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  • Fish oil: everything you need to know about it
  • How to take fish oil capsules
  • What are the benefits of fish oil

Fish oil - a substance, to put it mildly, not very tasty and enjoyable. There is not very much like to take this sticky and strange-smelling liquid, and force the child to drink at least a spoonful "for the pope and Mother" - generally an excessive burden. It is for these people come up with manufacturers to design it in a capsule. And to look at it not as the opposite, and is much easier to swallow.

However, around the fish oil today, there are many disputes. Sometimes, in newspapers and magazines publish articles to refute the beneficial properties of the substance in the capsules. Who is right? Should I buy this product? Is there any benefit from it? Or have to drink the old and familiar to us from childhood fat? In fact, things are not so simple and straightforward.
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Fish oil: everything you need to know about it

This type of fat is mainly extracted from the usual fish living in cold waters of the ocean. This applies to the mackerel, herring, cod, which are sold in conventional supermarkets. By the way, that with regards to the latter, it is considered the most useful.

Today, you can find only three of these products:

  • Brown

This is a technical fat which can not be eaten. He had a rather unpleasant appearance, terrible smell and taste disgusting. The fat used in the production of various lubricating fluids, etc.

  • Yellow

It is only used in medicine, previously passed several purification steps. It also does not take inside, like the previous one.

  • White

Only such a fish oil can be consumed inside. Note: it will not be snow-white as a sheet of paper. At present quality products slightly yellowish tint. Smell the creamy substance is unpleasant - there is nothing we can do about it.

The quality and utility of the products that you offer to buy in pharmacies, is dependent on raw materials and production methods. As mentioned above, the fat is extracted from any big fish. But nevertheless preferable to take what is made from cod liver oil. With regard to treatment, the fish oil can do anything at the factory, or manually on fishing boats.

In the first case, the first all clean, separate the gallbladder, washed with copious amounts of water. Brewed fat in a special pot (boiler). Warm up somewhere up to 50 degrees Celsius liquid separated, collected and cooled in a cool place. Independently make white fish oil does not succeed, since it suffices to overdo everything for a minute longer or stronger heat to spoil the material.

 fish oil capsules benefits
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How to take fish oil capsules

Remember that taking this remedy, without prior consultation with the experts, it is not necessary. Think about what would be the benefits of fish oil if you are not able to calculate the dosage? Plus do not always and not everyone can use such products.

In most cases the fish oil is still secure. It sometimes even recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding the fair sex. Completely healthy (both physically and psychologically) people can take no more than 2-3 grams of the substance per day. Those who have problems, and may need to double the norm.

This shows exactly fish oil? This category includes person who is quite a high level of triglycerides, people with arthritis. Quite often recommend drinking the substance ladies who are in a position to prevent the risks of involuntary abortion. In any of these cases, the doctor sets the norm.

 how to take fish oil capsules
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What are the benefits of fish oil

Why is it so beneficial fish oil? All business in vitamins A and D, which it contains. So, this is the vitamin A is responsible for cell renewal and growth of the vision. If it is not enough, the first thing it will affect the skin, hair and nails. They will become dry, brittle, ugly. As for vitamin D, it is without him we would have to get worse. He is responsible for the nervous excitability, helps penetrate phosphorus and calcium in our cells.

Still other substances which are in fish oils, - oleic and palmitic, omega-3 and omega-6 acids. Thanks to them, you will not have problems with the blood vessels, blood clots, etc. Plus, they help to get rid of inflammatory processes that occur in your body.

By the way, ladies and seniors can not do without fish oil. He has a positive effect on brain activity, improves memory. The scientists hypothesize that this tool may prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease or reduce the symptoms in the early stages. Specialists conducted the study, during which it was found that people who consumed fish oil, less likely to suffer from senile dementia. Just one capsule - and a hundred years, your brain will work better than the young. So perhaps it is worth considering.

