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  • What is the mate tea: especially beverage
  • How useful medicinal drink
  • How dangerous mate tea
  • How to make tea properly
  • Memo mate tea drinkers

It warms and invigorates, tones and refreshes, improves liver and relieves your body from cholesterol. On the magical properties of tea mate know almost all people who care about their health and state of close. But, as you may remember, all's well that in moderation. And if you start to abuse this drink or cook it properly, stomach problems, skin and other side effects are guaranteed.

What is the mate tea: especially beverage

We used to believe everything that is written on the packaging. Tasty, healthy, safe - beautiful and bright lettering simply can not attract consumers. And, unfortunately, very few people are interested in what is inside the pack of tea. For example, do you know what mate differs from jasmine, hibiscus and other similar beverages?

In fact, this tea made from the leaves of yerba mate that are going on plantations, are transported to the plants, dried, crushed and packed into packages. And the larger tea leaves, the richer will taste. As for useful properties, in this case, all depends on the shelf life, treatment methods, as well as your cooking abilities. After brew mate tea - a real art.

If you do it right, a hot drink to taste and color will look like an ordinary green tea. Partly bitterness, spicing up - this is the difference between the mat. Please note: it is good to drink without sugar. But if you - a notorious sweet tooth, you can add a couple tablespoons of honey.

 mate tea harm

How useful medicinal drink

What is so especially Paraguayan mate tea? Why is it recommended to drink instead of coffee? The unusual chemical composition of the cause. The fact that in this drink contains matein, which leads to a tone. A single cup of fragrant drink to stock up on energy for the rest of the day. In addition to caffeine, it also contains vitamins PP, A, B, C, and E, which needs so much exhausted our work and the lack of light body. And that's not to mention the tannins, rutin, resin acid, iron, manganese and other no less useful substances. Now let's look at all the positive properties in more detail.

  • Medicinal properties

But the fair sex, which are subject to frequent colds, has long been known, what is the use of tea. It helps quickly enough to get rid of associated symptoms: aching muscles, headache Bole, nausea. And all thanks to antioxidants, which are quite a large number found in tea mate. It helps to cope with intoxication. Plus, it is believed that this tea has a truly magical properties - it helps prevent the appearance of cancer.

Please note: to mate tea does not become a common beverage in which no nutrients, you should use it correctly. So, for example, in any case it is not necessary to add a lemon! It is better to have a bit of sugar, sprinkle with sugar. So you can and saturate the body with vitamin C, not destroy antioxidants.

  • Tonic properties

The fact that tea invigorates, mentioned above. But do not forget that the mat - no magic potion that is able to after a night of partying lead you to an upright position for a couple of seconds. Benefits will only be when you are not exhausted, not exhausted. Otherwise, the effect will be exactly the opposition of.

After drinking a cup before an important meeting or exam in college, you just can not concentrate. Or even fall asleep at the table. The fact that in this case vessels will expand, causing sometimes painful sensations. By the way, the fair sex, suffering from high blood pressure to experiment with these drinks are not worth it. Otherwise, only worse. Based on this, consider the following point.

  • Normalization pressure

Thanks to caffeine, which is just the same and increases the pressure gipatoniki feel after this delicious drink is wonderful. Naturally, if such person make special preparations, it is necessary to control the amount of alcohol consumed. Otherwise, then have to suffer from high blood pressure. But it is believed that mate in moderation only a positive effect on health.

  • Strengthening vessels

As mentioned above, this drink contains vitamin R. It helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, so that the ladies can not be afraid of bruises on the body. This is especially helpful for those of the fair sex, in which the skin is very thin and delicate. Now they can not be afraid that even ordinary friendly handshake they will traces.

  • Lose weight quickly and easily

This drink helps to clean our intestines from all that filth and dirt that have accumulated over a lifetime. Plus, it normalizes metabolism (metabolism). All of this helps to cope with excess weight. And no sadistic and debilitating diet you do not need. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of tea mate.

