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  • Tea with milk: the pros and cons drink
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  • To drink or not to drink tea with milk products

Morning virtually every modern fair sex begins with a cup of strong and aromatic tea. He not only invigorates, tones and nourishes our bodies useful elements, but also safe effect on the stomach (unlike coffee).

Thus all drink differently. Some women prefer to refill the tea drink milk or cream, do not recognize any other additives, and use it only in pure form. It depends not only on the tastes and preferences, but also from the residence will give as tea traditions formed over centuries by different peoples.

Everyone knows that English Breakfast includes a cup of tea with cream, the Mongols added to drink milk or butter (interesting, is not it?). And the Chinese are drinking only pure tea leaves. Moreover, residents in high places preclude the addition of flavorings, honey and sugar, even assuming that all these elements distort the true taste. Is it so? Tea with milk: benefit or harm is of such a mixture? It was later in this article.

Tea with milk: the pros and cons drink

In our stores diverse range of these products. Today, you can buy the traditional black, popular green, as well as more rare types of tea, such as white and yellow. I want to try them all, so we are buying and experimenting with flavors. And many of us, as mentioned above, is added to the cup and more milk. There are divided views of many: some talk about the undoubted benefits of the diluted drink, while others argue that it is - two completely incongruous things.

In fact, here, as always, has its positive and negative sides. Only acquainted with them, you can decide whether or not to use the milk tea. Benefits and harms - it all depends on how you drink it, in what quantities. An important role in this case played by your state.

Why should I drink tea with milk

Let's start with the positive reviews. With daily use of tea with milk improves health, increases vitality, stabilizes overall health. This beverage contains a large amount of antioxidants that remove free radicals, as well as B vitamins And, of course, potassium, necessary for the cardiovascular system and normalize blood pressure.

When you add the milk, the above elements are better absorbed by the body. Furthermore, enzymes are catalysts of dairy products and affect the diuretic properties of tea. Therefore, they contribute to the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body.

Green tea with milk is useful for anyone who thought about getting rid of a few extra kilos. Nutritionists recommend the use of the tool, but only as an accessory. That is, you do not have to sit on the diets long enough to play sports and drink this cocktail.

This combination accelerates metabolism, helps to eliminate toxins. Due to the calcium content of milk, the fair sex strengthens bone tissue, improves the condition of the tooth enamel. Use of this magical mixture reduces the risk of kidney disease, physical and nervous strain.

Proponents of this drink is considered that the combination of beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, as the milk neutralizes caffeine. By the way, this is why it is recommended to use diluted tea and coffee drinks to people who have problems with the cardiovascular system and stomach.

Note that the tea drink in combination with low-fat cream possible even for people with lactose deficiency which can not tolerate whole milk. This drink provides the body with essential nutrients and hunger at the same time will not occur practically the whole day.

When it is not necessary to use tea with milk products

There opponents drink tea beverage with milk. Let's talk about the disadvantages that they are in such a combination. The main argument as state experts and scholars - neutralizing minerals. The problem is that catechins contained in tea becomes ineffective under the influence of caseins contained in milk. And these same catechins are powerful antioxidants that protect the body against many diseases, including cardiovascular.

According to opponents, milk inhibits the positive effects of tea, which is usually provided on the walls of blood vessels. And in combination with a green or white tea, milk forms a number of substances that do not dissolve in the body. They appear in this form. Of course, the damage from this will not be as good.

Those who are against the use of tea with milk, it is believed that such a mixture leads to a decrease in the elasticity of capillary walls, disruption of the stomach and intestines, kidney stones. Misusing such a drink, you can achieve slow metabolism, the appearance of weakness and constant headaches. The confirmed such opinion - it is not known as to publish the results of research on this question is no.

German scientists say that only tea in its purest form stabilizes blood pressure. They also proved scientifically that milk casein nullify many useful properties. There were even conducted experiments on rats, during which found that catechins release nitric oxide. This promotes vasodilation. Unfortunately, milk greatly reduces their concentration, subtracting a positive effect.

