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  • Why do I get for dessert allergies
  • Allergy symptoms: how to recognize the problem
  • Beware of hazardous products
  • How to get rid of allergies
  • Self-medication is dangerous to life

Cakes, sweets, cakes, biscuits - with these products in our time to be careful. And overweight nothing to do with. Everything is much more serious. The fact that all these treats and sweets may cause allergic reactions. Dermatitis, nausea, itching, swelling - this is just a small list of what can happen when a single candy. So do not ignore or ridicule relates to this issue. Remember the well-known expression: forewarned means - armed. After all, if you can recognize the allergy on sweet in the early stages, you can avoid many dangerous complications in the future.

Why do I get for dessert allergies

Many people mistakenly believe that an allergy on sweet - the reaction of our body sugar. In fact it's not. By itself, this product is harmless. Sucrose is contained in the goodies, it causes and promotes fermentation. As a result - the food, which is in the stomach, does not have time time to digest, because of what spoils. Degradation products, which is formed by this chemical reaction, and absorbed immediately begin to flow into the blood. But they only enhance the already existing allergic to a foreign protein and does not cause it.

But what, then, provokes itself allergies? Let's first examine the structure of modern sweets. Almost all of these products, whether or chocolate cakes, there are colorants, flavors, stabilizers and other chemicals, which affect our immune system.

As for allergies to honey, that's the problem lies not in sweetness and in the presence of pollen components. It is because of them you can be bad even for one teaspoon. At the same time, and in spring and summer, these people do not feel well when all blossoms and smells. Therefore, should first pass tests to establish allergen. And if you really intolerant of pollen and other goodies may not cause the occurrence of this disease.

 allergy symptoms for dessert

Allergy symptoms: how to recognize the problem

In fact, many of us are confused intolerance to a substance and allergies. For example, many adults who may not normally drink milk as it quite simply is not digested in the stomach. Enzyme that it affects, it stops producing. And it is much more dangerous. Therefore, it is important to know how to actually manifest allergic to sweet, what are its symptoms and signs.

Thus, some time after the meal (within 5 minutes or 2 hours - depending on the characteristics of the body) on the body may get a rash, inflammation, redness. This skin can be extremely itchy, sometimes swell. Typically, the first to suffer the face, neck, arms and legs. Less - back and stomach. If you do not have a first aid may come even anaphylactic shock and angioedema. And it is fraught with fatal.

Thus, if you notice any, even the most mild symptoms of the disease, immediately go to the hospital. It's better to be safe than take a long, painful and expensive treatment in the clinic. Later obzavedites drugs that help to quickly cope with the allergy.

Beware of hazardous products

If you have an allergy on sweet, try to eliminate from your diet confectionery, products made from cocoa and honey, fruits, berries, fruit and milk (cow, goat, mare). Perhaps your body reacts to specific products (such as bars or chocolate), but to clarify the situation and determine the allergen is better not to take risks and experiment with other ingredients.

The sensitivity to a specific allergen which is contained in some types of sweets may be too high. Suffice it to a cake or a muffin put, for example, cocoa, egg or strawberry to the patient revealed the reaction to the foreign protein.

 allergic to sweet treat

How to get rid of allergies

So, the man who discovered the first symptoms of allergies have to pass tests and make samples. This will help to identify what exactly is contained allergen. At the same time as the patient is assigned to a special diet consisting entirely of safe substances for the organism. During the rehabilitation of such a person better to keep a diary in which he must record how he feels after taking a particular dish. As a result of these observations can be traced to the disease, to find out what is best in the future to not eat, etc. Incidentally, this method resorted to when the allergen can not establish by tests.

After a problematic ingredient or product is identified, you can try gradually accustom ourselves to it. But it should be done very slowly, gradually adding to the power of a few grams of the substance unbearable. If you have a food allergy, which can be excluded from the diet, while not causing harm to health have to decide to take this step. You can forget about honey, chocolate, citrus fruits, melons and watermelons, peaches and other goodies, without which you will live quite normally. In extreme cases, some berries and fruits can be added to fruit drinks.

Unable to accustom your body to the sweet, but you can not control myself, and occasionally try the forbidden goodies? Then we'll always keep on hand special medicines that will help get rid of the symptoms. But remember that they are only removed symptoms: itching, redness, rash. Completely eliminate the problem you are unlikely.

You can also decide on a course of desensitization. The main purpose of the procedure - the removal of hypersensitivity to foreign protein. But remember that all this should be carried out only in the presence of a doctor who can provide first aid, if something goes wrong.

So, let's get to how it can help you. As you remember, allergy - is a kind of reaction of your body to the allergen. To the immune system normally perceives a substance is administered to the patient on a regular basis it gradually. Gradually, when the body gets used to the assigned amount, the amount of increase. This procedure is long and tedious, while there are some risks. But if done correctly, in the future you will be able to fully enjoy life.

