hair mask with burdock

How important it is for a woman to have beautiful and thick hair! Even if nature has deprived the latter, each of us is trying to correct the situation, using all known methods. Sometimes in the pursuit of beauty and health, we resort to complex and costly means, forgetting that very same Mother Nature has given us all to take care of themselves. In desperation, we buy expensive cosmetics, promises to deliver us from the problems.

But in the end, she is unable to cope with the disaster, or coping with one causing the other. Then enterprising manufacturers are offering to spend more per vehicle, not less expensive and sophisticated. But at your local pharmacy for no more than 50 rubles, you can buy a natural gift, which also struggles with seborrhea, strengthens the follicles and improves the structure of hair, stops hair loss and enhances the growth.

Burdock oil is ideal for the treatment of scalp and hair loss prevention. It comprises:

  • Natural inulin helps cleanse the hair of toxins and the absorption of nutrients;
  • The protein to nourish and strengthen the hair structure;
  • Has anti-inflammatory action of tannins;
  • Mineral salts and vitamins that give hair shine, making them docile when combing.

Mask for hair Burdock oil quickly restore hair after coloring and perms, will be useful in the period of beriberi, as well as during pregnancy and after childbirth. For external use in oil virtually no contraindications, so you can use it up to achieve visible results.

 hair mask with burdock

Secrets of Use

In its pure form

The easiest way to apply burdock oil is its use heated to a temperature slightly above body temperature. The oil must be absorbed by the skin and scalp, providing heat by a polyethylene cap and towel, leaving no more than one hour. After wash the head with warm water and a mild shampoo.

In combination with essential oils

A simple recipe for a good hair can be prepared by adding a tablespoon of burdock oil 5 drops of a mixture of equal proportions of essential oils of lavender, rosemary and basil and a tablespoon of aloe juice. This nourishing mask as necessary to keep the hair in the heat for an hour, then wash your hair.

With birch sap

A roll of dry and fine hair mask will be effective from a mixture of 2 teaspoons of burdock and 1 teaspoon of castor oil with 1 tablespoon of birch sap. And to strengthen the hair of this type instead of birch sap is best to add the lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey.

With egg yolk

Weakened hair will add burdock oil in mashed yolks. Take 2 egg yolks 3 tablespoons of oil. You can also add one teaspoon of brandy and honey.


For oily hair is suitable mask with the addition of yeast. In 1 tablespoon burdock oil, add the same amount of lemon juice, 1 egg, 50 grams of brandy and 1/3 small sachet of yeast. If you have oily hair, do not leave the oil for a long time in order to avoid clogging the pores. It will be enough for 15-20 minutes of gentle massage. Increase the number of ingredients, if you have long hair.

Remember, apply hair mask with burdock better in the form of heat. Soft, massage, first rubbing the skin for 10-15 minutes, and then distributed over the entire length of hair. After the application is necessary to use a plastic bag or shower cap and wrap head with a towel. The mask should be applied for 1-2 hours, 1-2 times a week. After 10-15 procedures give hair a break for 2-3 weeks. Repeat treatment may be regular. Do not expect instant results.

In today's world, of course, do not always have the desire and the ability to wait for the results for a long time, especially since science has provided us with the opportunity to enjoy high-speed cosmetics. However, the constant use of industrial products slows the natural metabolic processes, resulting in a negative impact on the state of our hair. Therefore, do not neglect the proven folk remedy for centuries, which will appear in your medicine cabinet, will not only help you to improve the condition of hair, get rid of dandruff and hair loss, but also will be good for nails, eyelashes and health of your skin.

 Mask for hair Burdock oil to help cope with any troubles!

 restoring mask for hair


  • Traditional methods of hair restoration
  • Fermented foods to help your hair
  • Go to the pharmacy
  • General tips for hair care

Very soon the spring comes, and then it's time to think about their hair. Remove the cap and what we see? That's right, dull and lifeless locks. Sad spectacle. ... But you still have enough time to correct this situation. Actually, dull hair - is the normal state after the winter period. But if you noticed problems in the form of broken hairs and dandruff, hair loss gets into strands and the tips become split, you must seek professional help. The fact that the earlier treatment is started, the easier it is to achieve a good result.

One more thing - if you're planning to spring a haircut, before starting to heal and restore the hair, the hair salon. When mowing just go "into oblivion" dysfunctional ends, dry and brittle locks. Yes, and look after the hair cut will be much easier. After a visit to the hairdresser can begin reducing procedures. And you can make them at home.

