mask for dry hair at home


  • Terms of care
  • Nutritious masks
  • Moisturizing Mask
  • Firming Mask

Many ladies over time, begin to notice that their hair turned into dry and brittle locks. Why is this happening? It's very simple - smoking, nervous stress, poor diet, numerous styling hair dryer and tongs, Fixing and permanent staining. Do not forget about the environment, hot sun or harmful precipitation, a strong frost and even the constant moisture also greatly affect the condition of the hair. Of course, all the negative factors will not get rid of, but to treat dry hair and bring in the divine form your hair is quite real.

Terms of care

Before you start to treat their hair and turn them into luxury the flowing tide, we must learn to take care of them and remember some rules:

  • Do not wash dry hair every day or even every other day. It is best to arrange water treatment once in 5-7 days;
  • From fixing means only suitable foam and mousse, gel in this case should not be used - it is even more hair dries;
  • It is impossible to dry hair to style hot - tongs and hair dryers with hot jet will have to wait out on the mezzanine;
  • Once a month, the tips should be trimmed. First, it saves you from split ends, and secondly, the composition of the hair will be improved;
  • If you regularly dye your hair, then apply the paint does not contain ammonia in its composition.

If you consistently follow these rules, the hair will become much stronger and more beautiful. Just do not forget that everything should be done regularly, these rules should enter you in the habit and become a law. The use hair masks should also be a major component of care. Here we must remember that you can (and should) be used several types of masks - moisturizing, firming and nourishing.

 mask for dry hair at home

Nutritious masks

So, it is necessary to nourish dry hair useful substances - the only way to restore the structure and beauty of curls. Referring to the experience of their ancestors and use it with home remedies:

  • Yolk, dining spoon of cognac and a little honey - the result should be a thick mass. It is necessary to rub it into the tips of the hair, then roll the hair in a ponytail and slaughter - so all the nutrients to penetrate all the hair;
  • Oat flakes on a coffee grinder and grind a small amount of boiling water steamed - give a viscous mass. It must be applied to the entire length of the hair, the temperature of the mask should be about 30-35 degrees (good heat). The mixture is necessary to add a little (literally 5 drops) of burdock oil.

Remember one rule for nourishing masks - to keep the color should be no more than 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water and shampoo.

Moisturizing Mask

Excellent helps fight dry hair yogurt - that is truly universal product! You do not have to invent anything, to invent and to select components - just put on hair yogurt (fat content 2-3%) and half an hour rinse with warm water. After three months of such masks, you will be surprised how much your tresses shiny and heavy steel. And here are some options for masks:

  • Take oil (for example, sea buckthorn) and a few drops of lemon juice and rub into the hair - try not to miss any, and to treat the entire length of hair. In this embodiment, it can also be used burdock oil, flaxseed and almond;
  • Take crushed plantain leaves and mix with vegetable oil (you can take any, but the ideal is olive), mush is now spread over the entire length of hair. After 40 minutes rinse with shampoo and always rinse the infusion of plantain. This mask moisturizes the hair simply luxurious, and you'll notice how much less was split ends. To enhance the effect can be the hair to "pack" in plastic wrap and a towel - or anyone else packs did not bring harm.

 hair mask at home for dry hair

Firming Mask

It's no secret that when dry hair there is hair loss - to comb hair tangles remain whole and friends are increasingly advised to shake off a jacket back and shoulders. It is sad, but not deadly! You just have to focus on strengthening the hair and return to the life of the hair bulblets. This will be an excellent assistant mask improvised:

  • Castor oil - is the most effective method to strengthen hair. Buy at the pharmacy capsule with butter and a squeeze of his hair - apply to the entire length and be sure to rub into the roots and into the scalp;
  • Raw grated onion - the most simple and very effective method. This method is still used by our grandparents, so do not neglect such a valuable experience. Yes, keep in mind that the smell of this mask is not very pleasant. Take care that you were alone, and no one will interfere. Washed off the mask of simple warm water, you can even without shampoo;
  • Burdock root, steamed in boiling water and mixed with sour cream - another option firming mask. At the same time, make sure that the mass was just on the scalp - the entire length of the hair does not necessarily apply. Rinse should be with shampoo and warm water.

If after 3-4 months of such procedures no changes were observed, contact trihologu - a doctor who treats the hair, just tell me, what is the reason and how to care for them. Maybe even the use of physical therapy, e.g., exposure to the scalp small discharge current - to stimulate hair growth.

But in fact mask for dry hair at home is good help, and if you do not have any diseases (eg, dry seborrhea), you can manually cure your hair, but not to run for a beauty salon and do not spend money for the services of artists. Here are some important points to consider when caring for dry hair:

  • Comb your hair at least 3-4 times a day;
  • Use massage brush not only metal and wood;
  • At night, it is desirable to braid hair in braids (if long) - the fact that the loose dry hair entangled and begin to break, and when they fall morning combing more actively;
  • Avoid using rubber bands and metal clips at least at the time of treatment - they are quite seriously affect the structure of the hair;
  • You can buy a special balm to moisturize and strengthen or lubricate them their hair after each wash head.

