harmless hair dye


  • Henna: bright red color for girls
  • Basma - natural dye shatenok
  • Ammonia-free color: What are silent manufacturers
  • Tonics: cases in which they are used
  • Decoction of herbs: the popular beauty recipes

Paints without ammonia and peroxide, henna, Basma, tonal shampoos - manufacturers promise that their products are completely safe, and the quality of staining the absence of harmful chemicals has no effect. But is it really all that well and good, or is it another ploy, which caught the girl who believed advertising. In fact, there are some pluses and minuses, which are required to be aware of each of the fair sex. And only after you weigh the pros and cons, you can begin to seriously experiment on your hair.

Henna: bright red color for girls

Henna - the harmless dye hair, which can use the dark-haired beauty treatment and dyeing in red color. It does not contain harmful additives and agents, so this option is ideal for women in the state and lactating mothers. Henna gives a healthy shine shock of hair, leaving it soft, silky and smooth, and as a result do not paint the ends are cut, do not break and do not dry as it happens after ammonia dyes. It also has a positive effect on the scalp: removes dandruff, normalizes the sebaceous glands, so the roots quickly cease to shine and zhirnet.

Another plus, which is worth mentioning - is that henna does not fade in the sun. So you can enjoy your summer vacation by the sea, without fear that the end of the vacation your hair will deteriorate and lose its former brilliance. The intensity of color and brightness you can adjust yourself by holding the paint, depending on the desired result, from 10 minutes to several hours. And if you do not wash away henna even after forty minutes, allergies, rashes, redness and itching you will not be exact. Exception - if your body is not fully transfers this substance.

However, there are some restrictions on the use of henna. For example, if you have recently done a perm, color normal paint with ammonia or peroxide, experimenting with highlights, brightens, the result can be unpredictable. It is unlikely that you will want to become crimson, green or purple. But even if you paint it means completely healthy hair, the color may differ from the promised or painted in the picture. Therefore it is recommended to first apply a small amount of a strand of paint, wait twenty minutes, rinse with curl and look at the result.

Also, be aware that not all products are equally useful, as for effect, more saturated and bright colors, some manufacturers add special components. Therefore, pay attention to the composition and the promised result. Everyone knows that the natural henna color only in red, but not brown, nutty and similar shades, but still buy such products. There is also a white henna, about the dangers and benefits is still walking debate as to remove the colored pigment is still used chemistry.

In order to color the hair of the substance need to spend a lot of time and effort. Firstly, the need to wait for the cooked mixture has cooled to the required temperature, so as not to burn the skin of the head, and secondly, towels, shirts, overalls and aprons after the procedure will have to throw as stains do not wash out, and acquire an unpleasant greenish tint. Third, to achieve the desired color, it is necessary to wait for more than one hour. But even if the desired results are still not satisfied, it can not be repainted, and will need to wait a few months until the hair grows back completely, or get a haircut or repeat staining after a couple of weeks. However, remember that henna is manifested in the second or third day after the procedure, so you should not immediately panic.

 most harmless hair dye

Basma - natural dye shatenok

Today Basma is considered one of the oldest colors that our ancestors used not only to change the color, but also for dyeing clothes, making ink. Initially, it has gained popularity in India and China, and then it started to use the east of the country. Today is a magical tool, derived from the indigo plant, widely used in cosmetology. Basma - the safest color for girls who want to become darker. However, note that it must be used only in conjunction with other natural dyes - henna, otherwise instead of brown strands you get green.

As for the cons, everything is the same as in the previous case: no full compatibility with other ammonia paints, unpredictable results if not properly applied to the hair, ill-chosen ratios or small excerpt, soiled, and the large number of counterfeits. Before painting, always check the expiration date, as the final result depends on the freshness of the product. And do not wash your hair with shampoo beforehand, do not apply to them balms, masks, conditioners. Also be aware that if you do not repeat the process in a timely manner, your hair can get purple or blue, so to get rid of dark color in this case is much more complicated.