Thus, drinking in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening a cup of hot drink, you can not be afraid to gain hateful kilograms. Of course, the benefits will be visible only if you do not start at night to gorge, while absorbing all that is in the refrigerator.

  • Improves mood

People who constantly gets depressed, recommend daily use weak tea. It helps to elevate mood, and normalizes vital functions of the body, relieves insomnia, aggression, nervousness. Also, without the drink can not do ladies whose work is constantly related to stress.

How dangerous mate tea

Just how useful mate, you've already learned. However, before you decide to engage in self-medicate with this tea, check out those to whom he is completely and absolutely contraindicated. Otherwise, it can cause irreparable damage to your health.

Mate can not drink for children who are under 10-12 years old, pregnant the fair sex, just given birth and breastfeeding mothers. The damage from the tea will be observed in hypertension, especially in patients with very high blood pressure. The same applies to persons with any mental disorders and problems. Fast anxiety - it's not what you need such people. Also, do not treat mat tea hangover.

Note: Despite the fact that the mate tea drinking is recommended for colds, in any case, do not give it to the patient if he has a high fever. Otherwise, it will only get worse. So do not forget to shoot down the heat at first, and only then give it to drink.

 mate tea benefits and how to cook

How to make tea properly

To from tea mate was good, it did not need to brew hot water, and hot water (90 degrees maximum). It is better to take either melted or purified liquid. So, put the kettle on the stove to warm it up to the desired temperature, and at this time, boil water separately. She rinse the teapot, then pour into a bowl leaves. Per person - 1 tsp

Fill the tea leaves with hot water, cover with a lid. Leave to infuse for 7 minutes, no more. Then poured a cup of tea leaves, add water. If you at one time did not drink the contents, pour the remains better. After a couple of hours there will be formed a substance that is not the best influence on our body. The damage can be spoiled by a serious tea, up to severe poisoning.

Memo mate tea drinkers

First, you need to buy only conventional welding. Various flavors, dyes and other additives will not bring any good. Plus, such products have useful elements. The same goes for tea bags. Despite the fact that it is much easier and more practical to use, it is necessary to refuse from.

Second, do not drink brew more than two times or store the brew long (over an hour). If you are found in fresh tea an unpleasant sour smell and taste, it is better to pour everything into the sink. This indicates that the product that you have purchased already spoiled.

Third, make sure the cleanliness of dishes, which are preparing tea. Remember that you need to wash and outside, and inside. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the plaque, which constantly form on the walls of the spout teapot. Before each time the dish pour over boiling water. And if you follow these rules, you can drink a delicious and healthy beverage daily.

 Mate tea: the benefits and harms of this wonderful drink

 fruit in gastritis


  • Fruit and berry menu that is permitted to use a patient
  • What you can not eat with gastritis

People suffering from gastritis must be observed quite a strict diet, which is allowed to use a limited number of products. The food should be soft, gentle, not too warm or cold, so as not to cause irritation and inflammation of the stomach wall to strengthen. In this patient's diet should be balanced.

Agree on cereals and the water not last long. Plus, vitamin deficiency will not take long. So it's important on a daily basis to eat vegetables and fruits that will satiate your body is lacking vitamins and trace elements. So you will recover quickly and gain strength. But in order to avoid aggravating, you should first find out what fruit can still be there for gastritis, but from what you will be bad.

Fruit and berry menu that is permitted to use a patient

Of course, list all the berries and fruits - or rather, what you can and can not eat sick gastritis quite difficult. On the ground, there are also those about which the average citizen of our country and not heard. But the most popular of which are sold in shops and markets, you have to know everything.

  • Apples

All depends on the high or low acidity patient. In the first case, you can only eat sweet apples, and the skins from them it is necessary to clean off. If stomach acid is produced bad, to stimulate the glands, you can eat a little sour and oven baked fruit. Just remember that honey or sugar in them can not be added.