Traditional methods of hair restoration

Reducing hair masks are simple and accessible - no exotic products and complex tricks. You yourself can verify this.

Mask with honey and egg

Mix these two products and applied to the hair over the entire length. Do not rub the mixture into the scalp, this composition is intended to restore curls only their former glory.

Mask with burdock root

The shredded burdock root, a spoonful of honey and egg yolk turns into a thick mush. Here is the composition should be rubbed into the skin - it will promote hair growth;

Kefir Mask

Here all is simple! Buy fat yogurt (ideal - 2, 5%) and a brush with hair.

Mask with white clay and sea buckthorn

Take two tablespoons of sea buckthorn, 100 grams of milk, 15-20 grams of white clay in powder form. Berries must be crushed, added to the clay powder and gradually pour in a little warm milk, stirring constantly mix. Now rub massage movements in the mass of roots and spread along the length. This mask well restores oily hair.

Mask of different oils

It will take castor oil and burdock (tablespoon) and the same amount of lemon juice. All you need to mix well and warm up a bit. Apply the mixture, starting and ending with the root tips. The only disadvantage of such a mask - it is not suitable for colored hair, as the oil is washed out coloring pigment.

Avocado Mask

Prepare the avocado pulp, pre-chopped her to a state of mashed potatoes. Add the weight of the dining room spoon of liquid honey and a bit of olive oil. Slightly warmed, apply the mask to dry hair.

Here are the most popular and effective mask will be able to create a real miracle - your hair will be fluffy and shiny. Just remember a few simple rules:

  • Masks should operate on the principle of compression: put on a shower cap and towel Wrap all;
  • Duration of treatment - no more than 60 minutes;
  • Rinse off the mask should warm water and shampoo;
  • Do these procedures can be 3-4 times a week without any damage to the hair.

By the way, hair restoration - not a quick process, and the need to make such a mask for 2-3 months. Only then can we see the effect. No, you will feel what a soft and your hair become obedient. But regularly fix the result - that is important.

 Repairing Mask for Hair

Fermented foods to help your hair

From folk remedies it is still very popular and the use of dairy products. For example, cream - is not only tasty additive to soup and pancakes, but also unmatched mask for weakened hair. After all, we in the winter doing perms, coloring and styling with a hairdryer and ironing. And then another, and caps, and then another ... and changes in temperature. In general, it is worth a little nourish hair useful substances - sour cream would be a real salvation! Just apply it on the entire length of the hair and create a compression effect, relax for half an hour on the couch and everything! You will immediately feel the effect - hair will be fluffy, light and very obedient.

Go to the pharmacy

You can restore your curls and curls not only folk remedies. After all, doctors do not work for nothing, and conduct scientific research! So, go to a pharmacy and consult a pharmacist - he will definitely advise you to effective remedies.

Firstly, it is keratin. It is sold in capsules and should be lubricated with just their hair. It increases growth, strengthens and prevents hair loss, adds shine and silkiness. Plus much, cons still nobody noticed: non-allergenic, non-addictive and dependency.

Second, buy cod liver oil! Yes, hateful and nasty fish oil. But, taking it in, you can restore the metabolism, nourish the body with vitamin D, and cause hair in order.

Third, buy a vitamin and mineral complex. Very good help in this case a multivitamin - for example, "Duovit '" Revit "," Calcium D3 Nycomed. " All of these drugs, and promote growth and strengthen the hair. And along the way, and her nails will shape and facial skin will become natural color and becomes more beautiful smile, and his eyes shine.

 Useful restoring mask for hair

General tips for hair care

Yes, you have to work hard to restore full beauty and irresistible hair. Believe me, your efforts will not go in vain. And if you also start to eat rationally, then the figure would be in perfect order! Doctors have long proved that the appearance of hair and food have a certain relationship. So remember: masks made from natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals and diet. These are the three things that you have to control.

By the way, if you have skin diseases accompanied by eruptions on the head, patchy hair loss, or psoriasis, then without consultation with a physician is necessary. Under these specific diseases and treatment should be special. Here the initiative to anything!

Love yourself, always watch your appearance and take all necessary measures to restore and maintain the beauty and irresistibility. Only with the right approach and correct application of all methods (even the popular and most proven) can achieve a good result. Do not lose the zeal, do not interrupt their treatment, choose the right shampoo and rinse, and you certainly will succeed!

 Revitalizing Hair Mask: folk methods of dealing with tarnish and fragility

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