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Boils - so nasty, that always occurs at the wrong time, and even in prominent places - such as on the face. And it is not innocuous pimple that can successfully mask the tone cream - boil you can not hide. Conclusion? It should be treated, not only for aesthetic reasons.

Furuncle - it is a strong inflammatory process, exciting the hair follicle and the surrounding tissues. If treatment is not started on time, there are chances of developing various complications, up to sepsis. And note - the treatment of boils is better to entrust dermatologist.

All of furuncle

The inflammatory process boils proceeds very rapidly - if you look at the affected area, can be seen dying tissue abscess. The characteristic distinguishing feature which can be found on the boil - tight white rod inside. And it appears the first - before all the other signs of inflammation.

In order to develop a boil, need a reason. And this is the very reason pathogenic bacteria - especially Staphylococcus aureus, which is very widespread: the dirty fruit, handrails public transportation, household items, with which a person is in contact every day.

And if the virus gets on your skin, having at least minor damage, the result is easy to predict - will likely not be able to avoid inflammation. A chance to become the owner of the rising boil at times when the immune system is poor or if the street is hot - at this time of Staphylococcus feels much freer.

So aureus entered the organism starts to develop a boil. First, there is a slight redness and swelling of the skin, which people just do not pay attention - and very vain, because if you start treatment at the earliest stages, the forces have to spend much less. If treatment is not started, the swelling continues to increase, it produced the most legendary white rod, and then all the other signs of the boil - necrosis, abscess.

It is difficult to say why, but the most favorite place for the development of boils is a person. Dermatologists attribute this to several factors - first, the skin on the face is much more vulnerable and has a variety of injuries - from shaving, rough washing, the use of various cosmetics. And secondly, the skin we are much more likely to touch, and thus - increases the risk of infection with staphylococcus and other pathogenic bacteria.

 boil on the face treatment

Traditional treatment of boils

The most reasonable choice - at the first sign boil consult a doctor, dermatologist. The only thing that you can do yourself - treat it carefully place festering alcohol tincture or any other antiseptic, not to aggravate the situation. Further treatment strategy is to choose a doctor. Depending on the degree of inflammation, treatment may be different:

  • Sparing therapies

If the boil festering is still not very strong, doctors prefer to do without opening the abscess. Most often possible to manage with the help of physical therapy and various drugs. Usually, antibacterial - it is necessary to destroy pathogenic bacteria and prevent secondary infection. To choose their own medication in any case it is impossible, because you yourself will not be able to assess their effects on the body.

  • Surgical intervention

If someone asked for help too late, when the inflammation has gone away, it is unlikely to do without surgery. Typically, hearing of this, a person very frightened - and it is not surprising, after all, the course is a scalpel.

But in fact, you do not have to worry about anything - before the procedure, the doctor will conduct a full anesthetic and you will not feel anything. Furuncle is opened, the contents removed, and the wound treated with special drugs.

Typically, the incision is not sewn up - he heals itself. For those rare exceptions where the boil was a huge size - in this case, one would have to impose shovchik. But then should not get upset - with proper care after healing of visible marks on the skin, most likely, will not.

As you can see, the right decision - timely access to a doctor. Then you will be able to do "a little blood." And if you will be delayed - is difficult to say what will turn such a delay. In the best case - a severe inflammation, and at worst - even I do not want to represent.

Treatment boils popular recipes

If you are a categorical opponent of conventional medicine, or simply do not have the possibility to see a doctor, you can try to get rid of the boil using recipes of traditional medicine. But remember, as "Our Father" - when two days after initiation of treatment you will not notice improvement, drop everything and immediately to the doctor! Health - this is not something with which you can experiment.

Also, do not overlook the probability of an allergic reaction. Very many of the components that make up the recipes of traditional medicine, can provoke the development of allergies. Therefore, if you are not sure of at least one component, do a mini-test for allergies. To do this, apply a thin layer of ready funds to the skin or behind the ear or on the wrist. After about 10 minutes of vote result - there should be no itching, no rash or redness.

  • Healing tortilla

One of the most effective means of boils - a special way of cooking tortillas. For its preparation need the most simple ingredients: a teaspoon of honey - preferably lime, one egg yolk, butter and a little flour. In water bath melt the butter and honey, cool, add the egg yolks, mix everything thoroughly, add flour and knead the dough.

You get the test should last approximately five procedures, most importantly - keep it in the refrigerator. The treatment itself is conducted as follows: from a piece of dough shaped tortilla required size, which must be applied to boils, press firmly and secure - it's best to do it with plaster.

This cake must be left in place for 8 hours, so the most convenient procedure to make the evening. About the third day will reveal the boil - this treatment with tortillas ends. Next, you will need the ointment, which bears the name "levomekol" - it is the only medicine that can be used without a doctor's prescription. This ointment should be applied to revealed the boil until the wound is healed.

