cracks on the labia


  • Types of microcracks labia
  • Causes of cracks in the area of ​​the labia
  • Diagnosis of the disease: what caused the cracks
  • Drug treatment of the disease
  • Treatment of cracks on the genitals folk remedies

Cracks on the genitals is called the violation of the integrity of the skin mucous membrane caused by various internal and external factors, and is accompanied by various unpleasant sensations when touched and urination. Location cracks tend radial. Main characteristic symptoms: pain, burning sensation, itching and redness (overflow blood vessels). There are also other manifestations.

Cracks in the large and small labia - this is not a single disease but a disease state, indicating the presence of any external aggression or disorders of the body. With timely treatment to the doctor and the immediate start of treatment the favorable effect of therapy usually becomes evident very quickly. With long-term existence of the same, if the patient does not want to go to the doctor, the edges of the cracks may be exposed omozoleniyu, and then they will be more difficult to treat.

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Types of microcracks labia

Microcracks mucous membranes of the labia conditionally divided into acute and chronic. Acute microcracks - is a relatively recent wound that causes intense pain even temper in a small area (mainly during the touch).

Chronic microcracks - a chronic, omozolevshie microcracks, sealed or thickened edges, provoking prolonged pain without even touching arising primarily in a sitting position. Plus, these tumors look very unattractive.

 crack on the labia

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Causes of cracks in the area of ​​the labia

Cracks in the mucosa of the labia may occur due to exposure to various external or internal factors. The external factors include: mechanical damage, violation of rules of personal hygiene and the use of poor-quality underwear. Internal factors influencing the formation of microcracks in the mucous membranes - is taking medication and various diseases.

External factors

As mentioned above, sometimes the cause of painful cracks on the labia become aggressive external influences. Accordingly, in the case of their removal, the problem resolved quickly without medical assistance. For example:

  • Microcracks due to the violation of basic hygiene

Various pollution: heavy sweating, profuse vaginal discharge and a drop of urine - may lead to the formation of microcracks in the labia. In this case, the fair sex will help them cope with a thorough pampering.

Excessive "bath" procedures can lead to the same result as the lack of self-care. In this case, it meant primarily overindulgence cosmetic agents: soap, shower gels, foam or bath salts, aromatic wipes, powder, deodorant, etc. Accordingly, to eliminate cracks in the mucous membranes may be simply to abandon the use of cosmetics and household products.

  • Microcracks due to the use of synthetic underwear

In some cases, large cracks on the labia can be provoked wearable defective underwear (nylon, chemically treated, etc.). Inflammation is due to respiratory disorders of the skin. Microcracks - a consequence of inflammation. Thus, the rejection of synthetic materials in favor of high-quality natural unstained tissue will help to quickly get rid of the problem.

Today, in specialized stores you can find many high-quality and beautiful lingerie, which in its view nothing will not yield synthetic underpants. But in the future no health problems have groupies natural things just will not.

  • Mechanical damage

Sometimes hairline cracks on the external genitals appear after sex. The reason for this may be an allergic reaction to latex, any lubrication and so on. The alternation of the anal and vaginal sex in a single sex act can also cause the formation of cracks. The reason - bacteria, penetrated from the intestine.

Another example of physical damage - ruptures during childbirth. To prevent the formation of cracks on the external genitals after birth already on the ninth month of pregnancy, women are advised to begin to massage the perineum. It allows you to gently stretch and strengthen the skin and muscles, thereby preventing mechanical disorders. But remember that this is a pre-agreed with the doctor.

Internal factors

Cracks on the genitals, caused by the impact of internal factors, require medical intervention and a long-term treatment. In order to get rid of these micro traumas, you must diagnose and correct the root cause of their appearance: stop taking "malicious" medicines to stop inflammation or cure the disease.

  • Cracks have appeared as a result of the use of medicines

Cracks in the mucosa of the labia sometimes appear as a result of oral drugs, use of drugs of local action. Ointments and gels for topical use can cause severe allergic reactions and trigger the formation of microcracks.

Ingestion of certain hormonal and antibacterial drugs, medicines for the treatment of human papillomavirus and other medicines or herbal extracts (eg, the active use of tea tree oil) - all of which can cause cracks in the labia. Stopping medical drugs, or their change can help to get rid of painful cracks on the genitals of women.

  • Cracks on the genitals, caused by diseases

Hormonal disorders considered the most common cause of cracks in the mucous membrane of the genitals. For example, the lack of estrogen (often occurs during menopause) provokes the excessive dryness of the skin, resulting in the formation and microtrauma.

