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The guarantee of health - is, above all, a proper diet, know about it, probably, almost all. But, unfortunately, only a few eat a useful, rich in vitamins and minerals food. The rest prefer to eat everything, if only it was delicious. And then complain of stomach problems and skin, fatigue, malaise, lack of sentiment.

As the scientists, almost 80% of all diseases are caused by a bad diet. It is primarily concerned with the internal organs. If you eat properly, taking into account the recommendations of nutritionists, you can quickly get rid of the existing conditions, without any special effort.

How to eat in acute gastritis

Health food is assigned a doctor, taking into account the specificity and nature of the disease, the affected area and severity. The primary task, which is placed in this case - to reduce the burden on the stomach to hurt as little as possible digestive tract mucosa. But this does not mean that you have to eat quite inedible and tasteless food. There are a lot of interesting dishes that you definitely will like.

But you must remember that food must also ensure that human needs for vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. by the list. It is necessary not only to cure the stomach, but also to strengthen their immune system. Developing medical food for yourself, consider the following nuances:

  • The composition of the food (carefully selected products, in order to ease the patient was not prohibited ingredients);
  • A method of processing (fried foods are bad for the digestive tract, while the boiled or steamed normalize the stomach);
  • Fineness (porridge or mashed potatoes is much more useful than a piece of boiled potatoes);
  • The temperature of the food before consumption (hot and cold severely irritate).

What temperature should be dishes

When it comes to diet, the temperature of the food intake should not be less than fifteen degrees and no higher than 57. Otherwise, the gastric mucosa is irritated, causing pain, retching, nausea, bloating, and discomfort. Plus an empty stomach eaten cold foods negatively affect the intestinal peristalsis, causing spasms. Therefore, make sure that the average temperature of cooked food was about 36-39 degrees.

 nutrition during exacerbation of gastritis

Serving size in acute gastritis

Diet during exacerbation of gastritis - a fractional five meals consisting of authorized products. Portions thus should be small, so the patient does not overeat. It is necessary to reduce the load and mechanical effects on the affected organs of digestion.

At the same time, remember that food must be complete, providing human needs in calories. For an adult female person, this rate is about 3000 kcal. Counting the menu, keep in mind that 30% falls on the morning meal (first breakfast - 7.00), 10% - lunch (10.00), 40% - for lunch (12.00-13.00), 15% - dinner (18.00). In some cases, it is recommended to divide all 8 servings.

How to prepare food for patients with acute gastritis

As mentioned above, fried dishes - is not something that should be a person suffering from gastritis. They are most strongly irritate the stomach and intestines, causing excruciating pain, both during ingestion and after some time. In second place is the food, baked in the oven. It is easiest to digest and steam-cooked dishes. Naturally, in the latter should not be marinades, sauces, dressings, seasonings and so on down the list.

 proper nutrition during exacerbation of gastritis

What should not eat during acute gastritis

Note that the menu should not be patient meal consisting of coarse fibers. Therefore, first remove the birds from the skin, remove the meat tendon. And only then we use it for cooking. Otherwise, all this will hurt the stomach wall, and for a long time to digest.

Do not forget that you should avoid products that have vegetable fibers. If you can not completely eliminate them from your diet, try at least a little to reduce the number. Before use, be sure to thoroughly cook all and clean.

Completely forget about meats, spices, sweets. Salt dishes can be just a little (ideally, of course, it is better to stop the intake of salt). Exclude chocolate, strong brewed black tea, store juices, sweet and fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes.

Diet with acute chronic gastritis

This option is recommended when the power is exacerbation of chronic gastritis, no matter what observed secretory disorders. Pay special attention to the fact that the first time a diet combined with bed rest. The only way a patient can avoid deterioration. If you adhere to nutritional therapy, inflammation decay rapidly and begin to heal ulcers.

