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  • Why do we snore
  • How to stop snoring

In ancient times, people thought that if you sleep so loud that even the neighbors do not sleep, so a healthy person. But modern medicine tends to the opposite opinion. Doctors and scientists say that loud and prolonged snoring can not only annoy others, but also pose a threat to the life of a person suffering from this disease. And all because during sleep the throat muscles are relaxed. And the language at this moment can stock up and block the flow of air, from which this person is simply suffocate.

Why do we snore

Many men and women snore during sleep, without attaching any importance to this phenomenon. Unfortunately, in our country, snoring is the norm. Such a person, for example, typically do not like to train, because he does not give up all night to sleep the rest of the companions, in prefabricated houses, hotels. And it is worth sorry for this lady. Since it is - a serious disease. And it does not recover on their own.

But before you start looking for ways to cure snoring, you must find out the cause of this phenomenon. Sometimes recover quite easy, just start to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, unfortunately, in some cases, without surgical intervention is necessary. So, there are different factors that can trigger a guttural sounds.

  • Adiposity

Perhaps the most common cause of snoring - overweight. The fact is that obese people are too fat adipose tissue that interferes with normal oxygen supply. Therefore, the fair sex, which weighs more than the established norm, should urgently lose weight.

  • Bad habits

Also, snoring can occur due to abuse addictions. Smoking and alcoholic beverages to anyone yet not profit. From cigarettes must be abandoned once and for all, and you can drink alcohol only in small doses. And passed a glass should be no later than four hours before bedtime. Complete rejection of bad habits will help to cope not only with snoring, but also with many other diseases.

  • Runny nose

If the cause of snoring served cold, then the problem is solved quickly enough. If you're just a cold, then a week later everything goes by itself. It also can be completely cured for 2-3 days. To do this, buy special drops, which are sold in pharmacies. You can also use traditional methods: washing nasal saline solution, wiping the oral aloe juice, etc. Of course, it is important to early treatment and do not start the disease. Otherwise, if your body is weak, cold can develop into chronic.

  • Lack of moisture in the bedroom

Cause bad "night songs" can dry indoor air. In this case, it is important each time before going to bed to ventilate the room where you sleep (5-10 minutes). Note: this should be done even in the winter. If this is not possible, then there are special devices for humidification. Plus, thanks to them, you can easily transfer the heat of the summer.

  • Problems with the nasopharynx

The trauma of the nose, deviated septum, and other similar factors also cause snoring. In this case, without the help of a doctor, certainly not enough. Otherwise, you and your family will have to continue to suffer from bubbling gurgle, issued from the bedroom.

 snoring treatment at home

How to stop snoring

When the causes of snoring are installed, you should immediately start treatment. To do this, you can seek medical help from a specialist, who will appoint a full examination. And, based on your diagnosis and received assays will prescribe you a course of drugs. Some people recommend special plates and caps. In the most severe cases need surgery.

In fairness it should be noted that you can also carry out full treatment of snoring at home. And if you do everything right, traditional recipes and methods will bring a positive effect. But the main thing - do not forget about some of them to ask the doctor.

First, each time before going to sleep, somewhere in an hour and a half before going to bed, perform simple physical exercises. You can also walk on foot (but not for long). Secondly, if you are a lover of the night to eat, then reduce food intake to a minimum. Do not eat foods that contain starch. If, however, you want a snack at night looking, drink a cup of yogurt, eat a cucumber or a banana.

Third, before going to bed will not prevent glass of purified carbonated water. Please note: The liquid should be slightly warm. Fourth, if you find it hard to give up cigarettes, then at least do not smoke before going to bed. And after the final rinse the mouth inhaling a small amount of vegetable oil. It helps to adsorb irritating chemical substances contained in the smoke. Plus, it softens the oral mucosa.

Furthermore, there is a positional treatment of snoring, which is also easily carried out at home. Ask your relatives to watch the same time, in what position you publish guttural sounds. If snoring occurs only when you are lying on your back, then the first thing to do - to unlearn so to bed.

