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  • When there are dark spots
  • Diagnosis of pigment spots
  • Output the correct age spots
  • Getting rid of age spots on his feet with the help of folk remedies

Many representatives of the fair sex who are too fond of epilators and wax, are familiar with the problem of skin pigmentation feet firsthand. Unfortunately, the brown islands, as if you do not want, do not pass on their own. It is necessary to engage the services of beauticians, constantly use special bleaching creams. Plus, the girls in the future will need to look for another way to get rid of the vegetation on the body. Otherwise, they will never be able to seduce a guy with beautiful, long and slender legs.

When there are dark spots?

For the appearance of chocolate brown islands responsible melanin - or rather, an excess or shortage. If for some reason this production of pigment cells melanocytes violated, in various areas of the skin appear dark or bright spots. This pathology is called in medical circles, hyperpigmentation. And every year the girls are increasingly turning to the hospital with similar problems.

But why there is a skin pigmentation? In the case of regular or misuse of this appliance, individual hairs sometimes begin to grow into the lower layers of the epidermis. And the increased tendency to keratinization is the cause of additional trouble. So, for example, the follicles can begin much rot. In the future, in their place are formed inflammatory foci.

A lover of hair removal are attempting to get ingrown hairs with tweezers or a needle, which entails strengthening the existing problems. A local abscess develops into an abscess. But this is not the only reason why there is pigmentation of the skin.

Diagnosis of pigment spots

To begin to understand that not every spot that could appear on your lovely legs - pigment. Any formation of skin deserve your attention and, if necessary, timely treatment. Therefore, if you suddenly found on the body of any markings which are not held for a long time, immediately consult a dermatologist.

Of course, it is not necessary to raise a panic. After all, not all spots on the legs are potentially dangerous. For example, it is often banal irritation after epilation. Do not worry, skin pigmentation will disappear on the third or fourth day.

Education on the legs may occur after walking in tight shoes or nylon tights. If on a given area of ​​the body, there are birthmarks that do not change their color and size, do not itch, they can be ignored. But this applies only to those cases where the skin pigmentation does not manifest itself. As soon begin to happen any changes, then immediately necessarily need to see a doctor.

By the way, even the trauma of the skin can easily cause hyperpigmentation active. And then we have to say goodbye to short skirts and shorts seductive. After all, "leopard feet," not quite what we would like to exhibit beautiful ladies on public display.

Could it be that strange rash on his legs appeared immediately after the application of new cosmetic products, such as hair removal creams or cosmetics shower. These allergic reactions usually disappear without a trace, and almost instantly. Once you understand the cause of the allergy, immediately stop using such products. But if the pigmentation does not disappear, then have to go to hospital.

 pigmentation on legs

Output the correct age spots

Brown spots on the legs to bring very difficult and costly. Plus, it is fun takes quite a long time. Today, there are many ways to get rid of this problem. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, pre-advised to consult with a specialist, and weigh the pros and cons.

  • Sanding

So, if you are very afraid of pain and would like to remove pigmentation spots as painlessly as possible, the best option is a diamond peels or laser resurfacing salon. Time for rehabilitation after a similar procedure will be about a week (up to two weeks). This method allows you to remove age spots in just once. However, if you will continue to use the epilator, walking with open legs in the sun, once again the problem persists.

  • Hospital treatment

The presence of pigmentation can often indicate that there were some problems with the organs of the digestive tract or disturbed metabolism. Occurrence of dark islands on the skin may in some cases have a genetic basis. In such a case will only medication.

This problem could occur due to exposure to ultraviolet, infrared radiation, X-rays. So if you start worrying pigmentation of the skin on the feet or other body parts, urgent to call a doctor. Proper treatment can be administered by specialists such as an endocrinologist, a dermatologist or vascular surgeon.

The unsatisfactory condition of the endocrine system, vitamin deficiency and lack of certain trace elements in the body - all this is very closely linked with the occurrence of pigmentation of the skin, including the legs. That is why the brown islands can be alarming lack of vitamins A, C, PP. While more bright spots may indicate a lack of vitamin B. This should give an impetus to ensure that at the same time using any external ointments, lotions, baths, you start to saturate your body with essential substances.

