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  • Thrush and infertility: you can not treat pregnant
  • Treatment of thrush during childbearing
  • The causes of yeast infection in pregnant women

In the life of almost every family there comes this exciting and important moment, when a married couple decides to have a baby. But, unfortunately, in recent years the fair sex are increasingly faced with the "female" diseases that are either not allowed to become pregnant, or interfere with the normal developing fetus. Therefore, doctors recommend beginning a complete examination, both the expectant mother and father. And only after it is established that both parents are completely healthy, you can start planning. Otherwise family waits long treatment.

But often beautiful ladies ignore these suggestions and turn to doctors only if any symptoms become too pronounced. But even the most common thrush, which will be discussed below, can lead to a rather sad consequences.
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Thrush and infertility: you can not treat pregnant

Many of the ladies are interested in the question as to whether it is possible to get pregnant for thrush. To get a reliable answer, we must first understand what this disease is - candidiasis, as well as how they can get infected and what are the consequences.

What is yeast and how it manifests itself

Fungi of the genus Candida, which are the originator of this trouble is in the body of each person, but, first, they are not so much, and secondly, our body copes with this load, preventing them from multiplying and spreading. In case if there is a failure (the lady pereboleet, perevolnuetsya and so the list goes on), the immune system weakens. As a result - a thrush.

The main area of ​​deployment of fungi - a woman's genitals. Sometimes, candidiasis is observed in the oral cavity, and skin. Propagated by a fungus very rapidly, affecting all large areas and causing a rather unpleasant symptoms. The fact that health is something wrong, she will understand the following manifestations:

  • Itching, burning, discomfort

In the early days there is a slight tingling sensation in the genital area, which over time is greatly increased. Itching does not subside, even if we take a shower, and a slightly weaker. If the disease is not treated on time, it may cause serious aggravation.

  • Selections

It should be noted that the selection may not have all the ladies. It all depends on the degree of infestation and the body of the fair sex in general. But in most cases it is accompanied by copious candidiasis, resembling curdled mass of whitish, yellowish or greenish color. At the same time felt a sharp sour smell.

  • Inflammation, redness and pain

During thrush often begin to swell genitals, as well as red mucous. During sex, a woman can feel a lot of pain, so it is better for a couple of months to give up sex. Also, discomfort may occur during walking, so you need to wear not very tight clothes, underwear made of natural fabrics.

  • Burning sensation when urinating

During urination, the woman may feel a strong burning sensation, like acid eating away at the genitals. This is due to the fact that the liquid is in contact with the inflamed mucosa and skin. When candidiasis this symptom is observed almost always.

Please note: not necessarily all of these symptoms appear it is thrush. Sometimes they indicate that the girl - FOD. By the way, someone with candidiasis appears only itching and burning, someone will experience pain during sex, etc. But almost always symptoms worse before critical days (usually 7-8 days before). Deterioration can provoke a strong synthetic clothes and a hot bath. High temperatures and high humidity - the most favorable environment for fungi genus Candida. Therefore, at the first sign of the disease should be examined by a gynecologist.

 whether it is possible to get pregnant aching thrush

Candidiasis in women: does it on reproductive functions

As said experts in the field of medicine, candidiasis does not affect the reproductive function of women. Thus, the question whether it is possible to become pregnant with thrush, the answer is unequivocal - yes. Candida species have no effect on fertilization, egg binding, etc. The only obstacle is severe pain during sexual intercourse. But still better to refrain from doing so until you cope with the disease, as in the period of gestation baby full treatment is contraindicated, you have to use only ointment topical administration.

Another thing, if the thrush has arisen during pregnancy. Almost every woman faces this trouble for the first time just when it is in position. And it happens because the body of the fair sex begins hormonal changes, changing the vaginal flora, thus strongly reduced immunity. Naturally, these processes affect the propagation of the fungus.