Since in this case the cause of snoring - sink language. Develop a habit of not lie on your back will help ordinary rubber ball sewn into his pajamas (in the back or tailbone). All your attempts to roll over and lie down in a comfortable position to be completed awakening, and after about a month you will have a reflex - do not go to sleep on his back.

If you snore only when lying on your side, you should be concerned about the strengthening of the muscles of the tongue and soft palate. An effective method of getting rid of the problem in this case are special exercises. Try as much as possible to stick his tongue forward and leave it in this position for a few seconds. Repeat up to 30 times. Work jaw: make a movement back and forth - from 25 to 30 times. Firmly squeeze the teeth any rubber object (for example, a small ball) and hold it for five minutes.

Be sure to note that quick results similar exercise will not do. However, their performance can be regularly forget about snoring. We should not throw a class, if the dream is normalized. Bring the muscle tone is very difficult. But they quickly lose their elasticity if you stop exercising.

Today, there are special devices that help solve the problem. They are placed in the mouth and something vaguely like a pacifier for children. This snoring treatment is necessary in order to keep the language in tone. Can also be used by other devices, for example, resemble the protective plug in boxers. Due to the special design of the lower jaw is pushed forward, opening the airway. However, such a device is only to order, so it is not cheap.

If snoring was caused by difficulty in breathing due to the abnormality of the nasal septum or the like reasons, then you can use the springy stickers that stick to the sides of the nose, thereby expanding the nasal passages. It looks, to put it mildly, not very. But the effect is bad.

When you want to quickly get rid of snoring (for example, touring by train, visiting a holiday home or coming to the hospital the hospital), you can resort to accepting special tablets. It is important to know that such a miracle lekarsva have some contraindications: they can not take the fair sex during pregnancy and lactation. Also, doctors strongly advised not to use these drugs for over a month.

If all of the above methods do not bring the desired result, and you still snore, then you should visit a doctor and consult in relation to other treatment options for the disease. Most often, this problem is engaged ENT. It identifies the cause of snoring, assigns diagnostics airways and makes individual treatment. Specialist can offer you an operation that is performed on the soft palate and is considered completely safe. It lasts about 15 minutes, during which the patient does not experience any pain.

The main thing - do not run to the deplorable state of the disease at which it begins to adversely affect your body. The fact is that because of the usual problems of snoring start CNS, cardiovascular system, etc. And then the consequences can be dire.

 Snoring at home: traditional methods

 hyperacid gastritis


  • As manifested hyperacid gastritis
  • How to treat gastritis hyperacid
  • What you can do on their own in case of chronic gastritis

What hyperacid gastritis? Why are they sick almost half the world's population? Translated name of the disease from Latin, it would sound something like this: inflammation of the stomach (gastritis), which is accompanied by high acidity. From a school course of anatomy you know that the stomach produces digestive "juice", including hydrochloric acid (in very small quantities). The acidic environment is absolutely necessary for the digestion of many foods.

However, there are situations when too much acid is produced, and it starts to "eat away" the wall of the stomach. Excess acid (referred to as high acidity) is able to cause a lot of troubles to the patient. The most "innocent" it is considered a manifestation of gastritis, but there are more formidable, such as stomach ulcers. If you do not conduct a serious treatment of gastritis, it may be complicated by ulcers, and it is much more difficult to treat and sometimes even have to do surgery.

As manifested hyperacid gastritis

Let's look at the symptoms of this insidious disease. First of all, it is characterized by pain in the stomach, it is called the pain "in his stomach." She is aching, pulling in nature and occurs most often on an empty stomach. After the meal, the pain decreased, but after an hour and a half, they appear again - as long as you do not go back.

What is "heartburn" and where it comes from

Gastritis often accompanied by a burning sensation in the stomach (called "heartburn"), and in those cases where the acid is "thrown" in the esophagus, the burning could be behind the breastbone. Incidentally, the pain and a burning sensation in the chest - it is also one of the symptoms of acute myocardial infarction. Therefore, when these symptoms appear suddenly, against the background of full health, is alert and immediately make a cardiogram.

