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People who have problems with the stomach, it is difficult to develop for themselves the right diet. After all, food must be cooked at the same time light, healthy and nutritious. Besides gastritis should take into account a number of contraindications: do not fried, smoked, spicy, salty, sweet, etc.

Menu for gastritis are very strict and there is no usual goodies. Patients can not eat a fatty meal, coarse food, cold, hot meals, alcohol (irritate). From pickles and carbonated drinks also have to give up. If you do not abide by the rules, you can make a more serious problem - gastro ulcer.

But this does not mean that the rest of your life you will have to eat a porridge. Be creative and experiment in the kitchen. However, take into account the recommendations of nutritionists and gastroenterologists. And write out a list of products for which you can eat and which to have to give.

Diet for gastritis

Those who are faced with this disease, you know that you need to eat food in small portions. Frequency - at least 5 times per day. Wherein breaks between doses should be insignificant - no more than two hours. Well, if you can eat at the same time over the next month.

But if in between dinner and afternoon tea, breakfast and lunch you will want to eat, try not to snack on the go. There are muffins, cookies or sandwiches dry rations - it means to harm their health. In addition, any solid foods need to chew.

 Sample menu for gastritis

Proper nutrition

Usually physicians for patients with gastritis develop a dietary menu based on the degree of inflammation, the level of secretion of hydrochloric acid, and the clinical picture as a whole. If there is an exacerbation of the disease, the first day it is desirable to refrain from eating. Permission is barely warm to drink tea without sugar, non-carbonated mineral water.

When severe pain will pass, you can switch to jelly, oatmeal cooked in water, puree. Useful are cooked boiled chicken or quail eggs. Gradually, with the permission of the doctor, it can be administered in the diet, and other products.

Notice diet for gastritis with each other are very different. If the patient has a low acidity, it is necessary to prepare dishes that stimulate the production of gastric juice. Conversely, at higher is not recommended to eat junk food.

But there are general guidelines that are suitable for everyone. From the liquid - water (without gas, flavors, dyes and other chemicals), weakly brewed tea, milk products (especially cheese). Food - mashed vegetables, boiled meat, fish, light soups and porridge. If you experience severe pain, it is recommended to reduce the amount of fat. Prepare salads, soups and fried dishes, keep in mind that in the day you can eat no more than 1-2 tsp

Low acidity: compose menu

What You Can Eat

At first, you have to eat only legenky broth until the pain subsides. As soon will be the first symptoms of gastritis (nausea, cramps, dizziness), you can begin to expand the diet. First - soups and porridge, water and tea. After two or three weeks - small portions of cooked pasta, burgers, steamed vegetables, mashed to a blender or meat grinder. Do not forget about greenery. Exception - spinach and sorrel.

What not to eat

Herring, onions and red caviar sandwich is only permitted for the holidays. Foods that cause fermentation in the stomach, may again lead to an exacerbation. Also, once and for all have to forget about carbonated beverages. Occasionally you can drink coffee with milk or cream. Food containing a roughage, fresh bread and the usual rich products, milk, spicy and smoked food - all this is strictly forbidden for gastritis. Typically, if you really want, you can be a little bit in this case is not applicable.

How to eat in the early days

Estimated dietary menu for people with gastritis:

  • Breakfast: Side dish - mashed vegetables or porridge, boiled in water. Tea with skimmed milk.
  • Lunch: Baked apples or yogurt.
  • Lunch: Perov - light chicken broth with meatballs or fillets. Garnish (porridge) with a chop, steamed. If desired, you can replace meat with fish. Stewed fruit or tea.
  • Lunch: wafer biscuit with jelly or yogurt.
  • Dinner Side dish - mashed vegetables. Dessert - fat cottage cheese.

Before going to bed is also recommended to drink a glass of kefir. At least once a day, you should eat liquid food. Definitely need a hot breakfast. And no sandwiches with cheese and sausage. And one more thing - a portion. If, after you eat, your stomach starts to hurt or you feel the weight, reduce the size of meals.

 menus for patients with gastritis

Increased and normal acidity

The first 2-3 weeks of diet menu for gastritis with increased and normal acidity is no different from the usual. And just in time, you can increase the amount of food and portion sizes. But, of course, should adhere to the restrictions, which should tell your doctor.

