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Happy owner of luxury long hair, in theory, should be satisfied with them - lots of options pilings and hair, use a wide variety of accessories and application of a million ideas - here everything is possible! But more often you can see the banal pigtail or just loose strands - in general, no creativity. Meanwhile, learn to put nice and original long hair even at home is not so difficult - thing to gain a bit of patience and really want to learn how to create original and stylish hairstyle.

Lush hair

In order to long hair to create a lush and stylish hair, we had quite a bit of effort. So, you will need: curling, cosmetic wax and comb. Laying begins with combing and separating the strands. Take a strand and wound on the tongs while they keep upright. Remember - the thinner the original yarn, the luxuriant hair will be "output". And so, step by step, a lock for a lock, we form a hairstyle. Rod forceps should be kept no more than 10 seconds, otherwise damage the hair.

Once you get curls all over the head, comb it and sprinkle a little varnish, and the ends of the hair, apply a little wax - so they will stay longer. This installation requires a lot of time, so expect it correctly - the rush to anything.

 How to put long hair at home

Strict luxury

Healthy, long and shiny hair always look nice. You can make a hairstyle, which will reveal all of their beauty, and will meet the very stringent conditions of the dress code. This installation involves the use of ironing. Clean hair just straighten ironing, strand by strand, along the entire length - have strict hairstyle that will not scatter and Shaggy. For a more secure fit, you can use varnish or wax, causing his tips on how to be fastened together. Consider two factors can not be used on wet hair iron is, it can not be heated more than 12 degrees.

Elegant wave

Sometimes you want something creative, unusual, "enchanting", but messing with stacking do not have time and desire. There is a way out of this situation - do yourself a wave! Of course, this would require some skill, but the result will be stunning. So, we put a little damp hair foam or gel, in general, any locking means. Now make the middle and both hands grab the locks on the left and the right. Palchikov forming a wave. Hair wet, so do not be easy "to create" waves in the right direction. Now they kill them invisible.

Next, distribute the remaining hair into strands and frizz in curlers, and even better on the curlers - so will turn vertical curls. Everything is now just comb the curls and waves to remove the clip - during which time they are stronger and dry accurately. The tips of the hair can be fixed with wax to the entire hair and apply a little polish. Only just a little bit, the hair should remain alive.

 how to put long hair


Well, there's really nothing complicated - comb the hair from the forehead to the back of the head and collect in the tail rubber band fix. Now separate the single strand and entwine it around the base of the tail, is held together by pins or invisible. If you do not want to mess with the locks, then use tape to decorate the tail. Now comb the strands and seal a small amount of polish. All have turned out beautiful and fashionable styling for long hair, which can be and go out on a date, and to work.


At home, you can weave a variety of braids: spike, French and ordinary. You can start weaving from the temple, and passing on the fringe, to finish on the opposite side. Drain braid can be chest, or you can pin it back. You can divide the hair parted in the middle and braid two braids on either side, putting them on his head. Laying the braid does not is something ultra-serious and complicated, just need to have a certain skill, and then put even the most unruly hair can be a few minutes.

 How to put long hair into a beautiful home


In fact, long hair let you experiment with them and sometimes create real masterpieces, and sometimes modest hairstyles. Once messing with complex styling? Time is short and it is time to run to work? The simplest thing you can do - combed the hair back from his forehead and at the back to grab their barrette. The lower strand freely lie on the shoulders and shoulder blades, it is possible to release several pryadok of whiskey and fix them gel or wax. Houses do that - it is five minutes, and will look neat and tidy.

Russian style

Despite all the modern methods of laying, still popular and Russian braids - the most common and simple. It is possible, especially without straining just to braid her hair, and throw it over your shoulder - here's a way of Russian beauties. And you can braid two braids and barrettes bagels fix them or throw spit across the head (around). Only for such hairstyles unacceptable issued locks or locks, such as styling is considered a strict and uncompromising.

As you can see, even at home with their own hands, you can create a unique image and shine with originality. Laying can be complex or simple, done in five minutes or a few hours, but it's always a creative process. So attach a maximum effort and imagination, and to shine with their beauty and irresistible!

 Laying long hair at home - looks great in any situation

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 reflux gastritis


  • What is reflux gastritis?
  • Types of reflux gastritis
  • How to cure reflux gastritis?

Reflux gastritis is often not taken seriously. At the initial stage of the disease can either do not appear or look like a minor inconvenience. It seems that this discomfort - a temporary phenomenon, which will take a couple of days, so it can endure. But the disease is very insidious, and often leads to more serious diseases, such as erosion of the walls of the stomach, ulcers, cancer.
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What is reflux gastritis?

