fasting day on green tea


  • Types of fasting days
  • Benefits of green tea
  • How to use green tea

With some difficulty you can find another one the same controversial topic, overgrown with myths and fairy tales, as the fasting days on green tea. Information on it is more than enough. And, unfortunately, most of them are not only wrong, but also dangerous to health. Let's see what the fasting days, what they are and why we need it.

Types of fasting days

According to the medical classification of unloading days, they are the following:

  • carbohydrate (sugar, fruit, vegetables);
  • fat (based on the sour cream, cream);
  • protein (milk, cheese or meat combined meat plus vegetables).

Along with this very popular recipes organized on the basis of juices, broths, teas. Speaking of the latter form, it enjoys well-deserved respect fasting day on green tea. This is largely due to the advantageous properties of the magic potion.

For example, in China and Japan have long been believed that tea prolongs life, improves heart function. In general, it is able to heal. European countries have also recognized this drink extremely helpful. The main thing - to know your rate and do not drink the liquid every five minutes along with the cake or cake.

 fasting days on green tea

Benefits of green tea

  • The drink perfectly invigorates, tones and gives strength. By the way, it's great to replace your coffee;
  • A few cups per day will ensure the prevention of cardiovascular disease;
  • Antioxidants are a part of, boost immunity and prevent premature aging of the skin.

Well, nutritionists all over the world declare that fasting day on green tea able to help you get rid of the extra kilos and, most importantly, keep the desired weight. Four of these days (of course, per month) will be enough to feel great.

Fasting days are to be built correctly and competently, because only then will they be able to use proper body. Firstly, there are several alternatives, each having its own advantages. How do I choose? It all depends on your preferences and goals. So, you can use only green tea. Or make small snacks. To complement the drink may make a couple of handfuls of dried fruit (apricots, raisins) and fruit and vegetables.

Try this day to get rid of urgent matters, domestic chores and relax as much as possible. Ideal to spend the weekend not only to discharge the body, but thoughts: welcome stretching exercises, meditative practices, or you can just devote time to yourself. The main thing - your body needs to rest as much as possible. Do not forget that such a day is a decent shake our body, so do not be engaged in power sports.

 right fasting day on green tea

How to use green tea

If you want to discharge day brought only good, responsible approach to the issue of the choice of beverage. Prefer sheet, preferably packed directly in Sri Lanka, as well as deprived of additional components. In no case do not buy products in tea bags. Get high-quality bottled water or clean chlorinated using a filter.

Properly Treat and tea brewing water temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. If you have purchased a quality drink, then surely it is possible to make up to three times. The right sheet will give taste and every time open new facets. But do not use tea leaves for a week.

Discharge day for green tea is easier to bear if you strictly adhere to the rules. For instance, it is necessary to use a large amount of liquid (one and a half to two liters). The drink should be drunk in small portions and often. Given the amount of alcohol consumed, you hardly need additional sources of liquid. However, should the need arise, give preference to high-quality mineral water without gas. Try to choose it from a pharmacy assortment.

Fans of tea fasting days know what a great beverage can be brewed and milk, thus improving its favor. At the same time you will not torment the constant feeling of hunger. But keep in mind that this type of welding has a strong diuretic effect. Therefore, to avoid dehydration, the next day eat as much as possible of ordinary water.

Learn how to make tea

So what are the ways you need to brew green tea is that it most helpful? There are several options for how this can be done:

  • Tea brewed water and allowed to infuse for 20 minutes.
  • Tea brewed milk and allowed to infuse for 15 minutes.
  • Tea brewed water, brew yield 10 minutes and then added to the milk in a proportion of 50 to 50.

Please note, per liter of any liquid needed tablespoon medicinal drink.

To unload the body correctly

Today, widespread misconception that the discharge for the body can be arranged elementary restricting caloric intake. The products of such a day for pick up either on the recommendations from the media or on the basis of personal preference. Not to mention the fact that many, unable to obtain reliable information, risk their health by following the instructions vague an abstract person with unknown forum.

Initially, these diets have been developed specifically for sick people. Their purpose was to facilitate the human condition, because with the help of some products can quickly bring the body of harmful substances. Discharge perfectly stimulate the body's defense system. Doctors have proved that these days has a positive effect on the metabolism and the disease, but only on one condition: they must organize in conjunction with a properly chosen diet food.

But today, the scope of extended fasting days: they are successfully implemented to clean the body of toxins and as treatment for weight loss. Nevertheless, we should not forget that the fullness is always accompanied by not only a violation of metabolism, and various chronic diseases. That is why when choosing try fasting days give preference to those that are right for you from a medical point of view. Calorie all dishes in this wonderful day should not exceed 800 calories. Higher permissible only for weakened patients.

How to prepare your body

No special training is not to the discharge day. But you can reduce the amount of food the day before, and dinner is as easy to do. The same recommendations apply to the first day after discharge. The ideal option would be eating vegetables, fruits, dietary meat (rabbit, turkey, chicken breasts) or low-fat varieties of fish. All dishes must be cooked for a couple, broth, or baked in the oven. Power - fractional and frequent (5-6 times a day). Do not forget about breakfast and dinner.

Properly conducted on fasting days herbal or green tea to allow you to lose one kilogram of weight. As a general rule, subject to the principles of a healthy diet, body fat will not be returned. In fairness it should be noted that in most cases women are unable to restrain themselves, after the daily hunger.