However, British scientists believe that the study was conducted properly. So, for example, limiting the circulation of laboratory rats. And for the health of the cardiovascular system is very important factor is the sedentary life. Plus, an important role is played by the correct mode, type of activity, relaxation techniques, proper nutrition. Thus, the fair sex are not likely to sit still, refusing food, eating alone while only tea.

 benefits and harms of tea with milk

How to drink tea

So, you know, that tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, it contains more than 200 nutrients. If milk caseins and reduce effects of catechins, it does not mean that they also affect other substances. Therefore, those who like to drink this drink it diluted, do not deny yourself the pleasure.

How tasty tea with milk, if it is prepared properly. The most famous, popular and simple recipe known to practically every representative of the fairer sex. First, you will need to pour half a cup of hot milk, then add a strong brew, without diluting it with boiling water. It is best tea blends unboiled cow milk. This drink is a tasty both cold and hot. However, be careful when buying dairy products. Do not buy it on the natural markets, since it may be harmful to human health bacteria.

Many women can not even imagine the diet without tea. It remains only to choose what is best to buy tea leaves. Choose a large leaf, or Ceylon, but do not buy flavored or bags. Useful in such products do not just spend money for nothing.

To drink or not to drink tea with milk products

Unequivocally to answer this question, what tea is better to give preference, no one can. You just need to take care of their health, to listen to the state of the body. If there was discomfort after a long time you drank tea with milk, try two or three weeks to give it up. If symptoms pass, then things really drink. And if you continue to be bad, the cause must be sought elsewhere.

If the use of tea with milk is only positive feelings, it gives energy boost, then drink a drink for health. The main thing - to observe a measure. It is not necessary to replace all similar cocktail (and juices and fruit drinks). Remember once and for all, even in plain water contains large amounts of trace elements necessary for health.

And do not forget that the important role played by the mood in which people prepare and eat food. If you make a tea with milk for breakfast, and in the head - a swarm of thoughts about the dangers of such a combination, it will, at least, to poor health is not the whole day. So think about the good and coffee, juice, mineral water and tea drink with pleasure.

 Tea with milk: benefits and harms of this magic potion

 remedy for depression


  • How to overcome depression: are treated folk remedies
  • How to get rid of depression and bad moods

Bad mood, apathy, the desire to go to bed and sleep all day - with similar symptoms of depression, many of the fair sex do not know firsthand. Causes of the disease can be completely different, but in general it appears, after the girl had suffered a severe nervous breakdown.

Depression can recognize every person as not all even know how it usually appears. Remember the very first signs of the disease - is a constant mood swings, increased tearfulness, irritability. All this is accompanied by negative thoughts and pessimistic, both to life and to all the people who surround it.

Most importantly - always listen to yourself. If you feel that you can not deal with the problem yourself, then you need to seek medical help from a specialist. You can also resort to traditional medicine that saves our mothers and grandmothers from all problems. Nowadays herbs, conspiracies, etc. It means almost no one is treated. But it's worth it. It is important that you do not lose hope and always believed only a good result. Plus, remember that this additional measure, not a primary treatment.

 the best cure for depression

How to overcome depression: are treated folk remedies

Depression is very difficult to win, but it must be done as quickly as possible, as the advanced disease may progress to a more serious psychological disorder. In folk medicine, there are many different ways to help you overcome this problem. You can choose for yourself any treatment option. For example, experts recommend to do sports, to start eating right. But do not forget to take pills, to visit a psychologist or psychoanalyst, go to special training. Remember, depression treatment folk remedies - a double edged sword.

  • Proper and balanced nutrition

Chocolate - the best cure for depression. It was said more than once. Moreover, experts recommend eating only sweets, which were made from natural cocoa. Plus, primarily in this disease must be added to the diet products to help increase the amount of tryptophan in the body, amino acids. Also do not forget about the beneficial properties of carbohydrates, which instantly raise their spirits the fair sex.

However, you must understand that the food should be varied and balanced. Otherwise, if you go for cakes, chocolates and ice cream, the mood will deteriorate again, but because you typed kilogram. Carbohydrates - an insidious thing! Unfortunately, many people forget about it.

So, in your diet you will definitely need to add fish, a small amount of nuts. For corn and sunflower oils, the use of these products girls should reduce to a minimum. Thanks to this way of eating, the body will obtain the necessary substances that favorably affect the psychological state. Another plus a balanced diet is that you can not just help yourself cope with the depressive state, but also completely heal your body.

