alimentary allergy


  • Why is an allergy
  • Symptoms of food allergies
  • The danger of food allergies
  • How to be treated with food allergies: Diet and proper nutrition
  • How to compensate for the lack of mineral elements
  • Precautions for food allergies

The fact that a food allergy and how to eat in this disease, unfortunately, can not tell, not only ordinary people but also those who have experienced this many times. According to experts, only a few adhere to proper diet, which avoids relapse in the future. And some even credited with allergic symptoms caused poisoning or normal fatigue. It is therefore important to understand such a sensitive issue as early as possible so you do not suffer from severe consequences.

Why is an allergy

The reasons, which is why it is in your particular case, there was intolerance of certain foods, can be a lot. Starting with heredity, bad environment, ending the wrong way of life. Let's look at the order of all of these factors:

  • Heredity

If any of your parents was allergic (mother, father, grandmother or grandfather), it could be transmitted to you by inheritance. And not necessarily that you will not carry the same products as the parents. Allergies in this case may appear on anything.

  • Wrong way of life

Again, in the event of allergy to blame parents who drank or smoked during conception. If the mother did not give up bad habits during pregnancy, it has led to the disruption of the immune system of the baby. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do about it.

  • Problems with the digestive tract

If for no this an allergy, you should immediately visit a gastroenterologist. The problem may be in the gastrointestinal tract. And timely treatment can help get rid of this disease once and for all. Often the appearance of allergy can cause poorly chewed food that is digested in the stomach for a long time. All this gives a strain that is difficult for your body to handle.

  • The lack of a balanced diet

Eating every day two kilos of cherries, you will eventually provoke the emergence of allergies. Of course, seasonal produce - a real temptation, because you want to eat in reserve. But all should know when to stop. The same applies to ordinary food that is available to us all year round. How would you not like meat, also need to eat fruits and vegetables.

  • Quality Products

Preservatives, dyes and other chemicals, unfortunately, is present in every other convenience foods, mayonnaise, ketchup. Despite widespread awareness, we continue to buy these products, even though the composition. And these additives irritate the stomach by increasing the suction capacity of the protein. Over time, our immune system begins to respond even to a healthy diet.

Symptoms of food allergies

Many people mistakenly believe that a food allergy manifested some time after a person has used a harmful product. In fact, symptoms can appear at the very moment when an allergen enters the mouth. For example, there is a swelling of the lips, tongue. This is followed by selective non-perception of food, when some ingredients disgust. All this may be accompanied by acute abdominal pain, general weakness, muscle spasms, vomiting, indigestion, constipation.

 food allergy treatment

The danger of food allergies

If you encounter one of the above symptoms, immediately contact the clinic for taking all necessary analyzes. Your first task - to eliminate the effects of allergies (itching, rash, swelling, etc. on the list), and then - to identify the allergen. Otherwise, if this is not done in time, you can re-encounter the same problem. And the consequences will be sad until death or the occurrence of chronic diseases.

  • Acute allergic gastritis

This condition occurs when the patient regularly eats foods containing the allergen. It, in turn, negatively affects the gastric mucosa, irritating it. Thus causing the appearance of a local allergic reaction.

The first symptoms of acute allergic gastritis may occur immediately, but after a couple of hours. This is the usual nausea, severe pain in the navel, excessive salivation. Often food allergy accompanied by pale skin, general weakness.

After vomiting such a person is experiencing significant relief. After a couple of hours after the gastric emptying the patient's condition is stabilized. It is therefore important in the event of such symptoms cause allergy retching. You can either give him a special drink or physically affect glands with his finger in his mouth.

  • The defeat of the skin

Food allergies can manifest as eczema. Location location - face and hands. It is characterized by severe burning, itching. All this may be accompanied by angioedema. The symptoms usually disappear after a while after you stop eating the allergen. At the hospital, you may be given an IV, to quickly clear the body of the parasite.

  • The defeat of the pancreas and liver

These effects of food allergies are rare, so they are often confused with other diseases. In this case, the diagnosis can only be a specialist, so do not hope for the best, or trust his seventh sense. If you have not guessed, start drinking the wrong medications, allergies will be more difficult to diagnose. Only during the examination, the doctor may discover that the patient has increased in size spleen or liver. Self does this set you are unlikely.

