how to cure depression


  • Causes and types of depression
  • Symptoms of depression
  • Treatment of reactive and seasonal depression

In every person's life there were moments when he let down his hands, did not want to do and it seemed that existence has no meaning. "I have - depression" - say such person. In fact, it is - just a bad mood, which quickly passes. Enough sleep to deal with cases, drink vitamins, eat sweet, talk to a friend on the souls, to change the situation in the apartment.

As for depression, it is a very serious mental illness that is treated by specialists. This disorder is accompanied by emotional instability for a certain length of time. Status of human impact on all spheres of his life. Reduced labor activity, deteriorating relationships with friends and relatives, nervous breakdowns occur.

The saddest thing lies in the fact that not all people consider themselves sick. Sometimes the symptoms are blamed on fatigue, lack of vitamins or poor health. Moreover, if depression is left untreated, mental illness can lead to tragic consequences. After all, such individuals often have suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, they do not share with others the plans of suicide, and embody it all to life. If timely assistance, a person can fully recover.

 how to cure depression correctly

Causes and types of depression

Very rarely, depression occurs because of trifles. Usually, it must be for some serious illness, psycho-emotional shock. For example, the death of a relative, a loved one or a serious illness of a loved one, the loss of good jobs, the lack of money for essentials. By the way, depression and bad moods can lead to a host of related diseases.

  • Reactive depression

There, as a reaction to what happened in my life. Stress and aggression of others, perfectionism - all of which can aggravate symptoms. Therefore, experts recommend not to withdraw into themselves and share their experiences with others. In an extreme case, write everything in a diary. After some time, experiences will not seem so important.

  • Lypothymia

There is no impact of any external factors. Today, endogenous depression is the most difficult and dangerous. In this case, help is only long-term medication. This does not only worsens mood diseased person, but also mental retardation begins when a person can not quickly respond to even basic questions. Also, the patient has problems with the musculoskeletal system. A person may freeze in one position for a few minutes, or it will be difficult to get up out of bed.

  • Seasonal Depression

This type of depression usually occurs in autumn and winter. The lack of light, vitamins, bad weather - all this affects our state. Therefore, to avoid the blues, try to arrange a small celebration. This could be a trip to warmer climes, buying new things, etc.

  • Neuroleptic depression

It is a side effect of some medications. Depression lasts from two months to one and a half years. This man feels guilty for all the failures. It seems that without it the world would be much better. If this happens to you or your family for a while to stop taking sleeping pills, antipsychotic, sedative, narcotic drugs. Eliminate from your life alcoholic beverages.

  • Somatic depression

The reason - the somatic diseases. Therefore, it is important for a long and protracted depression to undergo a full medical examination. By the way, even regular flu, diabetes, or traumatic brain injury can result in a bad mood. Often, these changes occur in pregnant women and mothers have given birth.

Symptoms of depression

Before you decide to treat this disease, you need to make sure whether you have depression, not just a bad mood. So, the first signs: you have more than five days of depression, you can not focus on specific things. You are not interested in anything, all the while thinking about the same. Are you afraid of any changes, thus can not specifically name the causes of fear. At night you can not sleep, and in the afternoon constantly sleepy.

Another symptom - a sharp weight loss. This diseased representative of the fair sex do not want to eat anything. Often, during the depression of the girls lost sex drive, there are unpleasant sensations in the abdomen or chest, as if the body laid bricks.

 how to cure depression quickly

Treatment of reactive and seasonal depression

There are several ways to cure depression. Which one is better to choose - depends entirely on your psycho-emotional state. In any case, before you begin such experiments, be sure to consult with a specialist. This will help avoid many negative consequences.

We are treated folk remedies

In fairness it should be noted that in the initial stages, you can get rid of depression and self. The only thing - do not resort to the help of spirits. This will only aggravate the situation. By the way, female alcoholism is much more difficult to cure than men. To overcome a bad mood (not a deep depression) is possible by means of good nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

  • Bananas

At night, eat one banana. It contains an alkaloid Harman, which has a positive effect on a person's mood. But be careful with this tropical plant! Not everyone can use it. Buy ripe bunches. If they ripen in your refrigerator, then they will not have any nutrients.

  • Gang bang

Buy at the pharmacy and the usual collection of chamomile brew it every morning (1 tbsp flowers - 1 cup of boiling water). Take a tablespoon of broth to 4 times a day. Do not forget to make small breaks between treatments. The fair sex having stomach problems, it is best to consult a gastroenterologist.

  • Peppermint

Experts recommend drinking half a cup of mint tea if you have a bad mood, you are angry at the world and you can not calm down. Note: it must be a natural product, sold in pharmacies. From the shop where only colorants, stabilizers and flavorings, there will be no benefit.