Eat as much as possible foods that contain the vitamins necessary for our health. Vitamin deficiency has not brought benefits to anyone - it's a fact. By the way, this problem is for women who are constantly losing weight, refusing food in favor of diets and starvation.

Vitamins play an important role in the treatment of depression. Therefore, even in the winter, try to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. And learn how to prepare meals. The problem is that after the heat treatment, many useful elements simply disappear. Therefore, do not give preference to frying in sunflower oil and steamed.

What should have the fair sex, if they have a depressive syndrome? Vitamin B-3. It is a fatty fish, pork, chicken meat, legumes, whole grains, as well as in many cereals. Vitamin B-12 and potassium - these substances help to overcome the great apathy and bad mood, which is mostly all women suffer before menstruation. A calcium intake will help the ladies to recover after childbirth. Unfortunately, bear a child, many young mothers are depressed.

Thus, almost all the B vitamins help to improve physical and emotional state. If you are taking any medications for depression, this vitamin will make them more effective. However, should pre-consult with a specialist.

  • Sports and exercise

Physical exercise - another great way through which you can overcome depression in the initial stages, to lift a bad mood. So, no one has ever harmed exercise. On the contrary, they always have a beneficial effect not only on the body but also on the human soul.

Even if your work involves constant movement, you still have at least 30 minutes a day to give training in the gym. For example, the best cure for depression - it dances. You open yourself, your soul, forget about all the problems and troubles.

If you can not go every day to the fitness and aerobics in the gym, then try to at least 20 minutes to play sports at home. This may be a morning jog, a walk with your loved ones or friends in the fresh air charge. Just do not do it by force, forcing yourself to get up with the first roosters and try to get all of the only good emotions.

There is also a whole set of specific exercises, the implementation of which did not take long. But after them, your mood will improve, will power and desire to work on. Plus, you can stretch your tired muscles after a hard day's work.

So, stand exactly in front of the mirror. It should be up and pulled up his hands as if you are trying to reach the ceiling. Look at your reflection. If the corners of her mouth are lowered, and in the eyes - emptiness, just smile, even if you do not really want to do it. Now repeat it all over again (3-4).

Proceed to the next exercise. Spread your hands as much as possible, to give the impression that you are someone waited a long time, and finally met. Do you want this person to press firmly to the bone already crunched. Then lower your arms, stay in this position for 5 seconds. Repeat 7 more times.

The last job that will help overcome depression. Press fingers to her thighs, then start to rub them with force. Rub your legs, ankles, feet, knees and back. If desired, you can purchase a special stiff brush or massage shower.

Giving physical stress on your body, you can easily defeat became depressed. Note: you need to go to the gym no more than twice a week. Otherwise, you can bring yourself to exhaustion. Sport should be fun.

  • Broth and tinctures

Remember the names of some herbs that will help you forget about what is depression. St. John's wort - an excellent tool with which you can adjust your emotional state. A decoction of it acts as a sedative, so you'll feel more relaxed and confident throughout the day.

But you should know that St. John's wort is not combined with other herbs and drugs. It also reduces the effectiveness of antibiotics, so you should not self-medicate without telling your doctor about this. Do not take the broth in a hot day. If it is indispensable, in the late spring, summer and early autumn, try as little as possible in the sun.

Help may be common and valerian tincture. Note: you need to drink more than once in six months, when you suddenly became ill, fell mood or had a nervous breakdown. Valerian necessary to take a long time, as it starts to act favorably on the body only after the accumulated therein.

Tincture soothes perfectly, so many of the fair sex abuse her. Be careful, because in some way it acts as a mild sedative. So, if you took valerian, sat behind the wheel, you will be sleepy. As a result - an accident on the road. Therefore, do not stop the choice on it, if you have a difficult day.

Conversely, in the evening you can take the medicine. And then you expect a healthy and sound sleep. Good will quickly get out of a difficult and troubled state. Valerian can be taken with any medicines. Most importantly - know when to stop. In case of overdose side effects may occur, that is, vision problems, disturbed heart rhythm. Pre-read the instructions and read the precautions.

