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  • Traditional remedies for warts
  • Folk remedies for wart removal

Warty faced by many people, so the question of their elimination is always relevant. Of course, the easiest way to get rid of warts with the help of a dermatologist or beautician - it requires only one procedure. But not everyone dares to this procedure. For someone overcomes fear of doctors, someone - the reluctance to spend money, which, as we know, are not redundant ever.

And here, in most cases come to the aid of traditional medicine, which offers a wealth of recipes to get rid of warts. And many funds are actually effective. But we must not forget that all should be the measure - is not too zealous, to do no harm to health.

This is what will be discussed in today's conversation - you will learn about the traditional ways of getting rid of warts, which offers modern medicine, as well as be able to select a couple of recipes of traditional medicine that you like. And pay attention to a very important point - in any case it is impossible to independently change the composition and / or the method of preparation of an agent, and not necessary to make the procedure more often than recommended.

 how to treat warts correctly

Traditional remedies for warts

If you go to the doctor, you will be asked a few ways to remove warts. All of them are safe, but the differences are significant enough to have, so please check with each of them. Though, most likely, the doctor himself will select and advise the most suitable way for you.

  • Remove with nitrogen

One of the most popular ways to treat warts - is cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen. Simply put, the wart is frozen at very low temperatures, resulting in the death of tissue. Most people vaguely imagine how this happens - hence all sorts of fears.

In fact, this procedure is no big deal. The doctor takes a special applicator (wooden stick), which is located at the end of a cotton swab. Although in some cases it may be used a special tank - krioapplikator, wherein the nitrogen and stored. If you use a wooden stick with a cotton swab moistened in liquid nitrogen it is wool.

An applicator for about 30 minutes - depending on the size of the warts - tightly pressed on the wart with a slight pressure. At this time, the wart is very pale, and become much denser than usual. Even after a short time will be a little swelling and redness of the skin around the wart. But an hour after the procedure, the wart will turn into a bubble with watery content. It should be noted - quite painful to the touch.

Absorbable this bubble is about two to three weeks - first the bubble itself will begin to shrink in size, then the crust is formed. When the crust falls off from the warts will be over. Scratching the crust and especially trying to tear it in any case impossible, as otherwise a high risk of scarring.

  • Laser removal of warts

The most modern way to get rid of warts and other benign - a laser beam. The advantages of this method, a lot - of laser wart removal virtually painless, and scars with scars almost never left. Although, of course, there are exceptions, but very, very rarely.

Doctors use the newest equipment - pulse laser. The principle is very simple removal - using laser doctor cauterize the surrounding blood vessels that feed the wart. Very quickly wart tissue deprived of normal blood supply, begin to die off. But then she wart disappears.

This occurs most often within a week, but many variations are possible - from several days to several weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of your body. No pain, no discomfort - just for that laser removal of warts has earned such love. However, there is also one drawback - quite high price of the procedure.

 how to treat the warts yourself

Folk remedies for wart removal

So you assess proposed options and you still decide to use the popular recipes. Let's understand how to treat warts improvised means. The most important thing in this case - do not hurt yourself.

  • Garlic application

Garlic - the first means of combating the warts. But this way, as any medal has a second side - very high risk of damage to healthy skin around the wart. So be sure to protect it - or plaster or a plastic film. Just cut a hole of appropriate size and fasten so that the wart was outside, and all the skin under the protective cover.

Peel and chop five to six cloves of garlic and apply the resulting slurry to the wart, cover with gauze cloth on top, and then another, and a polyethylene film. All of this should be on the wart is not less than one hour, so it makes sense to fix the structure by means of adhesive plaster.

It is very likely that you will feel a slight burning - it's completely normal and should not be a cause for concern. But, of course, if the discomfort is too much, immediately remove and wash applique wart water - in this case this means is abandoned. If all went well, treatment can be continued - on average, to get rid of warts, you will need three - four weeks. The procedure itself should be done in a day, no less.