  • Buckwheat tortilla

If the boil just started to develop, it is possible to try to reverse the process. And best of all for this purpose is suitable buckwheat cakes. Preparing it follows - red-hot frying pan, fry her 4 tablespoons of buckwheat, cool and with the help of the grinder grind to a powder. Buckwheat flour can be stored for a long time - the main thing that was a sealed container. To prepare the cake, take a small amount of buckwheat flour, add the apple cider vinegar and knead the dough. About the stock to cook it does not make sense, because it very quickly lose its healing properties - cook at one time.

The finished cake fix on boils and let it sit for an hour - this procedure should be repeated two or three times a day. Usually, this treatment prevents the maturation of the boil - it just disappears. However, in rare cases, one can observe the opposite effect - buckwheat flour can cause rapid maturation and breakthrough boil. But it's too bad, is not it?

  • Onion

Another well-proven way - is banal onions. For a procedure, you will need one medium-sized onion. Onions clean from the husk, place in oven and bake for about 15 minutes - during which time the onions should be soft. After the bulb has cooled, cut it into two pieces and attach a slice to the problem areas, leave for two to three hours.

The same procedure should be repeated at least three times a day - otherwise the desired effect you will not achieve. Furuncle should become evident on the third day, after which the treatment is stopped, and onions in the course is still the same "Levomekol." It should be applied to a boil two or three times a day, preferably under the bandage.

  • Laundry soap

This recipe for many people it seems very strange, but it really works, and very effectively. You only need the onions, water, and most ordinary soap, without any additives. Onions put in the oven to bake for 15 minutes. At this time a soap rub on a small grater, add some water and melt in a water bath, stirring constantly. Onion extract, peel and mash with a fork while, mix with lukewarm soapy mass. All that means is ready - go to treatment.

The resulting mixture is a thick layer put on the boil, cover with plastic wrap and secure with adhesive tape. Such soap compress should remain furuncle at least five hours. Those who have tried this treatment in practice, argue that the boil is revealed about the third day. It goes without saying that after the abscess will burst, you need to begin treatment with ointment "Levomekol."

  • Raw potatoes

Raw potatoes have long been known for its ability to heal any wounds, cuts and burns. But few people know that potatoes and copes with purulent sores, so it can be successfully used for the treatment of boils. The recipe itself is very simple: clean one small potato tuber, grate it on a small grater and received gruel liberally apply a festering boil on the face. Top cover with plastic wrap or a gauze cloth, fasten and leave for an hour. Repeat this procedure at least twice a day - morning and night, and if possible more often. It will reveal an abscess on the second day - continue to be treated with ointment "Levomekol."

 treatment of boils on the face

Preventive measures

Some particularly "lucky" people are faced with quite often boils. Agree, it is hardly to be envied - discomfort, intensive treatment, the possible marks on the skin. What to do? Just accept and give up? Of course not, in any case! There are some preventive measures, compliance with which could help solve this problem.

  • Strengthening the immune system

The first thing that needs to be done in the case - is thinking, and it really works flawlessly your nervous system? Perhaps she needs your help? After all, if there is any pathogenic microflora begins to actively multiply and stimulates the development of boils, it means that the body does not resist. The first thing you should do - is to seek help from a physician-immunologist.

But also you can do a lot. For example, there are some simple rules that will greatly strengthen immunity, improve health and normalizes the nervous system. The first thing you should do - is to reconsider its usual schedule of the day. Say "no" night gatherings with friends or the computer - an adult should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Do not forget about walking outdoors - select at least 30 minutes a day, walk down the street at night. Also, do not be amiss to drink a course of multivitamin supplements - unfortunately, the quality of today's products does not allow to fully meet the body's need for vitamins, minerals, trace elements.

  • Proper skin care

Clean - the guarantee of health and this truth has long been a capital. And holds it against boils - purer the skin, the less chance of them. Clean the skin with a gel cleanser at least twice a day, and during the day periodically wipe the alcohol wipes. You can anticipate the objection of women using creams. But we have to disappoint them if the facial skin is prone to boils, it is not necessary to use a matting agent.

  • Diet

You may be surprised, but the fact remains - the people who adhere to the rules of proper nutrition usually boils does not happen. Therefore, strictly exclude from your diet all the sharp, salty, fatty and fried, reduce the amount of spices, give up mayonnaise, chocolate, coffee, alcoholic beverages. Cereal, fruit, vegetables, lean meats - all of this will benefit not only the skin, but also throughout the body.

As a rule, compliance with all of these prevention measures help to reduce the incidence of boils. But if this did not happen - to immediately go to the doctor. There is a possibility that the problem is much more serious than it seems at first glance.

 A boil on his face - get rid of it