badger fat cough


  • How useful badger fat
  • Cough treatment badger fat
  • Side effects and contraindications

The badger fat contains a large number of valuable substances necessary for normal functioning of the organism as a whole. Badgers accumulate fat in order to keep him by force and energy during the long winter hibernation and in early spring time, when food has almost none.
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How useful badger fat

The badger fat contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids - essential substances that support the immune system and provide a "longevity" of the cells and the organism as a whole. A sufficient amount of unsaturated fatty acids, supplied with food, normalizes metabolism, protects against chronic diseases, reduces the risk of cancer and promotes longevity.

Linoleic and linolenic fatty acids the human body alone can not produce, so their intake with food is a prerequisite for health. With a lack of these substances there is a rapid accumulation of "bad" cholesterol, which blocks blood vessels, settling on their wall plaques. Polyunsaturated fatty acids serve as the basis for the formation of "good" cholesterol, eliminating metabolic imbalances, ensure the normal supply of the cells of nutrients and energy, reduces the likelihood of inflammation.

The badger also contains a lot of fat:

  • carotene, which reduces the risk of chronic diseases, especially respiratory tract (lungs dimming, asthma, tuberculosis) and urogenital area, reduces the risk of malignancies, helps to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails;
  • B vitamins that support normal hormone production and metabolism;
  • minerals.

In this badger fat is a potent immunostimulant, tonic, anti-inflammatory, promotes faster tissue regeneration, reduces the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis. When receiving the fat into organic acids, vitamins and minerals are rapidly absorbed into the blood.

Digestibility of 100%. In this badger fat contributes to the improvement of protein metabolism, stimulate the immune system and the hematopoietic system. It has antibacterial properties, normalizes the secretory function of the stomach and intestines, fights inflammation and promotes rapid healing of the skin with purulent processes such as acne, infected wounds, carbuncles, abscesses, cellulitis, raises the general tone of the body, improves the emotional background.

 badger fat cough treatment
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Cough treatment badger fat

Badger fat - a very effective remedy for cough, but it usually is not used alone, but as part of a complex therapeutic measures. It is important that the facility was purchased not with hands, and in pharmacies and pharmaceutical company was made, that is, has been pre-processed and purified.

Usually badger fat cough is sold in capsules or liquid. Fat is purchased from private traders, does not guarantee quality, since, even if he is a natural badger fat, it would be impossible to verify its origin, the method of cleaning and cooking. Also homemade cooked badger fat does not pass laboratory tests.

The fat consumed, adding one or two teaspoons in hot milk. In this method quickly mitigated by a dry cough and expectoration of sputum starts. If the taste of milk fat seems to be too unpleasant, you can add honey into the drink.

By the way, the use of honey badger fat in the treatment of cough is one of the oldest traditional folk recipes. The greatest effect can be achieved at the same time internal and external use. The fat must be mixed with honey in a ratio of 3: 1 (three parts to one part fat honey). You can use the drug in its pure form: two teaspoons of fat washed down with tea or water, or even better decoction of hypericum or rose hips.

Children can use the badger fat inside the treatment of cough to five years. It can be taken in conjunction with strawberry, raspberry or currant jam and warmed milk. Year-old kid and older can be done rubbing the fat back and chest, as well as the hands and feet. Before using badger fat you need to warm up in a water bath.

For the treatment of severe respiratory diseases, including tuberculosis, the following therapeutic mixture:

  • 100 g of fat badger;
  • 100 g of honey;
  • 100 g of ethyl alcohol;
  • 100 g pureed through a meat grinder together with the lemon zest and leaves of aloe.

The composition of the mix well and refrigerate for at least a day. Eat for dessert spoon 3-4 times a day for half an hour before meals. When difficult to treat respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, the mixture should be used within a month. In tuberculosis shows its regular use at infrequent intervals of seven days. When propensity to colds upper respiratory tract during the cold season the mixture on the basis of badger fat can also be used regularly as a preventive measure.

Badger fat cough and take adults and children. He copes with bronchitis in smokers, distinctive feature of which is a regular irritation of the respiratory tract toxic resins tobacco and nicotine. As a result, the bronchi develops permanent dimly manifested inflammation of the bronchi, which has an effect on the background of the infection. Badger fat in such cases gradually removes inflammation, stimulates the immune system and eliminates cough.

 badger fat cough application
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Side effects and contraindications

Badger fat has the following contraindications: allergic inflammation of the skin, chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas and gall bladder in the acute stage, idiosyncrasy. Before using the drug for the treatment of children under five years old, you need to consult your pediatrician. Adults also best to consult your doctor before starting treatment cough badger fat.