What you can and can not eat with gastritis

  • Bread

So, it is recommended to use a two-day bread made from premium flour nesdobnye muffins and cookies. Traditional cakes and jam, fruit and cottage cheese are also allowed, but no more than twice a week. Exceptions are rye and rich products, as well as pancakes.

  • First meal

Allowed vegetable, milk, vermicelli soup. To prepare the broth should be used only chicken. Fillet before eating better to manually dismantle the fibers. As can choose cream filling, drain the oil or conventional egg yolk. But in any case not cook strong soups of meat, mushrooms, vegetables or fish. It does not eat okroshka, soup, pickle.

  • Cereal and pasta

To better prepare patients with gastritis or semolina porridge on the water. In order to diversify the diet, make rice pudding, souffle, cook noodles. Choose a well-boiled soft cereal and pasta. As for wheat, corn, barley and legumes, all this will have to be excluded from the diet.

  • Meat and fish

Boil the broth should be on young beef, veal and rabbit, chicken or turkey. Dietary meat for cutlets, meatballs. Fish fillets can be baked in the oven. Only in this way can not use oil, grease, mayonnaise, spices and marinades. Well, if you have the opportunity to cook a couple of dishes.

Gastritis patients should not be fed fried, smoked food. In no case do not cook fatty meats (lamb, duck, goose, pork, fish). Try not to buy canned and cooked meats. Preservatives, colorings and stabilizers present in such delicacies can cause aggravation.

  • Dairy

If you or your relatives stomach problems, you should not experiment with cheese and sour products. Therefore, carefully choose yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk. Note whole milk can be added only in the cereal and tea. As for the cheese, then it is better to cook dishes (casseroles, cheese cakes), and not to use in the usual way.

  • Eggs

Cooked boiled chicken or quail eggs (but not duck or goose) - a real salvation for patients with gastritis. They are recommended to eat at lunch and snack to satisfy your appetite caused. However, the fry cook boiled or permanently should not even completely healthy person.

  • Vegetables and fruits

Thus, vegetables can be boiled, steamed, wipe through a meat grinder. If possible, buy new potatoes, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower. Occasionally make pumpkin porridge with milk. But tomatoes, onions, cabbage usual, mushrooms, pickles and marinades can not eat. Also, do not spoil the stomach raw berries and unripe fruit. Prefer compote, jelly, jelly, nonacidic juices.

How to eat during the exacerbation

Sample menu for gastritis week, if we take into account all the restrictions, is as follows:

Monday and Wednesday

  • Breakfast: cereal, fruit compote.
  • Lunch: cheese cakes.
  • Lunch: soup with croutons, mashed potatoes with fish, fruit compote.
  • Afternoon tea with a wafer cookies or crackers.
  • Dinner: steam cutlets, porridge or pasta, weak tea.

Tuesday and Thursday

  • Breakfast: cheese cakes, oven baked apples and fruit compote.
  • Lunch: jelly or jelly.
  • Lunch: soup, porridge, fish and mineral water without gas.
  • Afternoon tea with a bun yesterday.
  • Dinner: casserole, cranberry jelly.

Thursday and Saturday

  • Breakfast: porridge, chicken steamed tea.
  • Lunch: cheese cakes, fruit compote.
  • Lunch: soup, vegetable stew (frayed), water.
  • Afternoon snack: biscuits and tea with milk.
  • Dinner: baked meat, vegetables and broth from the hips.

Friday and Sunday

  • Breakfast: boiled soft-boiled egg, tea.
  • Lunch: cottage cheese pudding with compote.
  • Lunch: soup, mashed potatoes with boiled chicken, jelly.
  • Afternoon snack: fruit yogurt with mashed potatoes or crackers.
  • Dinner: boiled vegetables or porridge with fish.

It is not necessary to adhere to such regulations or to prepare these dishes. However, making dietary menu, keep in mind all of the above rules. You should not be naive to believe that stomach problems solved themselves. If you continue to maintain the old way of life (drinking, smoking, eating fatty foods), the situation will only grow worse.

 Menu for gastritis: take into account the recommendations of nutritionists

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