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Small freckles on the face look cute and lovely. Often, women do not pay them much attention. Why deal with them, if subtle brown dots can be hidden under a layer of foundation. But by the autumn, when the sun is not so active influence on the skin, they themselves disappear. This negligence may lead to the fact that over time the little naughty spots greatly increase, darken and cover the entire face.

Why do I get spots

In fact only experienced dermatologists can determine why the failure occurred in the body due to the skin which women were similar defects. It can be hereditary, solar activity, hormonal failure, stomach problems. And only identify and troubleshoot, you can begin the fight against pigment spots.

  • Beriberi

The lack of certain vitamins in the body (A, C, PP) can lead to increased production of melanin. In summer, eat as much fresh fruit, vegetables and fruit. Winter drink vitamins (ascorbic acid, cod liver oil). Naturally, the treatment must be approved by your doctor. Try not to eat food that has no useful trace elements.

  • Burn

In this case, age spots - the result of a defensive reaction of the organism to exposure to direct sunlight. Incidentally, after the burn on the skin may remain and white marks that appear only at a laser. So try to sunbathe properly. In the early days on the beach do not spend more than an hour. It should be either under a special umbrella or a tent. From twelve to four make a mandatory break, even if your body has got a chocolate hue.

  • Gestation

Brown spots have appeared on the face of pregnant women after childbirth are usually held. If the brown spots will remain on them will be to get rid of traditional methods. The easiest way - Cucumber mask infused with alcohol. Every day, wipe the skin with this mixture until you get the desired result.

  • Disease

Before you resort to the help of a cosmetologist to lighten the skin, go through a full examination by an endocrinologist, a dermatologist, gastroenterologist and a gynecologist. The fact that dark spots may appear in a result of severe chronic diseases. You may also be disrupted adrenal gland, gonads, liver and biliary tract. Almost always, the processes that occur within our bodies, affect the condition of the skin.

  • Cosmetics and creams with a whitening effect

Note substandard cosmetics is not the cause of the problem. It is in this case only the catalyst. So do not skimp on your health. Buy only those products that are sold legally in stores. The transitions and markets better not to acquire.

As for the specialized makeup, it is possible that you have caused lightening cream, and then went outside. To avoid such trouble, always read the annotation to drugs. And whiten the skin only when practically no sun. Heat and ultraviolet light can cause complications. Experts recommend to resort to such procedures since the beginning of October to March.

In order to get rid of age spots, refer only to professionals. Do not use creams and ointments, without prior consultation with a dermatologist. Even a small mistake can cause hyperpigmentation or complete discoloration of the skin.

 pigmentation on the face

Types of pigmentation

Melasma and chloasma

With melasma or chloasma often faced girl in the body which began serious hormonal changes. Pigmentation on the face (mainly on the forehead, chin, cheeks and lips above) occurs during pregnancy, menopause. An important role is also played by genetic predisposition.

Age spots

A lover of chocolate sunburn often faced with the problem of hyperpigmentation. The fact that every time when the ultraviolet rays to the skin, the amount of melanin therein increases. He gradually reaches the upper layers of the epidermis, because of what appears on the face of ugly blots. Therefore, if you do not want to age with dry, dull and problematic skin, start to use special creams now. Incidentally, of these markings is quite difficult to get rid not only alone but also in specialized clinics.


Nevi usually appear on the face and body at birth. Note that even when you are growing up, they do not have to change the color, shape, size. If you suddenly start to deform birthmark, to darken or increase, immediately contact a specialist. The usual whitening cosmetics in this case does not help.

Atypical birthmarks

Such defects on his face appear in adolescence or adulthood. Unlike freckles, they do not pass and do not brighten the autumn or winter. Atypical birthmarks - is the initial stage of cutaneous melanoma. Therefore, at least twice a year visit the oncologist.


White spots on the face are due to the fact that melanocytes in certain parts of the skin stop producing melanin. Scientists believe that the cause of the disease lies in the problems with the immune system. By the way, vitiligo also inherited.