Self-medication is dangerous to life

Often, modern people do not have the ability to minutely go to the hospital. Someone seven homes sit on the benches, someone bosses do not want to fail, while others do not trust doctors. Indeed, why be distracted, if not deadly. Therefore, such individuals tend to use means and methods by which it was possible to get rid of the disease.

In fact, it is - how to play Minesweeper. Lucky - all right. However, it is a little bit wrong, to make the wrong choice, trust people who do something similar happened - and you're in the hospital, and in the best case. Thus, a man unknown to medicine, are unlikely to be able to properly diagnose and treat.

Of course, full of tablets in pharmacies, which for half an hour will save you from simple symptoms (itching, rash). But take them uncontrollably and constantly is impossible. This, again, is dangerous for your health. By the way, what appears from the outside - only flowers. Imagine that happening to your bodies inside. Therefore, you must understand that only an allergist can provide treatment. And then, only after receiving the test results. Because allergy symptoms can be similar to other diseases.

 Allergy to sweet: a disease of the 21st century

 how to get rid of warts on the finger


  • Traditional methods of wart removal
  • Ethnoscience. Useful tips
  • Removal of warts using garlic
  • Treatment of apple cider vinegar
  • Phytotherapy

Warts - an extremely unpleasant phenomenon, which is able to overshadow life. After all, most of all - alas, they prefer to be located in the open areas of the body. For example, in her arms - her fingers are home to most of the warts. Firstly, it is ugly, and secondly, often causes discomfort, especially if the neoplasm is sufficiently large. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that faced with this scourge a man looking for an answer to the question "How to get rid of warts on your finger? "

Of course, wise to go to a dermatologist, who in just one procedure can remove even the biggest wart. However, a doctor eager to go far from all - very often people resort to folk treatments. In principle, the people's money is often successful - of course, if you choose the right recipe.

Traditional methods of wart removal

If you do not like to put on a variety of experiments, go to the dermatologist. Note - Today the service to remove warts offer many beauty salons. However, we highly recommend that you do not just go to salons - any tumor should be removed only by a doctor and the doctor!

Depending on the size of the wart and its location on the finger of the doctor will offer you several options for removing warts. Of course, he will advise something concrete, but ultimately up to you.

  • Laser removal

Today the most common way of getting rid of various tumors, including warts - a laser beam. The popularity of this method is understandable - it is completely painless, bloodless and does not take a lot of time, after the scars remain and are extremely rare.

Use the impulsive laser cauterization of blood vessels occurs that feed the wart. As a result, it begins the process of withering away the wart tissue. After a short time a wart will disappear. It goes without saying that this procedure should be carried out by qualified personnel only. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the wart will disappear or not, or in its place will scar.

  • Remove with nitrogen

Not least popular place is cryosurgery or, more simply, the removal of warts with liquid nitrogen. This procedure is carried out as follows: with a special applicator to the wart applied nitrogen. Exposure time nitrogen on the wart is 30 seconds - depending on its size.

The wart fades before our eyes and becomes denser. About an hour and a half after the procedure on the spot warts formed a bubble with watery content. About a week later on the site of a bubble formed a crust that falls off after another 10 days. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the former site of the wart will be over - unless the skin is a little different hue. But if a doctor makes a mistake with a little amount of nitrogen or transitory impact on the wart, there is a risk of scarring or skin depressions.

Whichever method you choose, remember about the features of the recovery period. First, carefully watch for cleanliness - still a wart on his finger, and hands get dirty more often. Second, try to avoid the water - the wound is extremely undesirable to wet at least until then, until a scab. Third, mandatory treat the wound - how to do it in your case, you tell the doctor who made the removal of warts.

 how to get rid of warts on the finger right

Ethnoscience. Useful tips

Many people panic fear of doctors and especially of any kind of manipulation was with his body. But with warts on his fingers to put up they too do not want to. Output in this situation one - to try to get rid of them using the popular recipes. We offer you the most effective and proven methods.

In fairness it should be noted that all compositions are aggressive enough, because their goal - to make the wart tissue to die. But you do not want to suffer with them and the surrounding healthy tissue? So, they need to be protected - otherwise earn a lot of problems and it is necessary to treat the skin.

The most simple and effortless protection - it is abundantly before the procedure lubricate the skin around the wart any vegetable oil or even fat cream. But this protection is very conditional, so it's better to spend a little time and approach the issue more thoroughly.

For this you need a band-aid on the basis of tissue and scissors. Cut a piece of plaster of suitable size, cut in its center a small hole diameter such that it climbed corn and paste. Everything is now your skin is protected. If you are too lazy to change the adhesive plaster every day, buy hypoallergenic - so you will avoid possible skin irritation.

Removal of warts using garlic

In the fight against warts your ally number one would be garlic. Recipes weight - choose the one that will attract the most. Immediately I would like to make a reservation - garlic is undesirable to use for people who have too dry and sensitive skin. In extreme cases, you must pre-lubricated with a simple children's wart cream.

