Baubles of floss


  • Types of units and appliances of their execution
  • Methods of weaving baubles

Baubles are often referred to as a friendship bracelet. They are believed to bring good luck. In addition, this is the original and stylish accessory.

The easiest way of weaving baubles - thread of floss.

You can buy them in stores for needlework, the brighter will be thread, so nice to get the product. Colored bracelets will be a unique decoration will help stand out from the crowd and will be a good gift for friends. How to weave Baubles of floss? Learning this is not difficult, you just have to be patient. To work needed:

  • Threads floss in different colors.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Pin English.
  • Small cushion to pin the product during operation.

In order to calculate the length of yarn to be measured the amount of wrist and multiply this value by 4 by adding 5-10 cm for the manufacture of laces bracelet. The ends of the thread are fixed by means of pins, then for weaving Fenichka not be twisted. Before the start of weaving baubles of floss, it is necessary to learn how to perform basic unit 4.

 thread floss
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Types of units and appliances of their execution

  • The technique of weaving are always two strands: working (with her help made components) and axial, in which nodes are knitted. In the process of weaving, they are constantly changing places, ie He becomes the centerline and vice versa.
  • The general principle of binding sites is as follows: axial filament is taken in one hand and pulled tight with the other hand the working thread is a knot. We must take an even number of thread floss (at least 4). They're going into a bun and fastened ordinary general assembly. The distance from the node to the edge should be at 5-10 cm, then to weave the braid, which will be a complication for the finished bracelet. Molyneux attached to the pin pad or by using adhesive tape to the table.
  • Right hinge assembly. In his hand is taken on the far left and the thread is pulled, it will be the centerline. Right hand thread work, in this case, following the axis, wrapped around her left. Then, through the loop, it is necessary to pull the tip of the thread and move the unit up. In the same way to make a second knot and move it close to the previous one. Now working and axial filament are reversed and, therefore, changed the operating functions. If by chance the knot will be too compressed, it can stretch, using a needle.
  • The left hinge assembly. Running as a mirror image of the right node, ie floss thread taken from the right side of the unit and on the axial filament is knitted from right to left.
  • Right turn. On the axial filament is first knot done right, and then left.
  • Left turn. First, the working thread is left loop, right then.

Thus a plurality of knots, knotted in different ways in sequence weave pattern. There are many options for weaving. First is to master the simplest and most easily understandable scheme of weaving baubles of floss. Later, you can learn more sophisticated techniques for making bracelets and other fashion jewelry, knowing how to weave Baubles of thread.

 Different weaving baubles floss
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Methods of weaving baubles

The simplest weave used in Baubles is a pigtail. It is woven using a 3 filaments. If the quantity is large, they are divided into 3 parts and ordinary woven braid. So often braided floss ends at the completion of the product. But there are schemes weaving elements 4 and 5, then get more interesting and beautiful bracelets.

  • To weave the braid of 4 strings (as well as any even number) each time it is necessary to take 2 central thread and move left to extreme right number and the right - to the left and so on until the end.
  • For pigtails of 5 thread and the other there is an odd number of the scheme, which is called the cord aiguillette. Tat in this case, moving the first thread in the center of the left and then right. And so to repeat a number of times. There are other schemes braiding, more complex.

Manufacturing oblique weaving baubles

It is necessary to take, for example, 6 thread floss desired length. Let them be in 3 colors, 2 of each color. After the floss will be knotted and secured with a pin, you can proceed directly to the oblique weaving. For this thread are sorted by color, then the first on the left is made of the node 2 on the second. In the same way the first tally nodes thread on the third, fourth and so on. D. You must try each successive bundle placed slightly below the previous one. After the end of the first row, again takes the first line on the left and drags the second row. And so left lagging row by row. Upon reaching the desired length bracelet with braided pigtails at both ends about 2 cm, which end knots.

In order to secure Fenichka on the hand, it is possible to make one end of the loop, and the other to bind a bead acting as buttons. But this attachment is not very reliable and can casually unbuttoned Fenichka. It is best to buy in the store crafts lock the right color and design.

