exercises for eyes with myopia


  • Get rid of stress - it impairs vision!
  • What yogis exercise vigilance return

Who are the four-eyes do not want to get rid of their "optical crutches?" People with good eyesight even can not imagine how much inconvenience deliver these devices, called points. They constantly misted (especially in the winter in the transport), it is necessary to wipe their special cloth. Points are broken, then lost, then stop normal corrected vision, and then have to buy new ones.

But you can get rid of glasses! No, do not just throw them in the trash - then you will bump into objects ignore acquaintances on the street. Yes, in the end, it's just dangerous - because you can not see the oncoming traffic, and hit by a car. Many doctors and trainers that promote exercise for the eyes with myopia, argue that the points necessary to remove once and for all.

But should not do it if your myopia (so scientifically called myopia) is greater than 1, 5 diopters. When violations of the stronger points of view you just have to change with the strongest on those little weaker. Soon you will see that it's real, if you regularly perform the exercises with myopia.

 Gymnastics for the eyes with myopia

Get rid of stress - it impairs vision!

Not only for myopia, but also in other diseases of the eye a big role in the progression of their power plays. Yes, your eyes are similar in structure to the muscles as an arm or leg. If these muscles are constantly tense, the eyesight deteriorates. Eyes - very agile body, they can not exist without a load. But eyestrain negative impact on their work, the eye should move easily and freely.

Where does the tension in the eye muscles of short-sighted people? This question is no single answer. Most ochkarikov suffer from myopia in childhood. At school we begin to strain your eyes to see something on the board. Then we assign the first treatment of myopia. Usually it is prescribing glasses with diopters suitable person to be able to see the bottom line on the test.

All optometrist satisfied (doctor treating vision optometrist or ophthalmologist called, are one and the same), vision corrected. In the best case, you put in your hand a piece of paper, where written exercises myopia. This may also be said that these exercises help only if they do long time and continuously. As soon gave up, eyesight deteriorate again.

This approach is quite normal that a person puts on his glasses, and gymnastics for the eyes with myopia remains undeservedly forgotten. What kind of exercise can relieve stress from our eyes? Here is a list of simple movements that must be done on a daily basis:

  • solarization;
  • swing;
  • palming;
  • mental representation.

Let's take a closer look at each item.

Sun - and the food and drink for your eyes

For the treatment of the eye with the help of sunlight, you need to learn how to do an exercise called "solarization". The ancient yogis have noticed that looking at the sun during sunset eye heals, making vision more acute. But these days, especially in the city, people have no opportunity to observe the sunset. Therefore, exercise is done at any time in the sun. If you "get it" the bright sunlight can not be any forces, then we can take a strong lamp (about 260 watts) and keep it in the yard away from the face.

First you need to remove the glasses and stand somewhere at the edge of dense shade (around the corner from the house or at the door). One foot should stand in the shade, the other - on the illuminated area. Eyes closed. Take a deep breath and begin to turn his head from side to side. The idea is that bright light should fall on the closed eyes, then go to the side. Head is best to raise the light to hit the gap between the closed eyelids.

First, the eye will wince in pain, do this exercise for as long as they get used to the bright light. Then you can proceed to the next step of solarization. Face the light (eyes closed). Now turn to the side of the body with the head. It is important that the eye is not "stick" to the sun, and looked to where the head is rotated.

The last part of the exercise to do so. The palm of one hand folded "boat" and put on the eye so that he could blink under it. Turn of events, as before, with the difference that the open eye hangs down and is constantly blinking. Slowly lift your head, still blinking. Do the same with the other eye. So is the treatment of myopia sunlight. After solarization it is necessary to do another exercise - "palming".

Palming - help relax the eyes with his hands

After exercise with the sunlight necessary to immerse the eyes in the dark. How to achieve this? Rub palm to the pleasant sensation of heat. Then put on one another so as to obtain two "house" for the eyes. Grounds for little fingers while touching, hands folded in a handful. This "design" is put on the nose like glasses. It should blink and make sure that no ray of the sun does not penetrate.

This exercise can be done from myopia sitting and even lying down. The main thing that elbows were stretched. To do this, they put on a table or on a pillow (if you sit in the chair). When palming is done lying down, elbows on both sides enclose the pillow.

