allergy to the cold


  • Causes of allergy to the cold
  • Who is at risk
  • Diagnosis of allergy: how to recognize the problem
  • How to cope with an allergy to the cold
  • Tempered how to accustom your body to the cold

The man was first confronted with an allergy to cold, it is unlikely to recognize the disease. He thinks he is somewhere easy, because a red nose, tears, runny nose, cough and other symptoms appear ordinary people, if they have picked up a virus or peremerzla. Alarming in this case only that all attributes tested at one time, when the patient falls into heat.

And the further, the worse a person who ignores the symptoms. It is therefore important time to pay attention to a problem that can be solved or change place of residence, or medical methods. To cope with this, unfortunately, is impossible.

Causes of allergy to the cold

As you know, an allergy - a kind of defense of our body, to be exact - the immune system. When an allergen gets inside, it starts to produce antibodies. The most common reason is the foreign proteins contained in food, pollen, medicines, etc.

By the way, this is why, until recently, even the doctors denied the possibility of allergic reactions to cold. Agree, in the snow, wind and air can not contain allergens that cause the immune system to respond our. So why, then, comes the allergy? It is almost impossible to appoint a full treatment without identifying and eliminating the cause. Otherwise you'll have to deal only with the consequences.

As established experts in the open areas of the body that are affected by cold air and wind, tissue proteins begin to connect, forming thus a kind of alien structure. It is so the body reacts violently sensitive person. The heat also terminated all the reactions, so there comes improvement.

 allergic to the cold symptoms

Who is at risk

Allergy to cold, it can certainly occur each. But, according to statistics, more often still faced with this disease is the fair sex (age group - from 25 and older). Therefore, it is important to take precautions, especially if you are at risk.

As you know, a healthy person can not just an allergy to cold. Always it is preceded by something. Someone genetic predisposition, while others incorrectly treated with antibiotics or ill virus infection on his feet. The reasons can be quite a lot.

Perhaps you have recently had major surgery as a result of which your body is weak, decreased resistance and immunity in general. If this is not observed, you should go to the hospital and tested for the presence of infectious and parasitic diseases. It also may have problems with the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, gastritis, etc).

Stress - is another reason. Remember the statement that all diseases - from nerves. Try as little as possible to get nervous, drink special soothing herbs and extracts. If possible, go to a psychologist or psychoanalyst, he helped you to deal with the emotions and experiences.

Diagnosis of allergy: how to recognize the problem

In fact, the symptoms of the disease in each individual may be different, since urticaria, rhinitis ending. But you know, no matter what the severity of allergy to the cold would not, in any case, need to be treated.

  • Nettle-rash

The fair sex is enough to spend ten minutes in the cold to the skin blisters formed. Pinkish-white education, if they try to probe, quite dense. At the same time they are incredibly badly scratched, like a mosquito bite.

Specially, we are experiencing an allergy to cold, very difficult to lead a normal life. These symptoms do not appear only in autumn and winter, when the temperature of the thermometer drops below zero. In this case, even an ordinary ice-cold water from the tap can cause deterioration. By the way, a man who is faced with this disease, also can not eat cold food (be it ice cream, cocktail, jelly). If he will drink or eat such, it can happen swelling of the tongue, throat, lips. And if you do not provide first aid, the patient can simply choke.

Note: we fully healthy human skin responds differently to cold temperatures. It whitens much if it, for example, attach a piece of ice, and then turns pink, if you put a warm towel. If there is a girl and the cold urticaria, then half an hour later, she usually goes. In allergy symptoms do not disappear so quickly: pimples and itching may not take place in a few days.

  • Dermatitis

The appearance of dermatitis - this is probably one of the main signs of an allergy to cold. In such a person on the skin formed some red spot that begins to peel off, scratched and even inflamed. Place of dislocation - the person, ears, hands. In general, it affects all the open areas of the body, so if a lady wears nylon stockings, erythema can appear on the legs.

  • Meteorological (Kholodov) cheilitis

Remember how we as a child and as a young man talking - not Kiss in the cold, and the lips were cracked. But if you use a sanitary or regular lipstick, avoid such tenderness in the cold, and the lips, the skin around the corners and hurt, covered with scales, they emerge so-called perleches it means - you are allergic. By the way, cheilitis can occur even after a girl just eat ice cream or drink cold water.

  • Rhinitis

Once the allergies come in cold weather on the street, he immediately begins a bad cold, lays nose. All this may be accompanied by profuse watery eyes, coughing, sneezing. But should a sick person to go on the bus, an apartment, a shop where you will be warmer, these symptoms do pass.

  • Conjunctivitis

In this case, begin to swell and redden eyelids as if you were the second day crying. This is accompanied by hypersensitivity to light, tearing. Help reduce the symptoms of drops that can be used only in a warm room. By the way, if you are constantly flowing tears in the cold, you need to see a doctor. The fact that the cause may be a fungus, mite (Demodex) etc.

  • Bronhospastichesky reflex

This, in general, it is normal when a person has a cold a little discomfort when inhaling. Thus our body protects the body from cold temperatures, gradually giving easy to get used to the cold air, warming it slightly. Otherwise, we would immediately have earned pneumonia.

