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  • How to quickly get rid of cough
  • Treatment of badger fat in the home
  • Badger fat: the rules and precautions
  • Contraindications: Who should not drink badger fat
  • Errors and fears in the treatment of badger fat

One of the most popular for a long time folk remedies - badger fat - has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties. More than two hundred years, this material was used and as a remedy for cough, and as a prophylactic. The benefits observed even in the case of serious diseases, such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis.

But, unfortunately, these days few people resorted to such methods of treatment. Increasingly, we favor expensive drugs, which also effectively fight such diseases. But forget all that this chemistry is not only heals, but also harmful to our health.

How to quickly get rid of cough

The people have long been aware of how quickly and well to badger fat cough. It is useful at any age, so it is recommended to give a cold for both adults and children. It is full of vitamins, micro and macro elements needed by our weakened junk food and poor environmental body. Badger fat increases resistance to defense mechanisms. Therefore it is useful to take people who are constantly sick.

Typically this substance is used in combination with potent drugs. In diseases that are accompanied by strong cough (bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis), fat is struggling with inflammatory processes. In some cases, it helps to overcome cough associated with years of smoking, as has also the softening property. Severe illness (pneumonia, tuberculosis) require treatment for a month. After the first course of treatment badger fat is a break for two weeks. Then, a second similar course.

Frankly, badger fat (whether badger, dog, fish, etc.) are not pleasant to the taste. Therefore, not all of the fair sex could bring himself to eat and even a spoonful of nutrients. Some even triggered the gag reflex. But there is always a way out. For example, you can immediately badger fat drink plenty of fluids. And better not take plain water and a decoction of herbs or fruits. He interrupts and taste, and has a beneficial effect on the body. For these purposes can take a rose, or St. John's wort.

Outsmart yourself can badger fat by mixing with honey or jam (in the ratio of 3 to 1). However, be sure to check beforehand whether you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. And try not to take a thick jam, as you would not be very nice to eat. Choose acidic additives (for example, currants).

Because it can also be prepared following a pretty tasty dish. Badger fat Ir in an amount of 40 g and 100 g butter melted on a steam bath, stir, add a chocolate bar, and 30 grams of cocoa. The result is a mixture of chocolate drug, which can be spread on the bun.

 badger fat use

Treatment of badger fat in the home

Note the benefits of badger fat is only if you use it regularly, not every six months. So, this is done three times a day (half an hour before eating). After a couple of weeks you can switch to double-entry reception. Remember that this tool is used only on an empty stomach.

  • Treatment for bronchitis fat

Bronchitis - quite a serious disease that, if left untreated it can lead to bronchial asthma and pneumonia. In this case, inter alia, badger fat is recommended to use, both inwards and as an ointment. By the way, after rubbing the back and chest, the patient should be carefully wrap to keep it warm.

  • Treatment for tuberculosis fat

The people believe that the badger fat - one of the best means to fight tuberculosis. The fact that this previously suffered from people who are malnourished. An emaciated body simply could not cope with this scourge, and to feed the sick fruit, meat and vegetables might not all. That applies this inexpensive and effective means everywhere (even in the treatment of skin diseases).

Of course, do not look for a full recovery with the help of a badger fat. Apply it is possible as an aid, not more. So, mix in an enamel pot 1, 5 tablespoons fat of the animal, 1 tbsp milled in the blender or meat grinder aloe, 2 tsp cocoa 1 tsp brandy. Take once daily (morning or evening - your choice).

Badger fat: the rules and precautions

Nowadays not necessarily drink unpleasant smell and taste weight fat can be purchased in gelatin capsules. Use it as a so-called supplements for nutritious diet (acceptable for adults and children over 11 years). Prescription in pharmacies would be required. In addition, the badger fat is an important part of some healing ointments, balms and cough warming rastirok.

Natural product without any treatment can be purchased from hunters. Please note: it is not stored for a long time, plus fast spoiled by sunlight, heat treatment (heating and freezing), so its price is low. But the therapeutic effect, especially when compared to synthetic means, quite significantly.

As mentioned above, during treatment of bronchitis badger fat is also used for grinding and compresses. If you do all the procedures correctly, you can avoid the aggravation of the disease. Incidentally, this natural product has powerful antibacterial properties. Therefore, if one of your family members suffer from tuberculosis, you can not do without the fat.

The content of active substances in the melted fat badger unique. Badgers, as well as some other forest dwellers, hibernate, pre-stocking all necessary complex of vitamins. Including fat-soluble vitamins A and E, as well as water-soluble vitamins of group B. Moreover, in their fat it is quite a large number of useful trace elements and organic acids.

