how to improve vision in myopia


  • What is the short-sightedness and how it is dangerous
  • The causes of short-sightedness
  • How to get rid of myopia
  • The treatment of myopia in hospital

Today, many of today the ladies are interested in the question of how to improve the vision in myopia at home. Who wants to risk the health and go under the knife, if I may resort to the less dangerous methods. But, unfortunately, this is a double edged sword. On the one hand, if you strictly follow the instructions, after only two or three months you will be able to see the fine.

However, there is always the risk that something will go wrong. And then, without a surgeon's scalpel is definitely not enough. Initially, therefore, you should weigh the pros and cons, consult a specialist. Only then can you begin to experiment with traditional methods.

What is the short-sightedness and how it is dangerous

Nearsightedness or myopia - is an anomaly in which the refracted light rays converge on the retina is not, and in front of her. This man is bad distinguish distant objects, and closely spaced might consider in detail and detail.

There are such types of myopia, as a weak, medium and high. The fair sex can be born with a defect that is detected in the early grades, or acquires it for life. In this disease there is an increase of the eyeball, which in turn leads to a stretching of the retina. Correction of myopia - is a complex procedure in which the patient returns to a full vision. The main thing - time to notice the problem and start treatment.

 how to improve vision in myopia causes

The causes of short-sightedness

Today we can safely say that myopia - the problem of the twenty-first century. Almost every second person found any abnormality or trouble with vision. This is due to the fact that our lives have become part of such gadgets and technical devices, such as TV, PC, PDA, tablet, mobile phone. They surround us at home, at work. Even on vacation, we can not do without them.

Of course, new technologies allow the creation of such LCD screens that are easy for users. However, prolonged contact is inevitable fatigue and dry eyes. But the problem is not technology itself, but in how we use it. Take, for example, a book. If you read it without rest breaks, in the evening the eyes redden and ache. The same thing happens when you sit at a computer for eight hours.

How to get rid of myopia

Prevention of disease and the development of myopia

Myopia is easier to prevent than to treat, so the following recommendations are provided for the prevention of this disease. If you take precautions, the risk of myopia reduced to a minimum. But do not forget to visit the eye doctor every six months.

  • Read

The first rule of prevention of myopia know the fair sex from school. It says that you can not read lying down. Even view the newspaper or magazine may be just sitting. Please note: The book should be at a distance of 30-35 centimeters from the eye.

  • Display

As mentioned above, for a long time to sit in one position and look to a certain point - you can not. It is necessary to spend in front of TV or monitor no more than two hours a day. Make it a rule in our time is very difficult, as many women sit during working hours at the computer. Do not tell the boss that you have not complied with the annual report, because the eyes are sick.

Such people are recommended to alternate work and rest. That is after every 45 minutes of work at a computer is required to be distracted. Rest should be at least 5-10 minutes (preferably with your eyes closed). Take coffee breaks to stretch your muscles and relieve tension.

  • Healthy eating

Another effective way to prevent myopia is eating raw carrots. This orange root vegetables contain large amounts of beta-carotene and antioxidants, which help prevent such eye disease. You can drink fresh juice every morning and prepare a fruit salad with the addition of this ingredient. Another folk healer is spinach. According to experts, the content of vitamin A is not inferior carrots. Plus, the number of dishes where you can add this product, much more.

Treatment of myopia: how to regain vision

Myopia develops gradually. Can not it be that you have seen today, everything is fine, and the next day the vision is very much deteriorated. If you notice that you become difficult to see the faces of passers, number of machines, read the text of advertising signs, it's time to seek medical attention. To delay a visit is impossible, as only an expert can make a correct diagnosis.

Only after the necessary studies he can establish that you have exactly the disease. And the table with the alphabet it will not be. Glaucoma and cataracts can masquerade as nearsightedness, so do not delay a hike in the department of ophthalmology clinics. Most likely, you will be advised to wearing glasses or lenses. True similar means for adjustment of view, is not always convenient and practical. The lenses are a good help with mild to moderate myopia.

To improve the accommodation, ie the ability of the eye to adjust to different distances when looking at the subject, appoint a special training exercises. Most of them are of the fair sex can perform every forty minutes, without being distracted from work.

  • Focusing on the subject

Sit on a chair, concentrate look at an object (at least HA3 seconds). Try not to blink, do not strain your eyes. Then you will need to reach out in front of you and hold for 3 seconds look at the finger. Then you can drop out and look into the distance. Exercise should be repeated 8-10 times.

  • Follows your finger

It should take a hand to the side, an elongated finger alternately move up to his nose and remove the back, never taking her eyes off him. We carry everything slowly and carefully. And so do 15-20 times. To start such studies should be at least three times, otherwise there will be no effect. The second option: to pull himself from his hand, holding his finger, five seconds to focus on it with both eyes, then close one another to look even for five seconds.

  • Draw numbers and figures

Nice and easy by the complex, where exercises are performed only with the eyes. So, for example, you can draw the eyes of eight. Repeat at least five times, changing the direction (for example, top-down, bottom-up, left-to-right, right-to-left, diagonal). This exercise you can do not only at work but also in public places (standing in line, waiting for a bus, returning home, etc.).

If this exercise does not need to move your head. It should first look in the lower left corner, and then translate the look diagonally to the right. Repeat 6 times in one direction and the same amount in the opposite direction. Finally, to escape, often blink for a few seconds, without making efforts.

 how to improve the vision in the treatment of myopia

The treatment of myopia in hospital

In order to prevent the progression of myopia, doctors usually prescribe the fair sex specific drugs. They are biostimulators such as aloe leaf extract, placenta, Lima dirt (FiBS).

To prevent time outpouring of blood in the retina, almost all patients prescribed rutin, ascorbic acid, calcium. To maintain the use of riboflavin, vitamin B. complications administered ATP and nicotinic acid. If such therapy is ineffective, carried scleroplastic corrective surgery.

Pay special attention to the fact that the fair sex with a high degree of myopia contraindicated in any activities associated with heavy lifting. You run the risk, if every day you need to consider the long-term small items remain in a bent position. If you put such a diagnosis, should be transferred to another post. When mild to moderate myopia disabled is usually stored.

As mentioned above, to prevent myopia is much easier than to treat. Watch your health and wellbeing, let your eyes rest. Try to take breaks from working at the computer, watch TV and as little as possible. Today the fair sex at school know how infrared waves are harmful to the eye and well-being in general. Include in your diet fresh carrots, spinach, blueberries. Take care of yourself, and the weakening of immediately contact an ophthalmologist for proper diagnosis. Myopia can be treated, the main thing - to perform simple exercises and believe in the winning result.

An important role in the prevention of myopia prevention plays. But these need to be addressed since the school years, and not when you turned 50 and began to deteriorate sharply vision. While reading and writing need to sit straight, do not lean too close to the notebook or a book.

Follow the lighting of the workplace. In the twilight, use table lamps. Do not save electricity. Sitting at the computer in the dark, women are straining your eyes. So you plant a very fast vision.

It is important in this case, the overall strengthening of the body (tempering, multivitamins), and the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, that can provide complications as myopia.

 How to improve vision in myopia: Exercise and national secrets