Upon receipt of the fat into possible side effects such as the appearance of skin rash, itching, nausea, upset stomach and intestines, edema, allergic reactions.

 How to be treated with a strong badger fat cough

 bronchial asthma attack


  • Symptoms of an acute attack of asthma
  • Forerunners (aura) of an acute attack
  • The causes of acute attack of asthma
  • What is needed first aid at an attack
  • First aid for acute asthma attack
  • Preventing asthma attacks

Asthma - a chronic disease of the upper respiratory tract inflammatory disorders characterized by obstruction (narrowing) of the bronchi and difficulty breathing, particularly exhalation. Cause of the disease is not fully understood, the importance in causing the disease has a genetic predisposition, poor environment, poor diet, frequent allergic reactions in childhood, obesity, smoking, parasites in the liver and intestine bacteria overgrowth and others.

People who suffer from this disease and their families, of course, have to know how to provide emergency aid, what should be done to relieve the first symptoms. Otherwise the person who started the attack may even die. But to help, we need not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills.
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Symptoms of an acute attack of asthma

Bronchial asthma is accompanied by acute episodes in which symptoms of the disease dramatically exacerbated. Asthma attacks - quite serious and severe condition that requires immediate first aid, otherwise there is a risk of asthmatic status and raises the question of hospitalization and professional emergency medical care in a hospital.

Status asthmaticus - a very dangerous condition of the patient with asthma resulting from inadequate treatment of an acute asthma attack. The main symptoms of an acute attack of asthma:

  • Shortness of breath;
  • Shortness of breath;
  • Elongated and shortness of breath with a whistle;
  • Whistling and buzzing rattles in the chest;
  • Paroxysmal cough;
  • The severity and pain in the chest.

If you suddenly feel a symptom, immediately call an ambulance or ask relatives to give first aid. Before the arrival of the doctors with the patient must remain a man who could distract the patient.

 asthma attack
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Forerunners (aura) of an acute attack

The attack is developing very rapidly, within a few seconds, but it can predict the characteristic features that may appear shortly before the onset of an acute attack, and sometimes in a few hours or even days. So, this anxiety, agitation, confusion speech, compulsive movements of the arms, legs, fatigue, itching, irritation, sneezing, palpitations.

Typically, patients are unaware of their condition in advance as the attack occurs against a background of already existing asthma. Just as in itself an attack almost never develops, most often it is caused by certain provocative factors.
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The causes of acute attack of asthma

  • The most common cause exacerbation of the disease - an allergy. It can be on the sharp smells, tobacco smoke, of food, of medicines;
  • Physical or nervous tension;
  • Chemicals and air pollution;
  • SARS, accompanied by rhinitis, sinusitis, sinusitis;
  • Stress (tears, crying, strong negative emotions);
  • Abrupt climate change, cold air and high humidity.

In people with asthma, hypersensitive airways. The attack can cause even the smallest particles irritating substances in the air that a healthy person invisible. Therefore, relatives of the patient try to protect it from contact with household chemicals, sharp smells, tobacco smoke, perfume, etc.

Patients themselves should also try to avoid places where there is an increased risk of asthma attacks. It is also desirable to avoid stressful situations. The same is true regarding the consumption of allergenic foods, drugs, hypothermia and disease viral infections.

 removing an asthma attack
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What is needed first aid at an attack

In fact, only a few know how to provide emergency aid. If it so happened that after all there was an acute attack, it is very important not to get lost either to the patient or his entourage. For this house (with him on the road, at work) it should always be all for the relief of acute asthma attack.

What should be in the medicine cabinet in case of emergency attack, decides physician. In accordance with the appointment of a doctor, going to a mini-kit, followed by a record of what and in what sequence should be used in the event of an acute condition. This will simplify the task of friends, relatives, or happened to be near the people in the event of patient care as well as help to avoid panic and inconsistency in the actions. Remember that emergency assistance must be provided in calm conditions, so as not to cause a panic.

As a rule, currently asthmatic should have:

  • Inhalation can of bronchodilator drug for a child - a spacer and bronchodilation spray;
  • Asthma medication tablets (for the way this patient);
  • Antihistamines tablets or drops for the young child;
  • Hormonal medication.

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First aid for acute asthma attack

If the patient, in addition to the main features of asthma attacks, there has been a change in color of the skin (pallor or cyanosis), impaired consciousness, increased blood pressure, impaired consciousness, it is necessary as soon as possible to call an ambulance. Your help - control of the operation and status of the patient.

