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There are days when you do not want something they do in terms of hairstyles, and look after all necessary care. This is for owners of medium and long hair have a chic way out - a bundle of hair. It seems that nothing is easier and does not happen - well, raised the hair on top and secured their pins, bobby pins. But hair gathered into a bun - this hairstyle features a variety, just need to learn how to do it. Then you will look beautiful and original always.

Determine the view

If you want to receive the output beam of a beautiful and fashionable, it is first thoroughly examine themselves - and, from the back. See what your neck - if long, "swan", then you can safely collect the hair on the very top. But if you are not different elegance neck or hair obedient enough, it is best to do this hairstyle in the neck. Bunches of good that can be done in any part of the head, these types of hairstyles are varied.

If you are fairly large and full, you absolutely can not collect the high beam of the hair - he further emphasize your height and size. Conversely, fragile girls and elegant ladies do not make long hair a haircut - it would look ridiculous.

In general, a bunch of hair can wear everything, just need to learn how to properly do it, pick up his option. This hairstyle is one of those who made a couple of minutes, but can correspond to any image.

 how to make a bundle of hair

How to do

The easiest option - it's a bunch of hair at the crown: fast, in just a few moments you will be able to bring her hair in order and look great. So, how to make a bundle of hair, and for strictly business style:

  • Comb your hair and lift them up - to the very top;
  • Now fasten the rubber tail;
  • Now all we cheat hair in a bun - as if doing Dulko, and do it right. First twist the tail itself, and only then configure the desired shape;
  • If desired, you can decorate with rhinestones studs beam, invisible to the beads.

That's all - just a few movements you have created a stylish and trendy image. But this is only one option, and in fact you can create a more gentle way. Hair in a bun properly, can enhance the tenderness and charm, lightness and femininity. To do this, do the following:

  • Comb your hair and divide them into parting;
  • Putting a bundle of hair at the back, you can pull a little on his neck;
  • Shearing it, but not much - hair in a bundle should be free, "alive";
  • We produce little pryadok on whiskey, you can do curls and neck.

Please note that such hair can not pull much better to give all manner of negligence. Incidentally, in this case, you can spin any beam - for example, divide your hair into two sections and twisting them to gather in Dulko. And yet, it is not necessary to make the parting - a bundle of hair "Welcomes" and options with a bang, and brushed back strands.

Knowing the basics and rules, how to make a bundle of hair can start to improvise - to weave the strands in decorative yarn braid braids of three or four, and even five pryadok. After all, to collect hair in an original and trendy and can be beam on the side - it is generally easier: all the hair on the side and zacheshite braid plait that must be arbitrarily pin.

Knowing how to make a bundle, you can always look important and not worry during the day about losing hair. Many ladies mistakenly believe that Dulko and beams - it's something old-fashioned and no longer relevant. But look at the hairstyles the most famous models and actresses, dancers and singers - very often it is possible for them to see the notorious beams, do you really think that these public people can afford to look outdated?

Long hair has always been and will be fashionable, and bundles of such hair never cease to be relevant. Learn how to decorate them - right now there are so many accessories as the eyes run! So everything is in your hands, you can dream, improvise and create an image that is appropriate for a particular case. Strive to always look perfectly well, and then provided a good mood, and success at work. Even in his personal life began to change for the better.

 A bundle of hair: simple, fast, beautiful

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 hair mask from white clay


  • How useful white clay
  • How to prepare a mask of white clay
  • Advice on the use of white clay

Grooming of hair, women try to use the most fashionable and modern facilities, totally oblivious to the fact that there are effective gifts of nature - such as white clay. I must say that hair, you can use several types of clay - blue, green, red and white. Each of these has its own unique quality and masks from this natural material really provide not only cosmetic but also medicinal effect for hair. But it was the white clay is one indispensable feature - it is able to provide the cleaning and drying effect.

How useful white clay

This clay can treat oily hair - they will get the necessary splendor, lightness and become obedient. It is through the white clay can hold the cleaning procedure. There are good exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis, the skin will breathe better, disappear dandruff and improve the supply of nutrients to the hair. Through the use of clay in the form of masks, hair become healthy, strong and shiny. Moreover, they glisten healthy sheen, not greasy, bonded strands.

In addition, with the help of white clay and can have the effect of protecting the hair - they will not be subjected to the negative influence of the environment and will always be healthy and strong. Mask with natural material will ease the hair, will help to get rid of oily seborrhea and constantly split ends. In general, be aware that the mask with white clay bring healthy hair and provide a beautiful appearance of women.

 Hair Mask with white clay

How to prepare a mask of white clay

First, the raw material has to be purchased only in pharmacies - there it is sold cleaned and tested a variety of studies. Thus, you will have a guarantee that the mask of white clay is absolutely secure.

Secondly, before the use of such means would be good to visit a doctor who treats the hair. It is necessary to pinpoint the cause of the disease and then there is a way to seek treatment. For example, when a conventional oily blue clay should be used instead of white.

And, thirdly, remember - a mask of white clay can do no more than once a week. Otherwise, the clay is too dry the skin and will be a new problem - brittle hair and dandruff from dry. And now a few recipes:

  • The clay is mixed with warm water until a thick cream and spread on the hair (wet);
  • In a mixture of clay and water, you can add a few drops (literally 3-4) essential oil, jojoba - perfectly helps with greasy hair;
  • With clay, water and egg to make a mask for strengthening hair.

Simple, cheap and very effective - these are the three main characteristics of a mask out of clay.

Advice on the use of white clay

Remember: any mask of white clay is kept on the hair no more than 20 minutes. You have to create the effect of a compress - wrap your head polyethylene and towel. Hair will be very good to use after a mask with clay Balm rinse - for example, strengthening and dilute clay mask can not water. It is better to use herbal decoctions (chamomile, thyme, burdock root).

Also, pay attention to the point: if you scalp have any scratches or damage, pustular rash or lesion, then apply a mask out of clay (and anyone - white or blue, for example) in any case it is impossible! Though white clay and is a common allergen hidden aggravation of skin diseases is possible.

If you have light hair color, do not be alarmed after shampooing of its kind - the hair may become gray and even some brown. It removes this side effect of clay is very simple - it is necessary to apply the rinse toning agent. It is sold in cosmetic stores and pharmacies.

Preparing a mask of white clay and with no serious health problems of hair and scalp, you can use any supplements. For example, crushed berries cranberries add a mask and the property accelerate the growth of hair. But honey will serve as a nutrient in a mask. You can add yogurt - usually this product does not apply to oily hair, but because it strengthens their yogurt perfectly.

Do not be carried away by such procedures. The masks of white clay used once a week for 3 months, then have to take a break - approximately 3 months, the hair rested and recovered. Take care of your health - it is you have one, take care of hair, love yourself, enjoy your life and act wisely. Do not get carried away with masks, but simply dispose of the gifts of nature wisely.

 Hair mask of white clay - the health of your hair!

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