• What are warts and why they occur
  • Diagnosis of the disease: how to identify kandilomy
  • What are the symptoms of the disease
  • How to get rid of warts

Warts - it is nothing like warty changes which are located in the mucosa. However, they differ in either solid or pink tinge. Warts are usually propagated through the body in groups, both in the anal canal, and in the specific area of ​​the genitals. What are the causes of genital warts and how to fight them? This you will learn by reading the article.

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What are warts and why they occur

Warts of this kind - an infectious disease that brings a lot of trouble to his master and is transmitted through both oral and vaginal, anal sex. Doctors say that the use of condoms in this case did not give 100% guarantees of safety.

Warts tend to thrive in places where systematic irritation occurs and friction mucosa. Such unpleasant disease occurs only in those who do not follow hygiene and it is on the skin, prone to selection, as well as in the inguinal folds and mezhyagodichnoy. However, doctors say that the tumors often appear in the armpits, and even in the mouth. Warts do not disappear spontaneously, they necessarily require medical intervention.


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Diagnosis of the disease: how to identify kandilomy

Cure warts originally engaged exclusively venereologists, but with the passage of time for this is not a pleasant disease took gynecology and urology. Skilled doctors - an important fundamental component of successful treatment of genital warts. The present pros of the business 2 bill determines that it is: warts on intimate places or pimples that appear when sexually transmitted diseases.

However, that information was accurate, doctors suggest further blood tests for the presence of a dangerous virus. Next, it is necessary to analyze the patient's genital flora (to check whether there is in the blood of the patient other pathogens). The fact that the body of the fair sex virus warts may be decades, not giving itself felt. And quite ill with something serious, that he manifested. If you have a weak immune system, it is only accelerate the development of genital warts several times. Therefore, the doctor must refer you to the immunologist for examination and treatment assignment. Back to contents

What are the symptoms of the disease

If we talk about how warts manifests itself in the human body, we can firmly say that the infected do not feel deterioration of health. In addition, patients infected with a virus, does not feel the changes occurring in the body. The fact is that the human immune system is designed so that it is able to monitor the status of the virus. In the case of warts appeared on the parts of the body, it means that the patient lowered immunity, which is unable to fight the virus.

The incubation period can be up to several years, then the virus warts begin to manifest themselves. This disease is an urgent need to treat. The problem is that the warts, sitting on intimate places, migrates to the genitals, because during intercourse these areas prone to injuries and abrasions. Warts in the anus also appear due to injuries, and tumors in the mouth of the patient did not give him to eat.

Condyloma are wart sizes which can be up to 5 centimeters. If we talk about tumors that appear in the body of a woman, they can occur on the labia and the clitoris to the vagina, and on, and on the hymen. If the expectant mother is amazed by such a virus, its presence can be more complicate pregnancy and thus labor.


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How to get rid of warts

Get rid of the warts is not so simple. First, you must follow the "purity" of your genitals. Second, do not have sex with strangers. In the event that the virus warts and touched you, the secret lies in its appearance promiscuity. Treatment and elimination of genital warts occur under strict doctor's recommendation.

In some cases, the physician assigns mini operation. This can be cryoablation performed using liquid nitrogen. This method consists in exposing the virus at low temperatures. This procedure does not require anesthesia and scarring after surgery do not appear, which is especially important for girls.

To remove warts is also used laser treatment. By the technique of eliminating warts with a laser resort in extreme cases, because it is very painful and brings discomfort to the patient, as well as for its implementation should be carried out anesthesia. After the procedure, the scars remain on the body. That is why the appearance of warts should immediately consult your doctor to omission led to irreparable consequences.

 What if there were a wart on the skin

 how to remove wen at home


  • What is a lipoma: everything about this illness
  • Why are born talc
  • Do I need to remove the talc, if they are not dangerous?
  • Treatment Wen traditional methods

Most people who are at the face or body of a benign tumor - lipoma, immediately panic. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. The main thing - time to find the problem and solve it, and as soon as possible.

What is a lipoma: everything about this illness

The people lipoma called simply - wen. From his appearance no one is immune. Lipomas can occur in areas where there is adipose tissue, ie almost anywhere on the body. First, you find unobtrusive seal skin, soft to the touch, pressure sensitive which may shift slightly. If over time, this education has increased, there remains no doubt that this is really wen.

This tumor itself is not dangerous, and does not cause pain, but has a rather unattractive appearance, especially if it is in a position where it can not be hidden under the clothing. Remove wen is not so easy, even if recourse to experts. To self-medicate may be only in extreme cases when there is no access to a doctor.

 how to remove a fatty tumor

Why are born talc

It is still not identified all the causes because of which the body is formed wen. According to doctors, their appearance can be explained by:

  • metabolic disorders;
  • blocking of sebaceous glands due to malnutrition;
  • multiplying the number of fat cells in the specific area of ​​the body or face;
  • liver disease, gall bladder;
  • hormonal malfunction;
  • The duration of intake of medicines.

