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  • Balanced nutrition and vegetarianism
  • The benefits of vegetarianism: whether to give up meat
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Each of us at least once thought about the fact that it is time to change something in your lifestyle that in 40 years not to look at 70. Today there are many ways how you can improve your health without spending ungodly medical benefits is the amount of money . Experts recommend starting to play sports, stop eating junk food, less nervous and more to enjoy everything that is happening around. Also plays an important role healthy sleep, because proper rest helps the body restore depleted work. Do not forget about the environment as polluted air and bad water from the tap benefits nobody has brought.

As you have seen, on the state of health is affected by many factors. To keep yourself in good shape, you need to pay every day for a few minutes of simple exercise. It does not necessarily have to be reinforced with a heavy load training, a five-minute charging enough in the morning. If the work you do not get any exercise, then try at lunch time to organize at least a brief workout. And it should not be run from the cafeteria to the accounting department. At the very least, walk around the building where your office is located. And, of course, do not forget about a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.

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Balanced nutrition and vegetarianism

With the help of a balanced diet, you can achieve the perfect figure, while not putting much effort. Correctly chosen menu allows you to control the weight within acceptable limits. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, review the menu.

Often, eating more calories than you need to work the body, can be strongly put on weight. And this is not one or two kilograms, and at least a third of your present body weight. This is due to the fact that the entire amount of energy produced is consumed completely. Calories are converted into fat in the hips, back, legs, arms and neck. Especially recommended to control the amount of food for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The diet should be as diverse. You can not eat just cereal or a salad. Also try to limit the intake of sugar, salt and fatty foods.

Vegetarianism and fresh produce

There is a statement that we are composed of what we eat, so proper nutrition is very important for our health. So, for example, that are eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner salads and vegetable stew made only benefit, you must purchase fresh and quality products in proven locations. This primarily refers to vegetables and fruit. Sometimes the stores get rotten or covered with mold products, which certainly is not only inadequate, but also very safe.

If possible, it is best to grow herbs, vegetables and fruits on their own. For vegetarians consumption collected from your own garden harvest - this is probably the best way of eating. Eco-friendly products bring maximum benefit to the body. But here, of course, plays an important role something you fertilize the plant.

The benefits of vegetarianism: whether to give up meat

It is useful if vegetarianism? Does it not cause harm? Before he became convinced "travoedom" one begins to ask such questions. Today, there are quite a large number of opinions on this subject. The benefits of vegetarianism is constantly proved by various studies and confirmed in practice. Reducing the risk of various diseases such people (after cleaning supplies) are no longer questioned. The list of diseases that vegetarians are less prone to, is quite impressive. Vegetarianism is becoming a way of life for many people, because change some stereotypes and beliefs.

The benefits of vegetarianism has been known since ancient times. This is actually a very ancient system of power. By the way, sometimes doctors prescribe for a short period of strict diet consisting of only plant products. This is done in order to relieve the body from heavy meal (for the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract). Such fasting days provide a powerful heals and rejuvenating effect. At the same time after 2-3 months the patient has such power did not wish to move to heavier products.

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How to go vegetarian food system

To become a vegetarian, you need to tune in to it and to understand the meaning of such power. Otherwise, the benefits of your venture will not be any. At one point, you simply fall through to see how your best friend with appetite eats another piece of kebab. Think about how this meat has got to your table. 2-3 months ago this hen running around on the field, and now it is the meat in your refrigerator.

Future vegetarians recommended a gradual transition to a different diet. You can start with reducing the menu of sausages, then you need to reduce the consumption of meat to twice a week. It is best to gradually replace animal fats with vegetable. But do not abruptly stop eating familiar dishes, otherwise it may cause serious malfunction of your body.

All meat soups and borscht is deleted immediately, because when cooking meat in broth gives a large amount of harmful substances. That's why some cooks recommend to pour the broth first. Soups can be replaced by vegetable soups. Gradually, the need to expand the diet of herbal products. Fruit (fresh and dried), nuts, vegetables, and you can add honey. Drink tea, water, juice, fruit. It is best to eat vegetarian liquid in the morning and in the evening (on an empty stomach) to clear the wall of the stomach from the remnants of food.

The value of water in the diet of a vegetarian

Water is necessary for anyone, no matter whether or not he is a vegetarian. For the normal functioning of vital body systems need to eat every day at least 1, 5 liters of this life-giving liquid. If you do not drink tea, fruit drinks, juices, etc., then soon you will dehydration.

Often the people who began to explore the vegetarian system, water helps to adapt to the new power supply system. After drinking a cup of green tea before eating the food you partially fill your stomach. What makes less and eat, and you will not feel hungry the next 2-3 hours. Also, a large amount of liquid is recommended to use, subject to a medical diet. Water clears the body of harmful toxins and waste products that are formed in the stomach of the time when you eat meat.

A special role in the life of a man playing the mineral springs. Such water is sometimes prescribed for medicinal purposes. Depending on the chemical composition, there are several classes of salinity. But do not abuse it unnecessarily! Pre consult your physician.

Vegetarians-raw foodists: the benefits of raw food

Syroyadenie exists as a separate power supply system, but sometimes prefer to eat vegetarian food, which did not respond to heat treatment. It is believed that most of the foods that we eat during frying, boiling, baking lose all useful properties. A microwave cooking food - dead.

Incidentally, in the canning industry uses chemicals (to increase the duration of the shelf life and the preservation of the presentation), but after such procedures the quality and safety of products falls significantly. The benefits of vegetarianism is significantly increased when the table fall exclusively natural and organic vegetables and fruit.

Note that raw foodists drink only fresh water purified by the filter. No drinks, sodas, packaged juices. Boiled water to supply to this system also is unacceptable. After heat treatment it loses a significant amount of useful substances, and insoluble compounds often precipitate. The only negative for raw foodists, vegetarians, eat, for example, fish - is the risk of infection with intestinal worms and parasites. After the raw meal into the body may get microorganisms.

The efficacy of vegetarianism

As mentioned above, scientists have discovered what really benefits of vegetarianism. The most interesting - those who for many years adhere to the system power supply, live longer than meat eaters on the order. This is due to the fact that the body is constantly receives healthy foods, which contain no harmful elements. Plus, this food is processed much faster.

Eating plant foods significantly lower cholesterol, thereby the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease is significantly reduced. At the same ones who eat meat alone, often a heart attack. Vegetarians disappear many problems with digestion, normalizes the bowels. Best of all this contributes to the use of cellulose as dietary fiber removes harmful substances and toxins from the body.

Vegetarianism helps without any additional drugs and regular physical activities gradually reduce weight. The body mass index of at least the fair sex than women who prefer a fat steak for breakfast. It should be noted that in some cases giving up meat would have serious implications. So, for example, can not be limited in the diet of children, the sick and the persons working in heavy industry.

To vegetarianism has benefited in any case can not force myself to do it. The transition process must flow easily and naturally! But first you should consult with a gastroenterologist and nutritionist. They can help you develop a diet that makes you feel a lack of meat in the diet.

To give up meat, many women begin to feel complete unity with nature. Having vegetarianism part of themselves, they seemed to begin a new life. Such people do not perceive animals as food. Some adherents of this lifestyle even abandon belongings and household items that are made of leather and fur of dead small animals.

Every day, eating large amounts of plant food, the person becomes more active and energetic. Such a body is less susceptible to various diseases. After all, the human immune system, the body is not contaminated with toxins, much higher. Studies show that vegetarians enjoy life more meat eaters.

 The benefits of vegetarianism: whether to give up meat