Can she pass thrush


  • What is yeast and how is it dangerous
  • Who is at risk or who to look out for
  • Causes of candidiasis: who is to blame and what to do?
  • A thrush Does this: define disease
  • Treated or not treated for thrush

Some of the fair sex, found himself the symptoms of thrush, decide not to go to the gynecologist and to be treated in hospital. At best (relatively speaking) they buy pills and ointments, make steam baths and douches, hoping that everything will be so. At worst, ladies suffering with clenched teeth. Such is the mentality of the Russian women. But can really pass the thrush itself, without consequences and harm to the health of all women and girls? The answer is clearly negative. Why is that? Let's try to sort out this issue in order.

What is yeast and how is it dangerous

Candidiasis, also called thrush - is a certain kind of fungal infection. The cause of the disease - yeast fungi genus Candida. In fact, such micro-organisms in the body have in each man. Location dislocation - mucosa of the mouth, vagina. In small quantities, they do not cause any alterations or disturbances. But as soon as something serious recover or catch a pathogenic strain of the fungus is disturbed microflora and the infection begins to spread further.

Take a pill as advertised on TV, ladies calm down. Why worry if all the symptoms are gone. In fact, no evidence does not mean that the disease is completely receded. After a while, candidiasis may reappear. And get rid of it will be more difficult, since the fungus to spread to other organs. Therefore, it is important not to run the illness.

Who is at risk or who to look out for

There is a misconception that yeast infection is transmitted only through sexual contact. In fact, it can appear in infants and adolescents, and the fair sex, never had sex, and long-term abstinence. And if you put this diagnosis, it does not mean that you are infected or partner, the more his fault that you're sick.

The reason you need to look at health problems. After all, as long as you are okay, the immune system normally copes with this load. But once your body stops fighting, all the hidden disease immediately come out. And until you pass a comprehensive examination, do not find out because of what you have exactly appeared thrush, get rid of it you will not succeed.

 whether to pass the thrush itself without treatment

Causes of candidiasis: who is to blame and what to do?

As you know, just like a thrush appears completely healthy at the fair sex. What can trigger and accelerate the development of yeast-like fungi Candida? Yes everything, starting with the wrong treatment, diabetes, AIDS, ending with chlamydia, mycoplasmosis. Therefore, this issue should be given special attention.

  • Acceptance of broad-spectrum antibiotics

Nowadays, when many drugs are sold without prescription, ladies are buying them on the advice of "knowledgeable" friends without even thinking about the consequences. How often women take antibiotics for colds, not having understood even those that do not help in such cases.

But even if you drink these medicines your doctor appointment, be prepared for serious consequences. Here and indigestion, and non-perception of some products, and that is the thrush. The thing is that antibiotics destroy not only the harmful bacteria and lactobacilli - those that do not allow the yeast to proliferate. As a result - the flora is disturbed and our body can not resist infection.

Plus, antibiotics can be considered an excellent source of food for the fungus Candida that because of this active breed of female genital mutilation. Thus, the longer you are taking medication, so you'll be worse. That's why experts recommend use during treatment and probiotics, which soften the effects of drugs on the body.

  • Synthetic underwear

As if you did not sound surprising, but the constant wearing synthetic panties can cause vaginal candidiasis. Such a fabric is not breathable and firmly adhering to the skin does not normally leave the warmth. As a result - a closed area sweats and hot. High humidity and high temperatures - this is what promotes rapid multiplication of the fungus.

Therefore abandon the beautiful, but dangerous things that can lead to such diseases. And it's not just a thrush. For example, provoke cystitis, candidiasis can thong that while walking transferred bacteria from the anus to the vaginal. By the way, the same thing happens when a girl under the shower to wash away the pressure.

  • Pregnancy, oral contraceptives

Pregnant the fair sex often encounter such a nuisance as thrush. This usually occurs in the late second and third trimesters. This happens due to the fact that the expectant mother is disturbed hormonal balance.

