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  • Features of green tea with jasmine
  • The benefits of green tea with jasmine
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  • How to choose a good tea

Green tea with jasmine - truly magic potion that can heal the sick and raise the morale of tired people. Not without reason in China, starting somewhere in the 10th century, he preferred and ordinary citizens, and emperors themselves. And when Europeans have tried this wonderful tea, they appreciated its unforgettable taste and excellent aroma.

Features of green tea with jasmine

Not everyone knows, but the fact to make green tea with jasmine, producers spent more than one day. First, gather flowers and wet mixed with conventional welding (beads or sheets). All of this is processed, during which the products are saturated with magical scent of jasmine. This procedure takes about 3-5 hours depending on the variety and quality.

After the resulting dried tea leaves, a manufacturer may go two ways. He either gets rid of the petals, using special equipment, or leave them. In the second case, this is the usual marketing ploy, since the presence or absence of any particular color is not important. They will not give flavor and do not contain the nutrients, beneficial trace elements. All of this was at the time it is handed over to the tea leaves.

 Green Tea Jasmine

The benefits of green tea with jasmine

Natural green tea with jasmine in moderation can drink almost all people. In some cases, it is recommended to take instead of coffee. But what are the properties of tea angered? And whether or not it will benefit from? Let's look at this issue.

  • Antioxidants

The fact that green tea contains substances that present the toxins from the human body, we have long been aware. Say thanks to the media. And the presence of more and jasmine, which is impregnated tea leaves, these properties increases significantly. Thus, if you want to always look young and fresh, always at least once a day, drink the drink.

  • Fighting obesity

Ladies, give preference to tea with jasmine, do not even know how well they are doing. Firstly, thanks to him, you can finally break the habit of sugar, which we are constantly in unlimited quantities use. And the thing is sweet taste. This green tea can be drunk without even honey. And, as you may remember, the less sweet we eat, the better. This means that excess weight in the near future you will not be disturbed.

But it's not just the presence or absence of sugar. The usefulness of this drink lies in the fact that the antioxidants present in the tea leaves, accelerate the breakdown of fat. What promotes rapid weight loss and safety. At the same time you do not have to constantly sit on a strict diet, give up healthy food, engage in 24-hour sports.

  • Excretion of cholesterol

Plus, it helps get rid of cholesterol in the blood. Thus, you reduce the risks of getting heart attacks to a minimum. But this does not mean that drugs can be simply replaced with the jasmine tea. His drink extra. And then, only after consultation with a specialist.

  • Cancer Prevention

It has long been established that green tea - is an excellent tool for the prevention of cancer. These properties have been confirmed by the same Chinese scholars. After the great minds of studies have shown that volatile contained in jasmine flowers, prevents cancer cells. By the way, if you live in an environmentally dirty areas, be sure to drink this tea to avoid the occurrence of malignant and benign tumors.

  • Relaxing effect

Magic scent of jasmine essential oils contained in the drink, help to calm down and relax after a hard day's work. But remember that sedation has only the tea, which was prepared from natural ingredients.

  • Tones

How do I get myself to work when you want to relax? No, I do not need to run at breakneck speed to the coffee machine and prepare the next portion of this dangerous drink. Abusing them, you cause irreparable harm to their health. High anxiety, the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure - it is only a small list of what can result in an excessive love for coffee.

Whether it green tea with jasmine flowers. It will help you to come to the tone in just a couple of minutes, with no side effects will be. It is necessary to take the exam, to prepare a major project or write a quarterly report? Then buy in the shop a tea and drink it immediately before the operation. Thanks to him, increase your mental and physical performance.

  • It lowers blood pressure

People with high blood pressure is recommended to drink only green tea without sugar. It helps to normalize blood pressure and prevent any sharp increase. But if you drink while special preparations, better yet, consult with your doctor. Tea with jasmine - it is an aid, not a panacea.

  • Treats for colds

Those individuals who are cold, rainy and overcast times feel very bad, it is best to drink a decoction. It helps fight colds, while saturating our body all the useful trace elements and vitamins. But remember, to give sick animals that drink can only be at a low temperature.

  • Normalization of the bowel

Surprisingly, it helps equally well and indigestion, and constipation. It's a pretty rare case where the drink immediately stabilizes bowel, and at two different problems. However, still it depends on the characteristics of your body. So watch how it affects you, this medicinal tea.

Harmful if jasmine tea

The fact that green tea is good, you have already understood. But the question remains: who can not drink it. In this case, it all depends on what you buy. If this is a common tea leaves, it is best not to take it if you are hypersensitive. If you are cooking the broth, then there just are the risks of poisoning. It therefore is not recommended to engage in such experiments. Enough to pour a little more than one ingredient - and you find yourself on a drip in hospital.

But there is a category of people who are generally better to abandon even a green tea. For example, it gipotoniki. As mentioned above, this reduces the pressure of the beverage. And if you have this problem, and so, why take the risk. You can not get involved in them, and people who have ulcers and gastritis with high acidity, as it stimulates the production of gastric juice.

Note: you can not drink at night. It has diuretic properties, which is why you can run every half an hour in the toilet. Insomnia will be provided. By the way, do not get involved in green tea, even healthy people in the hot season, so as not to face eventually dehydration.

 Green jasmine tea benefits

How to choose a good tea

Remember once and for all, and a good quality drink made from natural ingredients that do not cost so cheap. If you wish to buy welding, in which there would flavorings and colorings, firstly refer composition, secondly, reflects on production costs.

Shelves lined with products that is difficult to call and tea. Cheap brew tastes like sour, and after it you can use to develop a strong heartburn. The problem is that some manufacturers are trying to save money and reduce the price of the goods to get the most profit. As a result - poisoning (in the worst case), aversion to this kind of green tea. How can there be a benefit?

Therefore, carefully choose such products. And try as little as possible to buy Packaged tea leaves. Which in this case may be advantageous properties when added to fragrances, fillers, colorants. And yet few people use really high quality leaves. Yes, of course, much easier to use the bags, because enough to fill them with water to get a minute delicious tea. However, there is one but. Surprisingly, they color the water, even if it is barely warm or cold. In this case, we can say that the rich color - this is a common paint.

The next thing you should pay attention to - packing. It should be a one-piece, labeled, without any defects and flaws. Ideally - find the original products on the Internet and see how it should look. Typically, fraudsters forge a tea brew, rarely make identical pictures, captions, fonts. The differences are too pronounced.

And do not forget to look at the expiration date. If you buy overdue products, after use can you become very ill. The reason - the aflatoxin, which is still quite harmful, even dangerous for our health. Plus, the taste of the drink is poor. Be aware that what is stated on the packaging - not always an indicator. Welding can be stored in a warehouse for some time after collection and processing, and only then it is only packaged in packs. So buy tea with a margin of 2-3 months. The average shelf life - 2 years.

And if you start to follow these tips you can get tasty and healthy tea, thanks to which you will not be afraid of any disease. The main thing - do not skimp on this product. And remember to rely on only one welding neglecting campaigns of the clinic, it is not necessary.

 Green tea with jasmine: what secrets keeps the drink