Relax in complete darkness relaxes tense eye muscles and simultaneously activates a lot of nerve cells eyes. Do not try to "feel" your sensations in the eyes, this will only increase tension, and treatment is not complete. The best way to represent something nice. Good effect and representation of black. For this we need to introduce you to the famous black thing - velvet curtain in the theater, the black letters of the alphabet, black leather boots ...

Many people ask how often it is necessary to do palming during the day. The answer is simple - the more the better. Do not keep your eyes in the dark for a long time, more useful for myopia to do it in a few minutes 6-10 times a day.

Confirms the truth that the movement - is life

The next exercise is called the "turn". It is based on the fact that the eye sees when moved. Nearsighted people often look too closely, without blinking or moving the eyeballs. This habit is developed in childhood, when the sight is just the beginning to deteriorate. Your task - to teach her eyes again move freely, without peer or "staring" at one point.

Turns are big and small

Great turn of events over the body, the heel can detach from the floor. The lower part of the body is stationary, the rotation takes place only at the waist. Slowly turn your head, shoulders, eyes and body in one direction or the other. Let surrounding objects like "float" in front of your eyes.

To achieve the relaxation necessary to make 60 turns, and if you make 100 turns, you can even enjoy the process. If you do big turns 100 times in the morning and evening, it is not only normal eyesight. The flexibility of the spine will increase and this will improve the functioning of the heart and even the digestive tract!

As a variant of this exercise in the treatment of myopia can make small turns, also called "finger." Thus it is necessary to put a finger in front of his nose and gently turn your head to the side. It is important to look not at the finger, and past him. It is necessary to make sense that the finger moves. Not all succeed. In this case, you can try to put the nose is not one finger, and all the fingers on both hands as much as possible, "outstretched" them. It seems that this "Palisade" moves past your eyes.

Pleasant memories treat vision!

This is the fourth exercise in relaxation. Remembering or mental representation of joyful events helps to relax the mind and, therefore, the treatment of myopia, it is necessary to start with this exercise. Actually, not only the start, it can be done at any time, the more often the better.

One woman who lost her husband, told me that I almost lost her vision due to severe depression. And only in pleasant memories about the old happy days she had found his salvation. Any stress or anxiety can be reduced to nothing if you start to remember something interesting and joyful.

For example, a musician will bring pleasure to the memory of successful concerts, the athlete can enjoy the "scrolling" again winning the competition, the dressmaker can be texture and color of fabrics, with whom she recently worked. You do not need a lot of imagination to remind yourself that life had a lot of pleasant moments. Close your eyes and remember them is a great exercise!

In addition, you can combine great palming and pleasant memories, for myopia, these very effective workout relax your eyes.

 myopia exercise

What yogis exercise vigilance return

Many of today's system of healing based on the eye of the ancient techniques invented by yogis. One of them - the contemplation of the candle flame. Here's a brief description: set yourself a candle on the table, that the flame at eye level, and the distance to the candle - about 1 meter. And start looking at the top part of the candle flame, without blinking. Eyes will be a tear, but Morgan is possible only in extreme cases where it is absolutely impossible to tolerate it becomes.

Gradually, the eyes get used to this mode and behold the flame, without blinking, each time longer. Do this exercise for a few minutes each day and you will notice that vision began to improve.

I must say that yoga have developed a set of exercises that helps with myopia and hyperopia. It consists of a few simple movements of the eyes, on its implementation takes no more than 10 minutes.

  1. Eye movement from left to right.
  2. The same, only in a direction up and down.
  3. First look at the upper right corner, then slowly moving his eyes in the bottom left corner, then move your eyes in the opposite direction. The second cycle begins with the upper-left corner of the room, lead the eye to the bottom right and return back.
  4. The circular motion through the eyes - the eyes move slowly in a circle, starting from the top position. Please make a circle 10 times clockwise, then 10 times counterclockwise.

All movements are done slowly, without pressure, at the extremities have to look at the delay of 1 second, and then continue the movement. Very useful between exercises frequently, often to blink, it helps to relieve tension.

If you persuade yourself to do relaxation exercises and eye movements regularly, every day, the effect is bound to be. No one promises that you will give up after a month points, but greatly reduce the number of diopters of forces to everyone!

 Exercises for eyes with myopia give excellent results!