Note: if there was candidiasis, immediately inform the gynecologist. So that the disease is not passed on to the baby, pregnant women need to undergo a course of treatment. And preparations are chosen such that will not harm the fetus. Remember that yeast do not just pass!

With regard to contraception, almost all contraceptives, which contain estrogen, also have a negative impact on your health. As a result - is lowered pH, and begin to proliferate on mucosal bacteria and fungi, including Candida. By the way, in this case, women become much worse it is in the very red days when levels of the hormone reaches a critical point.

  • Malnutrition

Ladies constantly dieters and torturing starvation risk to make a whole bunch of diseases, including yeast. Vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, and other essential trace elements - a good never brought. But to put himself in good shape, just needs a balanced diet and go to the gym.

The second category of people - these are the person who can not resist the pleasure of eating fatty, salty, smoked, spicy. Such is the food is not only provokes the multiplication of fungi, but also significantly speeds up the case. So do not rush to extremes.

Every day, women should eat one ripe apple. The diet must be vegetables, fruits and berries. How to prepare - either steamed or boiled, or baked in the oven. Less fry, pickle, pickle. By the way, with regards to salt. Immediately reduce the dosage you are unlikely to - the food will seem fresh and tasteless. But if you gradually reduce the quantity, in the end, you can go to the application of the rules. This will help not only to get rid of the yeast, but from stomach problems, swelling, bags under the eyes and bruises, as well as lose weight.

  • Problems with the endocrine system

Thrush can be a symptom of a more serious and dangerous disease. This is the case of diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism and Cushing's disease, problems with the thyroid gland. Often, the endocrine system begins to "naughty" in a strong obesity.

  • Problems with the immune system

If you have thrush appears as soon as you have been treated by it, should also immediately check for malignant tumors, leukemia, AIDS. Problems with the immune system, as may occur after chemotherapy, long-term treatment with immunosuppressants, antibiotics, hormones, etc.

  • Intoxication

People who regularly drink alcoholic beverages or drugs, get sick more often and harder than leading a healthy lifestyle person. And the whole problem lies in the fact that because of just such interests intoxication occurs, which is simply not able to cope with the infection. Just as it happens with patients who take long enough drugs. As in previous cases, thrush itself does not take place, even if you stop to use the medicine and to start up with alcohol.

  • Damage

Another fairly common cause of yeast infection - frequent damage of the skin and mucous membranes. The problem may be that you wear dentures, which are constantly squeezed and rubbed and erosion, burns, etc. Therefore, if you feel discomfort or injury, be careful, just treat cuts, try to avoid re-injury.

  • High temperature and humidity

The man is sweating, the moisture accumulates in the folds, there is bacteria begin to multiply. Well, if a woman has the opportunity to use at least wet wipes to clean the skin. But, for example, working in manufacturing, doing chores around the house, walking on the street, it is unlikely the fair sex every five minutes will run into the ladies' room.

By the way, that's why some experts recommend disguise swimsuit immediately after water procedures. The fact that the sun is at the moment warms our skin, but a thong or bikini for a long time to dry. As a result - we have a comfortable moist environment in which bacteria rather feel good.

  • Sex

Lever fungi of the genus Candida can be during sex with a partner without a condom. And this disease is called by the people "married thrush." Therefore, always protect yourself, if you are not married to a young man. By the way, men have the disease may not be apparent for a long time, while it will remain a carrier.

Thus, the yeast - is not just a disease but a sign that your body that something is wrong. For infection and spread is necessary to have certain factors that adversely affect the immunity of the fair sex. And while these reasons are not eliminated, the thrush is not something that can not pass on their own, but will continue to appear after treatment.

 Can thrush go very fast

A thrush Does this: define disease

Of course, put a diagnosis on their own is impossible without having a medical education and practice. Symptoms that occur with thrush may accompany other diseases. Plus, it all depends on what has been the cause of candidiasis, at what stage you are now, what diseases still exist, etc.

During an exacerbation almost always experience the following symptoms associated with thrush. Firstly, it is itching and burning in the genital area. This discomfort is always worse in the evening. Especially noticeable is the manifestation in the premenstrual period. After a month comes a little relief. It was at this time the woman may decide that the yeast has passed by itself. But a week later the symptoms reappear.

