mixing hair dye


  • The first steps on the road to transformation
  • Terms of mixing colors

If you want to change your hair color or add to an existing shade new glare, is to consider the option of color by mixing several colors. Or you decide to experiment with colors and apply on your hair something new and extravagant - if this method is exactly you like it! And most importantly - the procedure can be carried out independently. Only you know exactly how to mix paints for hair properly.

If you decide to experiment with mixing colors, nuances in mind the following:

  • Firstly - the paint can be completely different color, sometimes even incongruous;
  • Second - we must first try to mix a small amount - see the result;
  • Third - always consider the original color of the hair;
  • And fourth - try to buy a paint manufacturer.

The first steps on the road to transformation

So, first pick up the desired hue. This can be done with a computer program - download it from the network and insert your image. Now we have to make a trial approach - try to mix colors and apply the mixture to separate locks. Completely soak time for instructions and only then rinse, dry.

Now take a look - if the color has turned out, you wanted. Yes, do not forget - a lock to take the experiment below, but not on top. Suddenly you do not like it, then it will be possible to hide it in her hair. Masters simultaneously recommended to mix more than two colors. Otherwise, you may not get the effect, which is expected.

 how to mix paints for hair

Terms of mixing colors

  • Prepare a glass or plastic bowl, you can use a bowl of ceramic. Tableware in any case be metal;
  • Also need gloves - they are embedded in each package with paint and brush;
  • First mix a paint according to instructions in the package and then the other. Only then two colors can be mixed;
  • Pour into a bowl of paint of different colors and mix them with a brush - just stir in a spiral;
  • Immediately after mixing the paint should be applied to the hair and leave for the time specified in the instructions;
  • Hair dye should be carefully, but quickly - too fleeting are chemical reactions when mixing colors;
  • Consider the original hair color - if you have brown hair, the blonde in a single painting you become unlikely.

Please note - you can not leave mixed paint deposited! Half an hour later the paint will react with air and unusable. Therefore, a mixture of several colors should be used immediately. Record in the diary when you are painting, and what shades of colors used - it will definitely come in handy. First - if the color is like, you will not have to painfully recall that you were mixed. Second - you will learn how firmly holds a painting. And thirdly - even if the tone is not suitable, then you certainly will know that you can not mix.

Here, in principle, and all - nothing complicated about it. You can stay itself hairdresser and stylist. But still be careful - many masters strongly advise against mixing paint at home. Therefore it is better to think several times their decision. Of course, "the head of hair is not - grow back," but this will not happen soon.

By the way, some very hard to get rid of shades. We'll have to first negate the resulting color, then dye your hair again. This will inevitably lead to peresushke hair to their depletion. As a result, instead of a beautiful and original hairstyles, you will get completely the opposite effect. All should be moderation and a sound approach to the process - it is an immutable rule, which it is necessary to adhere to. But absolutely all should not be afraid - just be sensible. Improvise, create, invent new images, try different styles, and then you will always be fashionable and original!

 Mixing hair dyes - the first step to the original image

 Hair Mask with olive oil


  • Recipes masks based on olive oil
  • Some general tips on the use of masks

Surprisingly a lot of recipes for beauty came to us from antiquity. Some unknown, most intuitive way our ancestors found a means to preserve the beauty and youth. Many of these recipes today are relevant, for example, hair mask with olive oil is widely used in cosmetic procedures and is considered one of the best tools that give hair a healthy and well-groomed appearance. And this is no coincidence, because olive oil contains a lot of vitamins and trace elements that restore and strengthen hair and nourish the scalp.

Unlike our ancestors did not have a deep knowledge in chemistry and medicine. However, the beneficial properties of olive oil have noticed in ancient Egypt. It was the first time Egyptians attributed the olive tree magical origin, revered him as a gift of the goddess Isis, presenting faithful people.

According to the present popular and in demand this product began in ancient Greece, at a time it was used for skin care and hair care, as a drug, as an aphrodisiac, and even as the equivalent of money. It is credited with creating the first Greek-counter hair mask with olive oil, they rub it into the hair roots, thus accelerating their growth, making it more sturdy and thick, giving a fresh and healthy glow.

 hair mask with olive oil

Recipes masks based on olive oil

  • The simplest and at the same time is quite effective mask without any additional additives. Olive oil is simply rubbed into the scalp, is distributed throughout the hair, then the hair is wrapped. To go with the mask can be up to two hours.
  • Mask of olive oil and avocados perfectly strengthens the hair, gives them a natural shine and softness. For its preparation mix two tablespoons of olive oil and the pulp of avocado, pre-shredded. The mixture is applied to the hair, about 30 minutes, and then washed with shampoo.
  • Just an excellent way to strengthen the hair and their growth will accelerate the mask of olive oil and honey, which are taken at a ratio of two parts of honey to three parts oil. The mask is distributed along the entire length of hair, and then her head wrapped with cellophane and a towel after a quarter of an hour mask is washed off.
  • From hair loss makes olive oil combined with lemon juice. The ingredients are taken in equal parts. This mask can be applied to the hair in the evening, they carefully wrap and leave overnight.
  • Accelerate the growth of hair mask five spoons of olive oil and two egg yolks are mixed until smooth, and then the mixture is applied to the hair and scalp. Keep the mask must be 20-30 minutes.
  • Another mask for hair growth contains olive oil, onion juice and brandy, taken one tablespoon. To this was added one egg yolk. Apply the mixture for half an hour, can be used once a week.
  • Mask with red pepper tincture is used for oily hair. It is necessary to mix the spoon oil with the same amount tinctures, apply the mixture to the hair roots and to keep for 15-20 minutes.

 Hair Mask with olive oil

Some general tips on the use of masks

  • Any mask will be more effective if the hair on top of the cap and put on the cellophane wrap hair with a towel, temperature increase of the permeability of cells for nutrients increase significantly.
  • It is known that rinse the hair after application of the mask on the basis of oil is problematic, in order to facilitate the task, shampoo better applied to dry hair in a sufficient amount, and only then to wash the hair with water.
  • To hairs were always nice and had a healthy appearance, care for them should be regular. Apply the mask at least once a week, but do not mix recipes. Please go to one course, then another. So the effect is considerably higher.
  • The most useful for food and cosmetic needs of the oil is virgin. Quality olive oil is always possible to check by placing it in the freezer for a short while, it will be pretty quick unclear.

The most important advantage of olive oil is its versatility. This product is suitable for the treatment, both dry and greasy hair. And for women who are constantly using irons, hair dryers and tongs for hair, olive oil - it is simply a treasure. It restores the hair structure, prevents loss and protects against dryness. In general, it treats all the damage that would result from the use of devices for stacking.

 Hair Mask with olive oil - the best remedy for healthy hair

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