To begin eat as many fruits and vegetables. Discard the empty, junk food, which does not have anything useful to your body. Plus, get the vitamins in the pharmacy (but only by a doctor!). Often, to effectively combat excessive pigmentation specialists recommend to drink large doses of ascorbic acid or pantothenic do injections of vitamins B1, B6, B12.

If the spots are allergic nature, treatment, addition of external means includes another and antihistamines. In any case, it always is complex. And each individual agent is appointed only by a physician, and only after a full examination.

If the spots on the legs are pink or yellow hue, that is a strong likelihood that it might be ringworm. The main feature of the disease is that the local application of many treatments - various ointments and lotions, only exacerbates the disease. And so, if you noticed at the spot on the feet of such a plan, do not speculate on the daisy and take the medicine at random. To determine the cause and to appoint further treatment would dermatologist.

Note: This disease is dangerous by the fact that it can easily go to your loved ones. A self usually causes eczema. By the way, if you put such diagnosis, everyone with whom you are in contact recently, should also be examined.

The pigmentation of the skin may indicate any problems in the body. Education Body require mandatory diagnosis and treatment of complex purpose. And do not believe the advice of friends and acquaintances who had "exactly the disease and got rid of him by means of the conspiracy."

 pigmentation of the skin on the feet

Getting rid of age spots on his feet with the help of folk remedies

If your feet are covered with banal spots, caused not by any specific serious illnesses listed above, then you will be able to deal with them yourself. So, before starting treatment to get rid of existing ingrown hair and take care of preventing the occurrence of such problems in the future. It's enough to use the regular high-quality scrub. Unfortunately, this option is not for everyone to be equally effective.

The most difficult to account for the fair sex, who have very rough skin. And that's it, no such facilities will not help. Their skin can not be exfoliating scrubs and peels store. Therefore, such girls should be resorted to a less traumatic way of getting rid of the vegetation on the body.

The problem is that some areas of skin liable to increased keratinization. That is a very dense and thick stratum corneum. In this case, to help folk remedies that you can prepare yourself at home. They are typically used to epilation, to soften the skin. The fair sex as the scrub is best to use homemade salt exfoliator. To do this you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup iodized sea salt;
  • 5 drops of oil lemon or orange;
  • 1 tsp cream (anyone can even cheap).

All mix thoroughly until smooth. The resulting slurry can be used only after your skin is well moistened. It is recommended to take this shower or bath. You can also do warm compresses using decoction of herbs and towels.

Note: it is important to hydration. This will help achieve a soft, pliable skin and hair. Simply apply freshly scrub on your feet and hold it a minute or two to start salt affect the skin. Only then can you start peeling procedure and body hair removal (epilation or depilation). By the way, do not forget to test the vehicle in order to avoid an allergic reaction.

This procedure can be performed 2-4 times per week. It is desirable to do it at night, after cleansing the skin to the legs are not exposed to harmful sun rays. It is also not recommended in the next couple of hours to wear tight jeans, pantyhose, so as not to damage the treated areas with a rough cloth.

The next step would be the immediate elimination of pigment spots on problem areas. For this we need a more effective tool. For example, perfectly suited masks made concoctions of hydrogen peroxide. They have excellent lightening properties. However, caution should be exercised, that then instead of dark spots do not appear white.

So, for the preparation of the mask will need a miracle powder concoctions bags, are sold in pharmacies, and hydrogen peroxide. First, take a shower to wash off the dirt and dust, as well as soften the skin. The thick mixture is applied to the feet. Dwell time - 15 minutes. Then it is washed off with water and applied to the treated area or nourishing moisturizer.

Note the key word here - "stand" as pinching is very strong! But if there is no way to endure, immediately rinse the mask off the skin. Unfortunately, this method is absolutely not suitable for people prone to allergies. Plus, if you can not endure such discomfort for a quarter of an hour, it is not good grasp. Select the method is much more pleasant.

In order to get rid of brown spots, may need 5-12 such procedures. Be prepared that after a week's use of such a mask, your skin is extremely dry, flaked off. But the result will exceed your expectations. Moreover, the positive effect will stay a long time.

 Brown spots on the legs: reasons and methods of dealing with them