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  • Types of warts
  • Where do you get the virus?
  • Treatment of folk ways

Skin diseases there are so many. And one of these afflictions are acuminata - neoplasms arising on the skin surface, and to some degree resemble warts. Only their size usually smaller - not more than one centimeter in diameter. Very often, if the warts are not located in a prominent position, a person simply does not pay her any attention.

And a very good reason - sooner or later begin to appear more and more warts that are unlikely to make you happy. So the problem must begin to fight as soon as possible - with the first appearance of warts. But that victory is yours, you must be fully prepared - to know what it views warts you are facing and how to get rid of them.

Of course, wise to seek help from a dermatologist - he alone can accurately diagnose disease and to choose the right treatment. Speaking of treatment - is very important antiviral therapy, which may appoint a doctor. What does a virus, you ask? And so you learn a little bit later - let's about everything in order.

Types of warts

There are several varieties of warts - depending on their shape and localization. Doctors have identified a number of major groups:

  • Common warts

The most common warts is the most common - about 85% of all cases. These warts are very dense, rough to the touch, it stands above the surface of the skin by about half a centimeter. In most cases, it occurs on the back of the hands, the fingers, as well as on the scalp. More rarely, such warts can be found on the face - a very unpleasant surprise.

  • Plantar warts

The most unpleasant kind of data neoplasms - plantar warts. As you can guess, it is located on the underside - is often confused with corn. And no wonder, because the warts in appearance very much like ordinary corn. And tenderness when touching the plantar warts, no less than for corn.

  • Flat warts

Flat warts are also often located on the back of the hands and face, but they - unlike ordinary warts - perfectly smooth and flat. Such flat condyloma protrudes above the skin surface is not more than a few millimeters, and in more than one centimeter in diameter are not usually increase.

  • Genital warts

Genital warts are the second most popular after the usual - suffer from them about 40% of the adult population. Agree digits guard force ... These warts are rather long and pointed, and they are located around the genitals, anus, and inner thighs. Rarely, genital warts occur alone - often they are produced in large quantities. It is easy to guess that it gives a lot of inconvenience to man - both aesthetic and physical side. By the way, the fair sex is another danger lurking - pointed warts can occur on the cervix and vaginal mucosa.

Incidentally, gynecologists are sounding the alarm - that genital warts formed in the cervix, increase the risk of cancer. Naturally, cancer of the cervix. The prospect is not just unpleasant and very scary, so treatment should begin promptly and be conducted only under strict medical supervision.

And that is why genital warts in any case can not treat people's methods. Sami warts should be removed by a doctor - there are many safe ways to forget about the neoplasm in a few minutes. And regardless of the warts will need antiviral therapy. After all, the originator of occurrence of genital warts is nothing more than the human papilloma virus.

 warts treatment of folk remedies for a long time

Where do you get the virus?

The same unforgettable Ms. statistics says that the human papilloma virus to 30 years in the life of infected 8 out of 10 people. What explains such a wide spread of the virus? It's very simple - it is unpretentious and survives even in the most adverse conditions. Therefore, you can become infected almost anywhere. Especially carefully it is necessary in the following cases:

  • Pools, gyms

Healthy lifestyle steps tread loudly - and it's great. But we must not forget that public locker rooms, showers, swimming pools are a high-risk - always remember about the rules of personal hygiene. Do not walk barefoot, use only your own towel - just the slightest damage to the skin, the virus entered the body.

  • Nail salons

No less responsible should be approached in choosing nail salon because untreated after previous client tools can also be a source of infection with the human papilloma virus.

  • Sexual intercourse

Safe sex - it's good and we all know that. But, unfortunately, sometimes carried away, gave passion and forget about this very safe. Of course, we carefully choose partners, so serious disease will not speak - though AIDS forget in any case impossible. But the likelihood of catching the human papilloma virus is very high.

  • The birth canal

Another very common way of infection of papilloma virus - during childbirth. Especially natural, during which the baby passes the birth canal. That is why it is so important during pregnancy to prepare for a complete examination and, if necessary, undergo treatment. This measure is necessary if you want to be a happy mom charming kids.

Insidious virus is that it makes itself felt immediately after infection - sometimes it peacefully dormant in the body for many years before making itself felt. And there is, as a rule, while the weakening of the immune system - during pregnancy, any illnesses, just banal beriberi.