In the case where the patient's condition in the event of an attack is nothing to fear, it is possible to provide urgent assistance on their own, with everything you need and the instructions for action. The patient should ensure complete rest and no need to panic. All actions should be calm and clear. An additional fear and vanity only aggravate the dangerous condition.

As it turns out the first emergency care? The first thing to do - to free the patient from hindering clothes (remove the shirts, ties, etc.) help make it a comfortable position in which to breathe easier and less severe pain in the chest. Most often, it is the position of sitting on a chair, leaning back in the breast, for convenience, you can put a pillow under the chest. A child can be put to bed in a comfortable position for him.

Little else is first aid for allergies. In case of attack in response to exposure to a known allergen should immediately stop its flow in the body. Be sure to provide fresh (not cold!) Air: open the window, the window. The patient should be possible to unwind and relax, while young children can be distracting quiet story, book and pats on the back.

Then you must use the bulb with a suitable bronchodilator, the so-called drug ambulance. Sometimes it's enough to make a couple of inhalations to relieve symptoms attack. We recommend using a metered-dose inhalers in the beginning of the attack and, with no effect, repeat two inhalations 10-15 minutes.

For young children, for this purpose, a special device - a spacer capacity as a tube, a volume of about 500 ml, which is administered bronhorasshiryayuschy spray. The spacer is brought to face the child is one injection of the drug into the unit, the child must make several breaths (5 -7) spray. Also, after 15 minutes, with no effect, it is possible to repeat the procedure.

Abuse of bronchodilator can lead to complications and negative effects on the heart, so do not use bronchodilators several times, and with a deterioration in the patient's condition or no visible improvement is better to call an ambulance. If an acute attack of asthma triggered by an allergic reaction, it is advisable to take an antihistamine prescribed by a physician, at the dosage is usually 1 to 2 tablets.

In the case of light attack helps asthma medication tablets, which are also often available at each asthmatic. Sometimes it is enough rassosat 1/2 tablet early attack to normalize for half an hour. At the first symptoms begin to attack it is also useful to make a warm hand and foot baths, with a water temperature of 40-45 degrees about 15 minutes. It helps to relax, relieve stress and vasospasm.

Often there are all sorts of recommendations of traditional medicine, such as onion compresses, inhalations and iodine can massage at the time of the attack of asthma. In fact, the effectiveness of these methods is controversial, moreover, should not forget the danger of allergic reactions in asthmatics. Additional stimuli in the form of strong smells or unpleasant sensations in such a serious condition certainly no good will not result. Such assistance will result in another attack.

With the ineffectiveness of the measures taken, within 30 minutes you can take a pill the hormone drug, as previously prescribed by the doctor and is in the medicine cabinet for each person suffering from bronchial asthma. If, despite all your actions, the patient's condition does not improve or gets worse, then hospitalization is necessary, immediately call an ambulance.

 bronchial asthma attack emergency aid
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Preventing asthma attacks

General in the prevention of acute attacks - strict adherence to medical prescriptions, appointments and restrictions. The discipline of the patient - the key to successful prevention of exacerbations of asthma.

Preventive recommendations

  1. Regularly take the treating physician anti-inflammatory drug as maintenance therapy is seizure;
  2. A good therapeutic effect is achieved treatments physiotherapy courses that apply in remission of asthma;
  3. If possible, eliminate the impact of unfavorable factors and allergens, avoid stressful situations;
  4. Continuing to temper the body and strengthen the immune system;
  5. Promptly treat chronic diseases of internal organs and systems;
  6. Give up bad habits;
  7. Systematically engaged breathing exercises;
  8. Preferably two times a year to pass a special spa treatment;
  9. Normalize food and the gastrointestinal tract;
  10. Lead an active life with daily walks in the fresh air.

A person suffering from bronchial asthma. Always consult your doctor if symptoms of asthma began to appear more and more difficult, if attacks occur at night or effectiveness of the drugs has decreased and they have to apply more than ever.

If you are careful enough against an asthmatic to your body, and with the participation and understanding of the family, you can significantly improve the quality of life and to avoid the frequent attacks of the disease, and the development of serious complications, even with such diseases as asthma. In addition, the level of medicine today, new methods of diagnosis and therapy can stop the progression of the disease at an early, easy stages, and sometimes completely relieve the patient from the unpleasant symptoms of asthma.

 An asthma attack: the first emergency aid