  • Garlic paste

Most simply do not time-consuming method - regular garlic paste. Skip the garlic through chesnokodavku, resulting mush apply on the wart, cover with plastic wrap on top and secure - you can with the help of plaster, is possible by means of bandage. Such wrap garlic on the wart should be not less than 30 minutes. It may well be that you will feel a slight burning sensation - this is perfectly normal. However, if the discomfort is too strong, immediately rinse composition - most likely you this way to remove warts is not suitable. And much wiser to choose another method of treatment if you do not want to earn burns.

This procedure must be repeated every day for a week - during which time the wart decreased dramatically in size. Then make a mandatory three-day break, and then again repeat the treatment. As a rule, their position even the largest rent Warts.

  • Garlic Flatbread

If the wart is already very large, garlic paste - it is not very convenient. It is much wiser to use a garlic cake, for which you will need to prepare a tablespoon of any vegetable oil, a large head of garlic, a bit of flour. Garlic is clean, pass through chesnokodavku, mix with vegetable oil, add flour and knead the dough.

Otschipnite a small piece of dough, and the rest is packed in a plastic bag and place in the refrigerator. You build up a cake, apply to warts, close the top with a piece of gauze bandage or tightly secure, and leave overnight. The same procedure should be done in a day - otherwise the process can go too fast. Treatment will continue for quite a long period, not less than three weeks.

Treatment of apple cider vinegar

No worse than garlic and copes with warts apple cider vinegar - note it is the vinegar, not the essence. When preparing products based on apple cider vinegar do not forget about safety precautions - be careful to not get vinegar in the eyes and mucous membranes, remove the bottle out to her until they reached children and pets.

  • Vinegar compress

This tool is indispensable in the event that the wart is large enough - otherwise it would not be too comfortable. Prepare a five or six gauze. The small non-metallic bowl, pour apple cider vinegar, generously spray it gauze and apply it to the wart. Duration vinegar compress - 20 minutes.

Do not forget to change as drying towels - otherwise the effectiveness of the procedure will be much lower. Ideally, this procedure should be done twice a day - morning and evening, if you want to get rid of warts within two weeks. Basically, if you have no time, you can do at one time, but, as you know, the duration of treatment increases.

  • Vinegar and Onions

If you want to get rid of warts as soon as possible, try this remedy. To make it, you'll need a small onions, a glass jar with a lid and a half cup of apple cider vinegar. Onions finely chop, put in a jar and fill it with vinegar., Refrigerate for rubbing the day. Then pour the vinegar and crush with a fork already become soft at this time bow to puree the state.

The resulting mush liberally coat the wart, cover with plastic wrap and secure with a bandage or adhesive plaster. Leave compress for 2-3 hours, then rinse with plenty of water for all. If you do this procedure every day, just two weeks you will forget about the wart. Of course, if it is not too large - otherwise the treatment will be much longer.

 how to get rid of warts on your finger for a long time


Do not underestimate the healing properties of herbs - many of them are also able to rid you of warts. But such treatment is one important caveat - some herbs can provoke allergic reaction - consider this fact. It is not superfluous to conduct a kind of allergic test - apply a small amount of ready money to the wrist and after 15 minutes the skin to vote. Ideally, there should be no redness, rash or itching.

  • Celandine

In the summer, cure for warts is literally under our feet - we are talking about celandine. Just tear off a sprig of celandine and lubricate the wart liberally speaking at the turn of the stem juice. This procedure must be repeated five to six times per day. Do not pull on your finger, which settled the wart in the mouth - celandine has a very bitter taste.

  • Dandelion root

Celandine, unfortunately, growing only in the summer, and the warts appear regardless of the season. In winter, you can try to get rid of them using dandelion root. In summer you can use the fresh root, and in winter will fit perfectly dried, which is sold in almost all drugstores.

Dandelion root carefully grind - you need 100 grams, put in a saucepan and pour a glass of water. Bring the broth to a boil, reduce heat and simmer until such time as half of the water does not boil away. Cool the resulting broth, pour into a glass container to be stored in a dark place. Wipe it means a wart on his finger as often as possible - at least 5 times a day. Those who have tried this method on themselves, argue that the warts are losing out in a month.

  • Nettles

Nettle - the plant, which has a huge number of useful properties. And by warts on the finger using nettle is also quite real to get rid of. And to make it easy - just then polish wart freshly picked nettle leaf three times a day. Sensations, of course, not a pleasant one, but just two or three weeks, the result of this treatment probably will make you happy.

As you can see, the way to get rid of warts, there are vast. And if you have opted for popular recipes, remember the simple truth - if within a month the wart has not disappeared, it is hardly worth wasting time and effort on further treatment. Most likely, the only way for you to get rid of warts on his finger - is to go to the doctor.

However, a physician should go in any case - do not forget about the fact that getting rid of a wart is not a guarantee that there will be another. The reason is very simple - the formation of warts is a consequence of the activities of the human papilloma virus. Therefore, you must go and take antiviral therapy to strengthen its immunity. And this can be done only under medical supervision.

 How to get rid of warts on your finger? Different Ways