So, immediately go to the doctor if, after every meal you experience a sharp pain in the right abdomen - namely, under the ribs. This is because of the allergen disrupted biliary tract, which leads to the appearance of cramps. In this case, the allergen may be any products starting from strawberry, ending fish. To identify the cause, it is necessary to make the biochemical analysis of blood.

  • Allergies plague

Frequent reception of the products, cause allergic reactions, can lead to ulcers. Therefore, the patient should be the first thing once and for all be excluded from the diet of junk food. Otherwise the ulcer may develop into cancer. If everything is done in time, the symptoms of allergies quickly and will not lead to serious consequences.

So, how to diagnose a food allergy? The first thing you should be alerted - the emergence of acute pain in the stomach, and as soon as you eat. If the ulcer dvenadtsatipaloy intestine, the symptoms can appear and after two or three hours. Note: to get rid of ulcers in this case is impossible if you do not adhere to the first time strict diet. This ulcer diet can only worsen your condition if there is a health hazard allergy ingredients. Ie you have to eliminate from the diet of dairy products, eggs, fish, some vegetables and fruit, sweet. About the semis, and even fast food can be no question.

  • Allergic enteritis

After a couple of hours after ingestion of foods containing the allergen, begins a serious aggravation. In some cases, the deterioration may occur in the second or third day. Symptoms in this case is the following: increased temperature (up to 37, 5), more frequent stools. Allergic enteritis feature consists in that the overall condition of the patient does not change.

There may be a reduction in the activity of enzymes. The human body is no longer perceived, for example, dairy products, cereals, mushrooms, etc. So do not be surprised if before you normally transferred to a particular food, and one day you showed up at her allergy.

How to be treated with food allergies: Diet and proper nutrition

In this case they say about how to get rid of food allergies for people who are older than 18 years. Food allergies in adults and children is manifested in different ways, so the treatment is completely different. If you experience problems in a child, it should be done by a pediatrician - namely, a pediatrician.

So, should first identify the substance that causes the allergy you have to assign the proper treatment. There are two ways this can be done. First - get tested. However, there is a small chance that the tests did not show. And then have to proceed by trial and error. Ie the beginning move to a fully safe products, in small doses, gradually introducing the rest of prohibited ingredients. This method can be applied only if the allergy is not acute manifestations of the disease (not started choking, spasms, acute pain as for poisoning, etc.).

The next step - choosing the right diet. During an exacerbation doctor may prescribe a health food, which excludes almost all allergens. It is necessary to completely clear the body of the foreign protein. At first you can only eat porridge. Menu specialist develops based on your diagnosis, analysis and diagnostics.

In ordinary life, Allergy shown preventive nutrition. Ie you do not completely ban eat normal food, and recommend eat animal protein, fruits and vegetables in limited quantities. So, what you need to eliminate from your diet for the coming years:

  • Easily replaceable products

This category includes food, without which people can feel normal. This chocolate, citrus fruits, honey, berries, pomegranates, seafood, nuts and mushrooms. If you are hypersensitive here you can add some vegetables and fruits: cherries, tomatoes, etc.

  • Main Products

With regard to this category, then it includes the foods we used to eat almost every day. They are very difficult to eliminate from the diet since they have a high nutritional value. If, for example, you are allergic to eggs, dairy products, you have to give away all this extra treatment. For example, buying UHT cow's milk, boil eggs for more than ten minutes, etc. Blue yolk, of course, does not look very appetizing, but you can eat it right.

With fatty meat, sour cream, cereal products here, the situation is a little different. You will have time to completely stop eating them, and then, after a couple of months, you can re-enter into the diet. But in small doses naturally. Maximum - 50 grams a day.

Soups are prepared only in the vegetable broth. We do not use even dietary chicken meat. Can be very useful in this case will come in handy steamer. Since fry vegetables and meat use is strictly prohibited, will have a bake foods or prepare them for a couple. The quantity of oil should be minimal. Forever have to forget about the spices, salt and pepper dishes. Irritating the gastric mucosa, they increase permeability and absorbability allergens.