In folk medicine recommend even treated apples, but only on condition that you do not have an acute form. So, take 4 pieces, wash thoroughly, remove the peel and pulp grate (shallow). You can use a blender, grind all that homogeneous slurry. Early in the morning (a few hours before breakfast) eat a few spoonfuls of apple sauce, and then, after some time, you can sit down to eat. Before going to bed do not need to, since the acid will lead to the appearance of heartburn and abdominal cramps.

In the first month will have to start each morning with the fruit, the second can eat apples 2-3 times a week. A month later permitted to stop and do a diet. But as prevention is possible to eat tasty and healthy smoothie at least once every seven days.

Buy apples for gastritis carefully. Firstly, they must be local, not brought from other countries. The fact that pre-shipment applications are treated with special solutions or wax to goods kept as long as possible. After all, a box of apples not only transport, but also for a long time kept at the customs warehouses and stores, etc. Plus, in the fruit that grew in your area contains more nutrients. They taste better, richer, more fragrant.

  • Watermelon

Watermelon - a rather unusual berry, which can also be used in case of gastritis. Of course, everyone should be aware of the measure. You should not eat immediately kilogram of pulp, as the severity of abdominal will be provided. But if you eat 2-3 slices a day, you will be able to clean your body of toxins and impurities.

Watermelon rind of the people also used to treat the disease. To do this, we dry them, grind (should have 5 tbsp), pour liter of boiling water. Cook for about half an hour on low heat, do not forget from time to time to stir the liquid with a spoon. Then left for another hour to the present broth, strain or filter the. Take receipt of funds on a glass a day for half an hour before each meal, ie 4-5 times per day.

  • Bananas

They are recommended only in cases where the patient has no problems with flatulence, bloating, indigestion, etc. Bananas are a lot of nutrients and elements that positively affect our body. But remember that in gastritis allow any such product can only physician.

  • Strawberry

Due to the patient strawberries normalizes metabolism, improves the immune system, reduces the area of ​​destruction of the walls of the stomach, it also helps to overcome the inflammation and damage. It is recommended when there is a plague. By the way, all of the above useful properties have been proven by the Serbian, Italian and Spanish scientists.

  • Pears

Perhaps it is - the most useful fruit in the world. They remove toxins, fats and other substances from the human body, normalize the bowels. But remember that you should always be a balance between enough and too much. Otherwise, bloating and disorder - the smallest, with which will have to face even a healthy person.

 what fruit you can eat with gastritis

What you can not eat with gastritis

There is a separate category of fruit and berries, that under no circumstances should not be in the patient menu gastritis. They are in any case cause a deterioration of health, will provoke the appearance of ulcers. And even after the person has fully recover from gastritis, they should be treated with caution.

  • Citrus fruit

Lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, limes and other citrus - a taboo for all those who have gastritis. They can not even add tea. Otherwise, heartburn and stomach pain, you will be provided. Imagine that you have dripped lemon juice on inflamed skin. It hurts, burns and unpleasant, is not it? Now think about how acid will affect the stomach wall.

  • Grapes

Never, under any circumstances, eat grapes, if you have even the slightest problem with the gastrointestinal tract. The fact that it is quite a long time to digest, begins to ferment, causing discomfort, cramps, heartburn, nausea, bloating, vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms.

  • Melon

Melon - pretty heavy product itself. In fact, to even a small piece of digest, it will take a lot of time and energy. Because of this food, which is in the stomach starts to wander. Therefore, gastritis, ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems should not use it. No need to risk your health for the sake of momentary pleasure.

  • Peaches

They have quite a strong laxative effect, plus cause enhanced production of gastric juice. But even those with low acidity, as there do not recommend them. By the way, this fruit can cause severe allergic reactions.

Now you know which fruits and berries can be eaten with gastritis. But remember that each person's body is different. In some may react vigorously and, after bananas, strawberries, and another after the use of these goodies will only get better. And do not forget to pre-consult with a specialist. Do not experiment, do not act at random. And most importantly - are treated, follow the doctor's recommendations, and eat well, not only for gastritis.

 Fruits with gastritis: what patients can eat