The direct plaiting

Direct weaving can create more complex patterns. The leading here will be the leftmost strand, which must be longer than the others do. Alternately criss-crossing each thread, it is necessary to complete the first row, then the same thread is woven second row from right to left, then the third - from left to right. So it is necessary to weave a bracelet to the desired length. If you want to start a weaving pattern, the leading strand braided axis. Lace thus changes color and it should be done in the opposite direction, then we will continue to lead the weaving thread.

Weave schemes

Figure out how to weave Baubles of thread schemes, you can learn how to make a very beautiful and original bracelets. The first time it is better to use a ready-made scheme, then you can make them yourself.

  • Typically, diagrams specify the color used for weaving. But it is not necessary to take these combinations, the main thing. raznotsvete to coincide quantitatively. Threads are distributed by color scheme, respectively, tied a big knot and secured with a pin. If the schema contains a picture, the background thread will not let cropped and goes from the coil.
  • Usually all circuits are designated nodes and arrow shows which way to direct the yarn during the knitting knots. The arrow on the diagonal, pointing down to the left means that the site is necessary to weave a thread to throw the right to the left and stretch to the end of the resulting loop, then return it to its original position and make another similar unit.
  • Down arrow from left to right indicates the node that is woven as the previous one, but with the left thread.
  • The broken arrow pointing left indicates that it is necessary to tie the knot in two opposing directions: the first left-hand thread, the other right.
  • Curved Right Arrow 2 indicates the opposite site from which the first right and second left.
  • When weaving baubles of floss with a pattern, it is necessary to fix the thread loop and knit her nodules background color. If you want to add a third color, a new thread is tied to the base and fit the desired number of nodules. Wherein the warp yarn is behind the product, and if necessary again added to the job.

Schemes trailing baubles with various designs, with names, with sharp corners. It is fashionable motif shashechek. It looks interesting pattern of rhombuses of different colors. To vary the bracelets and give them originality can make baubles with sequins, chains. There are schemes in which woven beads and metal elements.

 Weaving baubles of floss



  • Features color and appearance history baubles
  • How to make your own Baubles
  • How to weave Baubles correctly
  • Material for baubles
  • Beaded Baubles
  • Variations on the theme of weaving

Lately, things like baubles, gained great popularity among teenagers and young adults. However, not everyone knows what it is. So Fenichka - this is the usual homemade bracelet, which can be made from beads, leather, various laces, tapes or threads. Weaving baubles - a complex and time-consuming, but the result, if you make the effort, it surpasses all expectations. How to weave Baubles correctly and that you need to do?
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Features color and appearance history baubles

Everyone chooses the ways that please him most. It is believed that the fashion wear Baubles come to us from the hippie subculture special representatives, who call themselves the "flower children" and like different things, and bright decorations. Baubles considered part of the image of any member of the hippie and way of expression.

This cute decoration often weave for a gift to friends or relatives, but you can buy baubles. You can buy them in the shops of handicrafts. If you show perseverance, how to weave the product is fairly easy to learn. It is noteworthy that can wear Baubles both men and women, it is unisex jewelery. Quite often young people who are paired Baubles - so-called "Baubles love."

Each Fenichka is unique due to its color or pattern. However, there are certain stereotypes about the color of a decoration. How to weave Baubles? Red symbolizes love and passion, scarlet - aggressiveness, maroon - cunning, pink - tenderness and naivete, orange - energy and sexuality. Yellow decoration associated with summer and madness, and green - with youth and nature, and a pale green - with anguish and hopes collapsed.

Blue Fenichka symbolizes friendship and harmony, blue - calmness, purple - dreams and wisdom, brown - earth, white - purity and innocence. Jewellery gray and black colors mean sadness and loneliness. It happens that the baubles made of two colors, which together have a certain value.

How to weave Baubles to show their feelings? For example, red and white decoration symbolizes love, white-green - a love of nature, the red and blue - pacifism. Yellow-red Fenichka talks about crazy love, yellow-blue is the sun in the sky, yellow-green is a symbol of Jah - God in Rastafarianism.