If you decide to fasting day on green tea, then wait for more positive changes. Improving complexion, get rid of puffiness, improving well-being and self-esteem - believe me, it will be noticed and the surrounding. But first you need to understand that you do not mistreat your own body, and it is - not an obstacle that should be overcome. It should make sure steps to a healthy body, blooming appearance and conscious life. Do not wait for Mondays, the first of the month or the beginning of the year to change its shape. Let everything happen right now. After choosing the best today, you get the perfect tomorrow.

 Discharge day for green tea: how to drink this drink?

 Buteyko breathing exercises


  • The methods of healing the body with the help of breathing exercises
  • What can be harmful deep breathing
  • The method Buteyko Breathing
  • As a self-master Buteyko breathing method
  • Application of the method Buteyko

There is healthy mind in a healthy body. If you have the desire to conduct a correct way of life, it is first necessary to analyze the many factors that affect the well-being, to correct their behavior if necessary. Expect a positive, health-improving effect of all systems of the body without any effort - not worth it. Often, to get a successful result only by a really hard-working people who do not stop there.

The methods of healing the body with the help of breathing exercises

Breath - a very complicated and important process. Often, the way to work your body depends on how we breathe: it is often moderately, choking, or relaxed. By the way, most of us do not even pay attention to this indicator. And why, if it is given to us by nature? Plus, is it possible to change what is inherent in us from birth. And in this - our main mistake!

It is believed that the use of various breathing exercises helps to improve the body and get rid of some chronic diseases. There are many trends and schools, where they teach properly, breathe rhythmically. There are proponents of a full deep breath, others argue the pros surface. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, indications and contraindications. So, for example, breathing deeply, we saturate your body with oxygen, which we need to exchange processes. In turn, this allows for easy exercises to increase their volume.

Breathing exercises on Buteyko and other methods of therapeutic breathing, calling for superficial sighs, helps the body to adapt to the lack of a small air. These exercises prepare your lungs to large loads. With their help, cropped asthmatic attacks. Understand By what method is best to do in each individual case, it can only be compared all the results of applying different methods in practice.

 Buteyko breathing exercises

What can be harmful deep breathing

Buteyko in his work mentions a deep breath, as the source of some diseases. In this case, the fair sex comes a glut of blood oxygen. Violation of the MRR of breathing leads to an imbalance of metabolic processes. Trying to fix the situation, the body mounts safeguards can be obtained as a result of a whole set of consequences of hyperventilation from nasal congestion to vasospasm.

If a long time, there are violations of the above, the disease can become chronic. While the mechanism of regulation of respiration does not normalize its work, the timing of the recovery is difficult to say anything. In this case, without the help of a specialist is necessary.

The method Buteyko Breathing

The basis of his Buteyko method takes the principle of adequacy. Considered normal when respiratory processes are involved, and oxygen and carbon dioxide. Their excess or deficiency can lead to disruption of natural processes in the body.

On the surface, breathing normal gas exchange is maintained, because the blood is saturated with all necessary. Through breathing exercises after Buteyko, carbon dioxide can fully participate in metabolic processes, as well as to maintain the proper functioning of enzymes and production.

The disadvantage of this matter sometimes lead to disturbances in the body, causing various diseases. As in any other case, an excess nor desirable. By the way, what is the most interesting: the truth of the postulates of the Buteyko breathing exercises has been proven in practice.

As a self-master Buteyko breathing method

In order to master the breathing techniques of Konstantin Buteyko, you must first determine the extent of the disease. This can be done by yourself (under the supervision of relatives or friends). But, of course, it is better to seek the help of a specialized agency, which is trying to make on the modern equipment.

The essence of the test is to exhaled air, hold your breath as long as possible. If the figures are low, you can take a course on the method of the great founder. However, there are situations where such breathing exercises completely contraindicated. Do not get involved in it in acute inflammatory processes, threat of having a blood clot, and if the asthma attacks at women frequent and longer.

There is plenty of literature on the subject for self-study. For each disease developed some breathing exercises. With the right approach to the study of breathing exercises, you can learn on their own. However, to begin the path to recovery is better with a specialist who will be able to direct your efforts in the right direction. Disciplined lessons with an instructor exclude deterioration due to errors in the exercises.

 Buteyko breathing exercises

Application of the method Buteyko

The breath - is an unconscious process. When we feel good, you do not notice how smoothly our body works. If, for any reason, hyperventilation occurs, the conscious struggle with deep breathing help to cope with an impressive list of diseases.

Engage regularly, with at least a month. And it is not recommended to throw sharp workout. Symptomatic treatment of certain diseases only adds to the process of the disease, and it can significantly delay the natural healing.

Correctly applying breathing exercises on the Buteyko method, it is possible to restore the broken mechanisms in the body, which in turn will lead to normal metabolic processes. All this will help to recover faster. After training there is a real opportunity to overcome bouts of sickness without the usual amount of prescription drugs.

Practice has shown that breathing Buteyko increases immunity and resistance to seasonal diseases. This kind of prevention against viruses and colds, and you do not have to spend money on vitamins and medications. The most widely used this method to deal with allergies and asthma.

Miraculous recovery

As mentioned above, breathing exercises on Buteyko method involves reducing the depth of breathing by relaxing the diaphragm (to light the lack of air condition). These very simple exercises can cure many diseases related to unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, driving a truck, lack of physical activity). Often, the majority of health problems appear because of the rhythm of modern life. Every day, when faced with unforeseen situations, we start to get nervous, worry that certainly worsen our condition.

Looking for good health, you can read a lot of literature and to visit a large number of seminars. To better understand some of the ways of improvement, you can try them for yourself, as effective methods for one person may not fit another. To get the ball rolling, you should really try!

 Buteyko Breathing exercises for: secret shallow breathing