  • Garlic Flatbread

In that case, if the garlic in its pure form is not acceptable to you, and I want to get rid of warts as quickly as possible, it is necessary to try to make a garlic cake. For it, you will need five cloves of garlic, one-third teaspoon of any vegetable oil, flour and water. Garlic clean and skip through chesnokodavku, mix with olive oil, add the flour and water and knead the dough enough, from which shape cake suitable size.

Before going to sleep soak build-up in hot water, then dry and apply to the wart cake, tightly secure it with a Band-Aid and leave it on all night. This method of treatment is also very effective, but do not expect too quick results - the wart will begin to shrink in size after about two weeks and will disappear only one and a half months. And it provided that you repeat the procedure every night.

  • Onion

If the warts are small, you can try to get rid of them with the help of onions. To prepare the tools Prepare a glass jar with a lid, a small head of onions and a little onion apple. Onions clean, rub on a small grater and reload in a glass bowl, pour apple cider vinegar so that the bow was completely covered with liquid. Bank Cover and infuse for the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for 7 days.

Then pour the vinegar and onion mush of return in a jar - it can be stored for a long time: about two weeks. In the morning gruel rub the wart and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with water. But in the evening can not do without onion compress - the wart apply a thick layer of onion gruel, top cover with plastic wrap and leave for an hour. Then rinse with warm water wart, dry brush with a children's cream for the little ones - the cream should be no fragrances and dyes.

Unpleasant sensations should not be at all. However, after the onion compress you may notice redness warts but do not worry. The first week you need to do this procedure every other day - if the wart will begin to shrink in size, and continue. And if the changes will not begin to do the procedure every day. On average wart treatment takes about two months.

  • Apple vinegar

If the time for preparation of various means absolutely not enough, you can use the most simple way - apple cider vinegar. Every night before going to bed soaked in apple cider vinegar a cotton swab, apply to the wart. Top necessarily attach plastic wrap and secure it with adhesive tape. Leave compress for 20 minutes, then rinse and lubricate the wart her usual baby cream. If you do this procedure regularly, the wart will disappear in about two to three weeks.

It is rare, but still there are cases when developing an allergic reaction to apple cider vinegar. And it is not always the way it happens in the first procedure. Therefore, carefully watch the reaction of the organism first few days - there should be no rash and redness, and itching and burning.

  • Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes perfectly stimulates the healing of any skin lesions. But for warts, he is like death - potato juice leads to tissue destruction warts and, accordingly, to their extinction. By the way, this tool is very soft and has no negative impact on the healthy tissue around the wart.

If the wart is small enough pulp from raw potatoes - clean half a small tuber, how to wash and rub on a small grater. In addition, you'll need a plastic film, gauze and adhesive tape. Mush apply on the wart, place the napkin on top of the gauze cloth, then - a polyethylene film and all that secure with adhesive tape.

Compress the two should be left for at least three hours, and then for another three hours to not wet place where the wart. Do this procedure every evening and all through the month of your warts will be over. But if the warts are large enough, one potato pulp will not be enough.

In this case, you can try raw potatoes with apple cider vinegar. Clean one small tuber of potato, cut it into two pieces and put in a plastic or glass container and fill with apple cider vinegar, leave for a day. Then chop the potatoes, apply to the wart on top - a gauze cloth, plastic sheeting and secure the plaster. The compress should be on the wart overnight and in the morning wash it with water and apply baby cream.

  • Laundry soap

Quite aggressive, but very effective remedy for warts - soap. And you must choose the most ordinary soap. In addition, you will need all of the same apple cider vinegar. Soap rub on a small grater, put the chips in an enamel pan and pour the vinegar so that it covers the soap.

On low heat, bring the vinegar to a boil, stirring constantly - soap should dissolve. When the solution cools down, you'll have a thick soap mass. Every evening apply a thick layer of this mass to the wart, cover the plastic wrap, attach, and leave for the night. Note - this procedure can be done not more often than once in two days. After a week you will notice that the wart begins to shrink, and the full course of treatment takes about a month.

Whatever tool for the treatment of warts you choose, remember the most important rule - if in a month you will not see the desired result, it is not worth continuing. Go to a dermatologist or even a beautician.

 How to treat warts at home?