  • Beverages from fruits, green tea

Lechimsya tea and natural juices. With their help, you definitely get rid of depression. The most interesting thing here is that most of these drugs have the house almost every housewife. The main thing - do not be lazy to cook fresh drinks. For example, the tea should be brewed every day, not once a week, constantly pouring boiling water fresh. Drink with sugar or honey - it all depends on your preferences and requirements. You can also add a couple of slices of lemon, orange zest. It is not only delicious but also good for your health!

Not bad to help cope with depression herbal teas. Chamomile, nettle, mother and stepmother - like good can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is only important to know what kind of grass you need to take to restore the nervous system. Typically, manufacturers write it on the packaging.

A very useful tool that is recommended to take the fair sex in depression - a banana. This product can be used in any form. You can either just to eat two fruits a day, or make him a smoothie. Not less effective products that improve mood, are pears and apples. Treating depression these fruits will not only delicious, but also effective. Just try to buy foods grown in your area of ​​residence. Tropical and foreign delicacies sometimes completely devoid of vitamins and minerals.

  • Aromatic oils

Also, depression can be used aromatic oils, which have a tonic, sedative and tonic effect on the body. Only the esters should be chosen to each person individually. What it is sold in the markets and called "for all ills", unfortunately, or useless, or even may cause an allergic reaction.

So, for example, a good feel with basil oil, lemon and rose. Use these items may be different. Some people prefer to take baths or lubricate the whiskey, the other is added to the masks and balms. If you want to avoid direct contact with skin, pour a few drops into a special lamp for the night. You will be surprised with the result. It will be apathy, headache, rise mood, improve well-being.

  • Balsams and vitamin cocktails

Since depression can be treated with honey, lemon and dried fruit. In addition, thanks to this vitamin cocktail, you can strengthen your immune system. So, mix in a glass of 150 grams of honey, 5 lightly fried in a pan walnuts, lemon juice and 200 grams of dried apricots. Let it brew for a couple of days. Receipt of funds should be consumed one hour before meals (1 tbsp three times a day).

Also to cope with the disease, you can with the help of a homemade balm. You'll need the following ingredients: valerian drops (1 tbsp), hop cones (2 tsp), marshmallow root, oregano, mint, chamomile, black tea (1, 5-2 Art. L). To get started, take black tea in an enamel saucepan, mix it with all the above herbs. Then pour boiling water over it all (taking only filtered or mineral water) and continue to cook.

Cover container, turn off the heat and leave to infuse for 15 minutes Cool, pour into a glass dish. Store in the refrigerator. Take every day for 100 ml (1/2 cup) 3 times. Tea Balm has calming and relaxing properties.

 depression treatment folk remedies

How to get rid of depression and bad moods

Of course, to give an absolute guarantee that every one of the above methods of traditional medicine will help you overcome depression, it is impossible. An important role in the treatment of mental disorders play a ratio of friends and relatives. It is clear that in this condition it will be very difficult to find a common language with their relatives and associates, as will irritate, annoy everything.

Plus, you do have to make an effort to return to normal life. Try not to pour out all his negative on the people with whom you are communicating. And believe me, every person who will notice the metamorphosis taking place with you, will try to help you deal with the problem.

A few tips that will help you to quickly return to a normal state:

  • Do not sit on the ground

Help you overcome depression cheerful and friendly company, any passion or hobby. Think there may be the case that you want to do for a long time? If you manage to realize their dream, it will be a great impetus for you. In order not to happen, start life with a new sheet and forget about all the psychological shock.

  • Not to drive yourself into a depression

If you like to watch movies that are just depress the nervous system, be sure to give up this hobby. It may be, for example, horror, action, drama. Because the view of this video, which brings positive emotions, will only aggravate the situation.

In the struggle with depression makes great massage (with aromatic oils and special ointments). A beauty salon, you can not only relax during the procedure, but after a few sessions once and for all forget what a bad mood.

All these methods are good and effective. The most important thing that you do want to go back to normal life. Avoid any stress, look at everything with a smile, setting yourself only good future. Listen to classical music, as it has an amazing calming effect on the psyche. Eat what you like, pamper yourself to various trinkets. Finally, buy yourself the thing that you've always dreamed of. Walk more than a walk, as the fresh air will help get rid of all negative thoughts. Smile more, even if there is no desire. And then the bad mood will pass you side.

 The remedy for depression: how to raise yourself in a bad mood