Green and black decorations like signal "no drugs", purple and black represent black magic and white and brown are considered a symbol of Jah. There are also three-color Baubles: red-yellow-green indicate rastamanstvo, red, green and white - hypersexuality, zheto-blue-orange - passion for the owner of the jewelery and esoteric East. Green-yellow-blue decoration symbolizes the forest and nature, the blue-yellow-white - "City of Gold" - a song that is considered the third in the list of the hundred best Russian rock songs of the twentieth century. Often at the hands of people can be seen Fenichka of seven colors - a kind of rainbow, the symbol of the hippie, flowers, joy, love and friendship.

 plaiting materials baubles of floss
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How to make your own Baubles

As already mentioned, you need to braid Baubles hand beaded, different thread, or leather strips. However, the most creative people for making such jewelry can even use a different wire. The most popular threads from which are made Baubles are floss, iris, poppy and lily. Today can be divided into two basic types of weaving baubles - skew, which is called differently mosaic and direct.

By the way, not everyone knows that the decoration of the thread sewing thick braided pigtail, is also called friendship bracelet. Quite often they give to friends and girlfriends. Weave decorations need sitting on a comfortable chair, or in a comfortable chair in the room, which is well illuminated. If you have never in my life wove these bracelets, it's time to learn.

Before weave Baubles, you will need to prepare all that you may need in the creation of jewelry:

  • safety pin through which threading;
  • scissors. You can use a special or ordinary nail;
  • colored thread. It may be thread floss, or even just an ordinary yarn. It should be remembered that the number of filaments in this case, have to be even. It is best to take the eight threads of different colors, because if you take six or four threads, as a result of the bracelet is too thin and will look at the non-winning hand.

The length of thread should be about one meter, but if the person to whom you are going to weave Baubles, wide wrist, the length of yarn to be little more than a meter, in fact would be a shame if the decoration would be small. If in the process of weaving, you will find that the use of thread is not enough - it does not matter. They can always be cautious dovyazat. By the way, experts in the field of weaving baubles argue that the process of creating a new decoration will be more comfortable if you attach strings to the couch or pillow.

 weave Baubles
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How to weave Baubles correctly

If you weaves the first time and do not know to do it, you should not just practicing intricate designs and patterns of the nodules.

For the first time fit the easiest method for creating jewelry. Before you start to weave decoration thread is expanded in the order in which will go figure. During the next step is to fix the yarn to prevent twisting it suddenly during weaving. To do this is to form a bundle, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the end of thread. The resulting bundle using the safety pin (that's what it was for!) Must be attached to the sofa or a bed, and some even think out a knot to attach to your clothing. After that, we must expand multi-colored threads on a flat surface in the same sequence as they should look to the finished bracelet.

Before weave Baubles on, you need to take a string, which is located on the right edge, and fasten it with the help of two or three knots on the other thread, which is located closest to the first string. Then you need to continue to tie knots - the same thread tying the knot on the next thread. Work hard until until you reach the end. The result fenechki first row, which is a strip of nodules located diagonally. During this weaving threads are reversed.

Necessary to start weaving the second row. Begin to weave with the same thread, with which began to weave the first row, and so on until the end. Do this until you reach the desired length of the jewelry. After finishing weaving bracelet is removed from the pin, and his tips are braided in a pigtail. This is to ensure that the tails do not get out in different directions.

This method of weaving baubles is the easiest. Those who decided to make jewelry with your own hands and succeeded in this business, can begin to experiment with Baubles, make different patterns. For example, you can start to weave from right to left and make sure to change the direction of the center of the bracelet. It should be noted that in this case, the thread, which meet in the center of the future jewelry, you need to be beautiful to decorate and finish to get a lovely pattern.

 different ways to weave Baubles
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Material for baubles

Weave Baubles can not only thread floss or yarn, but of satin ribbons. Jewellery obtained very beautiful, and they made it easy and fun. Unlike threads, ribbons is very easy to work with. For those who have repeatedly wove baubles, to create a bracelet of satin ribbons will take no more than half an hour.

Despite the simplicity, the result is sure to please you weave. To weave this decoration needed a couple of satin ribbons about a meter long, at least. If length is not enough, it is better not to engage in weaving, as the product will look ugly. Feeds can be of various colors, as long as they are well combined with each other. For example, you can take the red and white ribbon, yellow and blue, orange and yellow.