Banned all products that stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, as well as substances, irritating the mucous membrane. Breaks between the consumption of food should be not more than two hours. Food just cooked. Allowed the milk and milk products (naturally, in small amounts). You can cook for a couple of burgers, meatballs, meatballs. Before going to bed, patients should drink milk or diluted cream.

 proper diet during exacerbation of gastritis

Diet during exacerbation of chronic enterocolitis

The main problem in this case - the reduction of load on the intestine. You should avoid foods that mechanically or chemically injure his wall. Thus, the rule of the menu is not only roughage, but also those products which increase peristalsis, stimulate fermentation (grape, melon, coffee, juices, processed cheese, spinach, etc.). This reduces the volume and portions. Nutrition should be a fraction.

What permits this diet:

  • Crackers made with conventional white bread;
  • Dairy products: rubbed through a sieve or cheese whipped to a blender, a three-day kefir, milk, low-fat sour cream;
  • Soup with meatballs, semolina. Note: liquid dishes are uncool broth;
  • Steam burgers made from lean beef, poultry, fish. If you are used to doing them with bread, in this case, the stuffing should be added to already cooked and milled rice in the blender. No spices and seasonings;
  • Kashi pre-wipe. Cook all either on the water or on the uncool (second) broth. You can eat semolina, ground rice. It allowed a small amount of oil;
  • During an exacerbation it is recommended to use as much jelly (but only from fresh fruits and berries), tea and water without gas. Sweet eliminated completely, but in small quantities (less than 1 tsp) can have homemade jam, honey, sugar;
  • Admitted homemade sauces that are prepared on a non-fat broth (the first water is drained as soon as it boils) or butter.

It is also a good idea to help the curative mineral waters. Their gastroenterologists prescribe to their patients to eliminate the inflammation of the stomach, normalize the activity of the intestine. But remember that you should not just buy the first available water. The fact that the choice of the liquid depends on what your problem. If the patient, for example, increased secretion necessary to drink less saline water. And vice versa.

So, if you eat right, adhering to the recommendations of your doctor, after a couple of days the unpleasant symptoms disappear. But this does not mean that you immediately have to return to his former life. Sitting on therapeutic diets have long. And if you do not want to bother with cooking healthy meals, you can get a steamer. As a result, you will be able to eat a useful, healthy food without oil and salt, which, moreover, also be very tasty.

 Nutrition in acute gastritis: what patients should know

 cure for gastritis


  • How to get rid once and for gastritis
  • Antibiotics for gastritis
  • How to be treated for gastritis

Acute pain in the navel, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, heartburn - all these symptoms indicate that you came exacerbation of gastritis. And to cope with the disease yourself, you can hardly, if, of course, you're not a doctor, a gastroenterologist and have not been at the institute medical business. Traditional methods (recipes tinctures and herbs) also will not help you if you use them as a primary drug. In this case, only one - medication of gastritis and ulcers.

 cure for gastritis

How to get rid once and for gastritis

Gastritis - is, as you remember, inflammation of the stomach, accompanied by a decrease or increase in the production of gastric juice. The correct diagnosis the doctor will be able to once determine the acidity level and the degree of severity of the disease. It was only after receiving the test results will be given treatment to certain drugs.

Gastritis with high acidity

Gastritis with high acidity is necessary to use drugs that reduce and normalize it. Also, the patient is assigned to a special light diet, whose principal objective is to mealtime stomach wall as little traumatized. Excluded are hot, cold, greasy, spicy food. The average treatment lasts at least two weeks.

  • Antacids

They are assigned if the patient acidity. These drugs help reduce the production of hydrochloric acid, which just causes irritation of the stomach lining. There are two types of these drugs: the suction and nonabsorbable. If we talk about the first, these funds have already been practically used. The thing is that such drugs for a short time, reduce the acidity, and then increasing it a few times. As a result - the patient gets worse.

Nonabsorbable drugs from gastritis have a more gentle effect and is not harmful to the stomach. You may have a gel, or suspension of usual tablets. Drink drugs should only be prescribed by a doctor, after reading the instructions. Note: if you have severe stomach problems, you are recommended forms of liquid medications.

These drugs not only help to reduce acidity, but also protect the mucosa from aggressive substances, relieve pain, cramps, nausea. If you have problems with bowel movement (ie, long plagued by constipation), drugs quickly eliminate them.