Freckles - another gift that you inherited from the parents. This happens due to the fact that the cells are melanocytes exposed to direct sunlight are beginning to play the dark pigment to a greater extent than usual. Get rid of spots is not possible, but prevent them - easily. Just use creams with UV protection, as well as to hide his face from the sun.

We appeal to the expert

On the face there were dark spots? It would seem, what's the problem? It is enough to go and buy cosmetics with lightening effect to get rid of brown blotches on the skin. But if you do not want to hurt yourself, at first yet to establish the cause of hyperpigmentation. And do not rely on the advice of friends, their own intuition or pharmacist assistance.

You will in any case have to visit a dermatologist. After all, if such defects appear on the face due to systemic diseases, removal creams and ointments of freckles, not only will not lead to positive results, but also cause serious complications.

 causes of pigmentation on the face

How to get rid of age spots

Today, there are many methods you can use to get rid of brown dots on the skin. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications. So, for example, to get rid of light, barely visible age spots, enough to make a superficial chemical peel or a special grinding machine.

You can also use the pharmacy creams. But do not forget during the whitening procedure is sprayed treated areas serums and emulsions, which slow down the process of melanin production. Positive results you will achieve after two or three months.

Incidentally, there are cases when such cosmetics cause allergies, burns, irritation. Therefore, pre-testing is recommended lightening products on a small area of ​​the skin. But even if she came to you for a long time to apply it, you can not. Maximum - two months, then have to make a semi-break. Otherwise, the skin becomes dry and flabby.

If the problem is more serious, even microdermabrasion does not help. There will have to resort to using a laser or concentrated TCA. The only disadvantage of such procedures - you need to stay at home for at least a week. It is unlikely that you will want to scare colleagues, friends and passers-red face, as if you've got a serious burn.

Note: if there were defects in the skin during pregnancy after taking contraceptives, during the exacerbation of any disease, it is not necessary to whiten the face. Over time, these problems will go away by themselves. Once you stop taking the medication, give birth to a child will pass the course of treatment (and so the list goes on), the spots will gradually lighten.

Contraindications: who can not remove age spots

In any salon you can refuse to carry out the whitening procedure if you have serious problems with the skin, you have had diabetes, take during treatment with glucocorticoid hormones. It is also not recommended to visit a cosmetologist's office in the position of girls and lactating mothers.

 pigmentation of the face

How to avoid recurrence

You have finally found the causes of age spots, cured, lighten skin? Do not relax! This problem could return at any moment. It is therefore necessary to take all safety measures to help prevent it.

  • Choose special cosmetics

So, first you must completely update your makeup. Use the tonal foundation creams and similar products, SPF is at least 15. In the summer, this figure should be much higher. If you put on the face of the protective emulsion, make sure that it is suitable for your skin type.

But you need to use a special makeup correctly. Cream, for example, must be uniformly applied to the skin it is completely covered. Make-up, in this case, twenty minutes before going outside. Please note - in hot weather the fair sex the person should be lubricated every two to three hours. Previously not forget to wash off the remnants of the old wear make-up with a damp cloth.

  • Using folk remedies

Every morning, wipe your face with lemon juice and parsley (previously always make sure that you are not allergic to them). Once a week Wash sour milk or make a mask of cream. You can also use hydrogen peroxide - it has excellent bleaching properties. Just make sure that the liquid does not leak to the eyebrows, or they may acquire a reddish hue.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light

Light-skinned and freckled girls dermatologists do not recommend a long stay in the open sun, even if they use special protective creams. The same applies to tanning - tanning too often they can not be completely healthy and the fair sex.

  • Do not do beauty treatments

Peeling, laser treatment and other procedures for lightening, rejuvenation and elimination of defects - all of this it is recommended to do at certain times of the year. This should alert you in the beauty salon in advance. If the master says that no consequences will not refer to another institution.

If you start to observe all precautions, the risk to get pigment spots on the face will be minimized. Do not relax either in winter or summer! It is much easier to prevent than to deal with unpleasant consequences.

 Pigmentation on the face: the causes and types of stains

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