  • Carrot

If you have a juicer, make carrot juice each morning. It will help to saturate the body with all essential trace elements. You can also rub the grated carrots. By the way, to use the product best with sour cream.

  • Poplar

To cheer myself up and get rid of mild depression, you can take a bath from the leaves and buds of poplar. On 2 tbsp leaves cup of boiling water. You also need to prepare a half liter of broth. It is enough to splash about 15 minutes and you forget everything else.

  • Vitamin Cocktail

To make it, you need to dried apricots, raisins, prunes, nuts (100 g each) and lemon (lime, orange). Citrus good rinse to remove remaining wax or chemicals on the skin. Twist all through a meat grinder or chop in the blender and mix. Add a couple tablespoons of honey. The resulting mixture was stored in a cool dry place (refrigerator or pantry). Take this magic potion needed every morning on an empty stomach.

  • Motherwort

If depression is accompanied by nervousness, hysteria, spontaneous acts of aggression, drink every morning for 1/4 cup of broth of motherwort, diluted with water (100 ml). This infusion will help to cope with mood swings, poor health.

  • Healthy lifestyle

Exercise! Find what you like best: running, fitness, dancing, swimming. And go to exercise at least twice a week. Over the weekend, get out to the countryside to stay in the open air with your family and friends. You are not sociable people, or you do not have friends? Today, there are many clubs. Enter there to travel the world, even with strangers.

Give up bad habits. Give yourself a promise that you will never take up a cigarette. And every time you want to smoke, squat ten times. The first two days you will already be thinking about the nasty smoking, as will be cheering madly in muscles. And, secondly, you pump up the buttocks and lose weight.

And, of course, start to eat right. Avoid fatty, spicy, smoked, salty food. Prefer natural and fresh products. Replace sweets with honey, dried fruit, marshmallows and marshmallow. After a couple of weeks you'll notice how to improve your health.

  • Start change

Go to the hairdresser, make an unusual hairstyle and make-up, visit the solarium, refresh your wardrobe. That's what all modern women cope with depression. What could be better than a successful shopping? And if you will be pleased to look at myself in the mirror, the world will shine with new colors.

  • Adrenaline

Do something crazy. Jump with a parachute, sign up for courses of piloting, ride on roller skates or a Ferris wheel. And the more adrenaline you get, the better. If you have heart problems, choose a more leisurely activities that cause you have positive emotions. For example, learn how to ride horses or to set up a pet.

Animals feel great people and help to cope with a bad mood. But take into the house only to those lovely creatures with whom you can get along. Evil breeds can not adequately respond to your antics and cries. It is unlikely that you will want to pet put to sleep and heal the scars on the body.

  • Self-hypnosis

The important role played by the way you set up yourself. If you will think that everything is bad and nobody likes you, surrounding and will treat you. Do you like all kind show that you want to be offended. Try to keep your head held high in any situation.

As mentioned above, good blog helps. Burn it all that happens to you. This, incidentally, will facilitate the work of a psychologist, as the basis of your summaries he can quickly make an accurate diagnosis. It is first necessary to determine the cause in order to treat the consequences. Maybe it's unrequited love or not your implementation. There are cases when depression occurs in a person who can not express themselves. In such a person is also developing an inferiority complex.

  • Removing the "damage" and "evil eye"

Sometimes the so-called experts twist the situation in their favor. If people turn to them, the diagnosis is clear - it is a curse. And if the fair sex will believe in it, it can lose time and money. But it is much easier to trust the healers, not a therapist.

There is a downside: the girl to believe that corruption is removed completely cured. In this case, self-hypnosis works. The main thing - do not fall into the hands of self-serving charlatans. Incidentally, this treatment can be effective, but only if the depression is not caused by internal factors (illness, mental disorder).

Treatment in clinics and hospitals

Why we do not like to go to the hospital? The point can be in our ignorance, because we believe that apathy, poor health, and changes in mood - a manifestation of our fatigue. And rarely associated with symptoms of depression. Secondly, we are not sure that the disease is amenable lecheniyu.Zdes again plays an important role is to whom you refer. If the doctor - a professional in their field, the high probability of complete cure. Otherwise the symptoms will be suppressed at the time of expensive and harmful agents. As soon happen any serious failure - again you run into depression.

So, first you have to undergo a full examination. And only on the basis of their analysis will prescribe treatment. Perhaps you do not even have to drink the medicine. Indeed, in some cases, the fair sex is enough to talk with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

But even if you are completely healthy, at least once a month visit a psychoanalyst. It will help get rid of complexes and obsessions, send in your thoughts on track. And then you'll never know that depression is and how it must be fought.

 How to cure depression and get rid of a bad mood