Diet for gastritis with low acidity


  • How to eat with gastritis with low acidity
  • The principles of a healthy diet for gastritis

Gastritis - a serious disease that, if not treated in time it may develop into ulcers, stomach cancer. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to adhere to proper diet, in which the activity generated by the gastric juice. It should also reduce the burden on the stomach. Choose only the food that is digested quickly.

In this connection, in the menu of the patient first introduced restrictions on food, cooked on a steep broth, fat fish, stale milk products, cabbage, radishes, tomatoes with the peel. Not allowed alcoholic beverages, fresh muffins and other bakery yeast, legumes, dense cheese, potatoes, fried in vegetable oil, products with a spicy sauce, spices.

How to eat with gastritis with low acidity

Diet for gastritis with low acidity is the official name - "Diet №2». Its main principles - is to stimulate the secretory function and prevention of mechanical damage to the stomach lining. Accordingly, the menu includes mostly lean meat, soups, vegetable soups, fish soup, steamed vegetables and baked fruit. Admitted beverages such as coffee, tea and cocoa.

During exacerbation of the disease need to install a rigid diet, the purpose of which - the removal of inflammation. After achieving it is necessary to stimulate the digestive processes, gradually introducing into the diet of heavier dishes. At the end of treatment, you can eat as usual, but it's better to avoid the harmful products, which appear after consuming pain in the stomach. It can aggravate your condition.

At low acidity introduced restrictions on food, causing fermentation. For example, fresh pastry, milk, grapes, as well as foods high in animal fats (fatty meats, bacon, sour cream). To digest and absorb them, your body will have to work hard. And in this case it suffers stomach.

Approximate menu for the week for gastritis

  • On Monday

Breakfast consists of buckwheat, fat-free yogurt, milk with coffee (without cream). Lunch should eat vegetable soup, cooked on a low-fat broth, potato casserole with meat and jelly. Dinner should be light. Perfect baked fish, boiled potatoes and toast with butter.

  • Tuesday

Tuesday Breakfast can diversify steam fritters, salad braised beets and apples. Lunch - low-fat soup, steam veal, side dish of vegetable stew. In each of the meals you can drink green tea or refreshing jelly that surrounds the stomach wall. Supper should be meatballs, steamed, and porridge.

  • Environment

On Wednesday, the breakfast is very nutritious. It consists of fish meatballs, porridge grits "Artek" vegetable cutlets and jelly. Lunch - soup with meatballs, chicken steamed vegetable side dish of mashed potatoes. At the end of the day you expect a light dinner of buckwheat porridge and green tea.

  • Thursday

Thursday begins the first meal of the omelet and oatmeal, lunch - rassolnik of the fish or chicken broth, chicken a couple of thin pasta, cranberry juice, dinner - from empanadas. Meals can be washed down with green tea or floral.

  • Fri

Breakfast of potato meatballs or zrazy, milky cocoa. In the hour of the day should eat soup, lean meat broth, steam cutlets, carrot puree. At the end of the day - cottage cheese casserole, pumpkin porridge. Drink, as in the previous case, it should green or black tea.

  • Sat

On Saturday morning, you can find a breakfast of rice steam cutlets, as well as a couple of apples. Do not forget about green tea. Lunch - chicken noodle soup, home cooked, boiled beef and jelly. At dinner - omelet, vegetable puree and daisy tincture.

  • Sunday

At the end of the week you expect breakfast of wheat cereal or mashed potatoes, a few sausages or wieners, coffee (you can add milk). For lunch - the usual vegetable soup (can be chicken), rice cakes steamed. At the end of the day - pasta with cheese.

 gastritis with low acidity of the diet

The principles of a healthy diet for gastritis

Furthermore, it should organize a lunch or snack, which should consist of only fresh (today's date) of fermented milk products, biscuits, rusks. If between meals suddenly appeared hungry permitted sandwich of dried bread (with butter, soft cheese or cooked sausage). Such a diet increases the secretion of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

While cooking is allowed, any heat treatment except frying (especially should avoid cutlets in breadcrumbs). Drinking water or other fluid can be freely (in this case, as mentioned above, alcohol is strictly prohibited). Salt is not prohibited, but do not abuse it. The temperature of the food should not be too hot or very cold, as it irritates the stomach.

