Kefir Mushroom


  • Milk mushroom: what it is
  • How to cook and take care of milk mushroom
  • How to use the Tibetan milk mushroom
  • The action of the fungus on the body
  • How useful Tibetan milk mushroom
  • Mushroom milk Tibetan: contraindications to the use of

Kefir fungus, also known as the Tibetan and milk, has a truly healing properties. He is able to cure many serious diseases rather eliminating the very cause and deal with the consequences. It is believed that if you eat it regularly, people can live 10-15 years longer. Ladies also who want to look and 50 to 30, are also recommended to resort to his help. Tibetan milk mushroom helps rejuvenate the skin, nail and hair in order.

Milk mushroom: what it is

Tibetan milk mushroom - is a certain group of bacteria, which is used for the preparation of therapeutic yogurt. First, its size can not exceed two millimeters, but over time it grows up to 30 mm and more. It is used in folk medicine and cosmetology.

On the magical properties of the substance known long before our birth. Secrets on keeping, breeding and use of kefir fungus, passed down from fathers to their children. And only recently, and ordinary citizens of the world were able to grow its own to deal with their illnesses. Of course, use it instead of medication is not necessary, but as an adjunct to treatment, he will be just right.

Note: Despite the fact that the Tibetan mushroom is considered to be completely safe, yet previously you should consult with your doctor. This is necessary in order to avoid some serious consequences, especially if you are taking medication.

 Mushroom Kefir

How to cook and take care of milk mushroom

Many housewives are interested in how to grow fungus Kefir at home. In fact, to prepare milk mushroom and then care for them is not so difficult. It would be the time and desire. It is not whimsical, it grows quickly. The main thing - time to pour the resulting liquid so that it is not subsequently deteriorated, did not start to turn sour and unpleasant smell.

So, first you need to purchase a little kefir fungi (for breeding). They cost is not too expensive, so some of the fair sex are buying them in unlimited quantities. And later, when they realize their mistake, just throw unnecessary. It's just a waste of time and money. The approach to this matter seriously, without much enthusiasm and greed.

As soon as you got the kefir fungus, immediately proceed with the preparation. First, fill it with milk (4 cups or 800g), warmed to room temperature, then put it on the next day in a dry, dark place. Do not store it in the refrigerator, because the low temperature detrimental effect on the Tibetan mushroom.

After some time (one and a half days - maximum 12 hours - minimum) milk, which is a milk fungus skvashivaetsya. Determine whether all ready, it can be examined liquid. If the top layer is formed thick, like sour milk, and it floats Tibetan mushroom, it means yogurt can already be drained.

For this taken capron sieve (with small holes) through which the filtered liquid. Iron colander or cheesecloth should be avoided to prevent damage to kefir fungus. After this fermented milk was poured into a jar, and Tibetan mushroom washed in water at room temperature. In no case do not use hot water or cold water!

Now put Kefir fungus back to the bank and then to pour fresh milk. To prevent dust from inside or gnats, cover mouth with gauze. But do not close the lid caproic, as the contents of a choke. Remember that Tibetan mushroom - it is a living being that can die from lack of air. By the way, this also applies to other species. No matter mushrooms kefir, tea or any other - they need to breathe.

Milk for the preparation of yogurt

Note: for the preparation of this medicinal substance is taken only natural milk, in extreme cases - pasteurized. For kefir fungi are deadly soy beverages, products of long storage, and milk made from dry powder. Therefore, always pre-read what manufacturers write on the package. If the product is not natural, it usually indicates the fine print.

As to the origin of milk, there is no difference whether it is cow's, goat's or mare. The main thing - to be sure that the animal is completely cool, contain it in the right conditions and fed only natural feed (without chemical additives).

Handle the correct utensils

As mentioned above, in order not to damage the milk mushroom use only glass, ceramic ware. Metal devices can hurt him. Before you put the Tibetan mushroom in the jar or pitcher container is rinsed with water. However, detergents that do not use. Otherwise, if the chemicals still remain on the walls or the bottom, he simply dies.

Wash the mushrooms with water

Milk mushroom should be washed daily with copious amounts of lukewarm water. If this is not done, it will deteriorate (die). First Tibetan mushroom acquire a brownish color, then start a rather unpleasant smell. Remember, if it occurred, would have to throw out the contents. Eat spoiled liquid in any case it is impossible, because you can be poisoned by it.

As the slow process

You are planning to leave for the weekend, but do not know how to be with kefir fungus? After all, if you do not change the milk, he could die. Do not despair! To milk mushroom is not corrupted, the contents of the jars in the refrigerator (in the vegetable department, where the temperature is not too low). The cold will not grow and develop normally kefir fungi. But do not keep the dishes there is more than one day.

You can also fill it with lots of milk, diluted with water (1, 5 liters each). Store in a dry, dark and cool place. You can put even the pantry. In this case, you can not even five days to think about how it is faring Tibetan mushroom. But as soon as you get home, be sure to place it in the natural milk, leave the room and let skvasitsya.

How to use the Tibetan milk mushroom

If you got kefir fungus to get rid of some diseases, and not just for fun, you might want to know how to use it. Remember that you can not drink more than two times a day (200 ml). Experts recommend drinking a glass before going to bed (about half an hour before them). It is desirable that you have an hour before it did not eat. So do the morning. Once awake - poured himself yogurt. For 30 minutes, until you're ready for work, useful elements and vitamins will have time to be absorbed in the stomach wall.