Remember - only regular procedures, strict adherence to the rules for the care of dry hair and self-confidence to do the seemingly impossible. Your hair will become strong, shiny and thick. And get ready to study hairdressing - with these, you can create healthy hair and create different hairstyles. Just do not forget to repeat the mask at least once a month - even after the restoration of the structure. After all, beauty does not tolerate vanity, in this case must be very careful and neat.

Perseverance and a great desire to make your hair really luxurious. You will admire, compliments just will not work to avoid - all the attention surrounding it will be riveted to your person. But this right - because you have fought so hard for their beauty, that deserve the most sincere admiration!

 The mask for dry hair at home - Ambulance for loose strands

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 whether it is possible to dye hair Naroscheny


  • What you should know before painting
  • Coloring at home: a brief guide
  • Terms staining of extension hair: how to do it
  • Unpleasant consequences of improper staining

Very often women, growing hair, face a problem when the roots slightly lighter or darker strands, especially those who previously was painted or screens. It is unlikely that such multicolored hair decorated with girls who want to look natural. In this case, it is recommended to make a complete dyeing or tinting to align color. However, it should be noted that care for such wealth in this case is much more complicated. To conduct such manipulation is possible only with high-quality, natural strands, so if you have paid for real hair, but your question as to whether it is possible to dye hair Naroscheny master responds negatively, then you slipped a cheap knockoff.

What you should know before painting

If you decide to experiment with color and color the hair, this should be referred to a professional, besides the fact that the procedure of producing capacity, as he knows better the structure and as strands. For example, in any case can not even be toned Asian, already dyed or bleached hair, as you risk instead chic curls get dry and perepalennuyu washcloth on his head. But Slavic products can withstand any test, but only if it is natural. Trusting her beauty lover (friend, mother, husband), you may get different shades on the hair, that in the future it will be difficult to correct even a barber shop.

 How to paint hair Naroscheny

Coloring at home: a brief guide

If you decide to save a little and colors on their own, should follow basic rules, which will allow you to become brighter, without damaging the hair. The first and most important - is the choice of colors, which should be a minimum number of oxidants, and ammonia - absent. Those who wish to radically change the color, it is recommended to build this procedure, as in this case, it will be easier to achieve your desired shade and artificial hair. You must first test the paint on a small number of strands in order to understand what will be the end result. For example, you can paint a small section behind the ear. You can also use the toning shampoo, which is less harmful and dangerous.

Apply on the hair can be resistant Naroscheny professional paint, which is sold only in specialty stores, salons and hairdressers. It costs several times more expensive than usual, but in this case you do not run the risk of ruin and so not cheap locks. Be sure to ask your stylist what brand and color for you, so you do not make a mistake with the color. But remember that sharply become a brunette or redhead, if your hair is light, and vice versa, is not necessary.

Terms staining of extension hair: how to do it

The actual procedure begins with the separation of the small and thin strands, after which the paint is applied to roots. After five to ten minutes, depending on the intensity of the color you want, you can start coloring Accreted hair. Be careful that the mixture does not impinge on the site of attachment, since because of that can begin churning loss or hair pieces. But if this happens, immediately wipe off the liquid with a napkin. At the end of the head should be rinsed thoroughly with plenty of water, apply a special balm to preserve the color, then wash it off. In the future, you will need to use shampoos, conditioners for moisturizing.

In some cases, it is recommended to paint only visible strands to lower their hurt. Entirely possible to carry out this procedure during the correction, when the hair is removed and built up again. If you decide to be painted after being attached to you all again, then you have to wait a few days. In the first twenty-four hours is no manipulation of the hair can not be done.

 painting of extension hair

Unpleasant consequences of improper staining

Paint so that in the future will be even ashamed to go out, you may be in the professional beauty salon. The reasons for this are quite a few: bad and poor quality paint, artificial hair, the erroneous determination of the type of locks, lack of experience masters, etc. What then will the consequences be? Firstly, the resulting disparity and the expected result. For example, you want to be dark blond and turned brown color. Of course, it's not so bad, but go with a shade that did not like it, do not always comfortable.

Next disappointment that you can catch after the procedure - hair damage. As mentioned above, not all locks can be painted, as some of them before the build-up receive special treatment. At best, your hair will cease to be a lively and colorful, and at worst - it will start to go awry, fall, resulting in necessary to remove the hair and repeat the procedure again. Therefore, you should determine in advance whether you will be in the future, experimenting with style or not.

Cases of allergic reaction to a professional paint. This happens due to the fact that it is composed of a special component, whose mission - to consolidate the results. It was thanks to him that you do not return to their previous color after several shampooing procedures. Find products in which there is no PPD, it is difficult, moreover, it will cost not everyone can afford. But if you do gain a paint, remember that it will have to use much more often than usual, so it is quickly washed off. Also note that this component is banned in many European countries, as it is - is toxic.

Thus, we can conclude that the painting Naroscheny hair can be, but it's better to do it from a master who made you a strand. Do not try to save money on their beauty as well as for the quality of work always has to pay. If you do not have the required amount in the professional, better not to abandon this venture than to suffer the consequences. If your hairdresser to make a mistake and ruin the hair, re-build it shall be done for free.

 Can I paint the hair Naroscheny without consequences?

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