So, if a woman is faced with a thrush after being pregnant, her doctor prescribed a special treatment, whose main task - the normalization of vaginal flora. More serious it contraindicated drugs, as they can affect the unborn child.

It is not necessary to delay the treatment of the ladies who are in the position. Also, it does not need to endure the pain, burning only in order to get pregnant. How would you not want to have a baby, you need to wait for some time after recovery. Candida species is incredibly dangerous. You do not want to infect a newborn baby and treat as soon as he was born.

What is this disease is dangerous for the very young? The fact that the kids also suffer from thrush. In boys, it is manifested in the mouth, the girls are also affected and the genitals. Sometimes candidiasis appears to the eye mucosa, which can lead to blindness.
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Treatment of thrush during childbearing

Unfortunately, many pregnant women believe the fair sex, that nothing terrible in this disease is not present. At best, they are turning to the clinic when the symptoms become too pronounced. At worst - the ladies begin to self-medicate. The latter, incidentally, is fraught with miscarriage. Do not trust advertising that offers treatment of thrush in one day. Only an experienced expert will be able to properly diagnose and prescribe proper treatment.

The most interesting thing is that a girl can help the most simple and cheap medication, and others - have to buy expensive and rare drugs. It depends on the type of fungi. Therefore, the first thing the doctor must take a swab to test, ask for a blood test. And only after receipt of the final results, he will be able to determine which products will help you in your particular case.

Remember that many medications have their contraindications, which must inform you doctor. If you drink pills and ointments at random, do not be surprised, that after a while you will only get worse. This applies to the national media, which has been used by our grandmothers and mothers. During pregnancy, in any case you can not drink the grass, making lotions, baths and douches. This can lead to spontaneous abortion.

 whether it is possible to get pregnant
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The causes of yeast infection in pregnant women

Forewarned is forearmed. It is necessary to advance to take all measures to avoid or reduce the risk of thrush during pregnancy. In most cases, nothing extraordinary on the fair sex is not required.

  • Lingerie

And in everyday life, and even more so during the period of gestation kid ladies should prefer a free "natural" cowards. Lover strings risking much more than fans of so-called "grandmother" underwear. By the way, today you can find a lot of quality and beautiful things in specialized stores. Remember that synthetics does not allow your skin to breathe and is moisture, air, so the fabric is formed under favorable for the development of fungus Wednesday.

  • Sex

In the period of pregnancy is contraindicated in anal sex, especially if the partners love to alternate it with vaginal and do not change with the condom (plus a man does not wash the penis). In this case it is possible to easily introduce bacteria into the vagina.

  • Health problems

If before pregnancy a lady had health problems, the risk of this disease increases several times. Pre-need to drink vitamins and medications that strengthen the immune system.

  • Antibiotics

Ladies who are in a position, you should not drink antibiotics. These pills adversely affect both the woman and the child. But if you still need to be treated, with antibiotics need to drink medications that ameliorate the effects of aggressive substances.

  • Vitamin deficiency and poor diet

Pregnant women are very strange in taste preferences. Some are drawn to the salty, others Bring milk and sweet. Whims, it's over, you need to perform, but in everything you should know the measure. First, eat as many fruits and vegetables to saturate your body with vitamins and minerals. Secondly, in any case it is necessary to reduce the amount of harmful products, which not only affect the growth and reproduction of fungi, but also adversely affect the body as a whole ladies.

  • Stress

Women and so overly emotional, and during pregnancy beautiful ladies are worried and experience on each trifle twice. Strong emotional upheaval, breakdowns, tears and tantrums, as you know, to no good result. Therefore, the fair sex is still a need to restrain yourself, or ask your doctor to prescribe medication to help cope with the mood swings.

Do not be afraid to go to the gynecologist, if you find unpleasant symptoms when already pregnant. You will be assigned a treatment that does not affect the development of the fetus. But the next 9 months, you will not have to suffer from itching, pain, burning, etc. manifestations.

 Should we have a child with thrush?