Ammonia-free color: What are silent manufacturers

Bezammichnaya paint is a relatively new, with the right, it was stated that it is - the most harmless products, which not only spoil your hair, but also make it brighter. Indeed safe dyes that have no harmful substances are very expensive, so if you see in the store a stack of hundred-two hundred rubles, which says that in the completely missing this component, so it was replaced by an oxidant (hydrogen peroxide) . It affects the hair is no better than ammonia, while during the painting may cause discomfort, such as itching, burning, etc. Therefore, use this tool at home too often is not recommended.

If you chose a professional bezammiachnoy paint in this case everything will look a little different. Hair, of course, will not be as spoiled as previously, but the color will not be held for more than two months. Thus, if you decide to experiment with style, the best option is not found. Even if you do not like the tone, it is enough to wait until the paint will wash off a bit, and then you can re-painted. Another fairly significant disadvantage - such products are not intended to paint the gray hair, this should be selected dyes with ammonia.

Tonics: cases in which they are used

Tonal shampoos also belong to a class of safe colorants, however, quite a large percentage of the fair sex they are completely dissatisfied. Firstly, the result is kept short - two to three weeks (about eight times washing of the head), and secondly, after each bathing hair you will discover the dark spots in the bathroom - the tone should be washed off shampoo. This can cause discomfort if you, for example, go to the pool, plan to go to the sea. An important role is played by the fact that to carry out the procedure of painting is quite difficult, because the spots do not scour. But the tonic you can change your style at least every month without harming your hair, as it is - the most unstable paint.

But, despite this, the low cost of production and the absence of harmful chemicals still attracts the attention of some girls. Typically, the bottle lasts for several staining procedures, in addition to store tonal shampoo can be quite long. At any time, you can touch up regrowth or ends, which has managed to remove paint, without spending extra money. Using this tool can be a girl of any age, with the original hair color is not as important.

 good harmless hair dye

Decoction of herbs: the popular beauty recipes

If a brunette or redhead be easy, blondes have to be painted more harmful and aggressive substances. However, even for fair-haired beauties there is an alternative - a constant shampooing decoction of herbs. Tincture of nettle, chamomile - the best lightening paint, which not only does not spoil the scalp and hair, but also heals.

However, to ensure that the desired results (clarification on one or two colors), will have to spend more than one month, so, unfortunately, this option is a little interested. As for benefits, it is - complete restoration of hair, get rid of dandruff, head of hair growth acceleration, etc.

 Harmless Hair Dye: what secrets it holds?

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 brewer's yeast for hair


  • Strengthens hair
  • Dry hair
  • greasy hair
  • Sulphur for hair growth

The harmful influence of the environment on the hair for a long time all know - this is written and said enough. And if we add to this also the wrong food, the constant use of the locking means and the use of hairdryers, curling irons and straighteners, then it's time to think about: how to restore and prevent hair loss process?

There are many ways to strengthen hair: vitamin-mineral complexes, masks, wraps and massages. But the most relevant and popular of these is the use of brewer's yeast. Their usefulness has long been recognized by official medicine, because their composition has magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc, sorbents, protein and carbohydrates.

In brewer's yeast just a mass of vitamins - E, B, PP, A, C and many minerals. They even prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of certain diseases, they are used in, and has always been to improve the health, accelerate the healing process, and the process of treatment drugs is much faster. There are several variations of masks from brewer's yeast, they are designed to solve various problems, but the fact that brewer's yeast hair is to rescue and help - that's a fact.

Strengthens hair

Take a small piece of yeast from the briquette - it will be about 2-3 grams, mix with a spoon of honey. Here we must digress and explain once that brewer's yeast are sold in blocks (frozen) and dry. You can buy those and others to accurately calculate remember - one spoon (teaspoon) of dry yeast is equal to 10 grams of live yeast.

