The first results you will see in just a week, but do not stop treatment until the wart is completely off your skin. But if within a month it does not, leave this venture - look for some other means.

Means for treatment of warts on the basis of celandine

Second place after leading garlic takes celandine. Moreover, it is best to use fresh herbs instead of dried - efficiency increase significantly. But if the court of the winter, you can try to use raw materials and dry. But its pre-pour over boiling water.

  • Juice of celandine

If you want to get rid of warts, without any special effort, just try to lubricate the juice of celandine tumors, which stands on the site of rupture of the stem. Of course, for this you need only fresh plant. Lubricate the warts must be at least three to four times a day.

Just three or four days, you will notice that the warts begin to dry up, and the maximum one month and disappear altogether. However, there is one side effect - the skin in places of treatment become resistant yellow. So do not use this tool to remove warts on exposed skin.

  • Alcohol tinctures of celandine

If the warts are very large, one celandine juice may not be enough. In this case, you can try treatment with alcohol tinctures of celandine. Two tablespoons of celandine finely chop, put in a glass bottle with a narrow neck and pour half a glass of vodka.

The bottle must be closed with a lid and leave to infuse in the refrigerator for two weeks, shaking occasionally. When tincture is ready, proceed directly to the treatment itself. Skin protective paste patch, soak in a little tincture gauze and apply to the wart. The alcohol evaporates very quickly, so be sure to cover the cloth with plastic wrap. After 20 minutes, rinse the skin with water and brush it with oil.

The wart will begin to decline in about a week, and fall off after about three. But to stop treatment at this point - then give a chance to revert the wart. Therefore, even about 10 days to make compresses with the infusion of celandine.

 how to get warts correctly

Means for treatment of warts on the basis of a dandelion

Dandelion is able to cope even with stubborn warts on which did not get rid of. In summer you can use the funds on the basis of the fresh plant, and in the course of the winter will dandelion root, which is sold in a pharmacy. Incidentally, dandelion, as celandine, tends to stain the skin.

  • Dandelion juice

Dandelion juice in its purest form should not be used, as can develop irritation. So try Dandelion milk. Interesting title, is not it? Preparing it simply, and the effect will delight you. Finely chop the stalks of dandelion - you need about 10 tablespoons, put in an enamel pan, pour half a glass of milk and bring to a boil. Then turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and wrap the blanket. Insist milk has at least two hours, then strain it put in the refrigerator.

Every evening in the resulting broth moisten a cotton swab and about 15 minutes to apply the wart. During the day quite a few times to wipe the wart with cotton wool soaked in milk Dandelion.

  • Dandelion ointment

With stubborn warts can try to fight with the help of Dandelion ointment. For its preparation chop five tablespoons dandelion root, pour half a cup of water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer until until almost all the water has evaporated. Then, add two tablespoons of natural chalk and melt it, stirring the mixture constantly.

When the mixture has cooled, to shift it into a glass jar with a lid. By the way, keep dandelion cream only in the refrigerator for two months. Every evening, lubricate the wart cream - just put on a thick layer, and after 20 minutes rinse with warm water. Duration of treatment - until the complete disappearance of warts.

In that case, if the removal of warts using the popular recipes have not been successful, you still have to go to the doctor. You should not worry too much - the doctor will remove warts quickly and painlessly.

 How can I see the warts quickly and without doctors?