Be sure to ask, what means should be taken one hour before meals, you need to drink during meals, and half an hour after eating certain foods. In some cases, during the exacerbation of the tablets are appointed even before bedtime.

What are the side effects of prolonged and uncontrolled use of such funds? Firstly, the effects of other drugs and absorption of nutrients by an order lower. This is due to the fact that these drugs have a shielding property. And if during the exacerbation they bring relief, in everyday life it is better not to take.

Second, some drugs can affect the digestion and elimination of intestinal contents. It is a calcium-aluminum-and medicines. Therefore, it is not recommended to self-medicate or take everything without consulting a specialist. Otherwise, you will be provided with constipation.

  • Antisecretory drugs

These drugs are prescribed in primary diagnosis or aggravation of ulcers. Their main purpose - to produce inhibition of secretion. It's a pretty powerful medicines that you should not drink healthy people. There are several basic types of drugs: M-anticholinergics, H2-histamine blockers, blockers of H + / K + -ATPase, etc. Each has its indications and contraindications.

If we talk about the M-anticholinergic, then after receiving a person may experience the following side effects: a decrease salivation, accelerated pulse and heart beat, a strong increase in pupils. It is important that the next couple of hours after eating the like beside you someone was. If complications arise, you will be able to provide first aid and cause a doctor.

As for the H2-histamine blockers, they are more powerful and effective struggling with high acidity. The specific type of medicines are prescribed after will determine the severity and extent of disease. The downside is that these drugs affect the alkaline environment.

Gastritis with low acidity

In this case it is necessary to drink preparations stimulating the production of gastric juice. But, as mentioned above, to buy their own specific products is not necessary. If you, for example, has set itself the wrong diagnosis and begin treatment of disease non-existent, only hurt yourself.

  • Prokinetic

These drugs are assigned only when necessary to enhance the motility of the digestive tract. They are also a good idea to help with strong pains in the stomach, nausea and vomiting is quite long. It is usually used only in acute gastritis.

  • Juice of plantain

In the case where hydrochloric acid is hardly generated, to treat gastritis and juice can be psyllium. It is sold in a pharmacy. Normal dosage for an adult person is 15 mL. Please note: you must take it 2-3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

 tablets from gastritis

Antibiotics for gastritis

Remember that antibiotics - it is not entirely safe medicines, so drink them, if you need to recover from ulcers or gastritis, you should care. And taking such medicines can be used only if you have been diagnosed - H. pylori gastritis. But in this case should not be too carried away with antibiotics. Otherwise, then have to treat goiter, diarrhea, nausea, headaches, etc.

Be sure to ask the doctor what you need to take probiotics in the treatment of ulcers and gastritis by antibiotics. These funds help to mitigate the impact of aggressive, restore the environment, improves the effect of drugs. They are assigned to drink for adults and children. This is the best thing you can do for your body.

How to be treated for gastritis

As you can imagine, some pills to get rid of the problem, will not be enough. If you do not treat stomach or not to take every precaution after recovery, you will have in the future have to take medication for an ulcer. Therefore, to avoid unfortunate consequences, should follow the recommendations of your doctor.

  • Medication

If you are prescribed ten-day course of treatment with antibiotics or other drugs, to drink them as much as it was stated. No more and no less. Even if you become a lot easier, do not stop taking. Particularly, it should strictly be in the treatment of ulcers.

  • Infusions and decoctions

Treat only one gastritis grass is not worth, whatever they may be healing, but as an additional tool to combat disease tinctures and decoctions will be very helpful. Fees and recipes appointed doctors (depending on the type of gastritis or ulcers).

  • Dietary

When aggravation of a patient is assigned a special diet that excludes fatty, meat, smoked, fried, spicy, salty. Once nausea, cramps and colic in the stomach will be gradually introduced into the diet of a more serious food. In the future, we will have to avoid the harmful products of alcohol.

In the future, no longer had to be treated for an ulcer and gastritis, observe a healthy lifestyle, eat right, take constant examination.

 What medications help with gastritis?