As mentioned earlier, fish oil affects the regeneration of cells. That is why it is used for tuberculosis, rickets, etc. serious diseases. Plus, if you decide to lose weight without any special effort, this tool can be very useful approach. But it must be taken in small quantities, because only then will the benefits. This compound accelerates lipid metabolism, stimulates fat burning, which affects the reduction in weight.

The bad ecology, constant experimentation with colors and hairstyles, diet and stress - all this affects the health of the fair sex shag. Fish oil also helps to restore its former luster dry and lifeless hair. And the thing of vitamins A and D.

Summing up all the above, we can safely say that the benefits of fish oil capsules rather high. But before you start taking it, consult a doctor beforehand. After all, there are a number of contraindications, when he can not drink. For example, do not experiment with the health, if you have problems with the thyroid gland, kidneys, and there is idiosyncrasy of marine products. By the way, that was the same benefits of this substance, in any case, do not take fish oil capsules on an empty stomach.

 Do the benefits of fish oil, sold in capsules?

 wen treatment


  • Wen on the skin - what is it?
  • Causes wen (lipomas)
  • Symptoms wen (lipomas) diagnose disease
  • What types of lipomas
  • Therapies wen (lipomas)

Many of the fair sex is considered that the normal wen completely non-hazardous to health. After all, it does not bring any pain, so to experience and not worth it. But problems can still arise. If Wen is on your back or stomach, that is, where it is not clear - it's not a bad option at all. And what if he does on the arm or on your face? Some people may think that you're something dangerous that you carry some infection, and therefore you will bypass the party. And that's not the worst option in your life with such a disease. Therefore, it is not recommended for a long time delay treatment.

To proceed directly to the elimination of this defect, it is necessary to understand what is wen. Why did he appear on the body? What should I do to get rid of it? And what procedures are needed to ensure that this problem will never let you bother?
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Wen on the skin - what is it?

Wen, a lipoma, or as it is called in modern medicine - it's not too dense clot of fatty tissue under the skin of the person. Speaking in scientific terms, it is a benign tumor (cyst), which resembles a ball is placed under the skin and is well detectable. And also it has sufficient elastic composition.
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Causes wen (lipomas)

It's no secret that in today's world, the food we eat, not too quality and useful. It consists of various components, most of which are not of biological origin. Their presence adversely affects the purification of the human stomach.

In addition, there are many factors that contribute to the formation Wen:

  • sedentary and passive lifestyle;
  • deviation from the daily routine;
  • failure to comply with the diet.

All this leads to the fact that a decrease in gastrointestinal motility. Because of this breakdown products do not have time to be removed, including adipose tissue. In it, and it accumulates the so-called "slag", which ultimately can block the ducts of the sebaceous glands which leads to the formation of Wen.

 how to cure wen
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Symptoms wen (lipomas) diagnose disease

There are times when each of us can quite unexpectedly find little seal on his skin. If you feel the this area, you will feel the following symptoms of a lipoma: softness and flexibility when pressed, while the border neoplasms are not displaced. Size - about a pea. But sometimes such that the seal can be increased.

If you do not know the specific symptoms that accompany lipoma, it is quite possible to be confused with an inflamed lymph node. But remember that you can define wen of the 3rd main characteristics. Firstly, the formation of a lipoma is absolutely painless. Secondly, this neoplasm absolutely no pain when pressure. Thirdly, the location where the lipoma - any part of the body where there is fat tissue.

According to statistics, a lipoma, or talc, are found in women aged 30 to 50 years. But it is possible that the appearance of tumors, and the representatives of the stronger sex. In any case, it is best to pass the full examination in the hospital to eliminate some of the risks. Treat yourself only after you make sure that it is not cancer.
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What types of lipomas

There are five main types of Wen. Determine exactly what you or your loved ones, it is unlikely you will be able to so easily, without having a medical education. Pay attention to the fact that most of them - these are the symptoms that your body that something is wrong.

