soda for heartburn

Perhaps it will be difficult to find someone who at least once in his life tormented by heartburn. From this unpleasant sensation (burning behind the rib cage), the fair sex sometimes want to climb the walls. Most often it occurs in pregnant women or young mothers, creating a terrible discomfort.

Today, there are many reasons why you could appear heartburn. It arises, for example, by eating, even in perfectly healthy people. But more often it occurs after the use of off-quality products or very fatty foods, spicy, smoked, too savory. Often people suffer from heartburn, drinking alcohol (even with low alcohol content). Excessive chocolate or coffee also had a negative impact on the work of your stomach.

Do not forget that can cause heartburn tight waist, overweight, actively lifting weights and even taking certain medicines (especially antibiotics). But, of course, most such unpleasant sensations occur in people having different diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This may be esophagitis, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, etc. In such cases, the fair sex are affected by this almost every day.

People in different ways trying to deal with the symptoms of heartburn. Some people prefer to be treated by grasses, someone more suitable pills and mixtures, which are sold in pharmacies. And advertising on our television screens full of medical tools that just work wonders. How to assure marketers and actors enough to drink one packet, once and for all forget about this problem. Unfortunately, not all means are equally useful for our health. Therefore, many of the fair sex prefer to use the means at hand. The most famous and effective folk medicine is considered an ordinary baking soda.

 soda for heartburn treatment

When and how to apply baking soda for heartburn

In fact, soda for heartburn - a pretty good remedy to even know our grandmothers and mothers. Firstly, it is very quick help, a few minutes shooting and burning sensation of heaviness in the stomach. Secondly, after receiving the solution relapse occurs rarely. But really all that rosy? Probably, if it were so, it is widely advertised drugs are not a success.

Thus, soda almost instantaneously neutralizes stomach available hydrochloric acid and has a so-called "antacid" effect. Apply it with heartburn as follows: need to pour a glass of water, then add 1 tsp baking soda, stir thoroughly and quickly drink. Unpleasant symptoms and feelings disappear very quickly. Moreover, the use of such means helps to improve digestion.

But it is good when it is done in moderation. The problem is that very often welcome such folk remedy may harm human health. Some girls just drink soda every time as soon as the heartburn, but it is not recommended to do. In any case, if you often show similar symptoms, you should consult with your doctor and not self-medicate.

How does a soda on our body

This method is so simple, accessible and effective that many just abuse them. Unfortunately, fans of folk medicine flatly refuse to understand what such a solution do not please the doctors. Before you take up a box of baking soda, hearken to the process taking place in your body.

You should first understand that reacts to being in the stomach hydrochloric acid, soda turns into some sort of carbonic acid. And in turn, it is decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. After all these chemical reactions, stomach contents of the fair sex literally boils.

Bubbling CO2 gas irritates the walls of your digestive tract, which in turn is taken from the new forces to develop all the new portions of hydrochloric acid. And as a result we have? After instant relief acidity is increasing.

The more ordinary baking soda ingested, the worse it gets. And when iterating the substance in the body begins to break down the acid-base balance. Yes, and besides an overabundance of sodium that comes along with this harmful element that contributes to the formation of edema and high blood pressure. This leads to the logical conclusion that such "treatment" may finally deprive you of all health. Unfortunately, the problem of acid reflux, as such, simply pales against the backdrop of new diseases caused by failed attempts to combat it.

Unfortunately, to date, with the common discomforts, heartburn, faced by virtually all of the fair sex. And very often unpleasant sensations arise at the most inopportune moment - for example, during the negotiations, or simply in the middle of the working day. And in such cases, when there is no way to run a pharmacy is allowed to take advantage of the most affordable and effective - solution of soda. It's kind of an ambulance when you do not have a more efficient and secure means.

When a relapse occurs: symptoms of heartburn

Heartburn usually manifests after taking food. After some time, there is an acute burning sensation "in the stomach," or simply the chest. How to determine the doctors themselves - an area "in the lower esophagus." The main and perhaps the only reason discomfort - ejecting the contents of the stomach, which has already begun to digest the food back into the esophagus. By the way, heartburn always arises if the fair sex acidity. To provoke an attack, you only need to eat a so-called "goodies": sweet dishes, as well as fried foods, and indeed any of the food should be served hot.