By the way, none of the happy couple broke up because of the banal papillomavirus - Partners accusing each other of infidelity. But if they knew that the virus may be present in humans from birth and make itself felt only after a couple of decades, not a single unit of society have been able to save. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, do not rush to blame his Blessed of all mortal sins. It is better to think about what exactly you can become a source of infection for man.

 warts treatment of all folk remedies

Treatment of folk ways

The need for a campaign to the dermatologist is not even discussed - without antiviral therapy you will fight warts life. But existing warts if they are not pointed, you can try to remove with the help of popular recipes that are tested in the best way - time. But remember that folk remedies and treatment should be carried out under the supervision of a physician.

In addition, it is important to ensure that this treatment will not hurt you - you must ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction to one or another component of the recipe that you have chosen. To do this, put the ear on the wrist or a small amount of money and is ready to leave for three minutes. If redness or rash appears, it is safe to start treatment with folk remedies.

  • Garlic juice

The most simple and effective tool for the treatment of genital warts - is garlic. If warts yet still not large, try to lubricate them with fresh juice of garlic - about three times a day. After about a week the warts begin to shrink in size, and by the end of the second and disappear altogether.

If it does not, you can try a more radical treatment - pass through chesnokodavku few cloves of garlic and mix with half a teaspoon of honey and apply to warts, top attach a small gauze and secure with plaster. Such application must be garlic to warts for at least two hours. Then rinse with water, garlic, and the skin around the tumors lubricate any fat cream. The same procedure should be done every evening for 10 days. If necessary, treatment can be continued, but only after a five-day break.

  • Lemon infusion

If we are talking about the treatment of folk remedies, it is impossible not to remember the miraculous lemon liqueur. To make it, you will need half a large lemon, two cloves of garlic, 50 grams of fresh juice and 100 grams of red wine. Lemon wash, grate with the skin, chop the garlic, mix, add the juice and wine. Place the mixture in a glass container with a lid and place in refrigerator for 10 days. Do not forget to periodically - once a day - shake the container.

Before use, strain the infusion, and be sure to store it in the refrigerator only. Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink one tablespoon infusion. Do not worry about the garlic - the smell will not be absolutely no. Treatment should continue for exactly one week - enough time to strengthen the immune system. And the warts begin to disappear before our eyes.

  • Juice therapy

If you want to treat warts is folk remedies, turn your attention to juice therapy. Already, thousands of people get rid of bad tumors precisely so that's conservative means. The most effective treatment of complex functions - both internal and external.

For external use only the best fit juice of celandine. Of course, it is best to treat them in the summer - enough to disrupt a sprig of the plant and lubricate every warts speaking juice. Only two such procedures in the day to have 10 days to say goodbye to bored warts.

In winter, you can replace the juice of celandine alcohol tincture - however, have to wipe a little more often, not less than three times a day. If alcoholate you do not like it, replace it with a poultice of fresh apples. Grate on fine grater half an apple sour, resulting mush apply to warts, apply plastic wrap on top and attach the adhesive plaster. Apple wrap must be left overnight and in the morning rinse with cool water. The duration of such a treatment - 14 days.

For internal use is perfectly suited potato juice, which must be taken half a cup of morning and evening, 30 minutes before eating. It is best suited for this purpose red potatoes - Clean a few medium-sized tuber, grate on a fine grater and squeeze the juice gauze. Everything is ready and the case for small - to enjoy this miracle-agent. A full course of treatment - 14 days.

  • Egg white

Almost universal remedy for all kinds of warts - a simple egg white. Prepares lunch or dinner? Do not rush to throw egg shells - a cotton swab to collect the remaining walls of crude protein, and there is plenty of grease all warts. Protein dries very quickly, but do not wash it for at least three hours. This procedure must be repeated on a regular basis - the more often, the faster you get rid of warts - at least 6 times a day. But remember that egg protein can cause allergic reactions. So give up the tool if you have previously noticed for his body similar reaction to chicken eggs.

In most cases, all of the above methods help get rid of warts. But alas - not always, so if the month intensive treatment will not bring any result, it is not necessary to continue to experiment - to go to the dermatologist. Otherwise, you risk to make a lot of health problems - until the degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant. So is it worth it? Of course not! Be healthy!

 Warts: treatment of folk remedies. What you need to know?