In humans, a fully digestible fat and usually has no side effects. This distinguishes it from a plurality of artificial cough medications or antiinflammatories. Use of badger fat leads to an improvement of the blood, improve the quality of protein metabolism, enhance the protective properties of our immune system. Fashionable dietary supplements do not have even a fraction of the useful properties of this natural gift.

But do not treat only one badger fat, giving up modern drugs. Otherwise, it can lead to tragic consequences, including death. Also, remember to check with your doctor whether you can combine the tool with the designated medicine for you.

How to choose and store badger fat

In fact, fat, sold in pharmacies, can not contain any useful elements. The problem is that some dishonest manufacturers or add too much extra ingredients (stabilizers, dyes, perfumes) or process it correctly. When you buy the first thing read the composition. There should be nothing superfluous.

Too many unknown names and elements of the package? Ask your pharmacist that all the abbreviations mean. The pharmacist is obliged to explain to you all and tell. And if too many chemicals and virtually no fat badger, look for other means. Also pay attention to the price. Too cheap products should alert you. Neither company would not operate at a loss. You should always remember this. By the way, this statement applies to all goods and services, not just drugs.

The second thing you need to do - to inspect the contents of the jar. If fat Resist high heat treatment (which is not to be done!), It will be too poisonous bright yellow color. In such a production is not that there is anything useful, it can also severely poisoned. Also worth noting is that some persons are often counterfeited similar products. That is why, ask the seller a certificate, which should confirm the quality of goods.

The important role played by the way you use this tool. To badger fat is not lost ahead of time, store it in a cool, dry place with no direct sunlight. Ideally suited for this refrigerator, where the temperature generally varies from 0 to 5 degrees. In such circumstances it may not be on the average up to two years.

Before each receiving checks whether the vehicle was spoiled, if there are any there any foreign flavors and additives, if not changed color. If you have anything to alert the (bitter taste, the smell of rotting), it is better to throw badger fat and buy a new one. Otherwise, you can get a strong food poisoning.

 like taking a badger fat

Contraindications: Who should not drink badger fat

Occasionally found idiosyncrasy badger fat. Also, its use is contraindicated if you have severe liver problems, stomach and pancreas. In no case do not give it the means to children and do not take it themselves, without prior consultation with a specialist. Do not engage in experiments with the preparation of ointments and cough syrups pregnant the fair sex, and mothers who have given birth. The problem is that in this case the woman's body may very weird story.

Please note: sometimes for badger fat, a strong allergy. Therefore, if after receiving you suddenly became ill, appeared on the body rash, skin began to itch, there was an upset stomach and you become much vomiting, you should stop self. If you can not immediately see a doctor, try one of Allergy drugs. Also, drink plenty of fluids to clean the stomach and prevent the remaining elements to enter the blood.

Errors and fears in the treatment of badger fat

  • Animal diseases

It is worth noting that today, many of us do not take the risk of badger fat, because they are afraid of contracting rabies. Unfortunately, many animals suffer from them. And to find out if a badger with a healthy made the tool, there is no possibility. In fact, as the experts say, the virus is not contained in the fat deposits of small animals, even if they are sick with rabies.

  • Overdose

Some of the fair sex believe that the more they drink the tool at a time, the better. Now imagine that you, for example, ascorbic acid ate a pack instead of 2 drops. What happens to you? That's right, a rash appears on the body may be feeling unwell. It should also comply with the norm. And if your doctor has prescribed one teaspoon a day, it is not necessary to experiment. Believe me, before you get on the shelves of pharmacies, badger fat checked and tested. Trial and error rate has been set, which should be unconditionally respected.

  • Self-treatment

Remember once and for all: if you have no medical education, in any case, do not put yourself or your loved ones diagnosed. Each person has the same disease can occur in different ways. Therefore, without taking tests and complete examination to determine what it is - bronchitis, pneumonia or tuberculosis - can not. By the way, cough is inherent in each of the above diseases. And even the two-day delay is fraught with serious consequences. Initially, therefore, you should call an ambulance, get tested, get tested, consult your doctor. And only if enabled, you can start taking badger fat.

  • Application through the power

You should not force yourself to drink this tool if you are ill at the mere recollection of it. Any good it will not. Also do not forget that our body is not accustomed to such products. Therefore, after receiving badger fat you may have a heavy stomach, heartburn, upset. If your body is sensitive to exotic foods, it is not necessary to experiment.

So, if you use it as an aid while adhering to rules and regulations, you can strengthen your immune system and to cope with a cough. If desired, you can replace the fat badger dog, Bear. They have exactly the same effect on the human body, plus, sold in almost every pharmacy.

 Badger fat cough: how to be treated this means