The negative effects of soda on the human body

Sodium bicarbonate or baking (baking) soda is known to us more from the school chemistry course is a specific alkaline compound. Before you start making a solution, think about the consequences. And always take precautions. To treat heartburn soda is allowed only to those people with whom she is extremely rare and chronic diseases related to the digestive system, is simply absent.

If burning occurs after almost every meal reception and managed to become chronic, the treatment of only one soda you your body will not help. In addition, sodium bicarbonate solution becomes not such a harmless, as mentioned above, because already after some half an hour heartburn flares up with renewed vigor.

Excessive abuse of soda can lead to disastrous consequences. The large amount of alkali accumulate in the body of the fair sex, which leads to acidosis. This is a peculiar form of "acidification" the blood and tissues of your body. And with an excess of soda develop alkalosis ("alkalization" the blood). All of this will certainly result in an unstable work of the kidneys and urinary system, the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes.

Pregnancy and heartburn: Is it possible to drink a solution of expectant mothers

In the lower part of the esophagus is a sphincter - a clip that opens when chewed food enters the stomach. The pressure of only 4 mm Hg. Art. But in the opposite direction (ie from the stomach) sphincter do not miss anything, because the load of 80 mm Hg. Art.

In pregnant women the ladies after the first trimester in the body start to happen major changes. For example, there is a smooth muscle tone and esophageal sphincter. The fact that progesterone has a relaxing effect on them. Besides the uterus promotes intra-abdominal pressure, which is also in turn, prevents the closure of the very tight sphincter.

Heartburn may begin some time after the meal. In particular, if the expectant mother accidentally broke his regime and ate a little greasy, spicy, but such delicious food. Or when she just drank black coffee. The occurrence of heartburn can be triggered by consumption of sugary jelly, black bread, sour berries or fruit. It is unpleasant and sometimes painful condition can last from a few minutes to a few hours, sometimes renewed. Note provoke heartburn or substantially strengthen its might torso forward, such as laundry or buttoning shoes.

Sometimes deteriorates and there is a very strong burning sensation when a woman lies down or flips from one side to the other. And many mummies, it was noticed that when they were resting on the left side, above symptoms bothered them much more often. Some pregnant the ladies this misfortune overtakes night and waking up, they usually try to stand up, walk, drink water, eat something.

These unpleasant sensations often cause a feeling of melancholy, depressed mood, you may see a strong belching air, pain behind the chest. With a very long, extremely painful and quite often heartburn necessarily consult your general practitioner, gynecologist at the antenatal clinic or directly to a gastroenterologist. This may be one of the symptoms of diseases of the digestive system. And, of course, try not to overeat, avoid severe stress. Do not make anything that would lead to an abdominal strain, including not wearing tight belts.

 Soda heartburn: the danger is self-

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 yogurt with gastritis


  • What is gastritis and why we have them cheer
  • How to eat with gastritis

Unfortunately, to date, gastritis occurs almost every second adult. A major role in this case is the wrong food. Many of the fair sex do not neglect fudami fast, semi-finished products and fast food. And after a full and balanced diet provides normal functioning of all organs. In most cases, the vitamins and mineral substances enter our body through food (vegetables, fruits).

What is gastritis and why we have them cheer

You, for example, a student could have whatever you want, without suffering from heartburn and this colic. But in 30 or 40 years, you suddenly diagnosed - gastritis. In fact, the disease can occur suddenly after a few years. A serious aggravation threatens fans irregular snacks, as well as those who are interested in chips, crackers and alcoholic beverages.

Features of the disease

Gastritis can be divided into several stages: initial, aggravation, poslereabilitatsionny period. The acute form often occurs after eating food that irritates the stomach lining, and after the drugs (especially antibiotics). Also, make the disease is possible, if the representative of the fairer sex are constantly very nervous. Stress, hysteria, insomnia, unhealthy lifestyle - all this affects our health.

What is the symptoms of the disease? First, there is pain and nausea that passes quickly. The chronic form of the disease develops almost asymptomatic, but occasionally deteriorates. Against the background of constant inflammatory mucosal lesions begin changes resulting in the failure of the well-functioning of the stomach. If time does not undertake the treatment of gastritis, it can develop into a more serious disease (ulcer, cancer).