Full medical name - bile reflux gastritis, gastritis type C or chronic chemical-toksikoindutsirovanny gastritis. How does this happen? As you know, the acidity in the stomach varies. In the stomach, where the food is whole, higher acidity, and before going into the intestine, the acid concentration in the gastric juice downward (so as partially compensated bicarbonates). It is necessary to move the intestines poluperevarivsheysya mass, in which the medium is alkaline.

In a healthy person sphincter (circular muscle is strong, which compresses the hollow organ or closes the hole) is synchronized. The exact sequence of the valves ensures proper digestion of food. For various reasons, the gatekeeper function is broken, half-digested food supply, together with the enzymes and bile, rush in the opposite way, from the intestine into the stomach.

The mucous membrane of the stomach can not cope with such an aggressive environment (enzymes, bile acids and salt), and as a result, destroyed the wall of the main digestive organ. On the other hand, the acid from the stomach into the intestine, irritate it and cause inflammation. This phenomenon is called reflux (emissions), and developing on this background is called gastritis, reflux gastritis. The disease is chronic.

 reflux gastritis symptoms
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Types of reflux gastritis

Depending on the reasons, the reflux can be of two types.

First - duodenal reflux. The reasons - a bad circuit gatekeeper, high blood pressure, inflammatory and degenerative processes of the mucosa (duodenitis) in 12-duodenum.

Second - biliary reflux. Causes - disturbances in the biliary system fails motility and unharmonized work sphincters. Reasons leading to failure sequence and forces the pressure inside the intestine and the bile duct and this compression causes failures ducts stomach and pancreas.

Depending on the pathology, reflux gastritis is divided into:

  • Perfunctory

For this type of dystrophy is characterized by surface epithelium, as well as violations of its regeneration. Goiter is not observed.

  • Catarrhal

He is characterized by inflammation of the mucous membrane and its swelling, dystrophy epitalnogo layer.

  • Erosive

Manifested erosion mucosal surface defects, which do not go beyond the muscular stomach plate.

  • Biliary

With this observed reflux disorder of the nervous system and endocrine glands.

Symptoms of the disease - a feeling of fullness, heaviness after eating, belching bitter, unpleasant taste in the mouth, nausea; constipation alternating with diarrhea; bloating in the abdomen. It should be noted that when biliary reflux pain, usually expressed softly. It can be dull, barely noticeable, aching. Sometimes worse after the person has eaten, the digestibility of food by the body deteriorates, whereby there is a deficit of nutrients. For this reason, patients lose weight, there Zayed corners of his lips, anemia, weakness, dry skin.

Catarrh, biliary, superficial, erosive gastritis dangerous. Only a doctor can determine exactly what your problem is, and then prescribe treatment. Independently take the tablets, tinctures and other medicines is not recommended.

 reflux gastritis treatment
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How to cure reflux gastritis?

Treatment of reflux gastritis must take place in a complex and be directed to the processes of binding bile acids, removing them from the stomach and improve the motor function of the digestive organs. Even if you have a catarrhal or superficial gastritis, the attending physician is required to prescribe drugs.


  • prescribe drugs which protect the gastric mucosa and bind bile acids;
  • special attention is given to drugs that converts bile acids in water-soluble form;
  • use medications that prevent reverse to throw the bile.

To treat reflux gastritis medication it makes sense to subject the organization of proper nutrition of the patient. Diet for reflux gastritis should be directed to the preservation of the mucosa of the stomach, the food should not hurt the walls of the digestive organs. It is necessary to avoid any harsh products, spicy, fried, roughage. If you have superficial, erosive, catarrhal or biliary reflux gastritis, food appoint a dietician, a gastroenterologist.

At a time when we treat, we recommend light, semi necessarily, steamed or boiled food. For example, soups, frayed and cooked over low broth; a couple of burgers, mashed potatoes, soft low-fat sauces, much razvaristye porridge on water, low-fat cottage cheese, soft-boiled egg. When aggravation removed, can be added to food juices, dairy products, some vegetables and fruits; If well tolerated, then the milk. If you have a superficial gastritis resolved jellies and compotes. During treatment and as prophylaxis is recommended to drink mineral water is matched nutritionist, which helps to relieve painful conditions.

When reflux gastritis is strictly prohibited, and not only during an exacerbation:

  • Fried foods: fish, eggs, meatballs, potatoes,
  • Fatty food,
  • White bread and rye,
  • Alcohol,
  • Honey, jam, sugar,
  • Pickles, pickles, smoked sausage,
  • Muffin and chocolate.

There should be optional, in small portions, at least 6 times a day. Food should not be cold or hot, even if we do not treat reflux gastritis. If the power is properly organized, it will significantly improve the state of health and a positive impact on treatment. It is important to follow a few rules: less lean, do not lift the weight, do not eat in large quantities, do not go immediately after a meal, try to sleep on the high pillows and avoid stress.

 Stomach problems: reflux