Eat yogurt a need for 20 days, while making small breaks (15 days). This is necessary so that your body is not accustomed to it. Therefore, it is best to carry a small calendars, which would indicate when you should rest. The whole process takes about a year, then have time to stop treatment.

 Tibetan Kefir Mushroom

The action of the fungus on the body

People who decide to undergo treatment should be aware that in the first two weeks of half-milk mushroom is quite a strong effect on the stomach. Thus patients often appear personages discomfort and symptoms. For example, it may begin indigestion accompanied gases. Additionally, a person having problems with the kidneys and urinary tract, abdomen, pain when urinating.

Usually, all these manifestations are held on the second week. And then to begin and visible improvements: increased libido, appears healthy glow in her eyes, pimples disappear, etc. This drowsiness, apathy, bad mood and leave such a person.

But if these symptoms do not have to go to the hospital. Maybe you've started to use milk mushroom when drinking antibiotics or other potent drugs. In such a case, it may appear side effects and complications.

How useful Tibetan milk mushroom

Milk itself is quite useful, as it contains a number of nutrients, which at one time and you name it. Milk mushroom, through which just happens souring, the liquid saturates additional microorganisms. Thus, the resulting yogurt - a real life-giving and healing drink, that helps us to cope with the following problems:

  • GI Jobs

Agree, we are not always able to correctly and fully fed. Food, ranked in the stomach starts to rot, causing quite unpleasant. Plus stand out substances that corrode the mucosa. Milk mushroom, which has aphrodisiac properties that can help deal with this nuisance. As a result - the digestive tract begins to operate normally, the food is digested and absorbed quickly, pass constipation. But that's not all the useful properties possessed by this beverage. This yogurt also neutralizes toxins, removes toxins, normalize the intestinal microflora.

  • Allergies

People suffering from allergies (food, chemicals, pollen), it is recommended to drink yogurt made from milk mushroom. The healing properties of this drink enable cleanse the body of the allergen. Also, if you regularly use it, our immune system will not react so strongly to a foreign protein, which, by the way, is more difficult to get inside.

  • Adiposity

The fair sex, who are dreaming, how to lose weight quickly, the perfect option. Thanks to him, the ladies will be able to lose weight, not while making any special effort. Such are the properties of milk mushroom, imported from Tibet - it normalizes metabolism, breaks down fat and removes it from your body.

  • Brittle bones

A definite plus milk mushroom is that it nourishes our body phosphorus and calcium - the elements necessary for strong bones. Unfortunately, even if you have a pounds of cheese, it will not be enough for that. Therefore, this should be given yogurt and children who are growing quite rapidly, and adults, as the age of the bones become fragile.

  • Heavy metal compounds

Unfortunately, in our time it is quite difficult to find a place on our planet, where the air and water are perfectly clean. Even in the villages of the environment is not particularly complies with, and what we say about the major cities. And that all the debris that gets into your body with every breath of air and a drink of water, we did not stay inside, you need to drink yogurt, prepared using milk mushroom.

  • The risk of malignant tumors

Useful properties of milk mushrooms - or rather, the lactic acid bacteria, which help to prevent the appearance of cancer cells have been repeatedly proven. Thus, women are advised to drink kefir, to avoid breast cancer, colon and stomach. The daily dose at the same time shall be 500 gr (250 g in the morning and evening).

  • Rehabilitation period

After surgery, patients are encouraged serious illnesses bland food. This category includes yogurt. It is also recommended to drink with gastritis (the number depends on the acidity), meningitis and other inflammatory processes in the body.

  • The consequence of treatment

Taking antibiotics, we forget how they negatively act on our bodies (including on the stomach). As a result - gastritis, pain during eating, indigestion or constipation, immunity to certain products, etc. To get rid of these unpleasant consequences and to restore intestinal microflora after treatment with pills or procedures necessary in the year to 20 days in the month of drink kefir prepared with the help of Tibetan mushroom.

If your doctor allows, you can drink this drink tablets. But remember that this is done with the permission of the expert, as some preparations are not compatible with dairy products. Kefir, for example, may cause side effects or neutralize beneficial effect. The same goes for the shots.

  • Diabetes

Those who are faced with this disease, indulge in a lot of fun. They can not eat sugar and foods in which it is contained. So ladies can drink unsweetened tea, fruit, yogurt, and plain water. And if the first drink is not tasty at all without the sweet, the latter almost all have liked. He is helpful, it is pleasant to drink, plus it is rapidly absorbed.

  • Defects in the skin

Because of useful substances, the Tibetan mushroom is also widely used in cosmetology. With it, you can get rid of freckles, acne, wrinkles, age spots, brittle and lifeless hair. If you want to always look young and fresh, do balms, masks and tonics with this tool.

Mushroom milk Tibetan: contraindications to the use of

Unfortunately, yogurt, made with the help of Tibetan kefir fungus, not everyone can drink. But for some diseases will have to consult a doctor as soon as he can tell whether the drink is compatible with medications. Otherwise, you can simply pay health.

Also, in any case should not resort to using this tool, if the patient - asthma. Which would not have been useful properties of kefir, it is not recommended to use it as a beverage, is saved from a hangover. Kefir Tibetan mushrooms are combined with alcohol, drugs.

Thus, if you are careful to approach the treatment and prevention of diseases by means of Tibetan mushroom, do your health will not be threatened. Applying yogurt to the destination, you can prevent the occurrence of many serious diseases. And do not be afraid: for preparation and maintenance of the fungus does not take a long time. The main thing - to follow the recommendations listed above.

 Kefir fungus: how to prepare healthful yogurt