The ideal option would supply oat and rice porridge, cooked in water. They have the enveloping properties, allowing protein molecules almost do not penetrate into your body through the stomach. Note: the oil and add seasoning here is not necessary.

Under the ban remain meats and all kinds of canned food, including home. Products in stores are too many colors, flavors, stabilizers, and other additives, which are detrimental to our health. At home, pickles are also a lot of unnecessary and harmful elements contraindicated allergies.

  • Alcoholic drinks

It should be noted that in our time is not uncommon allergic to alcohol. The problem may lie in intolerance or alcohol, which is rare, or the low quality of alcoholic beverages. In the first case, the patient does not tolerate even drugs which contain alcohol. In the second way people can consume alcohol, in which there is no chemistry (dyes, flavors, etc.).

 food allergy in adults

How to compensate for the lack of mineral elements

Excluded from the diet certain foods, we deprive ourselves of vitamins, minerals and substances that our body needs so much. As a result - we begin to get sick more often, there is a general fatigue and weakness, fatigue, mood swings occur. To avoid this, you should stick to the basic rules of diet.

  • Use in dishes

People who can not tolerate boiled or fried eggs, can use them for the preparation of some dishes. For example, you can bake muffins, add egg yolk into mincemeat for cutlets. But in salads better not cut, since allergies will not take long.

The same applies to dairy products. Not necessarily every day to drink a glass of kefir to saturate your body with calcium. UHT milk can be boiled and added to the mash, from which then prepare dumplings, zrazy and similar dishes.

  • Thermally treated

To compensate for the lack of animal protein, which is found in beef, you can once a week to pamper yourself meatballs, steamed. Sometimes you can use dietary chicken meat, which should be boiled or baked in the oven.

  • Temporarily replace

During an exacerbation it is recommended to switch from meat to vegetables and fruit. It can be stew, mashed potatoes, casseroles. By the way, here is the rule, which was mentioned earlier - the food should be cooked. Fry fries or homemade chips do not be.

It is more difficult with the sweet. Allergy can cause virtually any product containing sugar. But where then take glucose, without which our brain can not function normally. The solution is simple - eat dried fruit. To compensate for the lack of carbohydrates, eat cereal. Of course, if you are not allergic to them.

  • Drink more water

Ordinary person per day should eat at least 1, 5 liters. liquid. Otherwise it may become dehydrated and slags, toxins and other "garbage" will stop the normal output of our body. Allergy sufferers should remember this always! Therefore, drink weak tea, homemade compotes, mineral or filtered water (not soda). As for juices, everything here depends on the tolerance of ingredients. Naturally, the drink should be prepared only at home. Magazinnaya products contains colorants, fragrances and other substances.

If the fair sex is suffering from swelling, it will need to monitor the number of drunk liquid and salt intake. Last just water retention in the body. Try to at least the next six months and fully prepare meatless dishes fresh. After a while, you will notice how your body is transformed. Lost even bruises and bags under the eyes.

  • Drink a multivitamin

Sometimes, allergies can occur on the fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins we need. And without them our bodies simply can not fight viruses and infections. In such cases, you can buy in a pharmacy multivitamin. However, they are taken only on prescription. To experiment with it not worth it.

Precautions for food allergies

People who are diagnosed with "Food allergies" should be particularly careful. The protein may be present in food, which you are accustomed to eating in cafes and restaurants. And the waiters are not always aware of what makes up a salad or side dish. Therefore, such institutions should be warned staff that you do not put, for example, fish or mushrooms.

Wear a bracelet on his arm, which should not only be pointed out that you have a food allergy, but is painted in detail what you do not specifically carry. In the event that occurs the serious deterioration or worsening, doctors will be able to provide first aid and prescribe treatment. They do not have to wait for test results that will show what is really a problem. And, as you may remember, in hospitals do not always have the necessary equipment. In this case, every minute is crucial.

It is also recommended to bring a small first aid kit, which would have been all the necessary preparations. The fact that it is better to buy, should tell your doctor. At the same time inform and explain in detail all their relatives, friends and acquaintances about what they should do if you happen to aggravation.

Visit the doctor every six months, even if the food allergy during this time is not revealed. The gastroenterologist has to examine the gastrointestinal tract to prevent serious consequences.