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  • Green tea - a fountain of youth
  • The green tea is dangerous?
  • This is counter green tea?
  • Harmful if green tea for potency?
  • Harm of green tea: what should be afraid of?

Green tea has long been considered one of the most useful beverages. And it's hard to disagree. Yet it is worth remembering the old adage: the drug in large quantities becomes a poison. In fact, whether green tea is harmful? Let's try to find out.

Green tea - a fountain of youth

For the Japanese green tea - a powerful antieydzhengovy drink that is able to extend the life of 5-7 years. Scientific evidence shows that consumption of green tea is the prevention of cancer and reduces the risk of cancer by 30%. And if the malignancy has been diagnosed, tea slows tumor growth. Due to zinc which in large quantities contained in tea leaves, it is a drink is considered a good anti-cancer agent.

But recently, scientists did just an incredible discovery. It turns out that tea is able to protect the body from radiation sickness. If you sit for long periods at a computer or like to watch TV in the evenings, try to drink 2 cups of green tea, then your body will be less affected by harmful radiation from the monitor or TV screen.

Green tea is widely regarded as a useful means for the vessels and the heart, it contains a large amount of copper, iodine and vitamin PP and B1, which are responsible for the strength of the blood vessels, and potassium, which is one of the key micronutrients tea beneficial to the heart and is used for prophylaxis rheumatism and arteriosclerosis. We should not forget about the dietary properties of the drink: it helps cleanse the body of toxins, break down lipids, salt prints, lowers cholesterol.

 Green tea is harmful

The green tea is dangerous?

Yes, green tea is harmful, but in large quantities or when its components are contraindicated for use. Any tea in its composition contains the active biological substances - flavonoids. Green tea contains the highest amount of flavonoids, so this drink is famous as an effective method of cleansing the body. But with a large use useful properties can have the opposite effect, and instead of helping in the work of the kidneys and liver, will have a heavy load on them.

Therefore, cleansing the body recommended extreme care: a day to drink no more than 1, 5 liters of tea, and the treatment should last no longer than a week. The course of treatment will take place most effectively if it is combined with an active intake of fruits and vegetables. Repeated cleaning can be carried out not earlier than in a month. A normally not recommended drink 2 cups a day.

Another important constituent of green tea have a purine. It helps the body get rid of toxins, but a large number do not have time to be displayed and can be converted into a salt, thereby disrupting metabolic processes and developing the symptoms of gout. No wonder doctors noted an interesting pattern: as soon as people suffering from rheumatism or arthritis, stopped to drink tea or coffee in any form as soon felt much better.

This is counter green tea?

  1. Expectant Mothers

    Tea contains coffee, which can stimulate the fetus and affects its development. According to Japanese studies, 5 cups of tea drunk per day, is that amount of caffeine that can cause abnormal development of the fetus (small weight). Also, caffeine increases urine and causes heart palpitations, increasing the burden on the kidneys and heart. A large amount of green tea can cause toxicosis.

  2. Suffering from ulcer

    Green tea - a good assistant to your stomach, it helps digestion. But this tea is contraindicated for people suffering from stomach ulcers. Furthermore, at high acidity green tea can be used only in small quantities. The fact that a healthy stomach produces phosphoric acid which reduces acid secretion, and theophylline, a component of green tea, stops this function. As a result, increased acidity in the stomach, which prevents healing of ulcers. Ulcer desirable to abandon the use of strong tea or dilute it with milk.

  3. Hypertension or atherosclerosis

    When these diagnoses, it is desirable to abandon the strong tea. Caffeine and theophylline, a stimulant effect on the central nervous system, and when overexcitation narrowed blood vessels, which may cause a thrombus.

  4. Insomniac

    And if the harm of coffee before bedtime is known to all, that is why tea is not attributed to any negative properties. And for good reason. A cup of strong tea increases the activity of the brain and central nervous system, blood flow is accelerated pulse rate that prevents restful sleep.

  5. Patients with high fever

    Since childhood we have been taught that hour hot strong thirst quencher and a positive effect at high temperature. But this is far from reality. British pharmacologists found that the hot tea is not only not useful but on the contrary, theophylline increases body temperature. In addition, it has a diuretic effect, so it makes inefficient use of any antipyretics.

Harmful if green tea for potency?