In general, the menu for gastritis should include low-fat soups broth (vegetable or meat balls). If you are preparing soup, first drain the water immediately, as it boils. This will help get rid of harmful substances. The following dishes are not very easy to digest, but still allowed: pea soup, cottage cheese, a couple of burgers, pasta and noodles, boiled eggs, soft cheese, cereals, lean meat and chicken, is permitted a small amount of butter and thick pastry.

Meat and fish are cooked or baked, for a change, you can fry with a little vegetable oil (the main thing - not to form a crisp). Fats for a long time to digest, so unnecessarily burden the stomach still not worth it. The daily rate of oil is only 10 grams. Otherwise, you will heartburn, cramps, bloating.

Fruit can be eaten without restriction. If you want sweet, eat jam. Vegetables and herbs, it is desirable to use in the form of puree. Not allowed sorrel and spinach. Recommended sour drink juices, jellies, fruit fresh, cocoa, tea, coffee (but no more than one cup daily).

Gastritis have to avoid these foods that contain roughage. It sprouts, radishes, radish, prunes. It is not advisable have berries and fruit with a rough-skinned (apples, figs, grapes, currants), as well as dried fruits, cooked them. Pasta from wheat flour is good for health of the fair sex, but with gastritis are best avoided. It is also desirable fresh pastry, muffin. Meat with veins and fat, as well as smoked or jerked products - all of this is unacceptable. Worsening of your condition can cause long-storage products, such as canned.

Please note, the diet should be followed for at least three weeks, and the healing process is monitored by your doctor. Proper nutrition can help to reduce inflammation. If improvements can stimulate the secretion of stomach, in particular - to prepare a strong broth.

You can artificially increase the acidity of the drinking water before meals with a little lemon juice. Also gradually be added to the diet of pickles and fish caviar. Increase the secretion of gastric juice fried foods, kvass, but they should use caution. Especially strongly stimulate the secretion of soft drinks, coffee, broth, eggs, spices, smoked, pickled foods, sauerkraut. For each of the products or food, there are certain guidelines for cooking.

So, for gastritis with low acidity unacceptable soup with millet grains, beans, lentils, hash and milk porridge. The liquid food can be prepared on lean meat, fish or mushroom broth (with crushed potatoes, vegetables, boiled cereals, noodles). They can be added meatballs. With certain restrictions may beetroot soup and fresh cabbage, rassolnik. Vegetables should be in any case chop or rub.

Meat dishes are prepared with only the lean poultry (without skin and veins). Thus, pork, lamb, duck and goose meat is undesirable. Completely banned smoked and canned products (canned meat, sausages). Food is desirable to cook or bake without using sauces, breading, marinades. Meat can be cooked in one piece, or grind it into ground beef. Welcome low-fat varieties, such as veal, chicken, rabbit, turkey. Valid dairy sausages, spring rolls.

An important element in the supply of low acidity can become fish products. However, the patient will only fit lean boiled fillet. You can also bake or fry it, but without a huge amount of breading and sunflower oil. It is undesirable, canned, smoked or salted fish, especially if you happen aggravation.

Cereal and pasta do not carry a potential threat, but also should pay attention to their treatment. These products can be the basis of your diet. Valid porridge on the water or broth soups. It is also possible to prepare steam puddings, cutlets without crust. Vermicelli ready to be served with boiled meat or fresh cheese. Permission is sweet pilaf. Under the ban legumes (they are a very long time to digest and cause flatulence). Undesirable dense cereal, ie barley, barley, millet porridge.

There are a whole group of vegetables which contain coarse fibers. You should abandon them or restrict use. It is a cabbage, radish, radishes, cucumbers. In general, it is desirable to give away such products thermal and mechanical treatment: boil or stew, chop or shred. Suitable vegetable patties without crust, mashed potatoes, casseroles.

The bread before the meal is desirable to dry in the oven. Sometimes allowed bakery products with filling (cheese, meat, eggs, apples). Fresh buns and puff pastry are under severe ban. Among the fruits and berries undesirable those who have grain and rough skin. Valid baked apples, jelly, marmalade, marshmallow, soft candy.

Thus, following the above recommendations, you can avoid the aggravation of gastritis in the future. And remember that good nutrition - the key to your health. It must be a constant. Too bad if you remember about the diet only when a sore stomach.

 Diet for gastritis with low acidity. Sample menu