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  • What is an allergy?
  • What can trigger allergies?
  • Diagnosis of allergy
  • Allergy Treatment
  • Allergy Prevention

Allergy skin can occur quite suddenly and almost any human being, even if he had never met her. And it found such kind of allergic reactions in adults and children. Therefore, every woman should know how to manifest skin allergy and what to do in such a situation. It may well be that one day you will be very useful this knowledge.

Of course, to do without medical care is unlikely, and to anything - even one self to no good arguments. it is not necessary to treat allergies, as annoying fly and just dismiss it. Any allergic reaction indicates malfunction in the body and especially the problems with the immune system.

What is an allergy?

First we need to understand what is in essence an allergy, especially because it is not so difficult. The main protection of any organism - it is the immune system that reacts to the penetration of viruses and bacteria properly. But sometimes it fails - in the case of ingestion of the allergen raises false alarm immunity.

And you know that the most interesting? The very first contact with the allergen is no external manifestations of a person does not notice. But the body will begin a rapid process - the immune system treats the substance as an aggressor, which must be destroyed, and will mobilize all its forces. It starts the so-called sensitization, which lasts about a month - in this period, the body produces a huge amount of immunoglobulin E.

But with repeated contact with the allergen in the human body produces histamine. And that histamine causes the typical allergy symptoms - runny nose, coughing, watery eyes, skin rashes. They can be all at once, or only some of them. But today we are talking about skin allergies, so you need to tell you more about her sign it:

  • Rash

First of all there are rashes. The rash can be very different - of any size and any shape. But in most cases, of course, common allergic rash - a rash on their appearance it is very reminiscent of the most common sting. The rash may be localized in any particular place, and spread throughout the body. But most often it is the inner side of the forearms, thighs, stomach and back.

  • Color eruption

Color rash also may vary from pale pink to bright red. This depends on several factors - the limitation period to the contact allergen to the type of allergen, the individual characteristics of each individual. The most prominent lesions are at the very beginning, when they first came out.

  • Discomfort

Naturally, the rash deliver some discomfort - they are strong enough itch and sometimes even ache. The intensity of these sensations may raznitsya- greatly depending on the severity of the allergic reaction.

 unpleasant allergic skin

What can trigger allergies?

It is very difficult to predict which substances can trigger allergies - each person is unique, as his immune system. Still doctors isolated a whole group of allergens that trigger attacks more often. So the first thing you should do when faced with an allergy to analyze - not whether you have contact with any of the following allergens:

  • Pollen

The strongest surge of allergic reactions observed in spring and summer, when the plants bloom different - it is their pollen and becomes a precipitating factor. These plants include birch, alder, linden, elder, apple, apricot, corn, wheat and psyllium. It is generally accepted that pollen causes hay fever only - allergic rhinitis. However, in reality this is not so - in some cases there are allergic rashes on the skin.

  • Food items

Very often allergy occurs because consumption of certain foods. Citrus fruits, nuts, eggs and meat, cow's milk, red apples, strawberries, pork, crab meat, seafood, all artificial preservatives and dyes - they cause more than half of all cases of allergic reactions. Very often food allergies develop in children, but adults of this, of course, are not insured.

  • Chemical substances

Cosmetics, perfumes, dishwashing detergent, washing powders, sprays for windows - modern man is surrounded by a lot of variety of chemical compounds. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that sooner or later the immune system may fail and the body will respond by an allergic reaction.

The most common allergy in the skin provoke hair dyes, deodorants, antiperspiratnty, dishwashing detergent. So remember, there are any new types of chemistry - for example, the means for utensils that you used to enjoy, not a hand cream or something else.

  • Insect bite

Summer - time is not only gentle sunshine and green grass and mosquitoes, bees, bumble bees and other animals. The sting of any insect can lead to very severe allergic reaction. And in addition to the skin rash may develop a serious complication such as pulmonary edema.

Diagnosis of allergy

If you notice a rash on the skin, immediately consult your allergist. It must be done, if only because the doctor will have to confirm that you really have an allergic reaction. After all, skin rash may be indicative of a variety of diseases, not just about the allergy. Imagine what will turn self in such a case?