The reason for the formation of microcracks in the labia may be shingles. It is localized in different parts of the body, but most commonly affects the arms, legs and groin. The formation of microcracks on the skin and mucous - one of the characteristic symptoms of this disease.

The reason for the formation of microcracks in the labia may be a disease of the endocrine system. For example, one of the symptoms of diabetes is the intolerable itching in the genital area, which in turn contributes to the appearance of microcracks.

Another cause of microcracks on the labia may be thrush. Candidiasis - a disease that develops against the backdrop of the active life of the fungus primarily affecting the mucous membranes of the external genitalia.

Other frequent causes of this phenomenon include fungal and other infections, vitamin deficiency, parasitic infestation, eczema, allergies, etc.

  • Physiology

We should also mention the natural physiological processes, provoking a crack at the genitals ladies. For example, the increase in the number of fungi Candida promoting infringement of the integrity of the mucous membranes, activated during hormonal changes: pregnancy or just during menstruation. And so it was in this period may appear cracks in the labia.

 crack on sexual Bay

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Diagnosis of the disease: what caused the cracks

Diagnosis of microcracks mucous membranes include an external examination of the patient, listening to complaints to produce ideas about the disease and a variety of laboratory tests: the sowing of the vagina, screening for reproductive tract infections, blood tests (complete blood count, and analysis for HIV, hepatitis, blood sugar blood), the study of fecal worm eggs and others.

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Drug treatment of the disease

Medication microcracks aimed at symptom relief and elimination of the underlying pathology. Typically, conservative methods of treatment is sufficient. In severe cases, it can be scheduled for surgery (this may be minimally invasive surgery techniques, without anesthesia and hospital stay or classical surgery under general anesthesia).

 crack between the labia

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Treatment of cracks on the genitals folk remedies

Without prior medical consultation to get rid of the cracks in the home can be extremely difficult. It is obvious that without addressing the underlying cause of the disease is ineffective treatment of its manifestations, and the risk of relapse is very high. However, even before the campaign to a specialist, you can take some steps to remove the pain. For example, to reduce the pain associated with the formation of cracks on the labia, can help softening ointment, antiseptic and anesthetic (such as drugs can be bought in any city pharmacy). A good therapeutic effect is given as sit-warm baths (including medicated bath with chamomile, succession, etc.).

Conservative treatment of fresh fractures include:

  • The general strengthening of the immune system to increase the body's defenses
  • Hygienic
  • Eliminating unpleasant, pungent smell
  • Lubrication lesions boromentolovoy ointment
  • Medical compresses, ointments and lotions on the basis of novocaine and decoctions of chamomile and calendula.

Calendula tincture - the most popular "folk" remedy microcracks mucous membranes.

Recipe tincture of calendula

To prepare the tincture of calendula need one teaspoon cottonweed flowers or calendula extract, and 70 milliliters of boiling water. Herbal mixture is poured boiling water and evaporated over a low heat until the volume is reduced by half. The solution is then filtered and cooled. Lotions and lapping affected areas do once a day.

A good therapeutic effect is given as an infusion of dandelion root and yarrow.

Recipe tincture of dandelion

Dried and pounded dandelion root (one teaspoon) mixed with a decoction of yarrow (proportion: one teaspoon per cup of boiling water milfoil). The resulting mixture is taken twice a day for half an hour before meals. Pre do not forget to check if there are any allergy remedy.

To prevent infection of microcracks, experts recommend treating the affected areas with a solution of 2% chlorhexidine. Some time after the treatment can be lubricated crack fatty hypoallergenic cream.

Therapeutic diets may be appropriate for any disease of the skin and mucous membranes. It is, above all, in the saturation of the organism with vitamins and trace elements needed to improve the body's defenses. Nutrition should be rational and balanced.

It is important to remember that at the advanced stage of the disease will not help any one means of traditional medicine. If pain persists for several days or more, the daily increases, an urgent need to seek professional help. The doctor will remove the pain by using anesthetic novocaine blockade and appoint a suitable, effective treatment.

In severe cases, when treatment can not be conservative methods, it could be scheduled for surgery: anesthesia doctor issechet cracks and will sew them. And remember that it is not necessary to bring the process "to the extreme!" After all, between a small inflammation and scarring big difference.

 Why labia can cause cracks: Causes and Treatment