Secondly, vaginal thrush released some substance white or slightly yellowish in appearance similar to cottage cheese. The quantity and quality depending on the severity of the disease. In very advanced cases, separation may be brown, greenish. Note: if the fair sex chronic vulvovaginitis, the presence of such structures is not required.

When thrush is usually not pronounced unpleasant and repulsive odor. But over time, you may receive a little sour flavor, which is impossible to get rid of, even after taking a shower or bath. Incidentally, the latter with candidiasis is not recommended that as discomfort and itching after the hot water will intensify.

Also, do not have sex with candidiasis. This not only will bring you pleasure, but much harm. And you can infect a partner, and you will hurt the penetration. In the future, when cured of the disease, Pick up again from the MCH Candida fungi.

Next symptom - a rash on the mucous membrane. It can be very small bubbles, inside of which is slightly cloudy or completely transparent liquid. Place of dislocation - the vagina and vulva. There may also be swelling or redness. Women in acute experiencing incredible pain and a burning sensation when urinating, like acid eating away at the genitals. The fact that urine acts on inflamed skin, causing less discomfort.

Note that all of these signs and symptoms may also occur together or separately. Everything depends on the lesion. Sometimes, inflammation or affect only the genital organs or vagina. But usually, the disease spread and then on the other. Plus, if you do not start treatment at the first signs of suffering bladder, cervix.

Treated or not treated for thrush

Still wondering whether to trust the doctors and go to the hospital to get you there diagnosed and treated? What could be a doubt? You should understand that such diseases simply can not pass on their own. The fungi that caused inflammation, do not just stop multiplying and not sink into oblivion.

In the future, if you do not treat thrush, the fair sex could be in trouble with the reproductive function. Plus, there are risks of infection toddler who is in the womb. And to no good it will not.

Engage in self - it is the last thing a woman should do. The fact that drugs in most cases, negatively affect the immune system. And this in turn gives full freedom of action of fungi Candida. As a result - the lesion is increasing. And get rid of this scourge will be much harder.

Even the doctor is difficult to deal with thrush, because, as mentioned earlier, does not necessarily have sex to fungi began its activity in the body. Candidiasis says that a woman is not all right. Perhaps her serious illness affecting the hormones and the immune system.

So first of all have to undergo a full examination to rule out the presence of concomitant diseases. If they exist, they are treated first. Then prescribe medication that stimulate enhanced immunity, relieve dysbiosis, reduced acidity, etc. Plus, it appointed a special diet rich in vitamins, minerals and protein. In the food products should not be influencing the development of fungi of the genus Candida.

The more self-medicate or hope for a miraculous deliverance from the problems can not be pregnancy. Remember that the fungus can be transmitted and the baby. Given that many drugs can adversely affect fetal development, to the issue should be approached with caution.

By the way, if you put a woman diagnosed with thrush, you should be treated, and her sexual partner. And even if no visible symptoms of the disease, it is still required to pass the inspection. As mentioned earlier, candidiasis may occur and not immediately, but after some time.

How is held the very treatment of thrush? The patient is prescribed antifungal drugs that are taken locally (ointments and creams) and orally (tablets). But even if you have been treated, that does not mean that you completely get rid of the scourge. Thrush can come back if you do not fully get rid of it. For example, the wrong dosage was appointed, she stopped taking the medication as soon as it became easier.

Also, sometimes antifungal agents do not always cope with the task. The fact that the molds rather quickly become accustomed to particular drugs. As a result - the drug that helped previously, next time not profit. That is why some modern clinics offer patients tested for seeding. In the laboratory doing the sample to determine which drug sensitive fungi. And the survey is assigned to proper treatment.

  • Medications

Today, there are quite a number of antifungal drugs to help cope with the thrush. But because of universal access and control the application of the fungus much more resistant to them.

Stand tablets and pills differently, depending on the company's products and the popularity of a particular agent. Unfortunately, not all of today can afford expensive treatment.