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  • Egg Mask: Secrets of application
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Civilization is not only simplifies people's lives, but also brings a lot of inconvenience. For example, modern woman rather buy expensive shampoo from a pharmacy, rather than make a mask for hair folk recipes. It is not laziness (though few will want to grind the roots of burdock half an hour to get all 3 tablespoons of the drug), and the unsuitability of the ordinary. We have lost the habit to wash clothes hands and boil in large basins. We do not cool the meat on manual meat grinder. And we just do not come to mind to make a carpet with 8 floors in the snow in order to clean it. Therefore, the egg mask for us exists only in the form of a finished bottle, bought in a store.

And for good reason. Natural hair mask can bring much more benefit than dubious cosmetic. Why dubious? Everything is very simple. You can tell how many eggs a manufacturer to use a single agent in the amount of 200 mg (for example, the eggs there still is)? No? And where was he who bought the raw material for masks and balms? In order to completely reassure you in the omnipotence of cosmetics, we offer a bottle to turn and look at the structure of the label. How many natural ingredients? That's right! So let's learn to create their own cosmetics. Especially as rubbing burdock root is not necessary. On the agenda - egg mask for strengthening hair.

 Useful egg hair mask

Advantages of the egg mask

Every morning we fry himself an omelet or scrambled eggs, not knowing how useful the product holding. At least for the troubled egg hair mask - a real panacea.

This tool gives the hair strength. And all because (according to scientists) One egg contains 6, 3 grams of protein, which in turn helps to strengthen hair. Highly recommended egg mask for weakened hair, are exposed daily blow-drying, "torture" hot rollers or curling irons.

In addition, you can significantly moisturize your hair, if you enter an egg mask in the weekly "diet." Probably every girl has ever faced with the fact that after dyeing her hair began to seem like a straw. Egg mask can resist this unfortunate misunderstanding due to the high cholesterol content. Yes, the same cholesterol that by eating clogs vessels, when used externally is simply irreplaceable assistant.

Useful and fats, which are saturated with raw eggs. They strengthen the cuticle, prevents split ends and protect hair from breakage winter (we all know how aggressive acts on the scalp a strong frost). Besides egg mask treats dandruff and itching caused by dryness of the scalp. As you can see, the advantages of a means of mass. Now is the time to learn how to apply them in practice.

Egg Mask: Secrets of application

Before recording a bunch of recipes for hair masks, you must learn a few niceties use the egg mixture.

  • Firstly, egg mask is applied only on dry hair. If you have been washed the head can cause the tool on the dirty strands. Those who dare to wash your hair and put on wet hair mask, threatened the duration of the mixture to erase from the face of the egg stains.
  • Secondly, it is better not to mix the ingredients with a fork, and a whisk. This will provide a homogeneous mixture. And the process of preparing a hair mask will be faster and easier.
  • Third, the eggs must be certainly room temperature. So be sure to pull them out of the refrigerator in advance.
  • Fourth, if you do not want to "roast" the hair scrambled eggs, wash off the mask with warm water only. Moreover, the cooler the water, the lower the risk that the egg will curdle the mask at the most inopportune moment.

 egg hair mask recipe

Recipes egg masks

Here are some recipes for masks that you quite able to do it yourself:

  • If your locks are dry and brittle, you will save the egg mask with high-fat diet. In this case, the fat will be the olive oil. Mix egg yolk, a tablespoon of oil and as much lemon juice. Dilute the mixture into 100 ml of cool boiled water, mix well. Then spread the egg mixture over the entire length of the hair and give it a good soak.
  • For those who have dry skin can only dream of, and who have to wash my hair every day because of the increased fat content of hair is useful Mask egg on alcohol. Mix unchanged yolk with a teaspoon of water and alcohol (it can be replaced vodka or cognac). The mask is ready.
  • But eggs are not only chicken. Perepilinye, by the way, also have great nutritional value. This time remembered and beauticians to offer their customers a simple hair mask, consisting of 2 tablespoons of honey, five quail eggs and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all ingredients, put the entire length of the strands, and shook his head warm towel.
  • There is also a universal recipe for egg mask. For its preparation Mix 2 egg yolks and one tablespoon of glycerin, 9% vinegar and castor oil. According to experts, such a mask treats hair loss and increases hair growth.

If you have tried all the recipes, but the hair and continue to fall and split, it is possible that the problem lies in something else, and you should see a doctor. But we want to egg hair mask had created miracles and joy to those around you strong and healthy hair.

 Egg Hair Mask: Secrets of application

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 haircuts for curly hair


  • Asymmetry
  • Bob for short hair
  • Bob on the hair of medium length
  • The ideal choice for medium hair
  • Options for long hair

Curly hair - it is very beautiful, but they require a lot of attention. After all, a woman's hair should always be perfect, but curly hair is quite unruly and obstinate. Many ladies suffer, putting them and trying to create a masterpiece. Meanwhile, haircut, made on curly hair will help you to maintain the natural beauty of your curls.

Haircuts for curly hair are completely different - long and short, with bangs and without. Just remember one rule - no matter what hairstyle you choose, the morning will still have to do packing. The fact that a haircut on curly hair can not stand hats and scarves, and after sleep looks very bad - strands sticking out in all directions, and even the comb can not save the situation.