  • Lipofibroma (soft lipoma) - seal, which is dominated by fatty tissue. To the touch it is soft, so got its name.
  • Fibrolipoma - dense benign tumor. In addition to fat, this includes fibrous connective tissue.
  • Angiolipoma (kaveroznaya) - sealing with a fairly large structure of blood vessels.
  • Miolipoma - it is composed of muscle fibers.
  • Mielolipoma - consists of a living and hematopoietic tissue.

 how to treat the talc

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Therapies wen (lipomas)

There are two methods of treatment of fat seals: official and traditional medicine.

Official offers the following ways to deal with a benign tumor of this type:

  • The solution

Removal of the seal is done by entering into the subcutaneous coated with a special solution. This method utilizes the fact that it does not leave scars. But it is worth remembering that this method of removal is used only when wen no more than 2 cm.

  • Scalpel

For Wen that are greater than 2 cm, the recommended surgical removal. This process is carried out only under anesthetic and leaves scars.

  • Laser

Modern methods of removing benign tumors in favor of laser surgery. Do not leave obvious scars and is performed under local anesthesia.

Traditional recipes of beauty

Some of the fair sex prefer to deal with lipoma folk remedies. But to treat wen this way should be treated with caution. It also may not always bring a positive result. In fact it depends on the age, severity, and sealing characteristics of the human body. If you do decide to use folk remedies, the following contributed the most effective recipes.

  • Roasted Onion

Chop the soap (preferably 72%) on a coarse grater. Take a small onion and bake it in the oven. Warm onion grind in a meat grinder or rub on a coarse grater. Make a mixture of these two components. Apply the resulting composition to a lipoma, do not forget to change the compress 3-4 times during the day. The course of treatment wen continue until the seal is not disappear. By the way, these folk remedies can cure and acne.

  • Conflict of fragrant or golden mustache

Tear off a piece of the plant, which is popularly referred to as the golden mustache, and mash it to a pulp. Apply to the site of the oil lamp, covering or cellophane film. Place compress wrap cotton cloth. Periodically, it is recommended to change the compress.

  • Salo and garlic

Lard mixed with garlic juice in a ratio of 1: 1. Rub lipoma until such time as the seal is gone. The average whole process takes about a month, at least. Please note: during treatment wen can not drink alcohol and serious drugs.

  • Ointment chestnut

Apply chestnut ointment on a piece of gauze or fleece. Secure in place Wen. Change is necessary to compress every hour or two. Apply to the disappearance of the seal. You can either buy the vehicle, and cook it yourself. The structure of a homemade ointment consists of the following ingredients: 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon of pulp of aloe leaves, chestnuts 5 (crushed in a meat grinder).

  • Kalanchoe

People who are addicted to folk remedies, claim that kalanchoe can cure almost all human diseases. Leaves of the plant should be cut and put flesh to the place of the seal. To fix, you can use a patch or bandage. Do not be discouraged if at first you do not find the desired success. This is due to the fact that originally disappears only a small amount of subcutaneous fat. But after a while you find a positive result.

  • A mixture of honey, salt and sour cream

Before using the following mixture is recommended beginning a good sweat in the sauna or steam seal seat. Then apply the mixture of the three components (honey, sour cream and salt) in equal proportions to the place of Wen. Once the consistency of the tumor at the site pobudet about 20-25 minutes, be sure to wash it off with plain water. Apply daily.

In no case do not try to squeeze wen. This is especially true of those seals, which are located on the face. They, incidentally, is not recommended to remove even folk remedies. In other parts of the body can be used most simple options. There are some ways to the national treatment that a couple of days to quickly remove the core (stem), and then wen disappear. But this procedure should be very careful. It offers one of the most effective options for such treatment, which uses oil and vodka.

Make a mixture of equal proportions of vodka and sunflower oil. Make compresses to the place of lipoma. The process is as follows: soak a piece of gauze or fleece in the prepared mixture, put to Wen. After that, cover with plastic wrap and place the compress insulated. Repeat the procedure as often as possible is recommended.

If you have a wen, do not worry! After all, lipoma - it's just a benign tumor which nowadays easily be cured! The main thing - to approach the matter with the mind. And remember that before you start to use folk remedies, you should consult with a specialist.

 Getting rid of lipomas Body