People explanation is extremely simple: wen occurs due to excessive accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, alternative medicine is always the first thing recommended to clean the intestines, and only then deal with the manifestations on the body.

Do I need to remove the talc, if they are not dangerous?

Indeed, by themselves do not threaten talc, they simply are unsightly. But even if the tumor does not bother him better to get rid of two reasons:

  1. Lipomas can vary. In some cases, under the influence of pathogenic microorganisms may mutate into a malignant tumor.
  2. Wen does not have to grow by more than 1, 5 cm. If it is rapidly increasing in diameter, there is a danger that this is an abnormally large tumor starts to put pressure on nerves and affect the surrounding tissue. In this case, any pain.

 Wen removal at home

Treatment Wen traditional methods

Please note: even if you're a fan of home medicine, consult your doctor beforehand. Doctor using radio wave technique under local anesthesia, and remove the lipoma and send it for examination. The study wen is necessary in order to eliminate the risk of cancer. But such a scenario is possible only when Wen is in a prominent position and has a small diameter. When placing a huge lipoma in a remote location required general anesthesia, surgery and possibly hospitalization.

Traditional healers for centuries developed enough ways to get rid of the oil lamp at home. It is only important to remember that it under no circumstances can not puncture, cut or pick out yourself. Such removal can lead to infection, increase in lipoma, the emergence of the group entities.

Here are some home recipes that are time-tested, easy to use, effective and safe.

  • Bulb

Bake in the oven until cooked 1 onion. Another warm grind it using a grater or blender. Add a tablespoon of crushed pulp soap (household). This mixture is applied to the talc under the plastic wrap and bandage. Change is necessary to compress again in a couple of days.

  • Ointment and celandine

Buy at the pharmacy and celandine extract ointment Vishnevsky. Three times a day drip to a drop wen celandine extract. When it formed a small hole, put on a lipoma Vishnevsky ointment, attach a piece of cotton wool and bandage roll up. This compress is necessary to refresh three times a day. Over time, education will begin to decrease, and then completely disappear.

  • Garlic

Make one glass of beet juice, garlic, carrot and black radish. Mix them in a glass dish, add a glass of red wine (preferably take the "Cahors"). After a meal three times a day to drink a spoon (tablespoon) of the mixture. Keep it should be refrigerated.

  • Bodyagi

Twice a day (morning and Evening) zaparivat grass concoctions. Clean piece of cloth impregnated with a solution, to impose on the wen, and wrap film. Leave compress at least two hours.

  • Carrot and flours

Take equal parts of finely grated fresh carrots and bean flour, add to the mix a little cumin. Apply gruel three times a day for lipoma and leave to dry.

  • Ledum

Will fight wen packs fresh crushed leaves of rosemary and carrots. They are made three times a day until complete resorption of education.

  • Ivy

Pour half a cup of finely crumbled stalks and ivy leaves a glass of vodka or alcohol. Infuse the mixture is less than three weeks in the refrigerator in a dark glass container with a tight fitting lid. Then drain the liquid, and the remaining cake to put on a cloth and apply three times a day as a compress on the wen.

  • Vodka

Mix two tablespoons of honey (table) and one - vodka. The resulting mass is lubricated lipoma under the bandage to complete its disappearance.

  • Coltsfoot

Grind fresh leaves mother and stepmother, and three times a day, apply compresses on the wen.

  • Walnut

Finely chop 1 cup walnut sheets (walnut), add two cups of vegetable oil. Three weeks insist mixture in a glass jar (better that it did not fall light). Every few days, stirring with a wooden spoon. After the oil is filtered and put in the refrigerator. During the month of applying to the Wen cloth soaked in the infusion, compresses should be changed once a day.

Well at home help with lipoma packs of minced garlic, plantain leaves, aloe, kalanchoe and melted mutton fat. Any home treatment - a slow way of getting rid of Wen.

It should be no less than three weeks to the problem was gone. Remove completely lipoma quickly as possible, but it is much more dangerous. The advantage of such recipes is that you do not need to go to the clinic and were anesthetized. Moreover, all the ingredients can be inexpensively available in the pharmacy or collect their own. The main thing with this - sterility. To exclude getting into wen infection, certainly before the procedure, wash your hands with soap and treat the place of formation of rubbing alcohol. If the removal led to a deterioration, immediately ask for help.

 How to get rid of the skin Wen