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  • How to make bouffant
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  • Extravagant option
  • Scythes

Long hair - is always beautiful and feminine. However, many women give up the natural beauty of the heavy, according to them, care for a haircut. And it is in vain - you just need to get used to and give your hair a little bit of time each day. A variety of hairstyles will help you always look impressive and to be different every day.

We put hairdryer

With the dryer can not only quickly dry hair, and put them in a predetermined direction. By the hair dryer still need a round brush (large), and you can start:

  • At first, just a little dried hair along the entire length, combing them;
  • Now comb lift the hair from the roots and aim blow air under the very roots - a procedure for doing the whole head, strand by strand;
  • Now, from the tips of each strand cheat on the brush and dry it;
  • Then simply comb the curls all ordinary comb with a few teeth - just a little, fan them;
  • If you use a narrow circular comb the curls turn out fine, though, and spend more time.

And now improvise and create stylish and trendy hairstyles, building on the already stranded hair. You can just stab her hair back at the nape and to put forward a few curls, you can make a chic bushy tail of kucheryashek on top - only a couple of curls release on whiskey and neck. And it's only two choices and hairstyles can come up with completely different - from easily slaughtered pryadok back to mind-blowing waves over the entire length, decorated with ribbons.

 styling long hair

How to make bouffant

It just seems that the fleece - is old-fashioned and ridiculous, but actually hairstyles with fleece may well be stylish and trendy, and even creative. The main thing is to know how to do this for long hair styling.

  • First, wash your hair with shampoo and balm - locks should not be confused, namely tease;
  • Now we start from the back - raised strand and begin to "dense" hair from the roots and then, moving across the strands;
  • Leave intact bangs and crown area, then it will be easier to form a whole image;
  • Better to leave bouffant only half strands (in length), then it will be possible to omit the strands on the back, neck and shoulders. You get something like a waterfall - "raging stream" at the top and flowing "stream" down.

Note that this is a long hair styling necessarily done with the help of locking means - for example, paint, foam or mousse. Once you get home, just bring your hair in order - wash your hair with shampoo, balm and treat it carefully comb. It is not necessary to dry their hair dryer - Take your hair, give your hair a break and often terrorize their hot air, because these hairstyles adversely affect the structure and appearance of your curls.

Festive option

Styling long hair for the solemn occasion involves the use of a large number of styling products, the availability of spare time and patience. But believe me, the result will not disappoint you. So:

  • Divide the hair into a side parting, but only in the area of ​​bangs and crown - them carefully comb and well with lacquer;
  • Now we undertake the remaining strands - behind them divide into equal two parts and the ears twirl Dulko;
  • Now we are releasing a lock from each one of Dulko and bangs (whiskey);
  • Loose hair transform into delicate curls with a nutcracker.

It is only at first glance a complicated process, and, in fact, such hairstyles made just for half an hour. Holiday styling for long hair, always involves the use of fixing means - in the proposed variant you will need to be sure to make a perfectly smooth bangs and crown area. But Dulko, which are very fashionable this season, it is not necessary to fix - just their Cleave pins and a little Fan.

Extravagant option

If you are going to a party, not just want to look beautiful and flamboyant and extravagant, then try the following:

  • First, divide all the hair into three equal parts - forehead, on top and at the bottom (back of the head, neck);
  • Now collect the tails - in order. Tails should be tight and well documented gums;
  • Take first the tail, makes a loop of hair and stretch it through the gum, but do not pull completely and stop somewhere in the middle - get something like a cock's tail;
  • This procedure should be followed with all three tails.

So let's see what you got - downright cosmic image, ultramodern. Now all that is necessary to pour the paint, you can decorate with glitter, sequins and even feathers - here it all depends on your desires and the theme of the party. Such stacking, explosive and strong at the same time, long hair affects negatively - too tight, too much fixation and sequins. Hair, of course, you can do different, but use only one rule - everything must be appropriate.

 styling long hair


It can not be a strange and complicated - the usual spit and with such long hair laying on the general will not be any trouble, and beauty guaranteed! You can just normal plait braid and wrap it in Dulko and you can start to braid it from bangs and move in a circle, going down along the entire length - so it will blow that long hair will make a work of art.

You can divide the hair in the middle and even braid two braids - these schools, the most common. But at the same time, pull a few pryadok front and on the sides - straight and let them look as stylish and fashionable strictly you look. Hairstyles with braids have long been a tradition and the classics - you can entwine oblique head circumference or braid a few braids and then they were reduced to one tail. In general, if you do styling for long hair, you can come up with so many options, so well to improvise and to fantasize that many others will simply delighted and thrilled.

Just remember - hairstyles may be, of course, very different, but the first thing you should take care - healthy and shiny curls. Therefore, caring for their hair is not only in the creation of packings, which for long hair just countless, but also in the correct washing and the use of masks to strengthen, moisturize and growth. Knowing how beautifully put long hair, you can every day to look for different ways to create their own images, and always be original, trendy and stylish.

 Boxes for long hair: simply spectacular, extravagant

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 curly hair


  • As combed
  • How to wash
  • Hair masks
  • How to put unruly locks

Curly hair - it's beautiful and very sexy! But such hair requires attention and competent care, otherwise they will become a washcloth and will look at least not aesthetically pleasing. For many women, curly hair have become a real disaster - they tend to be dry. And they are unruly and hard to style. In order for your hair brought only joy, it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • It is not advisable to use a hair dryer or utjuzhkom - only in extreme cases, no more than twice a month;
  • For curling curls do not use curling (curling), if necessary, better to do it with the help of rollers;
  • Wash your hair should be no more than twice a week;
  • To fix the hairstyle can not use the gel - it is even more dry hair, prefer the wax or the Skin (as an option - mousse).