Some people believe that green tea has an adverse effect on the health of men. Scientifically, this fact in no way proved, green tea does not cause damage directly to male power. This drink is equally harmful for both women and men, it is dangerous only in large quantities. Of course, if you drink enough strong tea for a long time, an overdose of caffeine and other ingredients can cause general fatigue of the body and worsen his condition, which is why for psychological reasons may be a disorder of sexual function. Once the flow of caffeine in the body cease, men's health immediately bounces back.

 Harmful if green tea

Harm of green tea: what should be afraid of?

  1. Drinking alcohol

    Simultaneous use of alcohol and green tea can harm the body. Back in ancient China, we found that tea after wine harms the liver and kidneys. The fact that the combination of tea and alcohol produces toxic substances that adversely affect the internal organs.

  2. Drinking on an empty stomach

    Doctors do not recommend drinking green tea on an empty stomach, because the drink irritate and may result in the emergence and development of ulcers or gastritis. In addition, it is not recommended to drink tea before a meal, as it reduces the absorption of protein, it also tends to envelop the walls of the stomach and cause dilution of saliva, which is why food can seem tasteless.

  3. Tea poor quality

    Nothing spoils the mood and body as substandard, stitched or spoiled products. This also applies to tea. In the eye quality goods is difficult to determine, it is possible to navigate by smell or color, but it is best to buy in specialized stores.

As you can see, the use of the seemingly most harmless drink can cause a number of negative consequences. What happens? Green tea does not drink? These extremes to anything, just everywhere you need to know when to stop. You should not deprive yourself of pleasure and abandon a delicious cup of aromatic tea.

 The green tea is harmful?

 Birch juice


  • Birch sap: useful components
  • The beneficial properties of birch sap
  • We collect birch sap
  • How to keep the birch sap
  • "Birch" cosmetics
  • Analogs of birch sap

Spring - is not only a celebration of greenery and flowering trees, but also the period of seasonal colds and beriberi. To strengthen the immune system and ward off disease, we are trying to replenish their reserves of vitamins and one of the most useful drinks in the spring of the year is considered to birch sap. Treatment juice was practiced in the days when there were invented fast medicine. Now, birch sap is considered to be not only useful but also delicious drink.

Birch sap: useful components

Birch juice has a composition rich minerals, it contains carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, organic acids and volatile, and saponins, tannins, fruit sugar, essential oils. Moreover, the juice contains: betulol, magnesium, copper, calcium, sodium, potassium and manganese.

Birch sap is a real elixir of longevity and health. Outwardly, it looks like a colorless liquid, but its chemical composition is superior to many vitamin cocktails. Birch sap is very low calorie, 100 grams of liquid accounts for only 22 calories, so nutritionists love him include in the diet of their clients.

The beneficial properties of birch sap

Since ancient times birch sap is called the "water of life", and for good reason, because it helps in the treatment of even the most serious diseases and supports the body during the period of beriberi. What were the properties of birch sap?

  • Juice helps in treating coughing, headaches, bronchitis and even ulcers. It is used in sciatica, arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Birch sap has regenerative properties, normalizes metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins from the body and is a refreshing diet drinks.
  • Regular consumption of juice leads to tone the body and helps to strengthen the immune system.
  • Birch juice helps with scrofula, scurvy, anemia, allergic diseases, beriberi, and kidney stones.
  • The composition of the juice include malic, glutamic and nicotinic acid.
  • Potassium, calcium and magnesium strengthen vessels and prevent occurrence of heart disease.
  • Enzymes and biological stimulants, which are rich in birch sap, stimulate the protective reaction of the body.
  • Tannins act as antiseptics, and glucose and fructose stimulate the brain.
  • Birch juice helps reduce the temperature and sore throat when they rinse the throat.
  • The juice helps with swelling and joint diseases, and with chronic rhinitis it is recommended to drink each morning.
  • Juice treat a variety of skin diseases: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, pruritus; in acne wipe with a damp cotton swab face and dandruff juice wash the head.

We collect birch sap

Previously birch sap can be found in any grocery store, where the shelves were crowded gastronomy big banks. Now it is also produced in the glass, and cartons, but the chemicals are used for preservation, "kill" the useful properties of the beverage, leaving nothing in it besides the familiar taste of childhood. Therefore, if possible, to collect birch sap is best done alone. This procedure is carried out in March and April, when the branches have not yet blossomed leaves. Typically, the collection is just 2-3 weeks. Let us consider in detail how to collect birch sap.