Heartburn can begin after eating black bread, fresh pastries, smoked or fried food, halva or sour fruit. Such a diet, if you use it all the time, leads to frequent exacerbations of the disease. Often that intense physical exercise lead to increased production of gastric juice, including hydrochloric acid. In these cases, patients also feel the heartburn and pain in the upper abdomen.

What other signs of gastritis hyperacid known to doctors?

Doctors often pay attention to such signs of gastritis:

  • white or gray coating on the tongue, and the language is often bright red;
  • appetite is preserved, but sometimes nausea or vomiting after eating;
  • irritability;
  • muscle spasms;
  • sweating.

Hyperacid Symptoms of gastritis are varied, may reduce intestinal motility, resulting in constipation, the patient suffers.

When the doctor asks the patient, it is important that he told me about all of the symptoms that the doctor has developed a complete picture of the disease. Of course, more will need to be examined: to pass on the analysis of blood and urine to make probing to find the acidity of gastric juice. This unpleasant but necessary procedure allows clear picture of the disease, its stage.

If the acidity is very high, it is likely that the gastric mucosa has been ulceration. The symptoms - severe pain and frequent, persistent heartburn - speak about the possibility of ulcer process. In such cases, be sure to make FGS (fibrogastroscopy) stomach. The flexible long endoscope inserted through the mouth directly into the stomach of the patient. The doctor can immediately see the entire mucosa, assess her condition and in accordance with that prescribes treatment.

Symptoms such as irritability, suspiciousness, anxiety present in most patients with gastritis giperatsidnyh. There is even a theory of stress of the disease. According to this theory, the acidity increases in response to stress (think student gastritis, which sharpened prior to the session). And only one diet can not cure this disease are needed sedatives. Gastritis certainly fall in the number of diseases, about which they say that "all of the nerves."

 hyperacid gastritis symptoms

How to treat gastritis hyperacid

Stress theory - not the only one that explains the increase in acidity in the stomach. In the last century, scientists discovered a bacterium (Helicobacter pylori) and announced that it's the cause hyperacid gastritis. After that, patients with gastritis were appointed antibiotic treatment with the addition of conventional antacids (reduce acidity). After this treatment the symptoms of gastritis, actually are declining rapidly.

Designate an appropriate diet, the treatment is considered complete. But treachery of this disease lies in the fact that after a while it can be shown again, with the same force. Then known as chronic gastritis, a diet is observed for life, and treatment of seasonal exacerbations carried out by the usual scheme.

Many patients are so well studied their illness, they know when approaching aggravation and themselves prescribe. Doctors do not recommend self-medicate, because it gives gastritis complications such as ulcers and it has to be trifled with. But the patient alone can not determine at an ulcer, threatening internal bleeding.

 hyperacid gastritis treatment

What you can do on their own in case of chronic gastritis

If treatment with medication must still appoint a physician, such a simple thing as a diet, the patient can be maintained independently. The diet of the patient giperatsidnym gastritis quite strict. It is forbidden to eat fried and smoked foods, fatty, too, need to be careful. You can not eat acidic fruits and vegetables, fresh white bread.

Also forbidden foods diet for gastritis suggests that it is necessary to eat a fractional, little and often. We can not allow the status of a strong hunger between meals should be 3-4 hours.

Here are advised to eat foods with this disease:

  • milk soups pasta and cereals, which can add sour vegetables (cabbage prohibited!);
  • lean meat;
  • Only boiled eggs or in an omelette;
  • steamed burgers, fish, vegetables;
  • jellies and compotes;
  • recommended milk drink at least three cups per day (if there are no problems with the tolerability);
  • very helpful butter and vegetable fats.

By following all the doctor's instructions for taking medications and following a diet, gastritis can be kept under control, preventing exacerbations.

 Hyperacidity gastritis - how to cure the "disease of the century"?