If bronchospasm persists for a long time, causing chest pain, immediately go to a warm place and otdyshites there. As soon as possible, immediately go to the hospital. These symptoms may indicate that after diseases (influenza, SARS, pneumonia), you still have any complications.

 allergic to the cold treatment

How to cope with an allergy to the cold

As mentioned above, the treatment of allergy - is not easy. It is difficult to cope with the disease themselves. So the first thing we recommend to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will make the first test to identify whether you are allergic to cold. To this end, he put a small piece of ice on the skin, soak a couple of minutes. If within 15 minutes the symptoms show up, it means that the diagnosis is correct.

What may make this case a specialist? First, he will send a woman to check to other physicians (gastroenterologist, dentist, pulmonologist, gynecologist), to identify the cause of the allergy to the cold. Based on the analyzes and results of examination, the doctor will prescribe medication. It can be used antihistamines and hormonal preparations, ointments for wound healing. In this disease some of the fair sex is recommended to move to warmer climes, especially if the body too rapidly react to low temperatures.

But if you change the place of residence is not possible, and the drugs do not help, you can try to overcome the allergy to the cold with traditional medicine. Do not forget to pre-coordinate treatment with your doctor. But first things first.

  • Getting rid of hives

The treatment of hives, which appears because of the cold, is carried out using the collection of herbs. So, you need to burdock root, walnut leaves and violet tricolor. Total 25 grams. The teapot pour two tablespoons of the resulting mixture, then pour 200 ml of boiling water. Insist hour, then filtered through cheesecloth, folded in two layers (to avoid sticks and leaves the beverage). The resulting broth drink three times a day for 60-70 ml.

  • We struggle with dry and rough skin

As mentioned above, even after a five-minute walk through the frosty air the skin of the sick person begins to dry, flaking, and redden. Treatment with conventional nourishing creams may be beneficial, but sometimes these cosmetics are also aggravating the situation. In order not to suffer from this nuisance, in the evening you can make compresses of decoctions.

Option One - 4 fresh fir or pine cones chop, grind in the blender or meat grinder, cover with running water and put on a slow fire. Boil 30 minutes, no more. Then leave the broth in a room that is cool, strain through a sieve or cheesecloth. Every evening it means wipe damaged skin (face, hands, neck). Remains stored in the refrigerator (in a glass or plastic bottle). Note: If reusing the liquid is heated.

Option Two - prepare a decoction of calendula normal (1, 5 tablespoons of flowers - 200 ml of water), then putting a towel soaked them to the skin. Make alternately hot and cold compresses (3-4 times each). Dwell time - no more than a minute to earn not burn or not to catch cold.

  • Protects the skin from exposure to wind and frost

As soon as the weather worsens, patients are immediately reminded of what is allergic to cold. So you do not have to go to the hospital and treated for hives, dermatitis and other skin manifestations, ladies recommended recourse to badger fat.

Its beneficial properties known long before our birth. With the fat of the animal were treated frostbitten parts of the body, get rid of many serious diseases, including tuberculosis. Nowadays, it is not as popular and famous as it was before, because urban dwellers prefer modern folk medicine. And in vain!

Badger fat is rich in vitamins A and B, unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. So, before going out to be, firstly, lubricate all exposed areas of this facility. Particular attention is paid to the nose and the nose, cheeks and lips. Second, 40 minutes before breakfast, if you are then going somewhere to go on a cold, drink a tablespoon of fat.

  • Shilajit for all ills

Do you want to just forget about what is allergic to cold? Mummies - this is probably one of the best means by which to get rid of this disease. The course lasts on average about 20 days, treatment is carried out in early winter and mid-summer.

1 c mummy (available at pharmacies) fill it with clean filtered water. Please note: if you bought a quality product, after razbavki liquid becomes completely dark, opaque. If the water in some places only tint, then you sold a bad feed.

The resulting vehicle is taken once a day (100 ml). Be sure to drink it fresh natural milk. As practice shows, is already in the second week of this treatment is paying off. But be careful! Pre-check whether you have an allergy to mummy.

 allergic to the cold symptoms and treatment

Tempered how to accustom your body to the cold

Unfortunately, the medication and the use of popular recipes is not always helpful to patients confronted with an allergy to cold and cold. How to deal with this nuisance in this case people who are not willing to put up with the presence of this problem? The solution is simple - Tempered!

But remember that the approach to this issue should be carefully and deliberately. Accustom your body to low temperatures should be gradually, but regularly. If you do it once a week will be taking a cold shower, you only hurt yourself. If every day will gradually begin to decrease the degrees, in the end, will soon notice that your body does not react so violently to the frost.

So, we start with the usual morning rubdowns body slightly warm wet towel. As soon as you notice that after such procedures are no longer on the skin appear red spots, gradually passing into the cold water (but not below 18 degrees). Note: wet skin immediately wipe dry with a towel. For everything you should take about 4 minutes.

After a week or two and you can move on pouring. But for this you need a bowl or bucket, as usual cold shower is not suitable. The water temperature in the first few days should not be less than 35 degrees. A week later reduced to 34. And so on decreasing every 7 days. At the same time, make sure that your body reacts to such experiments. If at one point on the skin will begin to appear in any spot or education, return to the previous temperature. Wait for a while, and then you can continue further. It is not necessary to jump sharply in the cold shower or wait a couple of days between transitions.

And if you do everything right, combining the hardening treatment and proper nutrition, then soon the cold time of the year will not be dangerous for you. The main thing - do not overdo it and to know when to stop. And do not forget all agree with your doctor.

 Allergy to cold: diagnosis and treatment