To collect the sap from selected trees spreading crown and at least 20 centimeters in diameter, it is desirable that they have grown in ecologically clean regions. Approximately 20-30 cm from the ground bark of the trunk is trimmed (cut a small square), and then drilled a hole depth of 3-4 cm. The juice is moving between the upper layers of wood and bark, so it's a deep hole is not required.

In the prepared tray is inserted into the slot of birch bark, plastic, aluminum gutter or other device through which the liquid will flow into the container. Under trickle substitute containers for juice, it may be cans, bottles, or any other device. To stream flowed directly into the bank, it is sent via twisted into a bundle of bandage or straw. Sometimes the juice is extracted by sticking to the site of the cut ordinary plastic bag. Collecting birch sap is best done in the most "fruitful" time. Most juices motion occurs between 12 and 18 hours.

Furthermore, the thicker the birch stem, the more openings for the collection of juice can be drilled. For example, if the diameter of the stem is 40 cm, it can be simultaneously up to 4 holes. Small tree produces up to 3 liters of juice, and a large plant - all 7-NIL. After the collection period was juice, do not forget to close all the holes carefully to not hit to harmful trace elements, because of which the wood can dry up and fall ill. The holes can close up pieces of moss, wax and even clay.

The process, called "How to collect birch sap," we have already discussed, now it's time to move to the least important point - it blank.

 Birch juice

How to keep the birch sap

Fresh birch juice in the refrigerator is allowed to store a couple of days, after which the transparency of the drink disappears, and he begins to ferment and foam. Naturally, the best juice are consumed fresh, but if the crop is large enough, and want to preserve all the beneficial properties of the drink "in a bottle", you can make the blank using the following recipe.

  1. On 1 liter of beverage add half a cup of sugar and 5 g of citric acid. Further, all thoroughly mixed, passes through the filter and pour into containers (banks), and then the juice pasterizuem, lids roll up and store in a cool place.
  2. Birch sap can be the basis for vitamin syrup, which is used for making soft drinks. To take this a fresh juice, it is evaporated to simmer without covering cap, as long as the contents do not take the consistency of honey. Once the syrup has cooled, poured into containers and put in a cool place, preferably in the refrigerator.
  3. Cooking delicious foamy drink from birch sap. Take half a liter of freshly juice, pour into a convenient bottle, add 2 teaspoons of sugar, 3-4 raisins and lemon zest fourth part. Further, the bottle closure cap, wrap it with wire, and put in a cool place for 2 months. Once the drink "ripen," he recalls soda. Drink with sugar.

 collect birch sap

"Birch" cosmetics

Birch sap - not just healthy and tasty drink, but also the basis for natural cosmetics. To keep the skin fresh and her hair - healthy, take note of a few recipes.

Nourishing Mask

Take 2 tbsp. l. birch juice mixed with 1 tbsp. l. sour cream and add 1 ch. l. honey. The resulting mixture was thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin for 10-15 minutes. After a few sessions the application of such masks skin becomes soft matte finish.

Lotion for oily skin

Take dry birch buds, pound them into powder and fill it with vodka (1: 5), and then fill in a tightly sealable container and insist week. Once the kidneys by the present, pressing and drainage. The resulting lotion - a good way to cleanse the skin before applying moisturizer.

Broth to strengthen hair

Save natural shine and strength of hair help decoction of birch leaves. To make it, take 1 tbsp. l. birch leaves, pour 1 cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain through a sieve. The resulting broth is rinsed hair after washing.

When excessive sweating

A couple of times a day is recommended to wipe the skin with tincture of birch buds. It is necessary to take one of the kidneys and 5 parts of alcohol and insist 10 days.

Analogs of birch sap

Movement of juice in the spring is not only birch and other trees. The analog of birch sap in the number of nutrients is the juice of the sugar maple and American. On our open spaces maple sap is extracted is very rare, as the sugar maple is common in North America, and other types of fast growing, so not productive. But in the eastern United States (Vermont) and Canada maple sap is used to produce sweet syrups.

 Birch juice - delicious vitamin drink