So, take alive brewer's yeast and mixed with honey and water in any case do not add - in the warmth perfectly dissolve yeast in honey and begin to ferment. It will take about an hour and can be applied to the hair mask. Do not rub the skin, but simply lubricate it. Now sheltering polyethylene and wrap a towel - this mask should "work" compress. Duration mask - 50-60 minutes, then it is washed off with warm water and shampoo.

This mask treats the hair from damage, dandruff disappears and slows down hair loss. Use the tool can be no more than three times a month. Honey sugar can be replaced, but, firstly, honey useful, and secondly, yeast dissolved in honey is much better.

 brewer's yeast for hair

Dry hair

Nothing special about this mask there is honey, yeast and yogurt, and has a tremendous effect. Dry hair saturate all the nutrients, they become stronger and do not break, dandruff disappears, the tips are not whipped. In general, the advantages are many, the cost of a cheap, and make it easy. Just follow the proportions of (a teaspoon of honey, half a cup of yogurt and yeast 10 grams) and let ferment components (about half an hour would be enough). And do not forget that it is necessary to wrap up his head, stand for an hour of time, then all rinse with warm water. Make a mask can be no more than twice a week.

greasy hair

Paradoxically, brewer's yeast can be treated and dry, and oily hair equally well. And it turns out, because they contain a lot of different vitamins. And absorbed into the hair, only those which are necessary in a given situation.

So, if you have oily hair, take a spoonful of yeast, a spoonful of water and one raw egg (all measured cutlery). Stir and leave for an hour in the heat - fermented yeast, will rise "cap" will heat up. Now we can apply the weight to the hair. Then we act on the already known pattern: wrap, endure an hour and rinse. All! After several such procedures will become more dry hair, shiny and fluffy, and will be less likely to become contaminated.

A few tips on the use of brewer's yeast hair mask:

  • Always check the expiration date of yeast (and frozen and dry);
  • Dishes for masks take more - much yeast to swell and increase the mass of a few times;
  • All ingredients for the mask must be a temperature, e.g., room temperature;
  • Mask wash off with warm water and shampoo, but it is not necessary to use balms;
  • Making yeast mask can not often 2-3 times a month,
  • Rotate them, that is to try everything and in the end choose the one thing, too, is not recommended. Go first one course, and in time the other.
  • The same can not apply a mask more than 8 months, be sure to take a break, at least for 2-3 months.

 brewer's yeast with gray hair

Sulphur for hair growth

Brewer's yeast used and the inside. Hair will be helpful if you drink them in combination with sulfur. This supplement will help prevent hair loss, strengthen them and returned to its former glory and beauty. Only there is one caveat - before taking brewer's yeast with sulfur necessary to consult with your doctor - there are contraindications.

Not worth the risk and hope "at random" - all products with sulfur are quite dangerous diseases such as diabetes, preinfarction and Pre-stroke conditions, in case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and liver diseases. In principle, we can say that these drugs should be taken only to healthy individuals. You want to just return the beauty and health of your hair and not hurt the body and put himself to the hospital.

So, brewer's yeast in any form is good and useful, applying a mask of popular recipes can not only restore hair structure, but also to escape from their loss. But in any case, go first to a doctor trihologu - not only did he find out the diagnosis and determine the cause of the problems, but also, if necessary, appoint an additional examination by specialists.

After all, if there are unexplained diseases of internal organs, they can be displayed and the appearance. No wonder some doctors may make a preliminary diagnosis of the condition of hair, nails and a patient's eye. And if you decide to try to take drugs with gray and brewer's yeast, much more similar to the expert - but he can accurately answer all your questions.

Take care of your hair, give them a little of your attention and better to lose a few minutes of his precious personal time than to cry, looking at the bundles of hair loss. Be merciful to the hair - and so we too often injuring their own styling and colors, they can not be infinitely beautiful. But you can actually help them with their hands silky and strength gain, while still save money.

 Brewer's yeast for hair - health, beauty, accessibility

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