But diagnosing an allergy - it's only half the story. It is equally important to establish an allergen - otherwise the rash will occur again and again. And what is most unpleasant - every time an allergy will occur more and more difficult. First - skin rashes, and then - a runny nose and cough, and there to close asthma. Very gloomy prospect, is not it?

And to understand what exactly your body reacts to allergens, it can only be a doctor. And it was only after a series of surveys - blood tests, special tests. By the way, they are very reliable - allow to define "hero for the day" with a probability of about 95%. But at home, you can only guess at what you are allergic. Is not it a reason to see a doctor?

Most often doctors perform the following test. On the inside of the forearm with a special medical needle made slight scratches - certainly, the feeling is not very pleasant, but you can tolerate. Then, these scratches are applied drops of plain water, which dissolved a variety of allergens. After about 15 minutes, the doctor will assess the condition of the skin around the scratches. If it is swollen or flushed - a person is allergic to that substance. Is tested at a time of about 15 different allergens, however, in some cases, it may need more than one such testing.

 allergic skin treatment

Allergy Treatment

As already mentioned, the course of treatment for allergies is to choose a doctor, taking into account the peculiarities of each case. But do not always have the opportunity to see a doctor immediately, so it is important to know how to give first aid. But remember - even if you feel much better and allergy symptoms disappear, the doctor still need to visit. Of course, if you do not want to become allergic to you commonplace.

  • Removing the allergen

The first thing you should do - stop contact with the allergen. Of course, it will be possible only if you know exactly what triggered the development of allergies. In all other cases, the sick person should be placed in a hypoallergenic environment - for example, in the bedroom, where the impact of external factors is minimal. Unless you do not have big "lucky" and you are not faced with an allergy to house dust.

  • Medications

On TV you can see a huge amount of advertising antiallergic drugs that promise instant relief. Do not experiment - the maximum that can be taken without the consent of a doctor - this is the usual suprastin or Claritin. If the itching is very strong, it can be purchased fenistil gel. By the way, do not be amiss to drink the most common activated carbon - at the rate of one tablet per 5 kg of weight.

  • Improvised means

If drugs did not have a number, you can try the means at hand. In a cup put five tablespoons of ordinary oatmeal, pour boiling water and leave for an hour. Then eat impromptu porridge - it will replace the activated carbon. In order to eliminate severe itching rash, make soda lotion. In one glass of cold water, dissolve three tablespoons of baking soda, soak in the resulting solution, a small gauze and apply to the rash for about 15 minutes. If the cloth dries before, soak it again.

Allergy Prevention

Remove the allergy attack in most cases is a snap - just a couple of days, if not sooner, skin rashes disappear. But relax in any case can not be - if the allergy has declared itself once, she did not miss a chance to do it again. Therefore, your main task - prevention. Often it is very difficult, because human allergens lurk at every turn. Nevertheless, observance of certain rules will reduce the likelihood of re-development of an allergic reaction.

  • Limiting contacts

The doctor will give your hands a list of allergens, which you should watch out - they need to be completely eliminated from your life. Also, do not be too keen on household cleaning products - such as cleaner plate is quite possible to replace soda. Minimal contact with chemicals - minimal risk of repeated cases of skin allergies. And do not forget about household gloves - they can have great rescue.

  • Medications

If you are allergic to the substance, contact with which is simply unrealistic to completely eliminate, you have to constantly take drugs. It goes without saying that the treatment in this case, must appoint a doctor - you just own mangled wood.

  • Immunity

Do not become unnecessary measures aimed at strengthening the immune system. And to make it quite easy - a full diet, sleep at least 8 hours a day, multivitamin preparations and physical activity. But it's only effective if you have no serious health problems. Otherwise, you need to consult an immunologist.

In any case, do not despair if you have any allergic rashes - with proper and timely treatment of allergy is quite possible to take control. And the quality of your life will not suffer.

 Allergy skin. Causes and Treatment