The same diagnosis can occur in people in different ways, so you should not self-medicate. First, you must examine the gastroenterologist to determine the stage and degree of inflammation. And only on the basis of the analysis it can assign administration of drugs, and to develop a diet. Gastritis can be manifested in the form of lung irritation. In more severe forms diagnosed small ulcers or purulent inflammation of the destruction of the walls of the stomach.

 whether it is possible yogurt with gastritis

How to eat with gastritis

Many women complain about the work of the digestive tract. So, for example, they sometimes occur abruptly and upset stomach pain, with no apparent reason is not there. Temporary change of diet usually helps the body recover faster. Usually doctors here suspect gastritis and prescribed a special diet. By the way, a special diet must be respected not only in the period of rehabilitation, but also for some time after treatment.

Proper nutrition for gastritis must comply with the following items:

  • Food should not be much severe

Light foods are quickly digested and does not burden the stomach. Thus, all unspent in the digestion of food and energy resources may be thrown at restoring balance in the body. If you eat a piece of mutton and bread and butter, after 2-3 hours you will have to call an ambulance. Acute pain in the abdomen will be provided.

  • The food should be at room temperature

Too hot or too cold foods irritate your stomach. Therefore, always make sure that the food on your plate was lukewarm. So, for example, pouring tea into a cup or herbal decoction, wait 15-20 minutes, or dilute the drink water.

  • Eating should be fractional

People suffering from gastritis, you should eat at least 5 times a day. Wherein portions should be small. Do not forget about breakfast and dinner! At work, never do snacking biscuits, better take out of the house with a set of castors porridge and vegetable salad.

  • Eliminating harmful products

Roasted, smoked, salted, peppered, marinated and preserved exclude from the diet. About sausages will also have to forget. Not allowed the use of beverages, which are part of too many chemicals. The same applies to other products.

  • Cook or bake

In fact, almost all vegetables and fruits can be attributed both to the category of harmful and useful products. All depends on the method of preparation. If you are steamed, boiled or baked in a sleeve (naturally, without the addition of pickles and condiments), the harm caused by such food is not.

  • Drink liquid

The more fluid you drink, the better. In some cases, it is recommended the use of dairy products. For example, in the evening before going to bed, you can eat a couple of crackers with yogurt. But with fresh milk is better not to experiment, because from it will be worse.

Can I drink kefir for gastritis

Eating yogurt with gastritis is not contraindicated, but at the stage of the acute form can only drink low-fat product. So, for example, at low or normal acidity is better to choose one-day kefir. With increased gastric secretion is necessary to reduce the acidity level and go to the gentle power. Sometimes in such cases the use of sour buttermilk should stop.

Determine your level of acidity to help special test that is performed in a hospital. Also, the level of the secretory activity of the stomach may say some of the symptoms (loss of appetite and rumbling in the stomach). Obvious signs of the same high level are heartburn and regurgitation.

Why observe Kefir diet for gastritis

The basic meaning of the diet for gastritis - to minimize irritation of the gastric mucosa, to reduce inflammation. If the wall will continue to be injured (as a result of an unbalanced diet), the healing process may be delayed. Plus, the disease can develop into chronic.

Overeating contributes to the development of gastric juice, so it is best to eat less but more often. Kefir diet helps normalize the acidity level, thus facilitating the process of digestion. Before going to bed, do not need to over-load, it is best to restrict a light snack. After the last receiving undesirable stowed at least one hour.

Useful properties of kefir

Kefir is recommended to drink with gastritis as the main element of a medical diet (as a snack or light dinner). This drink lowers blood sugar levels and suppresses the processes of decay in the stomach. The constant use of Kefir normalizes metabolism and has a rejuvenating effect on the body. Taking a portion of the product, shortly before breakfast, can improve appetite.

In some cases, gastritis kefir diet for a few days removes unpleasant symptoms. Due to its fixing properties, it helps eliminate the bowel disorder. Drinking kefir is necessary to improve immunity and normalize the digestive system. Regular consumption of fermented milk product has a calming effect on the nervous system.

If the gastritis is conducted medical course, kefir will help to eliminate the harmful effects of drugs. To improve the condition of the digestive system in chronic, sometimes doctors recommend before each meal drink at least half a glass of this drink. During periods of exacerbation to eliminate unpleasant symptoms should drink low-fat product.

In order to prevent must continue regularly drink kefir. This unloading of the stomach will reduce the likelihood of exacerbation of chronic diseases. At the same time pay attention to the temperature of the drink. In no case do not use the product out of the refrigerator! "But in the summer I drink only cold water" - you might say. No surprise, then, that you have gastritis!

 Kefir with gastritis: Can I drink milk drinks