As combed

To comb your hair, do not use a comb, a brush massage can completely forget. Curly hair is their field of application will simply dandelion. The best option - to use your own hands just after washing the hair shape the fingers. If so, and you need to use a comb, try with wide wooden teeth. Hair Care, which are twisted, to be careful, gentle and accurate as possible. It is not necessary to tear tangled locks, sharp movements combing curls - this is going to hurt, and the beauty will not be added.

 care for curly hair

How to wash

So, you - the owner of curls fun, mind - happy, because so many of these ladies dreaming of hair. The first thing to do - learn how to properly wash: first, no more than twice a week; secondly using only special shampoos; Third, do not comb their hair dryer or dry.

The more you wash your hair, the drier they become - it's the law, which does not need to deny or to prove again. Caring for curly hair is not frequent washing, and in the right and correct. It is not necessary in the process of rubbing the hair or severely beating foam - there is a risk that your curls will be confused and will bring a lot of problems during the subsequent combing.

Use shampoos also have to wisely. It is ideal for children. By the way, some shampoo designed to moisturize the hair - they will also work. But here we must be careful: if the roots of the hair greasy and dry at the tips, the only use baby shampoos - they are the most balanced and perfect it here this combined type. Curly hair is never greasy. Do not buy shampoo for oily hair, they can only further dry the scalp and the hair itself, which will lead to dry seborrhea, dandruff, or a massive loss of curls.

Caring for such hair means more correct and dry them after washing. You do not need intensive wipe dry with a towel or hair dryer - all this is very bad for curly hair. It should be wet towel (note - wet) and allow to dry naturally. All the structure of the hair will be saved, and the curls will fall flat waves. If you still need to use a hair dryer, remember the cardinal rule - the hot air should not be at all!

Hair masks

Wavy hair requires the use of masks - they will look just gorgeous, dry leaves, there will be a beautiful wave. Masks are quite simple and you can do them before each wash head:

  • Use oil masks, for example castor oil and drops of lemon; flaxseed and honey; Olive and brandy;
  • Dairy products can also help to restore or strengthen the hair: simple yogurt; yogurt and egg; honey and sour cream;
  • Buy crushed roots of burdock and mix with a thick sour cream - a mask for strengthening hair ready.

It is necessary to know some rules on the use of masks for curly hair:

  • All masks are applied to the scalp and hair length;
  • At the head of the mask should be no more than 30 minutes;
  • It is desirable to create a hair compress conditions - simply wrap your head polyethylene and towel;
  • Rinse off the mask to be with shampoo and warm water after washing apply a little balm - mask effect will be enhanced;

 how to care for curly hair

How to put unruly locks

Yes, the main problem - Position wavy hair, give them a nice shape or make a neat haircut. Here, too, there are a few rules:

  • Cbryznite hair spray (fixing that does not weigh down the hair) and distribute it to the ends of the hair - so no hair protruding and disheveled appearance;
  • If you need to make a few strands in large curls, then wet hair should be screwed into the tongs before this procedure is applied to the hair foam or mousse strong fixation;
  • After washing can be applied to a mixture of: a cream and a gel (in equal proportions). Apply to the hair and not wash off (so choose the appropriate means) - you will just shine with their chic curls;
  • Do not forget about your hands - just screw the wet hair on his fingers and get a cheerful summer sexy hairstyle;
  • You can pull wet hair with a scarf (bandage), and after drying take it off - turn out the perfect wave;

It turns out that a special effort to make it is not necessary, follow the rules, and taking care of curly hair is transformed from tedious process in the creative act. There are, however, a few highlights:

  • The most successful haircut - layers of the type "cascade" - so all kucheryashki lie layers;
  • To curly hair was neatly arranged, just dry them with a fist - squeeze strand palm and hold 10 seconds, then move on to the next;
  • Caring for such locks should be using cosmetics - without lotions and sprays normally can only be done banal tail;
  • If it's snowing or rain, then it is not necessary to suffer and straighten curls - all this splendor will last exactly 30 seconds on the street;
  • You can braid braids at night and in the morning untwist - you will have gorgeous waves.

As you can see, there are no special secrets and curly hair - it's not a terrible beast, but a very pleasant thing. But that's too short haircut does not - by kucheryashek seems that these hairs do not grow and you will suffer for a long time with his haircut. But to treat hair of medium length and long, even if they have strongly twisted, snap. But as it is beautiful - magnificent curly hair, beautiful color and passionate look - but all men are yours, and the ladies will be quietly envious.

So, curly hair - it does not matter and is not a problem, and the happiness and luxuries bestowed by nature! Appreciate this gift and enjoy the effect, take compliments and admiring glances - in fact take care of their hair, you already know, it's not hard! And, you can come up with thousands of options and almost every day to change your image. Just be attentive to your hair, try to bring them in good condition, give them a healthy look - do not run on a beauty salon and trust such a miracle masters.

All of the above rules were designed not for a day or even a year - is a collective experience of our grandmothers, and only they knew how to take care of hair and always look for a king! So, do not be discouraged and do not dream about straight hair - you do not even imagine how many ladies want to have such kucheryashki like you - perky, playful, luxurious and sexy!

 Curly hair. Features care from A to Z

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