Of course, fashion accessories as rezinochek, hairpins, hoops and invisible can transform even the disheveled hair in a decent haircut. But if you want to do without any additions, you have to spend a little time each morning for stacking. A good installation depends primarily on the shearing.


If you have short hair, you can try the old, time-tested "asymmetry". The fact that such a haircut on curly hair sometimes allows to do without styling. Curly hair will fall neatly on one side of the wave, and not too will stick. In the morning it will be enough to moisten the hair with water and a little mash them by hand. All - ready to leave!

Behind it can be made very short neck, but you can leave a few pryadok - effectively will look fashionable "doggie" as kucheryashek. By the way, these haircuts curly hair looks perfect, if you put several kinds of colors - for example, a short neck and a black side and a longer side - light colors. Extravagant, fashionable and even creatively!

 haircut for curly hair

Bob for short hair

It is considered a popular haircut curly hair type "Bob". But here it is necessary to find a really good hairdresser, a master skilled enough in fact for curly hair, this hairstyle is considered to be difficult. Generally, for cutting short curly hair is characterized by a certain untidiness - well, it is impossible to put everything to make curls and hair sample accuracy.

Bob on curly hair can be short and middle - here you choose. Or consult with the master (with full confidence in its competence). Short bob looks playful and fun, curls have to pack every day, use a lot of fixing means and, possibly, hair dryer, curling iron. Yes, do not be surprised - that the forceps can be put curls in the right direction. Behind Bob may be short (his head is shaven) or extended - little curls descend to the neck. A good option, and the first and the second - just shaving the nape need to use gel or wax cosmetic, because the short curls tend to puff up.

Bob on the hair of medium length

If you choose to bob medium length, then there really is nothing difficult - your locks will fall on the shoulders and beautifully framing her cheeks - a more feminine version hard to come up with. Female version of Bob (and originally it was a men's haircut) involve some tenderness, so do yourself a better bang. But there will have to straighten it slightly utjuzhkom - also confusion!

From the category of short haircuts will bring some inconvenience in the care and will require close attention. In addition, this hairstyle on curly hair is the persistent impression that the lady looks like a teenager and adult solid representative of a company is unlikely to fit. But it all depends on the stylist. Masters in beauty salons usually have enough experience and ability to "tame" the hair and knowledgeable, which allow you to make perfect hairstyle.

The ideal choice for medium hair

The most successful haircut on curly hair is obtained, with an average length - it looks charmingly simple, sexy, and locks can be laid just as you want. About Bob the average length we have already written, but I want to add that in such shearing can pin up the hair, lifted him up, and even a bit of improvising with everyday hairstyles.

Mowing on curly hair on the type of bean is considered to be the most popular, hairdressers him immediately and advise their client. Meanwhile, you can make and cascading haircut - they also look just perfect with an average length. Especially that enable Cascades to pin and tie the hair, use a clip wraps and hidden - in general, you can create any hairstyle.

Mowing on medium length curly hair has a wonderful property to transform even the most stern faces - ladies look feminine and cute, a little coquettish and intriguing. And by the way, Bob - not the exception, but only in the average length!

 haircuts to curly hair

Options for long hair

Long curly hair - it is real wealth, so they look nice, are always fashionable hairstyle and you can express their imagination to the fullest. Haircuts curly hair, especially long, simply involves trimming the tips, can be formed oblique bangs and sideburns. Nothing unusual here hairdressers do not even recommend - in fact, and so on can not be curly long hair and a look to tear!

That long hair, you can use the iron is a bit to straighten the hair, for example, on the top and back of the head. Trendy haircuts for curly hair long curly hair usually does not apply - not even the masters are advised to shorten the length, sometimes even insist on this. And believe me, it is better to listen to them - they're right! Judge for yourself - all haircuts for curly hair are made taking into account the structural features of hair and long hair (even if they are crazy curly) can be collected in a bun, braid her hair, and a higher pin - here's the first version of hairstyles.

Haircuts curly hair restrict the possessor of such miracle in the manifestation of his imagination - but long hair can be straightened completely and stand in front of everyone in a completely new way - and here's the second option. And a hairstyle curly hair, especially if they are short (eg, Bob), deprived of extravagance lady - well, that there can come up with? But long hair can be used to weave African braids or dreadlocks do - agree, is quite creative!

From all the above it can be concluded that the shearing made on curly hair, divided into categories and types can select any completely, especially if the original length allows. But do not get carried away and dream of a neat haircut, you can simply comb. Yes, if the hair is curly, then you have a real treasure - many women dream about such hair. But this treasure need careful care - Trendy hairstyles for curly hair can only help to shape the hairstyle, but basic care still fall on your shoulders.

Owners curly hair should give them enough time in the morning - not allowed to go out with unkempt head, but and enthusiastic views are guaranteed. A simple haircut designed to help make your image more accurately, they will help to emphasize your originality and style.

So rejoice and be proud of their hair, feminine charms can drive mad any man and kindle in women envy. And if you would be a good haircut, then it is necessary to add only a smile, sincerity and shine in the eyes - everything from admirers will not rebound!

 Hairstyles for curly hair. How to choose the perfect hairstyle?

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