Well, if you have a white satin ribbon as white color blends easily with others. After that you can start weaving baubles. For this purpose both ends of the tapes are folded about 10-15 cm, and then the tape overlap. Then, the upper loop folded as if want to tie the knot.

How to weave Baubles next? Produced full circle, and then the tape is recycled, but remember that this time you need to do a small loop. Continue through the small loop, which received in the previous step, pass a big loop. Now you need to be careful to draw a short tail small loop, the result is a little bundle. Strongly tighten it is not necessary. Then again form a loop, and pulled through it a little rest. The long end of one loop and pull through another loop record. This is in order to get a nice picture.

After this stage you can already see the next piece of the picture in the form of a small square. If the edges of the geometric figure obtained is not too smooth, it is necessary to carefully pull the desired loop. All the previous steps must continue until such time until you reach the desired length Baubles. This is one of the easiest options weaving satin ribbons. Later, you can bind tape and more complex variations, creating a variety of designs and patterns.

 Beautiful Baubles
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Beaded Baubles

We must now figure out how to weave Baubles Bead. They are obtained extraordinarily beautiful. For example, you can make an interesting beaded bracelet and pin, which precisely no one would. To do this, take the pins, beads of various colors and shapes, elastic lace and glue. The beads should be put on a pin so that there is little room at the top of the needle. This is to ensure that the pin could easily be closed.

The beads should be strung up, as long as you understand that it has recruited the most number of pins that shrink onto your wrist or wrist the person for whom you are creating jewelry. After that is necessary to pass the elastic cord through the hole in the top and bottom pins. Location pins can be alternated, so the bracelet will more interesting and more beautiful. At the end you need to fasten the bracelet and treat nodules glue.

Those who have not braided bracelets from beads, it may be advisable to make Fenichka for beginners. It needs to weave the two strands, so that before weaving the thread ends necessarily need waxed, that is to impregnate the wax. At the beginning of work on a thread or fishing line strung three beads, they need to shift to the middle. Thereafter, each of the strands must be passed through the extreme beads.

As a result, the right-hand thread is passed through the right-hand bead, and the left, respectively, through the left. After that, you should have a figure similar to the inverted triangle. Then the thread on each side need to add two beads, and then again through the filament skip beads in the same way to the extreme right has passed through the bead on the left, and the left - right. On each side of the need to add any of the three beads, can be a different color, and the thread is pushed back by the extreme beads. Now we need to make a draw.

For the next stage are added to both strands of two beads. At this time, a bunch of passes through the last bead on opposite sides. After that, the thread should go to meet each other through the bead. This is the last stage of the first weave Baubles. Then the whole sequence is repeated as long as the decoration is ready.

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Variations on the theme of weaving

You can also try to braid Fenichka-triangle. It has another name - weaving "in polromba." Such decoration is woven with a single thread. First of all, it fits neatly ten beads or beads. Thereafter, the thread is passed through the rightmost one. Recruited six beads. The thread is passed through the eighth bead (from the beginning of the set), and it again six new strung beads. The yarn was passed through a bead of the last link, resulting in a triangle. Next Fenichka woven in the same manner, resulting in the formation of new triangles. Finished jewelry sewn into the ring, but you can use another method, extending through holes satin ribbon and applying it as a drawstring.

You can try to make chess Fenichka. It's pretty simple decoration, even for beginners, to braid it quite easily. First, you need to thread beads strung four, then three, then two. After that, the thread should be passed through the fifth bead, then through the third and first. As a result, the thread turns and trudges on decoration. The result is a square, in the form of a mosaic. Once you finish the first square weave, you can proceed to the second, exiting the entry.

And so on, until Fenichka reaches the desired length. Once again this is a walk around the edges of beaded strands. Of course, Baubles, from which they might have been made - it is a very beautiful piece of jewelry that will be happy to wear any person. This is a very expensive gift, as he made with his own hands, with the soul and love. But before you weave Baubles, ask whether your friends are wearing them.

 How do Baubles yourself?